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Cuisinart SM55 5 ½ Quart Stand Mixer – Why You Need To Get This One? If you hate mixing or kneading dough, then you cannot make some of your family's favorite foods. Beating, mixing or kneading dough takes time and effort, more so if done with the hand. Making cookies in particular, requires a lot of effort as the dough is hard. But you cannot disappoint the kids by saying no to them, so what can you do? You need a mixer. A mixer will help you mix and knead dough, and it will also help you beat the mixture. However, any mixer won’t do. You need a heavy duty mixture that can mix the toughest of the mixtures. What you need is the Cuisinart SM55 5 ½ Quart Stand Mixer. This mixer is different from the rest. It is powerful, it is handy, easy to use and can be used to mix just about anything. Polished stainless steel 5 ¼ quarts bowl with that is big enough to handle large batches of heavy mixtures, accompanies it. The design provides comfort to the arm and in no way strains it. The beating action makes the Cuisinart SM55 5 ½ Quart Stand Mixer different from others. The beater can spin clockwise as the shaft spins counter clockwise. Due to this, the beater moves to several positions in the bowl! The beating is enough and you don’t have to rotate the bowl. Another reason why you need to get this one and not the others, is the speed selection options. 12 speeds are provided, which gives a lot of control over the mixing. The lowest speeds are used for stirring and the highest speeds make use of 800 watt power of the motor, to mix even the toughest of the mixtures. Several accessories are provided with the stand mixer. There is a flat mixing paddle, a dough hook and there is a chef whip as well. The clean design, ensure clean operation. The chute provided prevents contents of the mixture from splattering. With optional attachments, Cuisinart mixer do everything for you.

Cuisinart SM55 5 ½ Quart Stand Mixer – Why You Need To Get This One?  

The Cuisinart SM-55 is a powerful 800-watt stand mixer. Coupled with 12 speeds and a large 5½ quart bowl made from stainless steel

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