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Suggest hierarchy

Can I make shape based animals?

Exploring how my these animal and the patterns in them could transfer to lino

Would this be an overall darker image if the main colour was black?

Are Penguin looking for another Animal Farm cover with pigs on it? Grittiness is good – might be too literal though.

Could Russian propaganda have some influence? Style/Colour

Napoleon as a puppeteer

He controls/manipulates all of the animals

‘Pig’ colour palette Russian flag colour palette

Should I develop more animal characters?

Could I apply my image of the farm to a jigsaw? Representing Napoleon’s games and control without actually picturing him.

How would the jigsaw composition be?

Exploration of colour. Can I include the colours of the Russian flag rather than a link to Russian propaganda

No real link to Russia in this cover But the wood and khaki green gives it a raw aesthetic. I think it ties in with the content and nature of the novel.

Animal farm dev  
Animal farm dev