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Rice pattern?

Don’t like the literal ‘1.’ Could I use a rectangle instead?

I’m coeliac so have chosen to rebrand Gluten Free beers as a personal project. Would also like the artwork to run across the three beers.

Because my focus is on GF I want to look at how these beers are brewed differently to ‘normal’ beers. Can I make textures/patterns based on the ingredients used to brew the beers?

Artwork will look better on cans. Unless it’s minimal, in which case it would work on bottles. Has the brewery produced their beers in bottles for a specific reason though?

How could the shapes link and run across the series of brews

Which part of the design should be patterned?

I think the ‘NO.01/NO.02/NO.03’ names are really significant to the beers. So it’s important that I try and incorporate this into my design.

I don’t particuarly like how the numbers look, so wondering whether I can represent the numbers through shape. Would it still be recognisable as a number if it was abstract?

Representations of numbers

To make this a more substantial project, can I think about accompanying promotional material. Rebrand launch event – poster? Tote bags Pin badges Cardboard carriers Bottle caps – GF logo Can I think about using a tactile label?

Looks like a petri dish Consideration into yeast is good, however a reference to bacteria, directly or indirectly is not a great selling point.

I don’t want the colours to look too ’acidy’ but still want to represent a light refreshing drink

The pattern is dark against the background because I didn’t want to overstate the ingredients. I want it to be quite subtle.

Final labels

For marketing purposes, the design flows across the three beers. Hopefully this will make them stand out more in a bar or on the shelves of a supermarket/craft beer shop.

Mockup shows how the beer could be ‘hash tagged’ on social media using just the name of the beer ‘#3’ rather than ‘NO.03’

Beer Branding - Self Directed Brief  
Beer Branding - Self Directed Brief