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ELKS 2188

A personal appeal from your Exalted ruler: When I came home from National Convention in Phoenix, AZ in July, I had received an e-mail from Battalion Chief Anthony Berrero Jr, Fairfax City Fire and Rescue. They needed some support from us for their 2011 Annual Backpack and School Supply Drive. This had such appeal to my heart. I heard real testimonials about our fellow lodge member “Tony” from Lisa Stevens, Barbara Marshall and Tim Knotts. Lisa told me that Tony and his fellow firefighters have been very supportive of our holiday food basket program and coat drive. They purchased 50 new coats for us in 2009 and 20 coats in 2010. Tony has helped pack and deliver the food baskets. I asked for time on the agenda with the Board of Trustees at the first meeting in August, but wound up in the ER instead with a terrible fall. As ER, I know I have the authority to appoint committee chairmen, but wanted to know if I could form a new committee that would have a line item in next year’s budget called “First Responders” to assist those in Law & Order and Fire & Rescue with their projects. Funding would come from bingo profits. For the present, PLEASE send $5.00 or “whatever” you can to “Firefighters & Friends to the Rescue”. Contact Tony at:, 703 -246-4386 (main) or 571-221-1039 (work cell). They distribute from Penn Daw Fire & Rescue Station 11, 6624 Hulvey Terrace, Alexandria, VA 22306. Needy children deserve a future! As word has gotten out about the severity of my medical condition, nobody was more surprised than me. I have a long road ahead of me. It’s a grim picture but still one with some hope & miracles. I’m not planning on resigning as ER—they will have to take me out feet first! I have good officers & committee chairmen who are committed to helping us complete this year. My first hurdle is getting through this surgery on 8/23 to remove the mass from my brain stem. After about 4 weeks recovery, I will begin large doses of radiation and chemo. I’m not going to be looking pretty. I’m going to lose my hair which will grow back. However, there is my installation photo in the lobby where my hair looks good! I’ll remind myself of that one. “Pete Marshall lost more than his hair and accomplished more in a wheelchair with a telephone than others did under better circumstances. I miss my beloved, cherished friend Peter H. Marshall who passed away on Aug 28, 2010. He was such a profile in courage and I am trying to school that into my own heart. One of my most cherished possessions is his Elks tooth which Barbara gave to me at my installation this year. I have been wearing it close to my heart the last two weeks & hoping that courage is going right through my own heart. I thank you all for all your cards, words of support and powerful prayers. If I could ask anything else of you, it would be to assist these children. Hopefully, as grim as it is, they weren’t telling me to call Hospice and could have been There have been some pleasant surprises in spite of being stage 4 of 4. Some small miracles have already happened. Let’s give these children a much-needed miracle and hope, as they are entitled to a future. If at a later stage, I would need hospice, it would be there. I would rather you do this. Those of us who are elderly & would need hospice already had our future; they can only ease us through our past. I wanted to write more about the National Convention & the resolutions that passed reference the future of Elkdom. I’m to tired to do that right now. It’s hard to type & write sometimes as I can get blurred vision. As frightened as I am about getting this mass our of the brain stem, I think I’m getting ready fr it as the vision, balance issues have been hard to live with at times. I have the best team of doctors in the area on this case, a good Captain of the ship & hoping that they understand that God will ultimately be the co-pilot. If I don’t or do make it through surgery, it’s very important to me that we help these children and try to build a future for them. Thank you for your consideration with assistance for this project. God will bless the giving. You cannot out give God! Peace and Love, Linda Powell-Buskirk, Exalted Ruler

Arlington-Fairfax Lodge No. 2188, Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks Propositions for Membership Balloting Scheduled for 13 Sep 2011

The Elks Horn, vol. 41, no. 8, September 2011 Published monthly (except for July/August) by ArlingtonFairfax Lodge No. 2188, Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, 8421 Arlington Blvd., Fairfax VA 22031-4689. Mailed without charge to the entire membership of this Lodge and to all other B.P.O. Elks Lodges in Virginia. Editor………………………………………..Fredrica Hensley (703) 644-1149 E-mail:

The following applications for membership in our Lodge are being examined by the Investigating Committee. Any member with factual knowledge or information that might tend to disqualify an applicant is urged to contact the committee. MEMBER: GLORIA J. STEIER SPONSOR: PAT SMITH


Secretary’s Office……………………………..703) 560-2213 Email:


Manager’s Office…………………………….(703) 560-2188


Email: LODGE OFFICERS Exalted Ruler…………………………………..Linda Buskirk (703) 938-8537 Leading Knight……………………………...….….Jim Weed (703) 860-4894 Loyal Knight……………………….……………Laurie Fearis




(703) 927-237 Lecturing Knight…………..………………….Patricia Graves (703) 321-7068

Elk of the Month The Elk of the Month isn’t an Elk. Or should I say aren’t Elks. They are great supporters of this Lodge and the charitable programs we embrace. This month, they went above and beyond by personally helping me to find the best medical expertise on the shortest possible notice. Because of them, I am headed to the hospital for life-saving surgery instead of to the Hospice for goodbye. As soon as I am able, I will be back to thank you in person. But until that time, I want everyone in the Lodge to know the greatness of our constant guests, our Bingo players! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Good luck! Linda Powell-Buskirk, ER


Secretary……………………………………... Louise Weems (703) 733-4376 Treasurer………………….… …………………Diane Kaplon (703) 641-1560 Tiler……………………….……………….....Kathy Showker (703) 978-5198

Charitable Donations

In the September issue of the Horn

Youth Camp:

Candidates, page 2

Clarence Gorham

Chimes of Memory, page 2

ER Corner, page 1

Esquire……………………....…………………Valerie Brown (703) 981-7370 Chaplain……………….…………………David Weems, PER

Chimes of Memory

Auxiliary President’s Corner, page 3

Ed Cheek, Aug 2, 2011

Christmas Ornaments, page 4

William Kahn, April 9, 2011

Youth Camp Final Report, page 4

Golf Update, page 4

(703) 733-4376 Inner Guard………………..………………Frank Burns, PER

Organist……………………...……………………..Ed Bartley

Elk of the Month. page 2 Board of Trustees Corner, page 3

Robert N. Green, July 31, 2011

Sep Calendar, page 5 Annual Coat Drive, page 6 Ads, page 6

TRUSTEES Jerry Sall……………………………...............(703) 750-2361 Ray Helms……………………………………(703) 938-4135 Grace Kayatta………………………………...(703) 425-5362

The Virginia Elks Website address:

Mark Harford, PER…………………………..(703) 297-7347 Jerry Boyer……………………………………703) 451-8758 THE JOLLY CORKS PUB Stay up-to-date Entertainment and Special Events

Thanks from the Moore’s, page 7 New Member Breakfast, pg 7 Sunday Suppers, page 7 Ducks Unlimited, page 7

If you would like Rose Thiebaut to send an email blast, please send your item to:

Notes from the Convention, page 8 Elks Lapsation, 9 Lounging Around 10 Pig Roast, page 11 The Fisher House 50/50 Raffle 12 Elks Auxiliary Ball 13


Trustees’ Corner: From the Chairman’s Desk Summer is almost over and I hope everyone enjoyed theirs. The Trustees have been busy with a few items that we can report on. As of February 1, 2012 all room rentals will increase. This information will be conveyed on our website. After the yearly Audit we upgraded our Quickbooks software and now we are hoping to update the information to meet Grand Lodge requirements. The Secretary/Treasurer’s office has been repaired and repainted. We are looking to get estimates to replace the carpeting. We had a few broken windows around the Lodge and I hope that when you read this article those windows have been replaced. As usual when I end my article, I encourage all members to attend the Trustee meetings. They happen on the first and third Tuesday of the month at 7:15 pm. Also anyone who would like to be on the agenda at a Trustee meeting please email me at As has been previously announced, the Board of Trustees has chartered the “Facilities Improvement Management Group” to advise the Board of Trustees on the requirements for the maintenance, repair and improvement of the lodge facility. The Group is now formed with membership as follows: A. Chairman and program planner…………………..Valerie Brown B. Fund raising coordinator…………………………..Valerie Brown C. Technical requirements coordinator………………....Don Purdy Serving members………Jerry Sall, Gerald Boyer, Mark Harford, Ray Helms As chartered, the major functions of the Group are: A. Develop and maintain a prioritized and time phased Lodge maintenance, repair and improvement requirements plan together with estimated associated costs. B. Develop and maintain a financial plan for the systematic raising and preservation of funds to meet the projected requirements.

C. Observe and advise the Board of Trustees on the disposition of funds raised and allocated to the “Facilities Improvement Capital Reserve Account”. The Group is active and making progress under the terms of it’s Charter. Watch the Horn in the coming months for information on a fund raising activity.

Jerry Sall, Chair

From the Auxiliary President’s Desk Is it Fall yet? Fall for the Auxiliary means our return to Wednesday night monthly meetings – this month’s is September 14th, at 7:30 p.m..The daytime group has continued to meet throughout the summer months. The Auxiliary’s next scheduled event is our annual Patio Party on Friday, August 26th at 6 p.m. The annual Auxiliary Ball will be held on September 14th in the upstairs ballroom. If you cannot attend, please help support this event by completing and mailing your Patron form to our Treasurer, Sharon Dunfrund. This form was included in the last newsletter. To non-Auxiliary members of the lodge: We would appreciate your support of the ball by your attendance and/or purchasing tickets for a chance to win one of the many baskets that are being assembled by Rose Thiebaut. The basket drawing will be held at the ball – you do not need to be present to win. The proceeds of the ball and basket raffle are designated for our Charity account - $7,000 each year is distributed among 18 charities. It would be great to have maximum attendance at these events! Messages have indicated that there have been several illnesses and medical issues among our members and/or their family members or spouses. Many prayers have been offered and many answered. Thank you to Jean Kelly for keeping us informed through emails and to Rose Thiebaut for the “Blasts”. Ardis Morton, you have been so faithful in serving as our Hospitality and Comfort chair with the many cards you have mailed – you all are appreciated! To all members of the lodge as well as Auxiliary members: PLEASE let myself or Joan Gavin know if you can help at the Bingo concessions – help is always needed and appreciated. This is an endeavor that the Auxiliary cannot do alone. It involves serving food and beverages to the players on Monday and Thursday nights from 5:30 to 9 p.m. Purchase Giant Scrip and order your 2011 White House Ornaments from the Auxiliary – these are also important ways to support our Auxiliary charities. Reach out to a member of the Auxiliary; they will share what our group is about and encourage you to join us.

Brenda Slingerland 2010-2011 President 3

Congratulations to our winners: Jerry Sall at Goose Creek, and John Krytusa at Virginia Oaks. We will have two events in September; The Gauntlet on the 19th and Shenandoah Valley on the 26th. It will be a nine o’clock shotgun start for The Gauntlet and one o’clock shotgun for Shenandoah Valley. Shenandoah Valley will also be the site of our 2011 Masters Tournament. All Golf Association members with an approved Elk handicap will be eligible for the Masters. The tournament will be a net tournament, played in flights based on handicaps. There will be at least two flights. Additional flights may be added depending on the number of competitors. As of 1 August, Mike Evers was leading the Chairman’s Cup competition with 21 points. Defending champion, Jerry Kwiatkowski, was a close second with 17. There were six others within 10 points. With six events remaining, virtually anyone could prevail. Sign-up sheets for the bi-weekly games are posted on the Golf Association Bulletin Board at the Lodge. You must sign up by the Thursday preceding the Monday event. If you want to play, but cannot make it to the Lodge to sign up, contact me at 703 866-4403 or at, by that Thursday. When you play, report to the golf course at least 30 minutes prior to the posted tee time. Pay your green fee in the pro shop and then report to the committee desk and pay a three dollar fee, get tee assignment, buy 50/50 tickets (optional) and receive any pertinent instructions. Upon completion of your round, turn in your score-card to the golf committee representative.

Ron Murphy

2011 White House Ornaments The 2011 White House ornaments are here! This year’s ornament celebrates the Presidency of Theodore Roosevelt who had six children. Since there had not been children in the White House for several years, the front shows Santa on the snowy lawn of the White House with a caption “ I hear there are children in the White House this year.” The back has a picture of the Roosevelt family discovering a hidden Christmas tree in a closet. The cost this year will again be $19. They will be available at Lodge and Auxiliary events or by calling Joan Gavin (703-978-3029) or Barbara Marshall (703-255-6274). This project is the Auxiliary’s primary source of income for our charities.

2188 Has A Record Camping Season Once again this year I want to thank you as a Lodge for your support of the Virginia Elks Youth Camp, our Major State Project, by helping to send deserving youth to camp. We sent 42 campers, which is 8 over our quota. Only the Charlottesville Lodge sent more. It is heartwarming to hear the stories these campers tell when they return home. Many are from very difficult family situations and a week away is a welcome relief. I’d like to thank those who chaperoned the bus trips: Lisa and Michael Stevens, Brenda Slingerland, and Georgianna and Tim Knotts. We also had members of the Alexandria Lodge help out with chaperoning. A special thank you to Joan Gavin for her help with the girls when I was in Phoenix. This is our State Project and our Lodge is one of the major supporters in the state. I want to thank Tom, Jay and the club staff for arranging the departure setups for the campers and their families and lunches for the campers and chaperones. Thank you again for your help and support.

Barbara Marshall, Lodge Camp Director


September 2011 Sun



5 Bingo 6-9 (B)







2 Dinner, 5-8(L)


6 Bd of Trustees 7:15 (F)

7 Dinner, 5-8 (L) Aux Board, 7:30

8 Bingo 6-9 (B)

9 Dinner, 5-8(L)


13 Lodge Mtg,(F) 7:30

14 Dinner, 5-8 Aux Meeting, 7:30

15 Bingo 6-9

16 Dinner, 5-8

17 Vets Carnival At M’burg

Labor Day


12 Bingo 6-9

Ducks Unlimited (B) 5:30-10:30

18 New Member Breakfast (L) 9-12, $12.95

19 Bingo 6-9

20 Bd of Trustees 7:15

21 Dinner, 5-8

22 Bingo 6-9

23 Dinner, 5-8

24 Tom Saputo Saturday Night in the Lounge $15 7:30-10:30 Auxiliary Ball (B) 6-1130 PM $35/$40

27 Lodge Mtg, Initiation 7:30

28 Dinner, 5-8

29 Bingo 6-9

30 Dinner, 5-8

B-Ballroom L-Lounge F-Fairfax A-Arlington

Aux Daytime, 11:30-1:00

Sunday Supper & Dance with Terry Lee Ryan 5-9, $15 (B)


26 Bingo 6-9


NEEDHAM MITNICK & POLLACK PLC A Different Kind of Law Firm, offering specialized legal services to elders, those with special needs and their families


Wills & Trusts




Special Needs Planning




Medicaid Planning


Trustee/Agent Services


Social Security Disability


Veterans Benefits

703-536-7778 Deborah Wilkes, Legal Administrator Member of BPOE Lodge #2188 since 2001

400 S. Maple Avenue, Suite 210, Falls Church, VA 22046

Trophies * Plaques * Ribbons * Logos * Plastic Signs * Medals

Stampin’ With Fredi

Camper’s Trophies & Awards 3854 Old Lee Highway Fairfax, VA 22030 (703) 273-8663 Fax: (703) 691-7546 Email: Eddie Camper,II (703) 818-8193

Fredi Hensley Independent Demonstrator E-mail: Web:

Love colors and words? Let’s share creative ideas with stamps, papers, and embellishments. Book a workshop or class in Oct or Nov and earn free products. E-mail me or call 703-644-1149.

Annual Coat Drive This month, when you start to pack away your summer clothes in preparation for autumn, please think of those who are less fortunate and set aside any gently-used winter coats for our coat drive. These coats will be distributed to the needy on Tuesday November 22nd when we provide them with Thanksgiving food baskets. For storage reasons, coats will not be collected at the lodge until after October 31st. If you wish to make a donation to ensure the families will have a warm holiday season but do not have a coat to donate, consider buying a new child’s size coat from Target/Wal-Mart/K-Mart to donate. Please call me with questions at 703-503-5262. Thanks so much!

Lisa Stevens Holiday Food Basket/Coat Drive Chairperson Arlington-Fairfax Elks Lodge


Go “Green” with Brother Buck Burrow and Ducks Unlimited Arlington-Fairfax Elks Lodge #2188 is going green; well camo, anyway. Buck Burrow will host a fundraising event in the ballroom benefiting the Pentagon Chapter of Ducks Unlimited (DU) on 17 Sep 2011 from 5:30-10:30. DU is the world’s largest wetland and waterfowl conservation organization. To read more on DU, go to its website at DU banquet attendees may participate in both silent and live auctions benefitting DU, to include chances to bid on and win shotguns, hunting trips, and related sporting regalia. There will be a Castle Bounce for children. Attendance includes your meal, door prize drawings and annual DU membership. Tickets are $50 per person or $85 per couple before Sep 6 or add $5 if purchased after that. GREENWING Seminar for Youth will be in the Arlington Room, 7 til 9ish so parents can enjoy both the live and silent auctions while the kids learn about waterfowl ecology. Youth admission is $15. Please contact Buck Burrow, 703-675-8637 for information and tickets. Make checks payable to DUCKS UNLIMITED CHAPTER 069 and send checks to Buck Burrow, 6610 Stagecoach St, Springfield, VA 22150. Tickets may also be bought at the bar in the Elks Lodge.

Thanks to All Elks Thank you for your caring, your prayers for Obie’s recovery, and all the cards you have sent. Obie is still at the Fairfax Nursing Center and it looks as if he will be there a while longer. He has not progressed as we had hoped and prayed that he would. Elks are wonderful people who have encouraged us during this very difficult time. Thank you!!! Sincerely, Genette for Both of Us

New Members Breakfast

SUNDAY SUPPER DANCE September 18, 2011

If you are a new member of the Lodge (since 1 January 2011), this breakfast is for you!

5:00 to 9:00 PM (Ballroom)

When: 18 Sep 2011

$15.00 per person (at the door)

Where: The Lounge

Pasta Buffet

Menu features omelets, bacon, eggs, sausage and pancakes: $12.95

For Reservations: 703-849-1282 All members are welcome to attend!


Committee chairman: Come out and welcome our new members and tell them about their chances to volunteer.

Host: Maria Jordan, 703-299-0029


Notes From the Grand Lodge Convention Fredi Hensley, Editor The National Convention was held in Phoenix, 15 Jul-20 Jul. Many changes were proposed and adopted at the convention. At the Lodge meeting on September 13, 2011, the Lodge must vote whether or not to ratify two proposed amendments to the Constitution of the Order. The amendments are as follows: (1) To change the official title of Lodges from “Subordinate Lodge” to “Local Lodge.” (2) To permit a Lodge to recognize an organization, such as a recreational vehicle group or motorcycle group, provided its aims and purposes are consistent with those of the Order. Ratification of the amendments requires a majority vote of members present and voting. Our ritual team worked very hard this year, but health issues and a candidate who went “splat” caught up with us and cost us a chance of rising above last place. We were just trying to uphold the tradition of every other team in the DC area! On a happier note, Lodge member Bob Goolrick was designated by Grand Exalted Ruler David Carr to be Chief Justice of the Grand Forum from July 2011 to July 2012. The Chief Justice is the highest legal officer in the Order, with responsibility to oversee the operation of all the judicial functions of the Order. Bob is the third Virginia Elk to serve as Chief Justice in the 105-years history of the Grand Forum -- the others being John L. Walker, Roanoke Lodge No. 197 (1954-55), who went on to become Grand Exalted Ruler, and Alex M. Harman, Jr., Pulaski Lodge No. 1067 (1977-78).

Chief Justice Robert Goolrick

Justices of the Grand Forum: Left to right: Mark Huegel, Lee Kell, Thomas Brazier, Millard Pickering, and Chief Justice Robert Goolrick. (Thomas Brazier will be the Grand Exalted Ruler in 2012-13)

We all had a great time in Phoenix, although the heat was extraordinary. The best time was our team lunch hosted by Linda and Ben Buskirk followed by a great night for many of us at the Ballpark watching the Diamondbacks smoke the competition. We even got to see a mini-monsoon as we left to go to the game. Worst part, not getting to eat at Chompie’s. (See Man V Food on Travel Channel, Phoenix episode.) Actually, the worst part, yet one of the most intriguing, was riding in the bicycle rickshaws!


From the Secretary’s Desk You can see from the Delinquency list below that we still have some outstanding members who have not paid their 2011-2012 dues. Maria Jordan, our Lapsation Chair, is going to start calling you if she finds your name on the list. We are entering the season where things are happening at the lodge and you wouldn’t want to be ‘locked out’ from the activities. Pay your dues and get on down here and enjoy the season. ALWAYS A FAST TURNAROUND ON DUES SUBMISSION. GUARANTEED! SPONSORS: It would be of great benefit to our Lodge if you would contact any members you have sponsored and remind them of all the great things we offer. Let’s have a good year! Louise Weems, Secretary

Number 005303 005103 005758 003343 005756 005553 005581 005836 002110 005457 005861 005392 006090 006034 001352 006230 006224 005879 006061 006198 005391 006078 005891 005915 004204 004657 005827 005546 006031 005862 005946 006067 005971 000939 000821 006192 004450 004201 004410 003705 006231 006082 006163 005962 005825 005824 005945

Name Anderson, Robert P, Jr Aubry, Timothy R Avolt, Marion Baker, Glenn B Barnes, Barbara Bartok, Eric W Bartok, Rebecca J W Bennett, Francis Blossom, John W Borsa, Nicholas Jr Bowers, Simone Bradley, John P Brasheans, David Bridge, Geraldine R Burhans, Frederick Busch, Frank Busch, Maura Carney, James F Carver, Thomas L Chalfont, Robert Chambliss, C Mitchell, Jr Chergosky, Reber W Collins, Carville J Collins, Sharon M Conway, John T Davis, Thomas M 111 Dewey, Lee Echeverry, Sandra L Eggerton, John Ferguson, James W Foster, William B Fournier, Gerald J Franklin, Robert W, Jr Freed, A.L. Freeman, George L Jr Garcia, Jamie J Garland, George M Grant, Ronald H Hafer, William J Hall, Frederick E Perry, Dorothy M Perry, Charlene Plato, Linda Travis Radwan, Silvia Retes, Luis Ribiero, Roger Robinson, Douglas

Number 005678 006027 006140 002975 005393 005521 001970 006035 006064 005818 006193 005153 005795 006235 005518 005487 005382 006178 006202 006102 006104 003827 005061 004422 005345 004508 005220 005599 005995 006219 006229 006122 006059 005745 006120 005983 005413 006002 006003 006029 006093 004402 006005 004713 006243 005263 005496 006236 006183 9

Name Henton, Thoneplewe Noi Hesser, Susan Higgins, Michael Hollingsworth, Edwin C House, Marcia L Hughes, Howard C Hughes, Charles E Kantak, Sandra G Karavias, Nickolas Keating, Carol J Kelly, Catherine Klementz, Robert W Kramer, Kendall La Re, John Leandri, Marjorie M Liggins, Nicholas Long, Fred Loughney, Kerry Loving, Jeanie E Lowstuter, Anthony R McBreaty, Cherie McConaghy, Bryan F McCord, Richard B McCoy, Leonard O Jr McCreery, Charles R McMahon, Thomas F Jr McNulty, Donald J Mead, David L Mekenney, Christopher Meyer, Michael H Mongeon, Albert Morrell, John W Mullen, Michael R Newman, Harry S Niedbala, Joseph T Norwood, Lewis F O’Shea, Joseph P Paradis, Joyce Paradis, Paul J Perichino, Alan Salem, Robert Sellars, William D Senus, Dolores Solomon, Edward J Tran, Peter Volck, Robert C Wilson, Marie B Wright, Larry Yetkow, Donald D



7:30 in the Lounge

roasted prime rib hand-Cut and cooked to perfection!

Sep 2

Alternate choices $10 Sep 7—Chicken Cacciatore Sep 14—Roast Pork and Sauerkraut Sep 21—Breast of Chicken with Spinach Alfredo Sauce Sep 28—BBQ Chicken and ribs


Ryan Sep 9 Banda Sep 16 Ryan Sep 23 Sep 30 Ryan

Terry Lee Sydney Terry Lee TBD Terry Lee



The economy is still in a funk and there are many people who need help in getting sufficient food to feed themselves and their families.

NY STRIP $15.00 - SIRLOIN FILET - $12.00 Alternate Choices $10.00 Sep 2—Grilled Crab Cake Sep 9—Jambalaya

There will be box inside the Lodge door for contributions of non-perishable foodstuffs. Mark Richards will ensure that the food collected will go to a local food bank.

Sep16—Seafood Newburgh Sep 23—Broiled Scallops Wrapped in Bacon Sep 30—Shrimp Gumbo

When selecting food, buy what appeals to you and please check expiration dates to ensure freshness.

Tom Saputo in the Lounge

Staples (tomato sauce, pasta, soup, etc) are always welcome.

September 24, 2011 7:30-10:30

Together we can make this fall and winter happier and healthier for needy families in our area.

Welcome back Fall with Tom $15 at the door Please bring a can of food for the food bank!

Thanks for your participation. Sandy Mueller



Elks 2188 50/50 Raffle This year at Elks 2188 we are very excited to be holding a special 50/50 raffle in conjunction with our Annual Pig Roast in support of the Fisher House Foundation. You will be receiving additional information in the mail concerning this very worthy program and how we as Elks can show our support. You can purchase 50/50 Tickets in the Lounge or by contacting Steve Thiebaut at (703) 362-9232 or via email at Donations to the Fisher House fundraiser are also welcomed!

ABOUT THE FISHER HOUSE The Fisher House program is a unique private-public partnership that supports America's military in their time of need. The program recognizes the special sacrifices of our men and women in uniform and the hardships of military service by meeting a humanitarian need beyond that normally provided by the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs. Because members of the military and their families are stationed worldwide and must often travel great distances for specialized medical care, Fisher House Foundation donates "comfort homes," built on the grounds of major military and VA medical centers. These homes enable family members to be close to a loved one at the most stressful times during the hospitalization for an unexpected illness, disease, or injury. There is at least one Fisher House at every major military medical center to assist families in need and to ensure that they are provided with the comforts of home in a supportive environment. Annually, the Fisher House program serves more than 12,000 families, and have made available over three million days of lodging to family members since the program originated in 1990. By law, there is no charge for any family to stay at a Fisher House operated by the Department of Veterans Affairs; and Fisher House Foundation uses donations to reimburse the individual Fisher Houses operated by the Army, Navy, and Air Force. No family pays to stay at any Fisher House!


Elks Lodge 2188 Auxiliary Ball Saturday 24, 2011 Cocktails & hors d’oeuvres at 6 Dinner starts at 7 PM Dance to the Mike Surratt Band 8:30-11:30 Take a chance on winning one of 10 fabulous gift baskets! Members: $35 Non-members: $40 This is the biggest night of the year for the Auxiliary so come out and make it special!

Reservations Appreciated (703) 560-1770


September 2011 Horn  

Arlington-Fairfax Elks Lodge No. 2188 Monthly Newsletter

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