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Riotinto mines belong to the province of Huelva (Andalusia). The history of the Riotinto mines is much older, and moves in time to the first organized civilizations since the Copper Age in the development of the mine, was attached to one's own civilizations. But mine development at this time arrived with the Romans. The introduction of these new techniques allowed the continuation of mining operations. The remains of slag found present to us a large mining development at this time. By this time almohades civilizations that obtained from medicinal dyes mines are located, still underdeveloped mining activity.

This tunnel is about 150 meters and goes to an excavation inside the mountain. And the water is red by microorganisms living in it, but not ready to be inhabited by animals.


This tourist train is among the few that still work, since been restored by the mining

park Riotinto. It has two wagons and the journey takes about 1:30 hours round, in which a 10 minute stop where you can see the landscape and low to the very banks of the river.

THE MUSEUM The museum headquarters is the building which housed the old hospital of the Riotinto Company Limited, the company which exploited the mines from 1873 to 1954. It is situated on the south hill of “El Valle� (Minas de Riotinto, Huelva). The original building was designed by the British architect R.H. Morgan in 1925 and inaugurated two years later. It cost 23.720 pounds. This hospital was built to provide medical care for Riotinto Company employees, both British and Spanish. Medical care as also given to all those people who resided in the area who did not have de means to pay for health care, even though they were not company workers. In 1965 the building was enlarge with new rooms, and sometime later the health centre situated next to the museum, was built. In the late eighties The Riotinto Foundation started work on a project to restore the old hospital, respecting de original English architecture, with the aim of housing the archaeological and historical remains of 5.000 years of mining history in the area. In 1992 the building was reopened as the museum headquarters. The Mining Museum, an interpretation centre for the Riotinto Mining Park, is administered by the Riotinto Foundation for Mining and Metallurgy. It is a nonprofit cultural institution. Its aim is the conservation and restoration of the historical mining heritage of the Riotinto mines, as well as promoting employment and tourism in the mining area.


The museum has an area of 1,800 m2 and fourteen exhibition areas. Among the exhibits is a reproduction of a Roman mine and the house number 21

belonging to the former British district of Bella Vista. The permanent display shows the project work and aims of the Foundation, the environmental and geological features of the area and also its history, always in relation to

mining exploitation. Located west of the city of Riotinto minas, is a typical neighborhood 19 century English. Has the style of that century. Between the buildings house Nยบ21. Is the house that you can visit. The house number 21 has three floors and two gardens. In the one floor has the living room,

bathroom and dining room. In the 3 floors has the bedrooms of services, plays rooms and storages.

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