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Key Words Coffee Shop name - “Kapow!” Shape Coffee Colour Fun - Character Lighthearted Fragments Nature Plants Character Character of the shop

The wall has really lovely wooden paneling, I’d like to leave some of this ‘naked’ so keep some of the wood showing.

Consider the current interior

Initial mockups I’m into the garish colours Colours in the shop: Grey Orange Lime I’ll take these into consideration

Too many colours? Not balanced enough?

Character loosely inspired by Erykah Badu with a 60s influence

I’m struggling to decide on a colour palette. I want to consider the other colours in the setting of the shop. I think this will contribute to the ‘clashing’ colours I’m looking for. I’d like to include the Lime green colour, already colouring the interior wall.

Looking at the flags of countries that produce the most coffee, could influence my colour palette. Will need to be careful it doesn’t become too much like primary colours.

Contrasting colours work well, but still no final palette yet. The lines are too busy in the top images. Less lines, perhaps thicker, work better.

I’m really considering the colours I choose in relation to the wooden paneled wall, and the other colours in the room.

Mural development issuu  
Mural development issuu