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n this article you can find and read some interesting information about Will Smith. His real name is Willar Carrol Smith Jr. He is an American actor, producer and rapper. He is 45 years old and he is considered as one of the Richest 40 by Fortune Magazine. He has a mansion in Thousand Oaks, California where he lives with his beautiful wife Jada Pinkett and his children Jaden Chistopher Syre and Willow Camille Reign.

Will Smith has made a lot of money from his first movie Experiment Six Degree to After Earth that was his last film he raised 5.800 million of dollars. In his last movie where his son Jaden Smith was a co – star Will lost 70 million of dollars because the people didn’t like the movie. The film in which Will Smith won more money is Bad Boys. Nevertheless he is the only actor to have 8 consecutive films gross over $100 million in the domestic box

His childhood was like the most childhoods of children in United States his mother was a teacher in one school near his house and his father was a refrigeration engineer. Will decided to leave school to improve his style in rap music. He never applied to high school. Nevertheless he was accepted in the pre – engineering program in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology only because his mother was working there The Fresh Prince of Bel – Air was a really important of Will Smith’s life after he was nearly bankrupt for not paying his taxes, the producer Quincy Jones offered him to work with them in the NBC television and this way he could pay his debt. During the TV show Will worked with his old friend DJ Jazzy Jeff who was his partner in a group of rap. Special information is the taxi driver in the introduction song was the producer Quincy Jones.

Even though Will Smith is an excellent actor, he hasn’t won any awards for his acting yet. He was nominated two times to the Oscar for Ali (2006) and The Pursuit of Happiness, (2006) also, he was nominated for the Golden Globe Awards for his performance in The Prince of Bel - Air and in the category Best Actor – drama for his performance in Ali and Pursuit of Happiness. In 2007 he received a special award for his help in the music on the movies. Despite not having won an award for acting when he was in the group of rap, they won a Grammy in 1988 in the category of rap. Like conclusion about this article, Will Smith show us that even though we have a difficult life always will be betters if we want to do.

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