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Petition for Initiation and Membership EL KATIF SHRINERS 7217 W. Westbow Blvd., Spokane, WA 99224 Phone (509) 624-2762 (800) 369-2762 Fax (509) 624-8333

To the Illustrious Potentate, Officers, and Nobles of El Katif Temple situation in the Oasis of Spokane, Desert of Washington,

I, First Name



Last Name

hereby declare that I am a Master Mason in good standing in _______________________________________ Lodge # ___________________ located at _________________________________________ which is a Lodge recognized by or in amity with the conference of Grand Masters of North America. Furthermore, I have resided at my current address for not less than 6 months as required by the Bylaws of the Imperial Council. I respectfully pray that I may be made a Noble of the Mystic Shrine, and become a member of your Temple.

If I be found worthy, and my request granted, I promise to conform to the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of the Imperial Council and the Bylaws and Ceremonies of your Temple. Home Address: Zip:

City: Home Phone:

Mobile Phone

Birth Date:


Company Name and Position: Company Address, City, State & Zip: Work Phone:


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Today’s Date:

Candidate Signature:

Recommended and Vouched for on the Honor of Noble st

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Initiation Fee . . . . . . . . . $ 50.00 Dues . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 115.00 Fez . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$ 50.00 Total $215.00

Member #:

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From the POTE Illustrious Sir Tom Richardson

My summer has been a busy and a fun one with my Lady Cheryl. The beginning of summer in June was the kick off of parades for all of El Katif. El Katif Divan’s last official visit to the Okanogan County Shrine Club where the Nobles went golfing and hoped the rock chucks did not capture the golf ball. The Ladies went to a painting class to discover their talents or not. Then, we had a great Barbeque at the home of Noble Gordie Cockle and his Lady Andrea. We renewed our friendships with the Okanogan County Shrine Club which was very rewarding. On to more parades and on July 8th we packed our bags heading to Imperial Session at the lovely Daytona Beach Resort in Florida. We arrived home on Friday preparing for our home town parade in Chewelah on Saturday. Sad to say but I had to cancel the El Katif Family Fun Day because of lack of participation by the Nobility. Moving forward to the Past Potentates and Past Potentate Ladies Party went well and thanking my High Priest and Prophet Dave Campanella and his Lady Brenda for the nice planning job. Then, on to the next evening was our first fundraiser of the year, the Freedom Raffle, which was well attended with everyone having a great time. Noble Brad Hergert did an excellent job along with our office staff: Michelle, Ada, Matt, and Brad’s Lady Shana. El Katif’s big winner was Second Ceremonial Master Gary Wood who ran away with the top honors of ticket sales (178 tickets). Now on to PNSA @ Mount Lake Terrace near Lynnwood, Washington, where our El Katif Legion of Honor took top award in their inspection competition. We’re in August and the pace is slowing down a bit with a little fishing at Clear Lake and riding to the Pote’s Mini Trip. What a wonderful trip with a great hay ride plus BBQ dinner. Left early the next morning for the famous Omak parade and Stampede Rodeo, what an exciting time we all had. Rolling on to August 19th the El Katif will be hosting a USA Boxing Sanctioned Event with the help from my Outer Guard, Eric Thompson, to make it happen. The second fundraiser and first attempt in years for El Katif to host a boxing event was a fun night for all. Back to Shrine working and having fun as well in September. Let us work hard to get new candidate for the Fall Ceremonial! Just a few remaining parades for the year left. September 6th is our stated meeting with the famous Past Potes in charge but please RSVP the office for that night. The Spokane Interstate Fair time is about to arrive on September 8th through the 17th where we need help selling the Duck Race tickets, Food Booth workers, and maybe Elephant Ear Booth workers. Yes, we have the WSU football game on September 23rd plus the Eastern football game on the 30th. The 24th of September is the Big Duck Race at the convention center (old opera house in Spokane). October events are a screening clinic on the 7th, Our Branson Trip October 9th – 15th, and the Blue Jeans and Bling Auction on the 28th. Please check the Word for more information on events, etc. Hope you all had a great summer, we did. Now, it is time to:

Giddy Up Go! Takin’ Care of Business Illustrious Sir Tom 1

The Word Staff Jay Smith PP, Magaging Editor Michelle Victoria, Editor DIVAN Tom Richardson Potentate Jim Stewart Chief Rabban Jon Lind Assistant Rabban Dave Campanella High Priest & Prophet Roger Nelson Oriental Guide Jay Smith, P.P. Recorder Kurt Kimberling, P.P. Treasurer Justin Hughes First Ceremonial Master Gary Wood Second Ceremonial Master Doug Morgan, P.P. Ceremonial Director Roy Clark Marshal Jeff Lane Captain of the Guard Eric Thompson Outer Guard SHRINE UNIT REPORTERS Actors Ryan Leonard Animals Hank Shafer Band Chuck Wetmore Chanters Ken Massender Clowns Chuck Humes Directors Staff George Rotas Greeters Bob Valentine Mobile Unit John Robertson Provost Guard Ken Massender Oriental Band Von Chimienti SHRINE CLUB REPORTERS 1899 Club Jerry Schieche Blue Mountain Doug Warnock Columbia Basin Jeff Meyer Legion of Honor Howard Wynia Moonshriners Kurt Kimberling, P.P. North Spokane Herb Postlewait Northeast Washington Dan Bryant Okanogan County Guy Fisher Pomeroy Jim Kirkpatrick Shurtah Club Tom Felton South Spokane Rod Higgins Whitman County Gary Van Dyke BOARD OF DIRECTORS Tom Richardson, Chairman Jim Stewart, Jon Lind, Dave Campanella, Roger Nelson, Kurt Kimberling PP, Jay Smith PP IMPERIAL REPRESENTATIVES Tom Richardson Potentate Jim Stewart Chief Rabban Jon Lind Assistant Rabban Dale Hearn Past Potentate (Emeritus) Duke Pappenheim Colorado Representative Roger Gehrig Colorado Representative SPOKANE SHRINERS HOSPITALS for Children 911 West 5th, P.O. Box 2472 Spokane, WA 99210-2472 Phone: 455-7844


POTENTATE’S AIDES Chris Tee, Jim Heebink, Ken Massender, Jesse Pew, and Randy Kimberling POTENTATE’S SPECIAL AIDES Doug Baker, Kevin Geris, Fred Nowland CHAPLAIN Tom Felton DIRECTOR OF CLUBS AND UNITS Gary Van Dyke, Jim Ball PAGEANT DIRECTOR Barry Newman, Dylan Newman PUBLIC RELATIONS Roger Nelson, Eric Thompson, Brett Westerman PARADE MARSHAL Jerry Combs, Dale Abrams AMBASSADOR AT LARGE Glenn Hodge, Bruce Keyser, Dylan Newman UNIT PRESIDENTS Actors Dale Hearn, P.P. Animals Hank Shafer Band Stu Slinger Chanters Ken Massender Clowns Mel Neil Directors Staff George Rotas Greeters Curly Werner Mobile Unit Jim Heebink Provost Guard Ken Massender Oriental Band Von Chimienti, P.P. CLUB PRESIDENTS 10 Gallon Tom Rousseau 1899 Club Brice Williams Blue Mountain Gerald Taylor Columbia Basin Kevin Swartz Legion of Honor Gene Lane Legion of Honor Detach. Floyd Johnson, P.P. Moonshriners Jim Tourtillotte North Spokane Scott Fiedler Northeast Washington Glenn Hodge Okanogan Gordie Cockle Pomeroy Dick Martin Shurtah Jeff Lane South Spokane Jeff Duty Whitman County Jeff Wood THE WORD of El Katif Temple (USPS 626360) is published monthly (except July and August) for $1 per year by El Katif Temple A.A.O.N.M.S., 7217 W. Westbow Blvd. Spokane, WA 99224. Periodical postage paid at Spokane, WA. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to, “THE WORD” El Katif Temple, 7217 W. Westbow Blvd. Spokane, WA 99224. Phone: (509) 624-2762 Fax (509) 624-8333 E-mail:

The Recorder’s Ramblings... Ill Sir Jay Smith, PP

Nobles and Ladies, Many thanks to Illustrious Sir Tom and his Lady Cheryl for a wonderful Potentate’s mini-trip up to Sun Mountain in Winthrop. Twenty-eight Nobles, Ladies and guests made the trip up to the beautiful gateway into the Northern Cascade Mountains. Although we dealt with hazy skies from Canadian fires, sitting around the pool and being with friends brought back memories of the good old days. On Sunday morning we traveled to Omak and participated in the Omak Stampede Parade with our fellow Nobles from Okanogan Valley Shrine Club. What great joy it gave us all to hand out stuffed animals to the children along the parade route. Then we topped off the weekend by attending the Omak Stampede Rodeo and Suicide Race. It couldn’t have been a better weekend. Thank you so much, Tom and Cheryl, for hosting such a fun trip. Well, here we go into the month of September. Nobles, this is probably without a doubt the busiest month of the year. We start off with our Stated Meeting on September 6th. This meeting will be run by the Past Potentates. You never know what kind of surprises might pop up! This meeting also brings the momentum back and kicks us back in gear because of the long summer break. The Club and Units Meeting starts off at 5:30 p.m. Nobles, please try to attend. We have a lot of up and coming events to cover – Fair, Duck Race, Fall Ceremonial, Valley Fest Parade and football games, just to mention a few. At 7:00 p.m. the Past Potes take over and run the Stated Meeting. The Past Potes will be raffling off prizes. Please RSVP to the office so that we can get a food count. Next is the Spokane Interstate Fair September 8th through the 17th. I know that there are open slots to fill for Duck Race sales and also the Food Booth. If you are able to help with a shift, please contact Billy Eberly for the Food Booth and Mike Harper for the Duck Race sales. When you get into the month of September you hit football season. This year we have two different games to attend. The first game is WSU VS Nevada on September 23rd. Game time for the WSU game has not yet been determined, but the bus will depart from the Shrine Temple 3 ½ hours before game time. The next game we will be attending is the Eastern Eagles VS Sacramento State in Cheney at 1:35 p.m. on September 30th. For the Eastern game, the Moonshriners’ bus will depart from the Shrine Temple at 11:00 a.m. For those of you that are interested in going to either of these games, please RSVP to the office as soon as possible. On September 22nd we have the annual Valley Fest Parade. Those of you that are interested in participating in the parade, please contact Jerry Combs. Finally, on September 24th we have our annual Duck Race. The day will start early around 8:00 a.m. to set up the gates at the Opera House. We will need plenty of help. The ducks will be dropped into the water at 2:00 p.m. and afterwards we will need help removing the stickers. So, as you can see, September is a very busy month. Now, I would like to mention that El Katif is having a Fall Ceremonial on November 11th. Illustrious Sir Tom and Illustrious Sir Doug are putting together a great program starting in the morning at the Shrine Temple and moving to the Mirabeau Park Hotel for a banquet and dancing into the evening. We only have one very big problem. We only have one candidate so far! Nobles, we need you to get your new candidate petitions turned in to the office as soon as possible. I know that El Katif has been dark, as well as a lot of Masonic Lodges. But we all need to step up and make this Fall Ceremonial a great success. Nobles, September is going to be a crazy month. It is going to be like a fast-moving train, so jump on and “Let’s Giddy up Go!” 3


Ills Sir James “Doc” McAllister Past Potentate 1995 06/29/1928-06/27/2017 Created: 11/16/1979

Ills Sir Henry Odean Past Potentate 1989 06/13/1926-06/04/2017 Created: 05/11/1956

Dennis Young 01/07/1922-11/02/2016 Created: 12/09/1990

Charles Melburn Ralph 10/03/1932-06/02/2017 Created: 11/16/1979

Hartley Lee Blankenship We are sorry to say that Nobles sometimes pass away without our acknowledgement. As they are Brothers, they are due the recognition of their passing. Please assist in notifying the Temple when a Noble expires. Phone 509-624-2762 or email


09/18/1928-08/02/2017 Created: 05/26/1967

Imperial Session 2017

Report on Imperial Session held on July 9th through 13th, 2017.

Some Changes Failed or Defeated at the Imperial Session:

Lawrence J. Leib of Moslem Shriners was elected as Outer Guard for the Imperial Divan.

There were proposals to give the Imperial Potentate more power to appoint and remove Nobles from Imperial jobs which failed.

This report I hope will help you understand some of the changes (passed or defeated) which could effect El Katif Shriners.

Some by-law changes (Passed) or clarification: All fees, taxes, levies, and other amounts payable to Shriners International will be paid in US dollars. To shorten some of time at session it was approved that the Dispensation and Charter Committee may approve and report to Shriners International on the change of location of a temple. There was also passage that to change a temple’s location there must be in writing, signed by at least 100 members of the temple, or 10 percent of the membership, whichever is less. Passage of a new voting regulation all temples will elect member by a majority vote of the written ballots cast. (No More Marble Balloting) Article 23 Temple Membership 323.5 balloting New Nobles: A fez could be provided to a New Noble as a part of his initiation fee.

In civic parades and non Shrine public appearances, with the permission of the Potentate, Nobles and their ladies may also dress in clown costumes and participate with the Clown unit of the temple but only Nobles may perform, compete, ride vehicles with fewer than four wheels, or operate any vehicle of the temple Unit while parading. Article 36 Temple Units 336.2 Public Exhibitions and Civic Parades Not yet a full report – contact Tom if there are questions

Stated Meeting! September 6, 2017 Clubs/Units - 5:30 Dinner - 6:00 Stated - 7:00

Call today to RSVP for Dinner 5


Ryan Leonard

Greeting Nobles, Where has the time gone? It’s hard to believe that we only have a month left of summer before resuming our Masonic labors. I’m betting you haven’t really given this any thought, but here is a recap of June’s famous movie quote. Congratulations San Francisco, you’ve ruined pizza! First the Hawaiians, and now YOU!” The answer is Disney Pixar’s animated film “Inside Out.”. And now, September’s famous movie quote. “I’m telling you and I’m telling everyone at this table that’s a shark, and I’ve know what a shark looks like because I’ve seen one up close; and you’d better do something about this one, because I don’t intend to go through that hell again!” Do you think you know where this quote came from? The answer will be revealed in October. The Actors will be hitting the ground running once September rolls around. As I write this article, I’ve been informed that we will be performing a Cold Sands ceremonial at our September 6 stated meeting. We will also be working a shift at the food booth during the Interstate Fair and selling Duck Race tickets, and we will be preparing for a Hot Sands Ceremonial which will take place on Saturday, November 11. Finally, the Actors are always looking to add to our ranks! If you enjoy performing on stage, dressing up in costume, or even helping with lighting and stage setup, then we want to hear from you! Please contact our president, Illustrious Sir Dale Hearn, at (509) 475-7636 or by email See you soon Nobles!

Note from the Blue Jeans and Bling Auction Chairman Summer is going by quickly and the “BLUE JEANS AND BLING” Auction on October 28 will be here before you know it!!! This year’s auction is to support El Katif’s budget so we can continue to help support our philanthropy---the Shrine Hospital in Spokane. We would like to thank the Moonshriners, the South Spokane Shrine Club, the Directors Staff and Jon Lind for contributing money for the auction. These funds are used to purchase great items for the auction. We would appreciate the support from everyone, the committee thanks you in advance! Remember a table for the auction is only $280 for 8 people. Get your reservations in early. Call the office at 509-624-2762 to reserve yours. We also need to know the names of the 8 people attending. Some of the interesting auctions items so far are: a Seattle Seahawks ticket package for 2 (Red Lion Hotel included); 2 Traeger grills; jewelry; a Jet Boat trip package down Snake River (Hotel/Dinner included) and much more! Also there is the Balloon pop (everyone wins something), a ring toss (more booze), a 50/50 drawing, good food, good friends and lots of laughs! We look forward to your participation to help El Katif be a strong Shrine Temple. Don’t miss the fun and excitement of the “Blue Jeans and Bling” Auction this year. Call the Shrine office and ask for Michelle to donate an item, make your individual reservation or purchase a table with your friends. Jim Stewart, Chief Rabban Auction Chairman


Chaplain’s Corner Tom Felton


Greetings to all you sun burned Shriners. What a summer we have had. I thought that we would never see the sun at the beginning of summer, but when it did appear it did with a vengeance. oh well, we are never satisfied are we? If you didn’t go to PNSA you missed a great time. We met three of theImperial Officers and our IALOH Commander was there and held the LOH Inspection for us. El Katif won first place and it felt good again. Congratulations to the Inspectees. Nile put on a great meeting and we thank Ill Sir Don Lane and his crew for it. I have again been asked to be your Chaplain for two more years and am honored to accept. This is not just a Shrine job to me, it has brought me closer to you and to my God. Thank you all for the kind remarks that youhave given me over the past years. I also thank God for placing me inthis position. God Bless You All, and God Bless America.

El Katif’s 4 Man LOH Competition Team made up of Commander Gene Lane; Tom Felton, PC; Roger Gehrig, PP, PC; and yours truly Howie Wynia, PC; beat its only competition Nile Shrine LOH, commanded by PNSA-LOH Cmdr Orville Stoner. It was a very close competition judged by the Int’l Assn Legions of Honor Commander Morris Sykes of Kansas. The Annual PNSA-LOH Luncheon Meeting was a huge success, attended by Imperial and International Officers, and many LOH Units, and was highlighted by our Commander Gene Lane, Swearing-In his Marine Veteran Son, Past Nile Potentate Don Lane, PP into the Legion Of Honor. A very Proud moment.  We are back to having our Monthly LOH Dinner Meetings at the Eagle’s Hall, starting on Monday, 11 September at 5:30pm.  DON’T FORGET TO BRING THE LADIES.  We need them to add some CLASS to the gathering.  Call Adjutant Tom Hart for reservations.  Our Parade Schedule was pretty full this Summer, with Roger Gehrig, PP, PC; Bob McVicker, Cmdr Gene Lane, and Howie Wynia, PC, traveling all around the Inland Empire with our Flag Trailer flying Old Glory, and the Military Service Flags.  We’ve got the Valley-Fest Parade yet to go.  THANK YOU GUYS!  The LOH Honor Guard, under the Direction of Tom Hart, PC; including Cmdr Gene Lane, Roger Gehrig, PP, PC; Bob McVicker, George Rotas, PC; and Howie Wynia, PC; honored many of our Departed Veterans as members of the Rifle Squad at the Vet’s Cemetery in Medical Lake this year.  The LOH Color Guard, under the Direction of Tom Hart, PC; including Cmdr Gene Lane, Chuck Young, PC; Joe Baird, PC; George Rotas, PC; Bob McVicker; and Howie Wynia, PC; presented the Flags at the Spokane Indian’s Ballpark several times this Summer.  It was a beautiful Summer and we all kept very busy.  Looking forward to seeing you all at the Interstate Fair, and at the Shrine Duck Race.  “IT IS AN HONOR TO BELONG TO THE LEGION OF HONOR!!!”


The Pote In Daytona - Imperial Sessions 2017

Emily Mellish, an 11 year old Shriners Hospitals for Children patient (pictured with her sisters Taylor and Lauren), began ‘Beads 4 Needs’ as a way to raise money for Shriners Hospitals. Emily was born with spina bifida and severe scoliosis, and undergoes bi annual surgeries to lengthen a rod (VEPTR device) in her back. When other doctors gave up on her ability to walk, Shriners Hospitals for Children surgeons (Erie & Philly hospitals) helped straighten and lengthen her left leg. Emily is an outgoing, passionate young lady, with an extremely positive personality and a mile wide smile. She is excited about her bracelet making adventure, beginning as something to do while recovering from her surgeries - quickly becoming a fun and rewarding way to give back to the wonderful place that changes the lives of so many children at no cost to families.

Visit to see the latest issue of the Shriners Hospital Newsletter Volunteers Needed To Sell Duck Race Tickets At The Spokane Interstate Fair, September 8-17. Contact Mike Harper at 509-995-3141 or the Shrine Office 509-624-2762 or email More Volunteers needed for the actual Duck Race on September 24. This is definitely fun for the whole family! The events begin at 10am, the Race goes down at 2pm! It’s quite a sight that might ‘quack” you up!

John Robertson, PP

Mobile Unit September is here… Hard to believe the summer is coming to an end. Have you returned your Duck Race ticket stubs yet? Make sure you get them back to the office asap. Selling your tickets to new people each year opens the door to start the conversation about Shriners, our philanthropy and can start the question and answer process about Freemasonry. It is hard to believe that our Forefathers knew what a great opportunity we had not only in bring awareness to the Hospital but to also in talking about our fraternity all by asking the question: “Would you like to buy a Duck Race ticket.” Experienced and seasoned Nobles- We need your help in working with new Nobles and their Ladies, in selling tickets at “Pig out in the Park” as well as at the “Interstate Fair”. We have our Stated Meeting on September 6th so make sure you come and join in the fun. Rumor has it that the Past Potes will be opening the meeting with fun and flair. We still have a few parades left so if you are interested in joining a fun group of Nobles that enjoy hospitality and friendship while spreading the word about our philanthropy and fraternity, then give us a call. Yours in The Faith “Don’t worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try.” -Jack Canfield


Kurt Kimberling, PP

Summer is all but over, Fall is just around the corner followed by Winter, or should I say, “Road Construction is over, and Snow is almost here”. Either way, Welcome Back! We hope that everyone had a great summer and if you took a vacation it was what was expected or better. Although the Moonies slow down during the summer, we have still been relatively active. Our last “Beer/Pub Cruise” was a smashing success, and everyone who participated really enjoyed the fellowship and great times. The annual Moonies picnic was a winner as usual. Thanks again to Eric for having it at his place once again. The ribs were great and the fellowship even better. We weren’t as active when it came to parades this summer but we did get a jump on this Falls Interstate Fair. Our Elephant Ear Booth was cleaned up, ops checked, and all systems were ready in August. In fact once we were up to speed we had a great time watching the various cars of the “Annual Good Guys Hotrod Show” while we sold our world famous ears and cold soda to hungry and thirsty participants. If you haven’t taken the opportunity to work during the Hotrod show, you’re really missing out. The parade of cars goes right past our window. We can watch in air conditioned comfort. The weather was great and we had a great turnout. The first El Katif Boxing Smoker (No Smoke) was also well attended and several Moonies volunteered their time to make this endeavor a success. Noble Eric Thompson came up with this idea and he did a superior job getting out the word with innovative advertising and promotion. Our August meeting was well attended. The concept of one Noble and Lady providing the direction and main course seems to be popular. The September Shrine Stated Meeting will be conducted by the Past Potentates once again. You all should come on out and see if they can take care of business, like they say they used to do! We do have several Past Potes who are members. Remember to sign up for the booth for the Fair. Nobles, our booth is our only income stream! The funds that we generate during the Fair allow us to play, but more importantly it allows us to support the Hospital as only Moonies do! Friends and family are encouraged to help; however, when you do sign up make sure that you arrive, and please be on time. See you at the Fair and hopefully at the appreciation dinner as well.

Wow!!! September already? What happened to our summer? We hit the road this past summer with parades in Fairfield, Chewelah, Spangle, CDA, and even to PNSA at MT Lake Terrace (North Seattle). We even had the opportunity to drive the Imperial Officers to and from the Nile Shrine Center and back to the hotel a couple of times. What a hoot that was. We have updated the trailer and a special “Thank You” goes out to Nobles Rod Higgins, Scott Gardner, Mat Hiett and Lady Kinsey. We also had some help from my brother Bryan and my grandkids. A extra special “Thank You” goes out to our High Priest and Profit Dave Campanella and Lady Brenda for pulling the trailer to Seattle and back so we didn’t put extra pressure on the Limo. What a wonderful drive it is traveling with friends to PNSA to show off our toys and meet Nobles form all over the NW. Let’s make plans now for next year’s Summer PNSA in Wyoming! Let’s make it an adventure for the El Katif family. We had our annual summer picnic with a few changes to our menu. Thank you, Denny and your crew of chef’s, thank you Patty for your assistance in getting the Ladies to make salads, sides and desserts. What a great time it is to do things the old-fashioned family way of everyone helping each other. We still have few parades left this year. Valley Fest, Rockford and Ritzville. We might even find a couple more if time allows. Remember we have our stated meeting in September and then the fair. Make sure to get your neighbors and friends to come with you to help volunteer. Many hands make light work of large projects besides making them more fun! This is also a great opportunity to open the door about who we are and what we do. We have all kinds of recruiting opportunities around us if we are willing to use them in a no pressure way. Make sure you remember to join in the fun on the Football trips that are on the schedule but also keep your eyes and ears open about the annual bus trip the SSSC makes to Wallace for a Prime Rib dinner and show at the Wallace 6th Street Melodrama. This bus trip includes hospitality to and from Wallace to the Spokane Valley.

The key to our organization to succeed is if we all work together and we stay involved in as much as we can. Help one another get to and from meetings and reach to others for help when you need it. Yours in The Faith, John Robertson PP- Reporting on behalf of our President Jeff Duty and the Nobles of the SSSC

“Be strong but not rude. Be kind but not weak. Be humble but not timid. Be proud but not arrogant.” -A quote from a post from

Donna Fisher

LOS was busy getting ready for the Official Visit of Grand High Priestess Janet Larsen from Hawaii court. The 3rd week in May 2018 we will be attending Grand Council in Hawaii. The court is busy saving pull tabs, box tops and soup labels. The Cutups are busy doing ice bags every month. BE A HOSPITAL VOLUNTEER. Call Shriners Hospital for Children for information. The Clownery Unit and the Entertainers are off to Scottsdale Arizona September 14, 15 and 16 to perform. The court is working the fair booth for the El Katif in September. We just finished our rest stops, averaging approximately $5,400. Come have fun and wear the White Fez. Meetings are the first Monday of each month, 7pm at Concordia Lodge in Millwood. Things looked at patiently from one side after another generally end by showing a side that is beautiful.

Special Ladies Luncheon

Are you receiving the latest information from the Shrine Office? If not, please call or email Michelle and let her know that you would like to be added to our Constant Contact mailing list. 509-624-2762 or

Publication Supporters: Tom Felton, Chaplain Billy & Judi Eberly Ill. Sir Jerry Schieche, 2000 Ill. Sir Kurt Kimberling & Lady Elaine, 2009 Ill. Sir John Robertson, 2016 Jon & Sue Lind Paul Revere Lodge, #205 Robert Deife Jack M. McCaw Jim & Reggie Heebink Ill Sir Jay and Janet Smith, 2011 Ada “G-Ma� Anderson Donna Fisher Joe & Delby Rodgers David & Leslie Swannack Trinity Ct. No. 51 Order of the Amaranth

Ron Allen Howie & Kathy Wynia Bill Mitchell Ill. Sir Tom & Lady Cheryl Richardson Tom Redeye Ill Sir Robert & Lady Renae Faulkner John & Gerry Wiess Jim and Michele Stewart Chris and Norma Petersen Lyn Ferguson Doug Bates Dick and Dale Cooper Diane Berger R. James Smith Kent Osborne Lorna Schieche


Special Ladies Luncheon


Call the Shrine Office today to reserve your table, 624-2762. Clubs & Units: Think Membership and invite new people! They can see Shriners having fun & “Takin’ Care Of Business”!

Bob Valentine

Greetings Nobles –

Thank you to all the Greeters who have attended our meetings and participated throughout the summer. In July some of us helped support the Lilac City Invitational Golf Tourney at the Fairways Golf Course and Buster, the owner, donated $12,500 to the Hospital. Remember next year to help again to make it an even bigger event. Also, in July many Greeters and their Ladies enjoyed the Coeur d’Alene Summer Theater presentation of South Pacific and a nice dinner after.

At our recent Greeters Meeting our Hospital Administrator, Peter Brewer, brought us up to date on several issues affecting the Hospital currently and in the future. One important thing to remember when giving Tours is that our focus on Sports Medicine has become enhanced by the addition of a Sports Medicine Doctor. The Fracture Clinic which is open every day from 7:30 to 9:00 AM continues to see increases in patients every month treating children with bone breaks & many are from sports related situations. We were reminded about the Fraternal Open House being held Aug. 20th at Shriners Hospital for Children Spokane.

Greeters Food Booth at the FAIR will be September 13th and we have our schedule set for the day. We are also covering the Duck Race booths indoor & outdoor on Sept. 15th. Greeters were also reminded of the Duck Race Ticket Sales duties needed to be filled for Pig Out in The Park in Sept. and other upcoming events. We were reminded of the October Auction Event and to be contacting the community businesses and sponsors for auction items.

CALLING ALL NOBLES Your help is needed to be a Greeter. If you want to be more active at the Hospital greeting our patients and their parents and providing Tours, we need YOU. Just one week day per month is all we need of your time from 7:30 to 2:00 PM – It is a very rewarding experience volunteering & interacting with the Kids we Help at the Hospital.

A 2016 Fact Sheet for Spokane Shriners Hospital was recently released with statistics for last year. Nobles, please visit for a comprehensive look at all the wonderful information about our great Spokane Hospital – there’s a wealth of information there! See you at the next Stated Meeting & remember the Greeters Unit meeting is always the following Thursday @ Noon in the 5th floor auditorium of the Hospital.

Bill Eberly (AKA Duck) Greetings from the Animals! I know you haven’t heard much from the Animals this year, but that doesn’t mean that we haven’t been busy. We started the year with the St. Patty’s Day Parade and the Junior Lilac Parade. At the Spring Ceremonial, the Animals debuted the North Spokane Shrine Club Train. It was a big hit with the new Shriners. Next we took the Train to Fairfield Flag Days, Rosalia, Medical Lake, Chewelah Chataqua Parade, Deer Park Parade, and one we haven’t done for quite a while, the Hillyard Parade. It’s time now for all the fall festivities to begin. We have the Interstate Fair September 8 through 17, ValleyFest Parade on the 22nd, WSU Football on the 23rd, and the Duck Race on the 24th of September. September is going to be a very busy month. Don’t forget to get your Food Booth Rosters into Bill Eberly (509-995-5404) for the Fair. I would like to take this time to thank all the Animals and Clowns and the other Shriners that rode on the Train this year. I would also like to invite any of the North Spokane Club members that would like to come out to ride the Train for old time sake - Anytime we are using the Train! We hope all the Birthdays and Anniversaries were great for everyone. The summer season is coming to an end, but don’t quit now, let’s finish the year strong!


The Freedom Raffle over the summer was an over-the-top triumph for El Katif!

Thank you Brad Hergert, Tom Richardson, Jay Smith, Gary Wood, Roger Nelson, Gary Newton, Jeff Wood, Paul Brockbank, Bill Eberly, John Robertson, Jim Berdal, Jim Tourtillotte, Jon Lind, Jim Stewart, Corky Roberts, Jeff Lane, Jerry Schieche, Kevin Geris, Tom Upchurch, Jason Flodin, Barry Newman, Bob Brockman, Scott Fiedler, Dave Campanella, Curly Werner, Doug Schoeder, Gary Van Dyke, Bob Breza, Brand Bersante, Bruce Keyser, Don Giess, Glenn Edgemon, Glenn Hodge, Justin Hughes, Kurt Kimberling, Mel Neil, Roger Gehrig, Tom Felton, and the Shrine Office Staff (Matt, Ada, Michelle & Chase). The money raised was because of your hard work - together!

Let Freedom Ring!

Ladies Night! For The October 4 Stated Meeting Ladies Dine For Free (Nobles will still pay for themselves)

Please know how much we appreciate you Ladies!! 23

“Thank You” to all of our Sponsors of The Word!

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Ada Anderson

The summer is once again over. Summer is way too short; it seems as if each year the time we need to recharge and rejuvenate gets shorter.  Soon gold, crisp leaves with be falling from bare trees, slowly dropping to the ground making a rustling and whispering sound.  They fall and gather one by one, summer is gone and autumn is here.   El Karnak Temple No. 6, Daughters of the Nile, will be having a very busy September. Our Supreme Queen, KAREN KEUTHER, visited El Karnak Temple for her Official Visit on September 2, 2017.  We had a great luncheon and ceremonial attended by many members of El Karnak Temple No. 6.  It was great to have her Supreme Majesty visit us and also tour our Shriners Hospital on September 1st. Our regular Stated Meeting will be held on September 12th with lunch at 11:30 am followed by our meeting at 1:00 pm.   Nicholei Bryant NE:WS Club The club has had a busy summer. Parades BC, Kettle Falls, Newport, Chautauqua, Chewelah, and  Deer Park.   Upcoming parades are as follows August 26, 10:00 am,  Colville Fair form up at 9:00 am: Sept. 22, 7 pm if we get a coordinator and drivers and the Marcus Cider Fest October 7, form up at 9:00 am. 

El Karnak will be working the Sprague Lake Rest Stop from Monday, September 18th through Thursday, September 21st. We will be working 2 shifts per day. Monetary donations are graciously accepted to offset expenses.  Contact PR Monique Hill at 509238-4232 to work a shift. Also upcoming will be a Pasta Feed and Bottle Auction.  Stay tuned for a date, time and location.

The Club Picnic was scheduled for August 13 at the lake house of Jim and Michele Stewart. The first meeting is September 8, the location still to be decided. Summer has been flying by, fun, fun, fun.


El Katif Shriners 7217 W. Westbow Blvd. Spokane, WA 99224


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last day of Moonshriners the Interstate Fair 24 25 Duck Race!





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EWU Football

The Word 09/2017  
The Word 09/2017