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From the POTE Illustrious Sir Tom Richardson

We’re moving into early summer with the longer days, warmer temperatures, and the parades in full swing. May was extremely gratifying with the El Katif’s Special Ladies Luncheon having 40 Shriner widows attending. Starting with Jon Lind reading a poem Sue wrote about the widows pin that was presented to them, Ada Anderson’s presentation on the history of El Katif was wonderfully done, and music by Snap Shot, a Sweet Adeline Quartet. It was a great event. Thanks, Jon and Sue Lind for doing a good job. The Divan traveled to a couple of Official Visits that were very well appreciated by the Legion of Honor and the Blue Mountain Shrine Club. Klink’s Fishing Derby had a lot of contestants trying for the big one and the El Katif Shriners attendance was heartwarming as a thank you for Klink’s continued support to our Shriners Hospitals for Children Spokane. Even some Nobles plus their kids wet a line trying to catch the fish instead of weeds at the derby. The Arabian Horse Show was a rewarding and successful show. June 7th is the stated meeting. Clubs and units are at 5:30 PM, dinner at 6:00 PM, and stated meeting 7:00 PM. Parades, Parades, and more Parades will be on a roll with the PP (Preferred Performance) Parades this month are: 3rd Rosalia Battle Days at 10 AM & 17th Medical Lake Founders Day 10 AM. Let’s get out there and show the small towns, large towns, and even the city the fun Shriners have. Other listed events on the calendar are: Grand Lodge coming up 9th & 10th, a Scottish Rite Golf Tournament 16th, Webb Slough Races 17th at St. John, and the Divan’s final official visit with the Okanogan Shrine Club on June 24th. Remember, June will be our last Word until Septembe. All Freedom Raffle tickets and money need to be turned in by June 30th to the El Katif Shrine office. Thanks for your help! Events coming in July and we will be continuing the parade season. Imperial Session is in Daytona Beach, Florida, on the 9th through the 13th. Two PP Parades are the 15th Chataqua – Chewelah 10 AM and 22nd Deer Park Settler’s Day 10 AM. Shriners, Freedom Raffle event will be held at the Event Center on July 22nd, 5:00 PM. Summer Pacific Northwest Shrine Association (PNSA) is at Mount Lake Terrace (Seattle) July 27th – 29th. For the summer hot month, August 11th – 13th the Pote’s mini trip to the Methow Valley at Sun Mountain Lodge then on to the PP Omak Parade 13th plus the famous Omak Stampede and 26th Webb Slough Races again. Don’t forget the PP Parade on September 2nd at Ritzville, 11 AM. In closing until the next time (September) Lady Cheryl and I wish all you a safe and enjoyable summer possible. Giddy Up Go! Takin’ Care of Business Illustrious Sir Tom


The Word Staff Jay Smith PP, Magaging Editor Chase Abbott, Editor DIVAN Potentate Chief Rabban Assistant Rabban High Priest & Prophet Oriental Guide Recorder Treasurer First Ceremonial Master Second Ceremonial Master Ceremonial Director Marshal Captain of the Guard Outer Guard

Tom Richardson Jim Stewart Jon Lind Dave Campanella Roger Nelson Jay Smith, P.P. Kurt Kimberling, P.P. Justin Hughes Gary Wood Doug Morgan, P.P. Roy Clark Jeff Lane Eric Thompson

SHRINE UNIT REPORTERS Actors Ryan Leonard Animals Hank Shafer Band Chuck Wetmore Chanters Ken Massender Clowns Chuck Humes Directors Staff George Rotas Greeters Bob Valentine Mobile Unit John Robertson Provost Guard Ken Massender Oriental Band Von Chimienti

SHRINE CLUB REPORTERS 1899 Club Jerry Schieche Blue Mountain Doug Warnock Columbia Basin Jeff Meyer Legion of Honor Howard Wynia Moonshriners Kurt Kimberling, P.P. North Spokane Herb Postlewait Northeast Washington Dan Bryant Okanogan County Guy Fisher Pomeroy Jim Kirkpatrick Shurtah Club Tom Felton South Spokane Rod Higgins Whitman County Gary Van Dyke BOARD OF DIRECTORS Tom Richardson, Chairman Jim Stewart, Jon Lind, Dave Campanella, Roger Nelson, Kurt Kimberling PP, Jay Smith PP

IMPERIAL REPRESENTATIVES Tom Richardson Potentate Jim Stewart Chief Rabban Jon Lind Assistant Rabban Dale Hearn Past Potentate (Emeritus) Duke Pappenheim Colorado Representative Roger Gehrig Colorado Representative SPOKANE SHRINERS HOSPITALS for Children 911 West 5th, P.O. Box 2472 Spokane, WA 99210-2472 Phone: 455-7844


POTENTATE’S AIDES Chris Tee, Jim Heebink, Ken Massender, Jesse Pew, and Randy Kimberling POTENTATE’S SPECIAL AIDES Doug Baker, Kevin Geris, Fred Nowland CHAPLAIN Tom Felton DIRECTOR OF CLUBS AND UNITS Gary Van Dyke, Jim Ball PAGEANT DIRECTOR Barry Newman, Dylan Newman PUBLIC RELATIONS Roger Nelson, Eric Thompson, Brett Westerman PARADE MARSHAL Jerry Combs, Dale Abrams AMBASSADOR AT LARGE Glenn Hodge, Bruce Keyser, Dylan Newman

UNIT PRESIDENTS Actors Dale Hearn, P.P. Animals Hank Shafer Band Stu Slinger Chanters Ken Massender Clowns Mel Neil Directors Staff George Rotas Greeters Curly Werner Mobile Unit Jim Heebink Provost Guard Ken Massender Oriental Band Von Chimienti, P.P.

CLUB PRESIDENTS 10 Gallon Tom Rousseau 1899 Club Brice Williams Blue Mountain Gerald Taylor Columbia Basin Kevin Swartz Legion of Honor Gene Lane Legion of Honor Detach. Floyd Johnson, P.P. Moonshriners Jim Tourtillotte North Spokane Scott Fiedler Northeast Washington Glenn Hodge Okanogan Gordie Cockle Pomeroy Dick Martin Shurtah Jeff Lane South Spokane Jeff Duty Whitman County Jeff Wood

THE WORD of El Katif Temple (USPS 626360) is published monthly (except July and August) for $1 per year by El Katif Temple A.A.O.N.M.S., 7217 W. Westbow Blvd. Spokane, WA 99224. Periodical postage paid at Spokane, WA. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to, “THE WORD” El Katif Temple, 7217 W. Westbow Blvd. Spokane, WA 99224. Phone: (509) 624-2762 Fax (509) 624-8333 E-mail:

The Recorder’s Ramblings... Ill Sir Jay Smith, PP

Nobles and Ladies, Well, here we go moving into the month of June. Summer is almost here. To start off, the office will be moving to its summer hours starting on June 12th from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday and will be returning to our regular schedule Monday through Friday starting August 21st. There will be no Word issues for the months of July and August. But we will be getting El Katif information out to the Nobles through our website or Constant Contact if need be. Nobles, I think that it is time that you learn a little bit about the El Katif office staff. I am going to start off with Matt Mackay, who is in our accounting office.

Matt was hired about a year ago. He graduated from California State University Hayward earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration (Accounting Major) and brings over 25 years of experience in corporate accounting. Next is our Office Administrator, Chase Abbott. Chase has been with El Katif for almost 2 years. Chase is a graduate of EWU with a Bachelor of Arts Degree. Chase started out on the accounting side of the office, and then I moved him over to the administrative side after we brought Matt on board. My thoughts were to have two accounting people on staff, due to the fact that El Katif is managing three businesses. The blend of Matt and Chase has worked out very well for El Katif Shrine. Not only is Chase responsible for the day to day business

of the office, he handles all of El Katif’s patient transportation needs by setting up flights, taxis, hotels and food allowances for parents and children going to various Shrine Hospital locations. He also assists with the Patrick Scholarship Foundation, which provides college scholarships to our Shrine Hospital patients who wish to further their college education. Next, we have Ada Anderson, who is our receptionist and the heart and soul of our office. Ada worked in the Shrine office for many years, helping with the Shrine Circus and also filling in as a receptionist when needed. Ada keeps the office straight on membership, the black camel, RSVP’s, and membership information from Shriners’ International through Web-Fez updates.

Heebink as our Event Coordinator. Reggie came to El Katif a little more than a year ago. She is retired from being a regional marketing director. Her expertise and marketing skills have totally created a new business for El Katif and our Event Center. Reggie has increased the rental revenue of the Event Center to where the sky has no limit! So, why did I re-introduce our office staff? Nobles, El Katif has an extremely qualified, talented and loyal staff serving the Nobility. When called upon, they do their very best to accommodate the needs of the Nobles of El Katif Shrine. They are courteous and respectful to all. Next time you call or stop by the office, please give them a pat on the back and thank them for all they do for El Katif Shrine.

Next, we have Reggie

STATED MEETING! June 7, 2017

Club/Units - 5:30 | Dinner - 6:00 | Stated - 7:00 Call today to RSVP for Dinner 3

SPRING CEREMONIAL APPRECIATION Guess what – it worked. Yes, there were a lot of lessons learned, but it was indeed a memorable event for our 12 new Nobles and their guests. To all of you who worked and participated, I can’t thank you enough for your efforts and true selfless teamwork to make it a success. I hope you are as proud of yourselves as I am of all of you. It seems like it’s always the Chairman that gets the credit for something being a success. But, I will tell you that I know who did all of the work and hopefully this article will clarify that point. It could not have been done without all of you and I sincerely appreciate all of you.

Charles S Whitman 12/30/1939-5/4/2017 Created: 6/20/1997

Some of you may think that I don’t know the commitment you made in order to help. Well, you’re wrong because I do know what a lot of you did and your efforts were not taken for granted. Some of you missed work, some took a lot of time away from your families, some spent a lot of time and money making trips to the Ceremonial site from great distances and some simply did the correct thing to keep everyone going. But, I guess it all comes down to being a good and dedicated Shriner. Then, one of the really great things that happened at the Spring Ceremonial was how everybody worked together and filled in when things were about to go south. And, essentially it was done without question and it was done immediately. You don’t know how refreshing that was to be a part of a team that worked together to make it happen and to “Giddy Up Go!” just “Takin Care of Business”. And if you were there I think you saw how the new Nobles and their guests saw it , appreciated it, and had a better idea of what they were becoming a part of. WE PUT OUR EL KATIF SHRINE FOOT FORWARD. Again, thank you all so much and I’m really Proud to be a Shriner and especially proud to be an El Katif Shriner. Doug Morgan, PP Committee Chairman 4

We are sorry to say that Nobles sometimes pass away without our acknowledgement. As they are Brothers, they are due the recognition of their passing. Please assist in notifying the Temple when a Noble expires. Phone 509-624-2762 or email

May Stated Meeting


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Ryan Leonard Greetings Nobles, Hard to believe that summer is almost here and soon we will be going dark. The Actors were honored to initiate 13 new Nobles during the April 29 Spring Hot Sands Ceremonial. I again would like to thank all of the Nobles who participated in the 1st Section, I especially want to thank Noble Roger Nelson for stepping up to deliver the Inspired Charge. Roger, I know you would have preferred to see Noble Bill Haedt doing that part (we all miss him), but I think I can speak for all of the Nobility when I say that you made him proud. Thank you and congratulations on a job well done! Were you able to figure out where March’s famous movie quote came from? “My mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” The answer is Robert Zemeckis’s 1994 comedydrama “Forrest Gump,” in which the title character (played by Tom Hanks) proceeds to tell perfect

strangers his life story while waiting to get on a bus to go see the love of his life, Jenny (played by Robin Wright) when all he had to do was walk 5 or 6 blocks to her apartment.. And now, this month’s quote. “Congratulations San Francisco, you’ve ruined pizza! First the Hawaiians, and now YOU!” Do you think you know where this quote came from? The answer will be revealed in September. As always, the Actors can always use more Nobles to add to our ranks! If you like to dress up in costume, perform on stage, or if you would like to help with stage setup and lighting, then we want to hear from you! Please contact our president, Dale Hearn, at (509) 475-7636 or by email at ppelkatif98@ Have a great summer Nobles! If we don’t see you at parades this summer, we’ll see you in September!

ing in Nevada.

Jeff Meyer Greetings from Columbia Basin Shrine Club! We are having a beautiful spring here in the Columbia Basin; sunny days intersected with our usual wind and occasional thunderstorms. We conducted our May Stated Meeting at our newly remodeled clubhouse, on Friday, May 5th. Noble Farrell Clontz did a fantastic job of re-engineering and installing a new staircase, carpeting and painting our dining area and remodeling our bathrooms. Now everything is to code. We will eventually reface the counter tops and add some window treatments. We also plan to purchase round dining tables to enhance socializing during our dinners and meetings. We have a bit more work to finish, but what a nice difference it has made so far! Sunshine Report: Noble Chuck Hall is reported to be making a remarkable recovery from a medical episode. He walked 88 steps; up from 32 steps the previous day! He is convalescing at Avalon Assisted Living in Pasco, in Room 31. Noble Richard Land is recovering from his medical challenges and is sending many funny and inspiring emails, which is testimony to his recovery and good humor no matter what! Bill Kendrick is reported to be in excellent health and vacation-

Noble Robert Morrow reported our first parade is in Waitsburg on Saturday May 20th. Noble Jeff Meyer reported the club raffle is underway and encouraged members to buy and or sell $100 of tickets to support the club. President Kevin Swartz read a Thank You card from Potentate Tom Richardson and Lady Cheryl thanking Columbia Basin Shrine Club for their warm reception during the Potentate's Official Visit to the Columbia Basin Shrine Club's April Stated Meeting. Noble Ray Schulz is leading up an effort for the Columbia Basin Shrine Club to support the George and Pat Jones community service day, which is June 9th. The club is going to work (8am-12pm) at Safe Harbor, which is a safe space and shelter for children in Benton County and is directed by Lady Karen Brockman. There is a BBQ to follow in Columbia Park. Noble Jim Hay continues to provide fantastic service and support of Screening Clinics and Transportation to the hospital. Our screening clinics continue to be a great success and much is owed to Jim for his dedicated service!


Chaplain’s Corner Tom Felton

June is busting out all over..... and it is about time. Can you believe this past winter? I am sure glad it’s over. I’ve been out of touch for a few months and missed a lot, but hopefully I’m back for good. I attended the first session of the Spring Ceremonial and enjoyed it very much. Congratulations to all of our new Shriners! I attended the Special Ladies Luncheon a few weeks ago, it sure was a great time. There were 40 Ladies there and they all seemed to have a great time. Ill. Sir Tom is doing a bang up job as Potentate this year. Keep up the good work, Sir. Last month I wrote an article about Flu shots but didn’t get in turned in time, so I’ll say a few words about it now. I have been dead set against taking a flu shot every year because I had to take it in the Air Force and it always gave me the flu. Well, I had a Doctor explain that the shot back in the 60s and 70s was a live vaccine and it did give some people the flu. Now, the vaccine is not a live one and will not give me the flu. After this bout that I just went through, I will take my flu shot. I’m to old to go through that again. I’m not telling you to get one but I learned my lesson.

Herb Postlewait Nobles, The North Spokane Shrine Club held a screening clinic in Newport WA. on April 20. They were able to refer one child to the hospital. Dale Cooper and Scott 8

and Athena Fiedler conducted the clinic. Dale and Bob McVicker passed out flyers the week before. Our efforts do not go unnoticed. It is gratifying to know that we have helped at least one child live a better life. After all, this is what being an El Katif Shriner is all about.

Howie Wynia Well, Kathy and I just returned from Corpus Christi, Texas, where we attended the 86th Annual International Association Legions of Honor Convention / Reunion with Tom & Shirley Upchurch. It was one of the really great ones, next to ours in Colorado a few years back. There were about 200 of us that thoroughly enjoyed this little Navy town in the deep Southern part of Texas on the Ocean. Commander Gilbert Medina and Lady Nelda really know how to show us Texas Hospitality. Next year's Convention will follow the Yellow Brick Road to Kansas. We want to thank our Potentate Tom Richardson and his Divan for attending and gracing our May Legion of Honor dinner meeting, with their Ladies, for their Official Visit. It was such a pleasure to have them there, and to speak to us. We look forward to this each year. WOW!!! Halfway through the year and we'll be going dark for the Summer. That is so hard to believe. We still have a parade schedule to keep us busy, like Fairfield on 10 June; Medical Lake on 17 June; Newport

on 24 June; Chewelah on 8 July; and Deer Park on 22 July. The LOH Flag Trailer will be seen at all of these Parades. There WILL NOT be an LOH Dinner/Business Meeting at the Eagles Hall on 12 June. WE ARE DARK. We will end July by attending PNSA across the state in the Seattle area, at Nile Shrine Center. It looks like the El Katif LOH will have four or five members attending the PNSA-LOH Luncheon Meeting, Competitions, and Parade with the International Commander Morris Sykes from Kansas City, and our 6th International Lt Commander Steve Walker from San Diego. At the same time, hopefully, some of our LOH Members will join the National Sojourners in Greeting people out at Fairchild AFB during the Air Show, featuring the USAF Thunderbirds on 29-30 July. Don't forget to come out of the summer, in September, ready to start Rehearsals for the 18th Annual "MUSICAL SALUTE TO VETERANS" Show, scheduled for Wednesday, 1 November 2017, preceded by a Holiday Roast Turkey Dinner. This "SALUTE" is Open to the Public. Get your Invitations out. "IT IS AN HONOR TO BELONG TO THE LEGION OF HONOR"!!!

Legion of Honor Official Visit

Spring Ceremonial 2017

Congratulations to all of our new Shriners!

John Robertson We hope that everyone had a great May with Mother’s Day, parades, meetings, local civic events and Memorial Day weekend that took place. We had our annual Brown Bag Auction that was well attended and laughter was had by all along the way to raising a little gas money for our parade season this summer. Our President Jeff has us staying busy over the summer and we are always looking for volunteers to join us on our adventures. If you want to enjoy a rewarding experience while wearing your Fez out in public, then I would suggest joining one of the Parade Units for a Saturday trip to one of the many parades throughout Eastern Washington. The SSSC limo and replica of the Shrine Hospital float are always a crowd pleaser. You hear from all of the spectators “Thank you” for what you do and “We are glad to have you in the parade”. All Shriners, whether new or seasoned, are welcome to join us on any and all of our adventures 16

to these parades and civic events or even our monthly meetings. Please contact Denny Hogan, Rod Higgins or John Robertson and we will keep you informed or put you on the reservation list. We meet on the third Thursday of each month except July and August at the VFW 1435 on S. David Rd just off the freeway in the Valley. You cannot beat our dues, 10.00 a year, and if you are interested in becoming a member of the SSSC we will wave this nominal fee so that we can make it an easy choice of wanting to get involved and be active. If you need a ride to meetings, please reach out to a Noble as we have all taken that sacred oath of helping a Brother and Noble. We are all in this together and we must always remember to help one another as we all meet on the Level. Stay true to the fact that we are the greatest Fraternity in the world and we support the greatest Philanthropy. For these to continue into the future we all need to do a little more and most importantly we need to do it together.

Kurt Kimberling

Summer has finally arrived and after the Cold Snowy Winter, followed by and excessively wet spring, we earned it! Let’s enjoy every moment, you never know when it will snow again. As our President Jim mentioned in his email, it’s amazing that we have gone through so much this year. Our Beer Cruise was exceptionally successful, thanks Randy for driving. We didn’t have to navigate any muddy fields or tight gates this time. Our Spring Ceremonial was great as well. Actually it was the best yet with the addition of 12 new Nobles entering El Katif. What is better yet is that four of the new Nobles are now official MoonShriners! Welcome aboard new Nobles Rich Gamba, Carson Gemmel, Dave Sempek and, longtime Booth volunteer, Jim Renford. We can’t forget Gary, or George either, glad to have you all in our club! With all this new blood and energy we can only get better and enjoy ourselves even more. The May Stated Meeting was a sight; our own Illustrious Potentate Tom Richardson (already a Moonie) was given the traditional “Moonies Honoring the Pote” treatment! If you missed

it you are in for a treat next year. Our dinner program has been very successful. This past month Illustrious Sir Kim Berg and his Lady Jill tantalized our taste buds with an epicurean delight. Who knew that Sloppy Joes and a Potato bar could be considered a delicacy? It was excellent, full bodied and with a slight kick. Everybody had a super time. We need to start beating the bushes or shaking the trees or just look into the mirror and find some help for our Booth this coming fall. The schedule for the Elephant Ears booth is coming out soon, and we need help at both the Hot Rod Show in August and the Fair in September. We pride ourselves on our service to the hospital. We are going to have another opportunity to excel when we transport hospital patients, their families, and some staff to a Football Game at Eastern Washington University in September. That should be an event that our patients should remember for a lifetime! Remember we have a parade in Chewelah soon and the Valleyfest Parade in September. This will be the last “Word” until September, so make sure you look at your calendars, respond to your emails and have a great summer!

POTENTATE’S MINI TRIP SUN MOUNTAIN LODGE & OMAK STAMPEDE Please join us on August 11th – 13th Methow Valley and Omak, WA Lodge Reservation Phone #509-996-2211 Ask for El Katif Shriners Rate

Saturday: Hay Ride and Chuck Wagon Dinner $59.00 per person plus tax and gratuity Contact Activities Director at Sun Mountain for the hay ride & dinner. Peak Season Activities fill up quickly! Sunday: Parade and Omak Stampede Omak Stampede tickets call Shrine Office 509-624-2762 ASAP for further information. Tickets are going fast!






Gary Van Dyke Meeting was at the Oakesdale Masonic Lodge. There were 26 Nobles and their Ladies present along with one of our Associated Members. Next stated Meeting will be our Annual Barbeque at Schmuck Park in Colfax, WA. under the Gazebo on June 14th, 2017. Please RSVP Jeff Wood at 509 569 3413. President Jeff Wood commented on the following: • Thanked the cooks for a great dinner. • Gene Henning’s 90th birthday celebration will be held at the Malden, WA. Community Church on Sunday June 4th, 2017 starting at 12:00 p.m. Services are at 11:00 a.m. Hollis Jamison presented Jeff Wood with the Admiral Navy Seal Award for outstanding service to WCSC. Hollis complimented Jeff for his efforts in leadership of WCSC.

John Jamison thanked everyone for attending the Oakesdale Masonic Lodge for their meeting and dinner. Glenn Edgemon showed the WCSC coats available for members to purchase. It was approved to have a more modern design for our hats for future purchases. President Jeff Wood suggested we order some regular WCSC T-Shirts of lighter fabric in addition to the shortsleeved shirts that we presently have. T-Shirts with a pocket, if possible. Gary Van Dyke reported on the following events coming up for the El Katif Shrine. DUCK RACE: Ticket sales in coming events are: St. John Boat Races June 17th and August 26th, Chataqua July 8th and 9th and Pig Out in the Park August 30th through September 9th. Noble tickets for Duck Race will be coming out next week. Nobles, please return tickets not sold by September 1st, 2017. AUCTION: Maribeau Hotel October 28th, 2017. Clubs and Units each must have an item for the auction or cash. Table of eight is $280. Singles are $35 per person. FREEDON RAFFLE: 500 Tickets remain to be sold. If you do not plan to sell any more tickets and have some remaining, please turn the unsold ticket into Chase Abbott at Shrine Office. The Raffle will take place on Saturday July 22nd 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the El Katif Event Center. PARADES: Jr. Lilac Parade May 13th, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. May Day Parade Garfield, May 20th, 2017

at 11:00 a.m. Waitsburg Parade, May 20th, 2017 10:00 a.m. Armed Forces, Lilac Day Parade, May 20th, 2017 at 7:45 p.m. Reminder, there is a $25 registration fee for rolling stock. KLINKS FISHING DERBY: May 21st is the Williams Lake Klink’s Fishing Derby sponsored by the Klink Family. This fishing tournament has been put on for at least ten years and or more and is a great event for the children. The Palouse Empire Fair (September 7th thru the 10th) was discussed by Ron Wachter. Fair booth menu will be the same except the BBQ Beef will be left off menu and baked potatoes will be added. A potato bar will be set up. Salad was added last year with success and will be left on menu. It was determined to add Shrine flags to booth outside. Change:

Pictures for the School Basketball Program will be taken, at the Fair Booth on Saturday morning September 9th, after WCSC 9:00 a.m. September monthly meeting. Addition added: We will be sponsoring a breakfast on Saturday morning in the newly finished and furnished kitchen, at the Fair’s newly completed EVENT CENTER. Board Meeting: Board approved $15,000 to go the Spokane Shrine Hospital from our annual fund raiser. This is thanks to Whitman County, Blue Mountain and Pomeroy Shrine Clubs. Funds are raised by ads sold, in a program, for the District 9-1B and District 7-2B Basketball Tournaments.


Special Ladies Luncheon Nobles: This is a special pin worn by the Shrine Widows. Remember to help our Special Ladies

Are you receiving the latest information from the Shrine Office? If not, please call or email Chase and let him know that you would like to be added to our Constant Contact mailing list. 509-624-2762 or

Publication Supporters: Tom Felton, Chaplain Billy & Judi Eberly Ill. Sir Jerry Schieche, 2000 Ill. Sir Kurt Kimberling & Lady Elaine, 2009 Ill. Sir John Robertson, 2016 Jon & Sue Lind Paul Revere Lodge, #205 Robert Deife Jack M. McCaw Jim & Reggie Heebink Ill Sir Jay and Janet Smith, 2011 Ada “G-Ma� Anderson Donna Fisher Joe & Delby Rodgers David & Leslie Swannack Trinity Ct. No. 51 Order of the Amaranth Ron Allen

Howie & Kathy Wynia Doc McAllister Bill Mitchell Ill. Sir Tom & Lady Cheryl Richardson Tom Redeye Ill Sir Robert & Lady Renae Faulkner John & Gerry Wiess Jim and Michele Stewart Chris and Norma Petersen Lyn Ferguson Doug Bates Dick and Dale Cooper Diane Berger R. James Smith Kent Osborne Jerrene Holling Lorna Schieche


The Potentate’s Trip El Katif Shriners of Spokane

October 9-15, 2017 Join the fun in Branson The live music show capital and much more! Branson, Missouri is known for having many live music shows, museums, theme parks, lakes, golf, wineries, shopping and more with safe, small town friendliness nestled in the Ozark Mountains. Come see for yourself what everyone is talking about!

$1,310/person* Based on Double Occupancy Land Only Air Priced Separately *Single, Triple and Quad pricing available

To Book Contact

Jennifer Lindsley AAA North Spokane 7307 N. Division, Suite 103 Spokane, WA 99208 (509) 468-1121

Just Announced! September 30th We’re going to the inferno!

VS $30 per person, inclusive, to ride the Moonshriners Bus. Limit 35 people. Game tickets are $20.00, with $5.00 per ticket going to the Shriners Hospital. Call Jerry Schieche if you have any questions, 509-245-3588

Freedom Raffle

July 22, 2017 Only 500 Tickets Left

The top ticket seller in the month of June will win a Heritage Rough Rider .22LR Pistol. If you would like tickets or need additional tickets, please call Chase at the Shrine Office.

local Hospital. We should receive a sizeable check for our hospital from this event. Bob Valentine Greetings Nobles – We hope all our Mothers had a great Mother’s Day & remember Father’s Day is coming soon…… Our recent May 4th Greeter’s meeting was very interesting and informative, and well attended by 15 members, probable new Greeter Leo Soucy, and guest, Diana Findley. Greeters, please continue contacting local corporations & businesses for Sponsorship / Donor opportunities for the LILAC CITY INVITATIONAL Golf Tournament & follow up with those previously contacted to get them “on board”. All net proceeds from this Tournament go to our

John Robertson Thank you to all that are helping sell Duck Race tickets! As this is our annual fundraiser to support our local Shriners Hospital for Children. We are extremely fortunate to have a hospital right here in our backyard. We need to remember to talk about our Philanthropy as much as possible, share our stories about the great things our Fraternity supports and how much fun we have in raising awareness to our Philanthropy. This is how

We were encouraged to assist PP Jay Smith with duties at the Arabian Horse Show May 26 – 28. Call the Shrine Office to find what times are available to assist. (be sure to wear your Wranglers & boots). This event has consistently brought in a nice check for our Spokane SHC for many years as well. Greeters were also reminded of the Duck Race Ticket Sales duties needed to be filled for Pig Out in The Park in Sept. and other upcoming events. We were reminded of the October Auction Event and to be contacting the community businesses and sponsors for auction items. Hospital Administrator Brewer informed us that the Third Floor Remodelwe are able to help other good men in our communities to ask the question ”How do I become a Shriner?” This is also one of the best reasons to stay active in our Blue Lodges. Bringing a good man into our Fraternity is the start of a great friendship and if you are active in all aspects of our Fraternity you are building a strong foundation for our future. We hope all have recovered from Bloomsday and the early parades of the year. Thank you to all that helped in getting the Parade equipment up and running and out for the public to see. If there are any of you that may be interested in joining

ing Plan has been approved for the hospital to replace carpeting & conversion of some offices to exam rooms The Hospital’s X-Ray Room 1 will be changing to replace the old equipment that is inoperative, requiring about 6 months or more. The Richmond satellite clinic may be impacted by new property owners there. The Greeters held a screening clinic at the Valley hospital on Saturday, May 13th and three children showed up with one being referred. Greeters present were; Curly Werner, Bob Dunlap, Chris Petersen, Jim Babb, John Hoffmann and Herb Postlewait. Sharon Ball, Jim’s wife was the assisting nurse. Bob Dunlap and Chris Petersen covered the entire area with flyers. Get your commitment and money to attend the us for the many parades over the next few months please make sure to give Doug Baker, Jim Heebink or John Robertson a call. We are looking for Nobles to join us in taking our Red Caddie and Fez out on the highway. We would love to teach a few more Nobles the history of the Mobile Unit and train them to operate the Fez so that the Tradition will continue on into the future for generations to come. The Charter Nobles of the Mobile Unit would be happy to see us out and about. There are lots of stories to be told about many of the Mobileers that have come before us

Coeur d’Alene Summer Theater production of South Pacific on July 16th to Jim Babb NOW (208) 667-6105, so he can order the tickets & get good seats for all of us. This is open to All Shriners, relatives & friends. A 2016 Fact Sheet for Spokane Shriners Hospital was recently released with statistics for last year. Nobles, please visit for a comprehensive look at all the wonderful information about our great Spokane Hospital – there’s a wealth of information there! See you at the next Stated Meeting & remember the Greeters Unit meeting is always the following Thursday @ Noon in the 5th floor auditorium of the Hospital.

and there are lots of stories to be created about the Nobles and Mobileers of the future. Be involved and help create stories you can talk about for years to come. One of the finest Nobles and Mobileers once said “It’s not what the Shrine can do for you.” But rather, “What can you do for the Shrine?” The more you are involved the more fun you will have and the bigger the difference you will make in keeping our Fraternity growing and prospering so that we can continue to support our Philanthropy. May your summer be full of laughter, fun and exciting adventures. 25

“HELP” from each Club & Unit to give an auction item and/or cash for

El Katif 's BLUE JEANS & BLING AUCTION Why now, when it’s not until Fall? It takes time to create an auction program, assign tables, collect money for tables, create bid sheets, create & combine items to be auctioned. This year everyone who comes to the auction will receive a $20 Cabela’s gift coupon off your next in-store purchase of $150 or more!

OCT. 28, 2017 MIRABEAU PARK HOTEL $35 DOLLARS PER PERSON Remember El Katif is on a membership drive Go together and buy a table ($280 for 8 people). The Auction is a great place to show new people how much fun Shriners have while “taking care of business!”

Doug Warnock El Katif Potentate Tom Richardson and Lady Cheryl, along with members of his Divan, visited Blue Mt. Shrine Club at the May 19 meeting in Walla Walla. With 18 Nobles and Ladies from the Divan and six Nobles and Ladies from the Columbia Basin Shrine Club, there were more than fifty people gathered for the dinner meeting and festivities. It has become a tradition that our Potentate and members of his Divan visit our Shrine club the night before the Waitsburg Celebration Days Parade so the Divan can participate in the Saturday parade with the Blue Mt. Shriners. A highlight of the meeting was the presentation to both Illustrious Sir Tom and Lady Cheryl of afghans made by Lady Diana Osborne, Noble Kent Osborne’s wife who passed away during the summer of 2016. Lady Diana had a tradition of making an afghan to present to each Potentate upon his visit to the Blue Mt. Shrine Club and she had made Illustrious Sir Tom’s and Lady Cheryl’s ahead of time. It was with much emotion that Noble Kent presented the afghans to Noble Tom and Lady Cheryl. Lady Judy Gylling, widow of the late Noble Bob Gylling, thanked the Shriners for all their work to support the Shriners Hospital for Children in Spokane. Nearly 50 years ago, Bob and Judy’s three children all benefited from care received at the

Spokane Shriners Hospital. Son, Scott, had successful foot surgery and the twins, Christine and Craig, were both fitted with corrective shoes that helped them overcome their foot problems. Lady Judy said their children were given very caring treatment and made to feel quite at home by all the hospital staff. It was largely due to their experience that Bob became a Shriner. Lady Judy also appreciated that Noble Kent Osborne and a group of Walla Walla Masons went to Colfax to provide a grave-side ceremony at Bob’s memorial service. The service was during wheat harvest and it was difficult for the Colfax group, mostly farmers, to do the service.

BMSC Official Visit

After reviewing the upcoming activities planned for El Katif during the summer and fall months, Noble Tom thanked the Blue Mt. Shriners for their efforts in selling ads for the District 7 & 9 High School Basketball Tournament Programs to raise funds for the Shriners Hospital. Noble President Gerald Taylor and Lady Carri Ann presented Noble Tom and Lady Cheryl with several bottles of Walla Walla Area wine. A contingent of Nobles from the Divan and from the Columbia Basin Shrine Club joined the Blue Mt. Shriners in riding small motor-cycles, small cars and on Noble Jay Smith’s Fez trailer in the Waitsburg Celebration Days Parade the next morning in Waitsburg. This was the last meeting before summer, so our next meeting will be the 9th of September.


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Temple in September, 2017.

Ada Anderson Hope all the ladies had a wonderful Mother’s Day!! We are embarking on a very busy summer schedule for everyone. Members of El Karnak Temple No. 6, Daughters of the Nile will be traveling to Niagara Falls, New York for the 101st Supreme Session.

Donna Fisher Presentation of $1000 was given to the Shriners   Hospital by the 10 members in LOS Clownery unit.  They are gearing up for the summer face painting and balloons at the local parades and fairs.  COME JOIN AND BE A CLOWN. Congratulations to Betty Perry on receiving

the 5000 hour volunteer award from the Shriners and 20 years service. Six members went to Sandusky, Ohio Health Spa with African theme for Grand Council third week in May. Next year will be in Hawaii. Join us now and go to Hawaii. Two units performed and fun was had by all.   The units will be bidding to hold a nine state Western Unit Meet here in September 2021. The busiest man is the happiest man. Next meeting is June 6th- Tuesday-7:00 Concordia Lodge.  

The Supreme Session will be held from Wednesday, June 7, 2017 to Saturday, June 17, 2017 and will be the “Imagine More” Supreme Session.  It will be held at the Niagara Falls Conference and Event Center, 101 Old Falls Street, Niagara Falls.  The new Supreme Queen will visit El Karnak

The Supreme Temple Daughters of the Nile and Athaliah Temple #114 cordially invite all Daughters of the Nile to a Light Brunch! Come visit the new Supreme Queen and Ladies of the Imperil Divan.  Cici and Hyatt Brown Museum of Art, 350 S. Nova Road, Daytona beach, Florida on Monday July 10th, 2017 from 10:30 am, to 12:30 pm. El Karnak Temple No. 6, Daughters of the Nile, will host the Supreme  Queen on September 1, 2017 with a tour of the Shriners Hospital and Luncheon.  On September 2, 2017, she will officially visit El Karnak Temple No.6 for her Official Visit.  There will be a luncheon prior to the stated meeting and the Supreme Queen will speak to all about her year.

Visit to see the latest issue of the Shriners hospital news letter 29

El Katif Shriners 7217 W. Westbow Blvd. Spokane, WA 99224


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