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Spring Ceremonial Saturday, April 29th, 2017

Petition for Initiation and Membership EL KATI F SHRI NERS

7217 W Westbow Blvd., Spokane, WA 99224 Phone (509) 624-2762 â–Ş (800) 369-2762 â–Ş Fax (509) 624-8333

To the Illustrious Potentate, Officers, and Nobles of El Katif Temple situated in the Oasis of Spokane, Desert of Washington, I, First name



Last Name

hereby declare that I am a Master Mason in good standing in __________________________________ Lodge#__________________________ located at __________________________________________________ which is a Lodge recognized by or in amity with the conference of Grand Masters of North America. Furthermore, I have resided at my current address for not less that 6 months as required by the Bylaws of the Imperial Council. I respectfully pray that I may be made a Noble of the Mystic Shrine, and become a member of your temple.

If I be found worthy, and my request granted, I promise to conform to the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of the Imperial Council and the Bylaws and Ceremonies of your temple. Home Address:



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Company Name and Position: Company Address, City, State and Zip: Work Phone:


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Candidate Signature: Recommended and Vouched for on the Honor of Noble: 1st Noble: Print Name



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From the POTE Illustrious Sir Tom Richardson

Well, the month of February went by faster than January. February was a busy one with a great Super Bowl Party get together at the Event Center. The Divan had their first official visit of the year at the Chewelah Golf and Country Club hosted by Northeast Washington Shrine Club. Spangle Lodge had a wonderful chicken dinner. Then, the next morning we, the Divan, made the big drive to Wilsonville, Oregon, for Pacific Northwest Shrine Association winter session. February’s 28 days just flew by. March is even a busier month for the Divan. Our Stated Meeting, March 1st, will have a history lesson of El Katif provided by, the one and only, Ada Adnerson. On March 3rd, Cheryl and I will be heading to Pasco for a 5:00 PM presentation on the Pote’s Trip to Branson, Missouri, October 9th through October 15th, brought to you by AAA. The presentation in Spokane will be at the Shriners Event Center on March 11th at 4:00 PM. March 11th is also our first parade of the year in Spokane, the St. Patty’s Parade. After the Parade let us get together for lunch and show the public who we are! Our Official Visits in March are as follows; 8th Whitman County Shrine Club, 16th South Spokane Shrine Club, 20th Moonshriners, and, last for the month, is North Spokane on the 27th. Don’t forget the Shabby Chic Sale on March 25th and 26th. The sale is the First Divan Ladies fundraiser with net proceeds going toward something special for the Shriners Event Center. The Ladies are accepting donation of antiques, collectables, and quality items but no clothes please. Look for the Shabby Chic advertisements in The Word and other places. Any question please calls Shelly Wood at 509-370-4944. The Freedom Raffle ticket sales are under way and off to a great start. Interested in buying tickets or selling tickets? Contact Chase at the El Katif office by calling 509-624-2762. The top seller will win a Henry .22 rifle, Masonic Edition. Duck Race tickets are also on sale, they’re not off to a good start due to poor weather and low attendance at the Boat Show. I’m confident that as we move forward our sales will pick up. If you sign up to sell Duck Race tickets be sure to show up; if you can’t make it to your scheduled time, please call me! Now getting down to earth, we are two months away from our Spring Ceremonial on April 29th. It would be greatly appreciated if you would get out to your Blue Lodges and work hard on corralling some new candidates for El Katif. Giddy up Go! Takin’ Care of Business. Thank you! Tom Richardson Potentate 1

The Word Staff Jay Smith PP, Magaging Editor Chase Abbott, Editor

Tom Richardson Jim Stewart Jon Lind Dave Campanella Roger Nelson Jay Smith, P.P. Kurt Kimberling, P.P. Justin Hughes Gary Wood Doug Morgan, P.P. Roy Clark Jeff Lane Eric Thompson

DIVAN Potentate Chief Rabban Assistant Rabban High Priest & Prophet Oriental Guide Recorder Treasurer First Ceremonial Master Second Ceremonial Master Ceremonial Director Marshal Captain of the Guard Outer Guard

SHRINE UNIT REPORTERS Actors Ryan Leonard Animals Hank Shafer Band Chuck Wetmore Chanters Ken Massender Clowns Chuck Humes Directors Staff George Rotas Greeters Bob Valentine Mobile Unit John Robertson Provost Guard Ken Massender Oriental Band Von Chimienti

SHRINE CLUB REPORTERS 1899 Club Jerry Schieche Blue Mountain Doug Warnock Columbia Basin Jeff Meyer Legion of Honor Howard Wynia Moonshriners Kurt Kimberling, P.P. North Spokane Herb Postlewait Northeast Washington Dan Bryant Okanogan County Guy Fisher Pomeroy Jim Kirkpatrick Shurtah Club Tom Felton South Spokane Rod Higgins Whitman County Gary Van Dyke BOARD OF DIRECTORS Tom Richardson, Chairman Jim Stewart, Jon Lind, Dave Campanella, Roger Nelson, Kurt Kimberling PP, Jay Smith PP

IMPERIAL REPRESENTATIVES Tom Richardson Potentate Jim Stewart Chief Rabban Jon Lind Assistant Rabban Dale Hearn Past Potentate (Emeritus) Duke Pappenheim Colorado Representative Roger Gehrig Colorado Representative SPOKANE SHRINERS HOSPITALS for Children 911 West 5th, P.O. Box 2472 Spokane, WA 99210-2472 Phone: 455-7844


POTENTATE’S AIDES Chris Tee, Jim Heebink, Ken Massender, Jesse Pew, and Randy Kimberling POTENTATE’S SPECIAL AIDES Doug Baker, Kevin Geris, Fred Nowland CHAPLAIN Tom Felton DIRECTOR OF CLUBS AND UNITS Gary Van Dyke, Jim Ball PAGEANT DIRECTOR Barry Newman, Dylan Newman PUBLIC RELATIONS Roger Nelson, Eric Thompson, Brett Westerman PARADE MARSHAL Jerry Combs, Dale Abrams AMBASSADOR AT LARGE Glenn Hodge, Bruce Keyser, Dylan Newman UNIT PRESIDENTS Actors Dale Hearn, P.P. Animals Hank Shafer Band Stu Slinger Chanters Ken Massender Clowns Mel Neil Directors Staff George Rotas Greeters Curly Werner Mobile Unit Jim Heebink Provost Guard Ken Massender Oriental Band Von Chimienti, P.P. CLUB PRESIDENTS 10 Gallon Tom Rousseau 1899 Club Brice Williams Blue Mountain Gerald Taylor Columbia Basin Kevin Swartz Legion of Honor Gene Lane Legion of Honor Detach. Floyd Johnson, P.P. Moonshriners Jim Tourtillotte North Spokane Scott Fiedler Northeast Washington Glenn Hodge Okanogan Gordie Cockle Pomeroy Dick Martin Shurtah Jeff Lane South Spokane Jeff Duty Whitman County Jeff Wood THE WORD of El Katif Temple (USPS 626360) is published monthly (except July and August) for $1 per year by El Katif Temple A.A.O.N.M.S., 7217 W. Westbow Blvd. Spokane, WA 99224. Periodical postage paid at Spokane, WA. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to, “THE WORD” El Katif Temple, 7217 W. Westbow Blvd. Spokane, WA 99224. Phone: (509) 624-2762 Fax (509) 624-8333 E-mail:

The Recorder’s Ramblings... Ill Sir Jay Smith, PP

Nobles and Ladies, Well, the snow and ice is still present at the El Katif Temple. There are snow piles everywhere. We, as El Katif Nobles, have to be very careful when walking in these conditions. Our poor building has sustained a little damage, also due to the snow and ice on the roof. Our rain gutters have been damaged, and repairs will need to be made to correct the problem this spring. In talking with our insurance company, we are not alone with this problem. Hopefully winter is on the downhill slide. In looking at the calendar, March is going to be a very busy month. We start off with our Stated Meeting on March 1st. Remember that there will be a Club and Units Meeting at 5:30. Dinner is scheduled at 6:00 p.m. and Stated Meeting at 7:00 p.m. For the evening’s entertainment, we will have as a guest speaker our own Ada Anderson from the office. She will be giving a talk on El Katif Shrine history based on her research that she has dug up out of our membership files. Nobles, you will find this very entertaining! On March 3rd Illustrious Sir Tom and Lady Cheryl will be going to the Tri

Cities to give their Branson trip presentation. This will take place at the Columbia Basin Shrine Club at 5:00 p.m. On March 8th Illustrious Sir Tom, the Divan and Ladies will be having an Official Visit with the Whitman County Shrine Club at the Hilltop in Pullman. On March 9-11 our Oriental Guide Roger Nelson will be traveling to Tampa for Oriental Guide School. Then right behind Roger, Jon Lind will go to Tampa for Assistant Rabban School on the 12th – 14th. On March 11th at 12:00 p.m. is the St. Patty’s Day Parade. I really hope that we can get to our parade vehicles at the Airway Heights Barn. The last time that I looked there was 2 ½ to 3 feet of snow all around the building. Well Nobles, this is why we own a tractor. We can solve that problem. This will most likely be a cold parade, so dress warm. On March 16th South Spokane Shrine Club will be hosting their Official Visit at 6:00 p.m. at the Spokane Valley VFW. On March 20th the Moonshriners will be hosting their Official Visit at the Event Center at 6:00 p.m. On March 25 -26 the Divan Ladies will be hosting a “Collectables” sale called “Shabby Chic”. For further information on this event please contact Noble Gary Wood’s Lady Shelly. th


Lastly on the March schedule, North Spokane Shrine Club will be hosting their Official Visit at the Northside Eagles on March 27th at 6:00 p.m. Now that I have gone through the March events, I want to touch base on some very important subjects and events. Nobles, on April 29th El Katif Shrine will be having a Hot Sands Ceremonial at the Event Center. Nobles, do you have a new candidate for this event? Membership should be on all of our minds. April 29th is not that far away. We so far have only read one

petition. Please, let’s get busy and get your petitions turned in. The El Katif membership depends on this. If you do not have a petition, there is one on the inside cover of this issue. Also, there are a lot of gun raffle tickets out there. If you have sold some tickets, please get the ticket stubs turned in to the office for our record keeping. Well Nobles, that is all for now. Stay safe out there. Winter is still upon us.

Free Pediatric Orthopaedic Screening Clinic you know know aa child child we we can can help, help, IfIf you please let let their their family family know know please about this this free free orthopaedic orthopaedic about screening clinic clinic in in your your area. area. screening

Pasco, WA

Saturday, April 15, 2017: 10AM - 2PM Tri-City Community Health 515 W Court Street

Sponsored by: El Katif Shriners For information contact Jim Hay: 509-942-9859 Interpreters will be available NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY Shriners Hospitals for Children® — Spokane provides expert pediatric care in orthopaedics (bone, joint or muscle injuries or conditions). All care is provided in a family-centered environment regardless of a family’s ability to pay.




Doug Warnock Valentine’s Day was the theme of the Blue Mt. Shrine Club’s meeting on February 10. For a number of years the monthly Blue Mt. Shrine Club’s meetings have included both Nobles and their ladies. This has added a lot to the success of the meetings and the ladies have become valuable partners and advocates for the work we do to support the Shriners Hospital for Children in Spokane. Having the Shrine meetings be a couple’s activity has strengthened the club and increased its sustainability. As part of the Valentine’s Day focus for the meeting, local Job’s Daughters Bethel 52 operated a photo booth so each Noble and his Lady could have a picture taken for the special occasion. The photos were enclosed in an attractive card and were available for couples to take home. Nobles made individual donations to the Bethel to bolster its operating

Because the January meeting was cancelled, this was the first Blue Mt. meeting with Noble Dave Campanella and his Lady Brenda as our liaison. Noble Dave reported on El Katif’s planned activities and programs for the spring season. Noble Dave spoke on the Spokane Shriners Hospital receiving a large grant, which will be available to expand the hospital’s physical facilities. He talked about many good things that are happening regarding the hospital.

8/28/1922-04/19/2016 Created: 06/10/1955

Carl Bergenholtz 7/20/1934-1/27/2017 Created: 5/12/1978

Noble President Gerald Taylor challenged club members to reach out to non-members and invite them to dinner meetings to acquaint more people with Shriners and the Shrine’s efforts to support the Spokane Shriners Hospital for Children. Nobles and their Ladies are asked to bring friends to a Shrine dinner as often as possible. Our next scheduled meeting will be on March 10.

St. Patty’s Parade March 11, 2017

Call Jerry Combs for details 509-891-7647 4

William Ray Broadhead

We are sorry to say that Nobles sometimes pass away without our acknowledgement. As they are Brothers, they are due the recognition of their passing. Please assist in notifying the Temple when a Noble expires. Phone 509-624-2762 or email

Howie Wynia Anchors aweigh matee’s. Ahoy, all of my Navy sailor friends. Your LOH Reporter, me, is in need of borrowing 2 Navy Pea Coats to wear at a Military Convention.  If any of you have your old Pea Coats yet, laying around home, I would greatly appreciate borrowing them for Kathy and myself to wear to a Navy Themed Convention Party.  THANK YOU!  Please call: 509242-3207, or E-mail   Spring is almost here, and that also means St. Patrick’s Day, and our first Spokane parade of the year on 11 March. 

George Rotas Hello Nobles and Ladies, We have a very busy month this March. We will be attending the St. Patrick’s Day parade on Saturday,

We hope to see a lot of Shrine Parade Units proudly showing their stuff to all of Spokane. Don’t forget to call your reservations in to Adjutant Tom for our monthly LOH dinner meeting on Monday, 13 March, at 6:00pm at the Eagle’s Hall.  Commander Gene is looking forward to greeting all of our members, and any prospective new members looking for a fun group to belong to in El Katif. Remember: Daylight Savings starts on Sunday, 12 March. Spring Forward!    “It’s an honor to belong to the Legion of Honor!“

March 11th. This will be followed by the Big Horn Sports Show. We will also try to get a meeting scheduled as we have lots of information to get out to our members. Also we have been asked to sell Duck Race tickets at the Spokane Interstate Fair on Tuesday, September 12th; we will need four people for outside and four people

Herb Postlewait Nobles, New officers were sworn in at the January NSSC meeting. Oriental Guide and Liaison Roger Nelson officiated. Our new President is Scott Fiedler, Tom Upchurch is Vice President, with Tom Hart continuing as Secretary/Treasurer.

ner was enjoyed, with homemade cookies for dessert. Cookies were provided by Claudia Hart. Next month’s dessert will be provided by Athena Fiedler. We had several people missing at the dinner, so please RSVP and remember to arrive on time.It is an opportunity to share our friendship with our Shrine family. Remember, we are all on the Shrine membership committee.

A reminder that NSCC needs volunteers to sell Duck Race tickets at our date and location. A delicious meatloaf din-

Advertise our organization by wearing a Shrine hat, coat or other apparel.

for inside the building. The shifts will be from 10 am to 4 pm and 4 pm to 10 pm. Also in October there will be an auction at the Mirabeau Hotel and we will need people to help with that.

having a birthday we wish you all a ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY.” So til we see you down the road, take care.

That is about it for now. We wish all of you love birds a very “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!” Also all Nobles and their Ladies


February Stated Meeting


Gary Van Dyke Our February meeting was at the Rialto Bar and Restaurant in St. John, Washington. There were 28 Nobles and Ladies present. What a great turnout and fun evening for very poor road conditions. The food was excellent with chicken fried steak and potatoes, gravy. Next WCSC Stated meeting will be March 8th at the Hilltop Restaurant and is the official Divan Visitation. Please everyone RSVP Jeff Wood at 509 569 3413 and include others attending. President Jeff Wood introduced his Lady Christina and asked Gary Van Dyke to discuss the Basketball Program. District 7- 2B tournaments are now going on at the West Valley High School in Spo-

Herb Postlewait Nobles, In the absence of Bob Valentine, the usual reporter, I am filling in. We would once again congratulate Greeter Stu Slinger for being the “Volunteer of the Year” at the hospital. There are more than 120 volunteers at the hospital, so this is quite an honor. Peter Brewer, hospital administrator, gave us an update on events at the hospital. Some exciting

kane Valley. All programs have been given to boys and girls teams. Program sales February 7th and 9th, to general public, were quite good with $390 in total sales. Fifty dollars was held out for Bank in District 9-B1 Tournaments starting February 13th at Colfax High School. Jeff introduced our Liaison Jon Lind. Jon introduced his Lady Sue. Jon gave the regards of Potentate Tom Richardson. Jon discussed the following: -Thanked WCSC for their entertainment at the February 1st El Katif Stated meeting. The Panhandle Cowboys provided excellent entertainment. -The Jewel of El Katif is being re-introduced. This is a very nice award for thanking individuals who commit time with their Clubs/Units and time with El Katif.

Current Scheduled events are: -Spokane Golf Show 2/18 thru 2/19/2017 -Spokane Home Show 3/10 thru 3/12/2017 -Big Horn Show 3/17 thru 3/20/2017 El Katif Freedom Raffle is now in progress. Only 1500 tickets printed. Top Seller wins a .22 Henry Rifle Masonic Edition. There will be 10 prizes, 10 guns and 1 Traeger Grill, or cash equivalent to win at July 22, 2017 Shrine Event Center drawing. Call Chase at office (624 2762) for tickets to sell. Only 3 books out at one time. The Auction is back. Blue Jeans and Bling Auction will be held on October 28th, 2017. Event will be held at Mirabeau Hotel.

Duck race is looming and help will be needed.

Spring Ceremonial will be April 29th, 2017 at

news about future possibilities and some continuing remodeling of the facility. The new Mantra for the hospital system is: “Lead the Mission”. SHC system goals are to serve more children at more locations and improve our “brand” and image and sustain the mission. The Greeters are proud to help accomplish these goals.


We have lost some Greeters in the past year, and need to replace them. If you would like to see what our primary mission as Shriners is, up close and personal, please join us. There is nothing more heartwarming than to see the results of what our hospital does for chil-

Shriners Event Center. Adam Hergert, Membership Chairman, discussed membership. It is, as always, a huge task for the coming year and years. New ideas are emerging and will be utilized including more visitations to Masonic Lodges.

So join us for a great lunch at 11:30 and meeting at noon once a month at the hospital. We meet the day after the stated meeting. You can sit in even if you aren’t a Greeter.

Remember, we are all part of the Shrine membership committee. Wear something to advertise our fraternity, such as a Shrine hat, jacket or Tshirt. There are still many people who don’t know about our fraternity or our hospital.

Spread the joy!

Ask someone you know to become a Shriner 7

Introducing your 2017 Divan Roger Nelson, Oriental Guard El Katif’s Oriental Guide for 2017, Roger Nelson, is a third generation Shriner, who appeared under the big top of the circus tent as a performing magician when he was eight years old. On the personal side - he’s run 33 marathons including three times at Boston, has more hobbies than most wives would allow, including: hunting, fishing, and even has his own orchid laboratory and greenhouse. On the business side – he began a 40 year career in broadcasting at 17 and worked as an investigative reporter at KOMO and KING in Seattle for over a decade before getting into broadcast management. Nelson managed the WSU Cougar Sports and Seattle Mariner Spanish Radio Networks for 7 years, and at one time had over 70 employees directly reporting to him as he managed budgets of between 6 and 8-Million dollars. On the fraternal side - he currently serves as Chairman of the Grand Lodge Public Relations Committee, and oversees PR efforts in 18 Shrine Temples of the Pacific Northwest on the Imperial Shrine Committee for Public Relations. Ritual work is his passion, and he continues to be an integral part of El Katif’s ceremonials with the Actor’s Unit. Roy Clark, Marshal Roy Clark was born in Walla Walla, Washington and proudly served his country as a Corporal in the United States Marine Corps. Roy became a Master Mason in 2011 and has served his Blue Lodge Waitsburg Number 16 as Worshipful Master in 2014. Roy became a Shriner on November 11, 2011 and is an active member of the Blue Mountain Shrine Club having served as its President in 2015, and Roy is also a member of Scottish Rite. Roy and Melanie have been married since 1999 and are very busy with their family of 4 children and 4 grandchildren. Roy works as a Power Plant Mechanic and is very busy with his work. Roy is serving on the Divan for El Katif Shrine as its Marshal for 2017. In his spare time he likes to ride his Harley Davidson Motor cycle.

STATED MEETING! March 1, 2017 Club/Units - 5:30 | Dinner - 6:00 Stated - 7:00 Call today to RSVP for Dinner



North East Washington Official Visit



Kurt Kimberling, PP February was a confusing month when it comes to weather; One day cold with freezing rain, another snow, another a balmy 40 degree afternoon, multiple school closures, and flood watches. However, with the MoonShriners you can count on consistency! We meet, we eat, we have fun, we get stuff



and plans made.

The annual Shrine recognition night at Spangle was well attended by Moonies and our Pote Tom closed lodge in proper form. February was Chili! I mean that the family style dinner we have with our monthly meeting featured Chili. Everybody had as much as they could hold, along with all the accoutrements. The recipe was great but the fellowship was even better. Fortunately we don’t meet the day after dinner. Our meeting was held afterward where future events were discussed

The next big function we are involved in is the St Patricks’ Day Parade 11 March, our Annual MoonShriners/Divan Official visit 20 March, and then the real deal the Spring Ceremonial at the Event Center on the 29th of April. We are getting started early. Our President Jim T. has a fun filled calendar slated for us. You know what they say, “The best way to support the Shrine or your club is to participate!” Speaking of parades, hopefully this year

our ’35 mobile still will be up to the challenge of a busy parade season. Word has it there are dedicated MoonShriners who are busily working to ensure that when we hit the streets we do it with flair and banjo music. Don’t miss an opportunity to participate in the Moonie Parade experience. Stay warm and healthy until we meet again.

Publication Supporters: Tom Felton, Chaplain Billy & Judi Eberly Ill. Sir Jerry Schieche, 2000 Ill. Sir Kurt Kimberling & Lady Elaine, 2009 Ill. Sir John Robertson, 2016 Jon & Sue Lind Paul Revere Lodge, #205 Robert Deife Jack M. McCaw Jim & Reggie Heebink Ill Sir Jay and Janet Smith, 2011 Ada “G-Ma” Anderson Donna Fisher Joe & Delby Rodgers David & Leslie Swannack Trinity Ct. No. 51 Order of the Amaranth Ron Allen Howie & Kathy Wynia Doc McAllister Bill Mitchell Ill. Sir Tom & Lady Cheryl Richardson Tom Redeye Ill Sir Robert & Lady Renae Faulkner John & Gerry Wiess Jim and Michele Stewart Chris and Norma Petersen Lyn Ferguson

Ryan Leonard Greetings Nobles, The snow is melting, I’m starting to see grass, and college basketball season is winding down. I think spring is on the way! Were you able to figure what movie last month’s quote came from? “I find your lack of faith disturbing.” The answer is “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (1977).” It’s a scene in which Darth Vader (played by David Prowse with the voice supplied by James Earl Jones) uses the Force to strangle a Death Star officer after that officer questions Vader’s faith in the Force to discover the Death Star plans stolen by the Rebel Alliance. And now, this month’s movie quote.

The Actors are looking forward to putting on the first section of two Hot Sands Ceremonials in 2017, one of them taking place on Saturday, April 29 and the second taking place on either Saturday, November 11 or Saturday, November 18. We look forward to performing for several candidates so get those Petitions coming in! Finally, the Actors can always use more Nobles to add to our ranks! If you like to dress up in costume, perform on stage, or if you would like to help with stage setup and lighting, then we want to hear from you! Please contact our president, Dale Hearn, at (509) 475-7636 or by email at ppelkatif98@

“Heeeeere’s Johnny!” Hint, it’s not Ed McMahon introducing Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show. Do you think you know what movie this quote came from? The answer will be revealed in April.


Spangle Lodge Chicken Feed & Potentate’s Visit

From the Members of Spangle Lodge #131 “Thank you to all the attended!” 14


Henry V Zuger Charles R Young Robert S Monroe


John O Tonkin Tom L Cornwell Gene M Findley Kurt H Sterzelbach Ivan M Iverson Kirk D Christensen


March Birthdays Lee R McGuire


John H Jeffries


David W Seagrave


James M Bayley John M Boggs David H Chun Brian J Brumfield

David A Cochran John W Chamberlain


William R Snow

Micheal M Cox Larry D Taylor

Eugene K Fritts C Lynn Smith Kent Osborne Dale R Hearn P.P. Marc Egerton Adam P Hergert





Leonard O Woltersdorg


Ray W Harrison Stan R Webb


Michael C Provost Gary C Tellessen Steve Van Dyke Justin M Hughes


Richard J MacGillivray Donald A Priest Gene E Endslow

20th 21st

Rod Schmidt Randy L Hirst Gordon W Lederer Bruce E Vesper


Robert A Kramer Richard C Field Russell R Newell Jr. Glenn T Hodge


Richard L Lang 22nd

Kim D Berg PP Blaine W Sullivan Robert E Racicot


Jack M McCaw Dan W Gerth


Bruce Bothman


Frank M Ling Brian D Mickavicz


Doug M Baker


David L Goodwin Allen H Smith Stewart C Slinger Melvin F Neil


Guy D Fisher J. Paul Fitzsimmons Claus R Joens


Charles V Humes Gary D Roecks Wes G Suksdorf


Gregory B Jordan Paul W Tunnell Dale C Abrams


Monte Q Allen Tomas B Richardson Mark A Querio

Freedom Raffle July 22, 2017

Only 1500 Tickets Printed Top ticket Seller Wins a Henry .22 Masonic Edition Call Chase for Tickets. Only 3 books out at a time. 509-624-2762

- Voucher for Glock 17 Gen 4 or Cash, 70% MSRP - Voucher for Taurus 66 .357Mag 7rd or Cash, 70% MSRP - Voucher for Remington 870 Express or Cash, 70% MSRP - Voucher for Ruger American 30-06 or Cash, 70% MSRP - Voucher for Savage Model 10 w/ optic 22-250 or Cash, 70% MSRP

- Voucher for Springfield Armory 1911 Mil-Spec or Cash, 70% MSRP - Voucher for Ruger 10/22 or Cash, 70% MSRP - Voucher for S&W Shield 9mm or Cash, 70% MSRP - Voucher for DPMS Oracle .223 or Cash, 70% MSRP - Traeger Lil’ Tex Elite 22 or Cash, 70% MSRP 15

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Market swings making you uneasy? Let’s talk. Pete Blackwell, CFP®, AAMS®

Financial Advisor .

6319 N Maple Spokane, WA 99208 509-328-6785

Member SIPC

Would you like to see your business card featured in The Word? Please call Chase at 509-624-2762 to find out how. 16

The LOS Ladies have been busy making Valentine Cards for the Shriner’s Hospital under the direction of Jay Dee Veach. The Ladies will also be making cards again in March. Lady Peggy Wetmore, would like volunteers for the Shriner’s Hospital for the following positions: Outpatient Greeter 7:30-9:30 am on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Front desk receptionist 8 am to 3:30 pm on Tuesday, Coffee cart 8 am to 11 am Monday through Friday. Lady Peggy may be reached at 951-3407. Lady Charlotte Ingalls was elected High Priestess for 2017-2018. Her installation will be April 1, 2017 at 2 pm at the Millwood Masonic Center located at 3219 North Argonne Road, Millwood. Refreshments will follow the installation and everyone is invited to attend. The different units are busy practicing for the performance at Grand Council in May. WEAR THE WHITE FEZ. Our meetings are held on the first Tuesday at 7 pm at the Millwood Masonic Center.

Stay Dry Whi le Sho Shrine Event Center ppi ng 7217 W Westbow Blvd. Spokane, WA

El Karnak Temple No. 6, Daughters of the Nile have a very busy month in March, 2017. We will start the month off with the annual Queen’s Party on March 9, 2017. The party will be at the Eagles at 6410 North Lidgerwood Street and starts at 6 pm. Dinner will be $15.00 and RSVP to PQ Cynthia Pasteur at 509-467-5035. Our stated meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 14, 2017 at 1 pm at the Manito Masonic Temple located at 28th and Grand Boulevard. We will have a memorial service for the Daughters of the Nile members who have passed away. On Sunday, March 19, 2017 at 2 pm, we will have the installation of Florence Fitzsimmons and her core of officers for 2017-2018. The installation will be held at the Manito Masonic Temple and refreshments will follow the installation.

ng Spri ing n Clea


El Katif Shriners 7217 W. Westbow Blvd. Spokane, WA 99224


March 2017 Sunday



Wednesday 1 Stated Meeting

















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St. Patrick’s Parade 18

Pomeroy 1899 Club

Okanogan LOH


20 Moonshriners -OV





26 Divan Ladies Shabby Chic Sale








25 Divan Ladies Shabby Chic Sale

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