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of El Katif Shriners

February 2018 Volume 81 Issue 02

Petition for Initiation and Membership EL KATIF SHRINERS

7217 W. Westbow Blvd., Spokane, WA 99224 Phone (509) 624-2762 (800) 369-2762 Fax (509) 624-8333

To the Illustrious Potentate, Officers, and Nobles of El Katif Temple situation in the Oasis of Spokane, Desert of Washington, I, ______________________________________________________________________________ First Name



Last Name

hereby declare that I am a Master Mason in good standing in ________________________________ Lodge # ___________________ located at _________________________________________ which is a Lodge recognized by or in amity with the conference of Grand Masters of North America. Furthermore, I have resided at my current address for not less than 6 months as required by the Bylaws of the Imperial Council. I respectfully pray that I may be made a Noble of the Mystic Shrine, and become a member of your Temple. If I be found worthy, and my request granted, I promise to conform to the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of the Imperial Council and the Bylaws and Ceremonies of your Temple. Home Address: ________________________________________ City: ________________________________ Zip: ___________________ Home Phone: ____________________ Mobile Phone: ______________________ Birth Date: _____________________________________ Birthplace: __________________________________ Company Name and Position: _________________________________________________________________ Company Address, City, State & Zip: ____________________________________________________________ Work Phone: ___________________________ Email: ______________________________________________ Spouses Name: _____________________________________ Today’s Date: ____________________________ Candidate Signature: ________________________________________________________________________ Recommended and Vouched for on the Honor of Noble 1st Noble: _________________________________________________________________________________ Print Name


Member #

2nd Noble: ________________________________________________________________________________ Print Name

Initiation Fee . . . . . . . . . $ 50.00 Dues . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 115.00 Fez . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$ NC Total $165.00


Member #

Member #: ___________________ Hat Size: __________________ Elected: ___________________ Created: _____________________ Paid: ______________________ Date: _______________________

From the POTE

Illustrious Sir Jim Stewart

The year 2018 is off to a sad start. First the loss of our Brother John Wyman and then our Brother Tommy Rousseau!!! This is not how we thought the year would begin. The Supreme Architect of the Universe must have had a need for two wonderful Shriners. They will not be forgotten. RIP, both of you. I want to thank everyone who had a part in the Potentate Ball on January 20th. In my feeble mind, I think it was a fantastic success. The El Katif Band played marvelously. So proud to see them getting so involved. Hopefully everyone enjoyed Klink and Nobody Famous band. The music was fabulous. Now, we need to teach Ada and George how to do stairs. Hopefully everybody enjoyed the Longhorn Barbecue at the January 3rd Stated Meeting. I am trying to get more Nobles to attend and starting off with a good meal can’t hurt!!! My plan is to let everyone know in advance what the meal is and, once again, I stress RSVP!!!! I am combining the Clubs and Units meeting with the Stated Meeting so we can shorten the meeting and not repeat ourselves. Please have a representative of your Club or Unit present to give a short report. Remember at the February Stated Meeting on the 7th, Oasis starts at 2:30PM for camaraderie and games/cards before the 6PM dinner. There will be a presentation on the Alaska Cruise about 6:30PM. Come on out and get to know each other!!! On February 10, “Moss” and Rebecca Mossbarger are chairing the Valentine Party at the Red Lion Hotel River Inn. They are planning an exciting evening with games, prizes, drinks, and a great meal. There will be DIAMONDS given away to the lucky winner. See the details in the current WORD. Again, RSVP’s are so necessary. Membership will be stressed this year as usual and Scott Fiedler, Adam Hergert and myself have some unique ideas this year. We are working now on the Nobles who are behind in their dues. We will work with anyone to bring them current and involved. Meanwhile, work with your Blue Lodges and spread the word of what we do and how we help the Shrine Hospital for Children-Spokane. STEPPING UP FOR KIDS is our motto this year!! Some of the fun activities we have planned this year includes an Alaskan Cruise, a mini trip to Pendleton and the Walla Walla wine country, our Shrine Circus, many parades, Skydiving with the Pote in Ritzville, a Creedence Revelation concert, Spokane County Fair, another Freedom Raffle, another Smoker boxing match, the Duck Race, a Monster Truck Show(TBD), the fall auction---a Spooktacular Auction Party with costumes, one large Fall Ceremonial, an appreciation Blues, Brews, and BBQ for all nobility and ladies and much, much more. Once again, I am honored to be your Potentate. Thank you for your support and trust. Thank you to the Potentates aides and staff who have stepped up to help. The Divan and Ladies have a full year planned to bring Peace-Harmony-Fun to El Katif! 1

The Word Staff Mike Harper PP, Managing Editor Michelle Victoria, Editor Ada Anderson, Editing Assistant DIVAN Jim Stewart Potentate Jon Lind Chief Rabban Dave Campanella Assistant Rabban Roger Nelson High Priest & Prophet Justin Hughes Oriental Guide Mike Harper, PP Recorder Dale Hearn, PP Treasurer Gary Wood First Ceremonial Master Jeff Lane Second Ceremonial Master Von Chimienti, PP Ceremonial Director Jim Wood Marshal Eric Thompson Captain of the Guard Steve Mossbarger Outer Guard SHRINE UNIT REPORTERS Actors Ryan Leonard Animals Dick Hines Band Chuck Wetmore Chanters Ken Massender Clowns Chuck Humes Directors Staff George Rotas Greeters Bob Valentine Mobile Unit John Robertson Provost Guard Ken Massender Oriental Band Von Chimienti SHRINE CLUB REPORTERS 1899 Club Jerry Schieche Blue Mountain Doug Warnock Columbia Basin Jeff Meyer Legion of Honor Howard Wynia Moonshriners Kurt Kimberling, PP North Spokane Herb Postlewait Northeast Washington Dan Bryant Okanogan County Brad Wood Pomeroy Jim Kirkpatrick Shurtah Club Tom Felton South Spokane John Robertson Whitman County Gary Van Dyke BOARD OF DIRECTORS Jim Stewart, Chairman Jon Lind, Dave Campanella, Roger Nelson, Justin Hughes, Dale Hearn, Mike Harper PP IMPERIAL REPRESENTATIVES Jim Stewart Potentate Jon Lind Chief Rabban Dave Campanella Assistant Rabban Dale Hearn Past Potentate (Emeritus) Duke Pappenheim Colorado Representative Roger Gehrig Colorado Representative SPOKANE SHRINERS HOSPITALS for Children 911 West 5th, P.O. Box 2472 Spokane, WA 99210-2472 Phone: 455-7844


POTENTATE’S AIDES Chris Tee, Jim Heebink, Alex Kegel POTENTATE’S SPECIAL AIDES Doug Baker, Ken Massender, Billy Eberly CHAPLAIN Tom Felton PAGEANT DIRECTOR Barry Newman, Dylan Newman PUBLIC RELATIONS TBA PARADE MARSHAL Jerry Combs, Tom Redeye AMBASSADOR AT LARGE Glenn Hodge, Bruce Keyser UNIT PRESIDENTS Actors Dale Hearn, P.P. Animals Billy Eberly Band David Swannack Chanters Ken Massender Clowns George Rotas Directors Staff Tom Redeye Greeters Greg Kranich Mobile Unit Jim Heebink Provost Guard Ken Massender Oriental Band Von Chimienti, P.P. CLUB PRESIDENTS 10 Gallon Tom Rousseau 1899 Club Brice Williams Blue Mountain Gerald Taylor Columbia Basin Kevin Swartz Legion of Honor Tom Stegeman Legion of Honor Detach. Ray Schultz Moonshriners Jim Tourtillotte North Spokane Robert McVicker Northeast Washington Glenn Hodge Okanogan Gordie Cockle Pomeroy Dick Martin Shurtah Jeff Lane South Spokane Jeff Duty Whitman County Jeff Wood

THE WORD of El Katif Temple (USPS 626360) is published monthly (except July and August) for $1 per year by El Katif Temple A.A.O.N.M.S., 7217 W. Westbow Blvd. Spokane, WA 99224. Periodical postage paid at Spokane, WA. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to, “THE WORD” El Katif Temple, 7217 W. Westbow Blvd. Spokane, WA 99224. Phone: (509) 624-2762 Fax (509) 624-8333 E-mail:

The Recorder’s Ramblings... Ill Sir Mike Harper, PP

Well, what a wild start to 2018. We started out the month with the January Stated meeting. The meeting was opened by Ill Sir Tom Richardson which introduced Ill Sir Jerry Schieche, how in his normal form installed the Officers and Appointed Divan for 2018. At the conclusion of the installation Ill Sir Tom provided his heartfelt thanks to the nobility for helping him in 2017. Ill Sir Jim Stewart newly installed Potentate provided a brief rundown of his plans for 2018. Sounds like it will be a very busy year. Following the meeting Ill Sir Jim provided a nice reception. Mid month brought very sad news with the passing of two great Nobles, Tommy Rousseau and John Wyman. Both will be greatly missed. The Potes Seminar and Ball was well attended and a good time was had by all. The morning seminar was a very informative session. Reports from all the Chair’s were given outlining plans for this year. Some of the highlights from the Office is that we are trying to make the RSVP system easier by using the Constant Contact system. You can now RSVP using the constant contact. Phone RSVP’s are still being taken if you don’t use email. We hope in the near future to send out constant contact messages using text messaging. This seems to be the current preferred messaging system. We have also made some major changes in the Word. Our Word will now include meal choices and the required dress code. The dress code seems to be one of the important issues. If you are a first line signer for a new candidate, you need to inform them of upcoming events and ensure they understand what the dress code is for that event. The Potes Ball was a fantastic evening and will carry many great memories for Illustrious Sir Jim and Lady Michele. I would like to thank the many volunteers that helped out with the event. The month of February is going to come roaring in with the Waverly Crab feed on Saturday Feb. 3, the 1899 Club sponsored Super Bowl party (minus the Seahawks) on Sunday 4 Feb at the Event Center and the February Stated meeting on 7 Feb. We are shaking up the dinners by using different caterers. Now it’s time to treat your sweetheart by coming to the Valentines party, Saturday Feb 10th at the River Park Inn. Last but not least is the Pote’s official visit to Spangle lodge which includes a fine chicken dinner at a reasonable cost. This visit is worth the price of admission to the Spangle lodge. The Duck Race is off to a great start with ticket sales at the Boat Show. Nobles Ron Green and Justin Hughes are getting the schedules setup up to man the different shows. If you would like to help either contact Ron Green at 981-2907 or the Shrine Office. Please refer to the upcoming events in ads in this issue. Lastly, I would like to thank my office staff, Michelle, Matt, Ada and Ester for their hard work behind the scenes. That is all for now - Peace-Harmony-Fun!


John C. Wyman

02/14/1937 - 01/09/2018 Created a Shriner: 12/05/1967

Tommy Rousseau 11/20/1925 - 01/10/2018 Created a Shriner: 11/09/1973

We are sorry to say that Nobles sometimes pass away without our acknowledgement. As they are Brothers, they are due the recognition of their passing. Please assist in notifying the Temple when a Noble expires. Phone 509-624-2762 or email 4

El Katif Shriners Membership Leaders: Scott Fiedler Adam Hergert All Nobles

Chaplain’s Corner Tom Felton

Well, here it is February already. Where did January go? Sure was a good month though. ILL Sir Jim wanted it to be memorable, and it was. Now, i’m going to continue with my history of the Shrine. Shriner’s Burns Institutes are located in Boston, Massachusetts, Galveston, Texas, Cincinnati, Ohio and Sacramento, California. Since the 1960’s, when the Shrine made a commitment to advancing burn treatment by opening these institutes, the chance of a burned child’s survival has more than doubled. Today, Shriner’s Burn Institutes remain pioneers in burn treatment. These institutes are actively involved in the development of artificial skin and many other major advancements that will continue to revolutionize the way burn patients will be treated in the future.The Shrine reinforces its commitment to research and improvements to burn treatment each year through its affiliation with the outstanding medical schools at Harvard University the University of Cincinnati and the University of Texas Medical branch at Galveston. Shriner’s Burns Institutes are staffed and equipped to treat: * Patients with acute, fresh burns * Patents needing plastic reconstructive or restorative surgery as a result of healed burns * Patients with severe scarring, resulting in contractures or interference of proper mobility of the limbs * Patients with scarring and deformity of the face The sooner a burned child reaches a Shriners Burn Institute, the better his chances of recovery. In an emergency, reffing physicians for burned children needing immediate care should telephone the Chief of Staff at the nearest Shiner’s Burns Institute or Shriner’s Hospital and indicate that he has a patient needing emergency care. There is a little more information about burns and what to do about them. More next month. I want to wish you all belated Happy New Year and the best for 2018. God bless you all and God Bless America.

El Katif Stated Meeting

February 7 * Oasis begins @ 2:30pm @ The Shriners Event Center Sheryl Drexel will have a presentation @ 6:45pm regarding the Alaska Cruise!!

Free Dinner For Attending Nobles Born In February! RSVP’s are a MUST * $15 per person

Catered by Long Horn BBQ Pot Roast and baby mashed red potatoes with gravy, steamed carrots with honey and butter, tossed salad with assorted dressings, and assorted cookies and brownie bites for dessert!


Alaska Cruise Cruising With The Pote 2018! August 26 thru September 2, 2018 Group Block : 25 Balcony (BD) Deposit $100 per person *Due at time of booking cabin Final payment due 6/12/18 The Emerald Princess of Princess Cruises ID: TQR-VOYAGE:E826 Day 1 2 3 4 4 5 6 7 8

Arrive Depart Port 4:00pm Seattle At Sea 6:30am 3:00pm Ketchikan 5:00am Tracy Arm Fjord 5:00am 12:30pm 10:00pm Juneau 6:00am 5:00pm Skagway At Sea 7:00pm 11:59pm Victoria, BC 7:00am Seattle








$136/night $236/night




Howie Wynia Even though it’s February 2018 (I’m still going to wish you all a very Happy New Year) which is our anniversary month for Kathy and me......Our 63rd wedding anniversary, a very special celebration for us! At our last LOH monthly dinner meeting, which was led by our new Commander Tom Stegemen, we were Introduced to our new Divan Liaison (somebody we know very well), The Divan Chaplain Tom Felton, who just happens to also be our Legion Of Honor Chaplain, and Past Commander. Congratulations to LOH Member and Past Commander Ed Weber, who won a beautiful gold statue of a Shriner and Child, from Potentate Jim Stewart for being the Shriner at our last meeting that had the longest longevity --- 62 years. GOOD JOB EDDIE!! Don’t forget our Monthly LOH dinner meeting on Monday, 12 February at 5:30pm at the Eagle’s Hall. All El Katif LOH Members, and their Ladies are urged to attend and take an active part in planning our activities for the next year, and to work at recruiting new El Katif Shriners who are Military Veterans, and urge them to join us in all our fun activities. Thank you, thank you, thank you to Delby Rodgers, widow of LOH past commander Joe Rodgers, who showed up at our last LOH Meeting, with a car load of Joe’s LOH uniform items, Masonic and Shrine Shirts, and hats......and an unbelievable collection for anyone who wanted any of the items that fit them. Thank you, Delby, that was a generous offer. I’m sure it made generous Joe very happy also. We are FREEMASONS - Members of the World’s Greatest Fraternity. We are SHRINERS - Supporters of the World’s Greatest Philanthropy, the Shriners Hospitals for Children. We are VETERANS - Proud of our Military Service and Proud to continue Serving as Citizens. We are SERVICEMEN in SERVICE to the SHRINE!!!


If you had a great time at the last El Katif Shrine Smoker, just wait until you see the event on March 3rd! Having a bit more lead time, this event is set to have at least 20 bouts.  This is a USA Boxing sanctioned event starring 2 top ranked potential Olympians.  Cam Awesome will continue his quest to make the upcoming Olympic team as young Abbi Reck is set to wow the Nobility yet again.  Best of all, Nobles get in free.  Just bring your membership card to prove nobility.  Guests are only $15 a ticket.  There will be a charge to nobles for future events so please take advantage of this opportunity to see some top ranked amateur boxing.  Scheduling is still in flux but bouts are expected to start at 5pm.  The bar will be open and food and drink will be available for purchase.


Spangle Lodge Visit & Famous Chicken Dinner! February 21, 2018 ~Masons Only~ Dinner is $10 Spangle Fire Station at 6pm Lodge opens at 7pm

Come and romance your lovely lady at the South Spokane Shrine Club’s Valentines Day Celebration on February 15th (the 3rd Thursday of the month)! Please RSVP for dinner and entertainment will be provided by the Hillyard Belles.  The evening starts at 6pm, at the Spokane Valley VFW Hall (212 S David St).  Contact Jeff Duty for your RSVP (509) 536-9132.  Dinner will be served, contact Jeff for pricing.

Did You Know? R.S.V.P. stands for a French phrase, "répondez, s'il vous plaît," which means "please reply." The person sending the invitation would like you to tell him or her whether you accept or decline the invitation. That is, will you be coming to the event or not? 9

Ryan Leonard Greeting Nobles, I hope 2018 is off to a great start for you! On behalf of the Actors Unit, I want to congratulate our newly elected Divan! We are looking forward to a great year ahead for El Katif! Were you able to figure out who January’s famous Actor is? Some of his most notable film credits include The Grapes of Wrath (1936), My Darling Clementine (1946), Mr. Roberts (1955), and Twelve Angry Men (1957). His last film appearance was in On Golden Pond (1981), for which he won an Academy Award. He passed away on August 12, 1982 at the age of 77. The answer is………Henry Fonda. And now, February’s famous actor. He’s an American icon, best known for films such as Stagecoach (1939), Rio Grande (1950). The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962), McLintock (1963), The Sons of Katie Elder (1965), and The Green Berets (1968). He was a member of Marion McDaniel Lodge #56 in Arizona as well as being a Shriner. He entered the celestial Lodge on June 11, 1979 at the age of 72. Do you think you know who this actor is? The answer will be revealed in March. As always, the Actors are always looking to add to our ranks! If you enjoy performing on stage, dressing up in costume, or would like to help with stage setup, then we want to hear from you! Please contact our president, Illustrious Sir Dale Hearn, at (509) 475-7636 or by email ppelkatif98@

Dick Hines Greetings from the Furry Unit - Hope everyone had a great start to their New Year! December was elections for the Animal Unit and made some changes this year. Bill Eberly is the new Ringmaster as well as the Treasurer; Vice President, Mel Neil; Secretary, Scott Fiedler; and The Word Reporter is Dick Hines. Congrats to all new Officers. Since February is an off month, with not much to do, it is a great time for Billy to get all the costumes ready for the upcoming circus. We need ALL COSTUMES RETURNED as soon as possible, (NO EXCEPTIONS). It would be really helpful if you all could wash them before returning them so as to make less work for Billy and Judi. Simply wash them in cold water with Woolite on gentle cycle. Then hang them on a hangar to dry (no dryer please), and DO NOT wash the heads. December and first part of January were not a good for some of the Animals as Dave Campanella was in the hospital, Brenda Campanella broke her wrist, and sadly Tommy Rousseau passed. Dick Hines fell and pulled chest muscles, Billy Eberly hurt his back, and Billy, Dave, and Dick all had to say goodbye to their fur babies. So lets keep them in our prayers. Hope the rest of the year is much better. The next official event is St Patty’s Day parade followed by the circus in April! This is all for this month so Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to all and remember to keep smiling. 10

Bob Valentine Greetings Nobles – Here we are already beginning the 2nd month of 2018. Time flies when you are busy AND having FUN. That’s exactly what Ill. Sir Jim Stewart and Lady Michele are promising for the year ahead with our elected and appointed Divan along with his Aides and Staff, ready to keep us busy and having lots of FUN. The Greeters Unit will be there to offer our assistance & support all along the way. Our January meeting was well attended by 19 of our members AND the new Liaison for the Greeters, High Priest & Prophet Roger Nelson, who indicates he is ready to join our Unit as a member very soon. We are always glad to have new members, so Join US please! New Greeters President Greg Kranich informed us of some things to keep in mind in the New Year as we continue to fulfill our duties every day at the Spokane Shriners Hospital meeting & greeting our patients & their families as well as our first time Visitors to the every week-day Fracture Clinic who also then become patients of our hospital system. It’s so important that we greet and recognize all those who visit us as patients to make them feel comfortable & glad they came for treatment. Peter Brewer, our Hospital Administrator, filled us in on some of the statistics for 2017, which was another outstanding year for Shriners Hospital for Children – Spokane. Here are some highlights:

• • • •

New Patients Total Surgeries Avg. Outpatient visits Total Fracture Clinic visits

17.6 % Increase over 2016 (4,090 in 2017) 879 --- (79 % of surgeries are Outpatient) 984 / month --- 13 % Increase over 2016 1,597 --- 22 % Increase over 2016

He also mentioned that our Donor Development group has raised enough funds to cover the cost of the new X-Ray equipment to replace the original equipment in Suite # 1 of Radiology Dept. of the hospital. All we need now is approval from HQ to spend the money. He will have more news for us after attending meetings in Tampa late January. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY TO ALL CALLING ALL NOBLES --- BECOME a Greeter. If you want to be more active at the Spokane Hospital greeting our patients and their parents and providing Tours, we need YOU ! Just one week-day per month is all we need of your time from 7:30 to 2:00 PM – It is very rewarding to experience volunteering & interacting with the Kids We Help at the Hospital. Contact any of us to learn more or attend a Greeter’s meeting. *** See you at the next Stated Meeting & remember the Greeters Unit meeting is always the following Thursday @ Noon in the 5th floor auditorium of the Hospital. Get involved with US. Remember to visit for a comprehensive look at all the wonderful information about our great Spokane Hospital – there’s a wealth of information there to bring you the latest on what is happening!

Have you seen the great pics from the 2018 Pote’s Ball yet? Check them out at: 11

Introducing your 2018 Divan Illustrious Sir Jim Stewart, Potentate James D. Stewart of Colville, Washington is currently serving as Potentate. He was raised a Master Mason in Kettle Falls Lodge #130 on Sept. 20, 1995. He received his 32 second degree in Scottish Rite on May 22, 1998. Jim became a Shriner at the Hot Sands in Kennewick, WA on June 19, 1999. He was Worshipful Master of Kettle Falls Lodge in 2001. Jim served as president of the Northeast Washington Shrine Club in 2003 and 2007. Jim has been chairman for four “Blue Jean & Bling Auctions,” two for an El Katif fund raiser, and two times for the Spokane Shrine Hospital for Children. Jim was appointed to the Spokane Shrine Hospital Board of Governors in 2008 serving for 9 years and is now an Emeritus member after serving three years as Chairman of the Board. Jim was born in Denver, Colorado and moved to Texas soon thereafter. He graduated from the University of Houston with a pharmacy degree in 1969. He moved to Washington in 1994. Professionally, Jim still does relief pharmacy work in the areas around Colville. Jim and his wife, Michele, have been married for 20 years. They have a blended family of two sons and two daughters, one grandson, Alex (a Shriner) and one granddaughter. They enjoy spending time with family and friends at their lake house on Lake Thomas.

Jon Lind, Chief Rabban Jon Lind of Nine Mile Falls is serving his eighth year on the El Katif Divan, recently serving twelve years on the Spokane Shriner’s Hospital Board of Governors and now Board Member- Emeritus. Jon served as Board Secretary for five years; earlier chaired the Strategic Planning and Performance Improvement committees. Masonically, Lind was raised in Chewelah Lodge in 2003; joined El Katif 2003; achieving 32nd degree Scottish Rite Mason 2004; joined Pine Tree chapter of OES; Spokane Court 65 Jesters; Spokane Chapter #2, Royal Arch Masons; Spokane Council#4, Royal and Select Masters; and Cataract Commandery#3, Knights Templar of Washington, 2016. Lind was born in Chewelah, lived and worked on his grandparent’s dairy farms in Stevens County, graduated Newport HS, studied engineering at the University of Idaho, and management technology at Lewis-Clark State College. Following college at Idaho, Lind was employed by GTE, predecessor to Verizon, primarily as a Network Engineer and manager in various related positions, for nearly 30 years. After retiring from GTE, he worked at several engineering firms as a contract engineer and later as Chewelah City Administrator. In 1996, Lind was accepted into the U of I Kootenai County Extension Master Gardener program, currently in the same program with WSU/Stevens County Extension. Lind performs in various capacities in wife Sue’s Organizational Development firm, specializing in teambuilding, serving clients in the northwest. Lind has been active in local civic service organizations in every community he has resided and was elected to City Council positions in both Sandpoint, Idaho and Chewelah. He holds Life membership in the NRA and Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and Past Master in his consolidated Boyer Mountain Lodge 134. Lind is married to his sweetie Sue and share three sons, a daughter, and an adopted grandson Tyler. Tyler was adopted in Spokane in 2014 and is a junior at Lakeside HS. For balance, Lind enjoys fly fishing, rock hounding, shooting sports, jeeping, stargazing, gardening, entertaining, local history, reading non-fiction, Washington State Civil War Re-enacting, and family activities.


Dave Campanella, Assistant Rabban Dave Campanella, the Assistant Rabban of El Katif Shriners for 2018. Sometimes needs to be reminded to introduce his Lady by ‘her’ name and not the name of another Divan Lady. Brother Nobles this will get you in hot water every time, just ask him. Oh yeah! his Lady’s name is Brenda.

So here’s his story.... After several months of hanging out with the Northeast Washington Shrine Club, Dave and Lady Brenda realized they really liked this group of Nobles, their Ladies and what they stood for. He knew then he wanted to be a Shriner.

But first! He was raised in April of 2008 as a Master Mason. In November of 2008, He went through the Fall Ceremonial and several days later was in an Animal Costume visiting the Spokane Shriners Hospital for Children on Thanksgiving Day, an annual tradition with the Animal Unit. It was at this visit he knew he made the right decision to follow his heart and answer the call.

In 2010 he was elected President of the Northeast Washington Shrine Club. Shortly after that, then Chief Rabban Jay Smith and his Lady Janet ‘cornered’ him at the Masonic Temple and asked if he would like to be a member of the Divan. He said “yes”, because it was getting late and he wanted to go home. Seriously, it took him about a second to say “yes!” He felt honored and humbled to be asked and found another way to be involved and give back to El Katif Shriners, the Shriners Hospital for Children-Spokane and Shriners International.

He is also a 32nd degree Scottish Rite Mason with the Valley of Spokane. His Lady Brenda is Past Worthy Matron of Bethlehem Chapter #87, and he stood by her as Worthy Patron. He went on to be the Master of Boyer Mountain Lodge #134 in 2012 and was lodge secretary in 2015.

Dave owns and operates his own home inspection business, is also an active member of the Deer Park Chamber of Commerce and volunteers for the Deer Park Ambulance as a volunteer EMT.

Roger Nelson, High Priest & Prophet El Katif’s High Priest & Prophet for 2018, Roger Nelson, is a third generation Shriner, who appeared under the big top of the circus tent as a performing magician when he was eight years old. On the personal side - he’s run 33 marathons including three times at Boston, has more hobbies than most wives would allow, including: hunting, fishing, and even has his own orchid laboratory and greenhouse. On the business side – he began a 40 year career in broadcasting at 17 and worked as an investigative reporter at KOMO and KING in Seattle for over a decade before getting into broadcast management. Nelson managed the WSU Cougar Sports and Seattle Mariner Spanish Radio Networks for 7 years, and at one time had over 70 employees directly reporting to him as he managed budgets of between 6 and 8-Million dollars. On the fraternal side - he currently serves as Chairman of the Grand Lodge Public Relations Committee, and oversees PR efforts in 18 Shrine Temples of the Pacific Northwest on the Imperial Shrine Committee for Public Relations. Ritual work is his passion, and he continues to be an integral part of El Katif’s ceremonials with the Actor’s Unit.


Ill. Sir Mike Harper, PP, Recorder I was born in Spokane in 1951. I graduated from Ferris HS in the late 60’s. I was active in all sports thru my school days and beyond. I joined the Air National Guard in 1969 and started my career as a Boom Operator in the KC-135 air refueling tanker logging over 5,000 hours. My travels with the Guard were worldwide. In 1990 I was activated to go to Desert Storm and served 3 tours. I retired from the Guard/Active duty after 27 years. During my years in the Guard, I was in the construction industry working in many of the trades including electrical, general construction, heating and air conditioning and automated temperature control systems. I finished my long government career (49 years) as a project manager at Fairchild AFB WA. My Masonic journey started in 1986 when I joined Concordia Masonic Lodge. I then continued my journey with Scottish Rite and then became a Shriner in 1987. I joined the Moonshriner's and have been a life member ever since then. In 1994 I was asked by Ill Sir Bill Honeycutt if I would join the Divan as Outer Guard. Nine short years later I was Potentate (2002). Since then I have been very active and had served and helped on many committees and events. I served 4 years on the Masonic Temple Board of Trustees and eventually became president. I also Served 3 years on the Multiple Sclerosis Board of Trustees. I have been on the Shrine Hospital Board of Governors for 4 years. I met my beautiful wife in 1972 and got married in 1973. We have two daughters and 5 grand kids. My hobbies include golf, construction and hanging out at the lake.

Justin Hughes, Oriental Guide I was born March 28,1972 in Nyack NY. I grew up in Oroville, WA. I graduated high school in 1991 and went directly into the United States Marine Corps. I spent four years active duty Marine Corps with 3rd AABN (amphibious assault battalion) and served in combat during operation restore hope in Mogadishu Somalia. After active duty I joined the USMCR and served for five years with Alpha Battery 1/14 of Spokane, WA. While attending college at SFCC in 1996 I met my lovely wife of 18 years, Shannon Hughes. I started working for the US Fish and Wildlife service in 1998 at Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge where I’m currently still employed as a fire captain. Shannon and I were married in 1999 and had twins Ethan and Erik in 2001. We moved from Cheney to St. John, WA, in 2003 to my wife’s family ranch on Rock Lake. In October 2011, in Spangle Lodge #131, I was raised a Master Mason by VW Brother Uncle Tom Simpson, and in November 2011 I became a Shriner with the help of Illustrious Sir Jay Smith. I’m currently the Jr. Warden in Spangle lodge and the Sr. Deacon in Malden Lodge #188. I’m a member of the Animal Unit, Directors Staff, El Katif Sportsman’s Club, and served as the president of the 1899 Club in 2016. From 2013-2015 I served as El Katif Shrine membership chairman. I try to stay active and engaged in my many Masonic obligations and most of all in the mission of Shriners International to help kids. I believe no child should be made to suffer and no man stands so tall as one who stoops to help that child.

Look for the final Four Members in the March 2018 issue of The Word! 14

Gary Wood, First Ceremonial Master Gary Wood was raised in St. John WA. Light for the past 29 years.

And has worked as a Lineman for Inland Power &

Gary became a member of the Waverly Lodge followed by becoming a member of the El Katif Shrine in 1996. He was an active member of the Palomino Patrol that later became the Mounted Patrol. Gary has hung up his chaps and spurs for a life on Clear Lake near Medical Lake. He currently hosts the annual Waverly Lodge fishing derby. He enjoys his day with his wife Shelly of 26 years and family; Suni, Sami, Jacob, Cassie & Dylan and especially his little lab, Abby. He looks forward to spending time with the Divan and serving the Nobility.

Jeff Lane, Second Ceremonial Master Jeff Lane of Ritzville, Washington is in his 6th year as a Shriner. He is currently serving as the Second Ceremonial Master, and was appointed to the Divan in 2016. Jeff #205 32nd bers

began his Masonic journey in 2011 and was raised a Master Mason at Paul Revere Lodge in Othello, Washington in 2012. He served as Master of the Lodge in 2016. He is a degree Scottish Rite Mason in the Wenatchee Valley and is one of the founding memof the newly organized Mosaic Scottish Rite club.

Jeff is active in both the Shurtah club, where he currently serves as High Shire Reeve, and the Columbia Basin Shrine Club. Jeff is extremely proud to be a third generation Mason and Shriner. His father, Donald Lane, served as Potentate of Nile Temple in 2016 and his grandfather, Gene Lane, is currently the Commander of the El Katif Legion of Honor club. Jeff is a Patrol Deputy with the Adams County Sheriffs Office. have three children, Morgan, 18, Dakota, 15, and Mackenzie, 8.

He and his wife, Brandy,

Jim Wood, Marshal Born in San Francisco, I spent my childhood in Napa, CA. After high school, I attended Linfield College and graduated from Oregon State University. I am a Vietnam Veteran and retired from the US Navy (military) and from the US Army Corps of Engineers (civilian) where I was a Civil Engineer. My wife, Linda and I have two daughters. sons, Scottish Rite, and Elks.

In addition to Shriners, I belong to the Ma-

To Be Continued next month with Dale Hearn, Eric Thompson, Von Chimienti, and Tom Felton!


The Jewel of El Katif is back!

How to Earn Your Jewel of El Katif:

*50pts for each $1,000 (cash) donation to any El Katif approved fraternal fund raising project *50pts for each $1,000 (cash) donation to the Patient Transportation Fund or the Shrine Hospital. *5pts for any approved working activity such as: office work, general work parties, Provost Guard, Directors Staff, Greeters, Stuffing Committee, Food Booth, Duck Race, Raffles, etc. *5pts for attending club or unit meetings. *10pts to C/U memebers participating in Community parades, performances, hospital visits, fundraising projects (unless being paid). All such activities must be prior approved by the Potentate before points will be awarded. *25pts for Masonic or Shrine Parades. *10pts for membership in the $100,000,000 Club. *10pts for being a Permanent Contributing Member. *50pts for being a 1st Line Signer of a Blue Lodge Petition. *50pts for being a 1st Line Signer on a Scottish or York Rite Petition. *50pts for being a 1st Line Signer of an El Katif Shrine Petition. *100pts for being the 1st Line Signer on all three Petitions of the same candidate in the same year. *100pts for signing a restoration petition. *35pts for 1st Line Signer of an El Katif Associate Membership Petition. *35pts for 1st Line Signer of an El Katif Affliliation Petition. * Clubs & Units are required to submit monthly reports to the Shrine Office. (it is YOUR responsibility to do this). Program starts January 1, 2018

The Board of Governors of the Shriners Hospital for Children- Spokane wishes to inform you that there is an opportunity for El Katif to submit applications for openings on the Spokane Shriners Hospital Board of Governors for 2019. Each nominee for membership on the Board must be a Noble in good standing in the Shrine and possess a high level of business and professional experience and a reputation for community leadership. Board members serve a term of three years. The nominee is expected to serve more than one term and possibly three terms (9 years). The Board meets monthly in Spokane and the member selected is expected to attend every meeting and he serves without compensation and remuneration. Any Noble that is interested must contact the El Katif office for a copy of the By-laws and application form, and applications must be returned to the El Katif Office no later than April 23. The Divan will review the applications and forward their recommendation to the Spokane Shriners Hospital by May 1, 2018. Then the Spokane Shrine Hospital Nomination Committee in turn will select candidates to be brought in for an interview. The Nominating Committee will then make their recommendations to the Spokane Shrine Hospital Board of Governors, and then the Board of Governors will make their recommendations to the Shriners International Board for approval.


If you are interested in applying for this opening or have questions regarding the process, requirements or other matters, please contact the El Katif Recorder or any current Board member.

Doug Warnock The number of Walla Walla Valley children treated at the Shriners Hospital for Children in Spokane increased from 30 in 2016 to 45 in 2017, according to Kristin Monasmith, Marketing and Communications Director for the Spokane hospital. That’s a 50% increase! Monasmith was guest speaker at the Blue Mountain Shrine Club’s meeting on January 12 and brought the club up to date on Shriners Hospital programs and progress. Nobles and Ladies learned that (1) the average monthly number of new patients was up 15% to 335; (2) the average monthly number of outpatient clinic visits was up 11%; (3) the average monthly number of spine surgeries was up to 6; (4) fracture clinic visits were up over 25%; and (5) 90% of every dollar donated to the hospital goes toward patient care. Monasmith explained how the Spokane Hospital is a leader in both pediatric sports medicine and in pediatric spine care. She showed pictures of MAGEC rods, which have simplified and improved the care of children with scoliosis who benefit from metal rods to support their spines. The MAGEC rods can be lengthened as needed to keep up with the natural growth of the child’s spine. This is accomplished by a device on the rod that is manipulated from outside the child’s body with a magnet. Prior to the development of this technology, the patient had periodic surgery to remove the current rods and replace them with longer rods. The Spokane Hospital treats young people up to 18 years of age. Care and service is provided regardless of the family’s ability to pay. Monasmith assured the Blue Mt. Club that she was available to answer questions and to provide information about the hospital as needed. Noble Doug Warnock reported on the Basketball Tournament Program advertisement sales campaign that has just been completed. Blue Mt. Shrine Club teams with the Whitman Shrine Club and the Pomeroy Shrine Club to conduct this activity. The basketball tournament is held in mid February at several locations in Eastern Washington and the program is printed in late January. Blue Mt.’s liaison, Roger Nelson and Lady Martha, were ill and not able to attend our January meeting, but Noble Jim Wood and Lady Linda filled in for them. Noble Jim is on the Divan this year. He reviewed El Katif’s busy schedule for the coming spring and summer. Nobles and Ladies were encouraged to attend the Potentate’s Seminar and Ball on January 20 at the Davenport Hotel in Spokane.


Kurt Kimberling, PP February brings us Valentine’s Day (hint-hint), your sweetie deserves a night out – details are listed elsewhere in this issue of The Word. Make sure that you make reservations with the office. We were well represented at the annual Potes Seminar where we found out the marching orders for this year, and we also had good representation at the Annual Potes Ball. Two of our members were recognized as being exceptionally motivated and receiving the distinction of Co-Shriners of the Year. It is not often where a father and son are selected as Shriners of the Year; in fact, I can’t ever remember this ever happening before! Barry and Dylan sure did us proud. They are great examples of individuals who really exhibit the attributes of highly determined Nobles who participate and live the life of a Shriner. The night of the Potes Ball Barry did the introductions of Dignitaries from his wheelchair. He had the lower portion of his leg amputated a few days before and despite trying to recover and recuperate he was at the door with a smile taking care of business! Barry isn’t the only one of our members who have had some medical issues. Ill Sir Buck probably won’t be called up as a kicker in the Super Bowl this year either. Buck has been having difficulty with foot/knee infections for the past few months. He is back in the game and on the mend as well. Our fearless leader, Jim T., has a full year of activities planned. Please take note and stand by for some good natured fun. Some of the ideas were; Brews cruise, continuation of our Hospital parties for the kids, a Walla Walla trip, a circle the wagons camping trip, a river float trip, and maybe if the weather cooperates a Christmas Lights tour. Please keep in mind that your level of interest and participation will drive our activities. Finally, it’s time to welcome and lend our support to our newly elected officers for the New Year; Jim T. as President, Randy as VP, Chris as Secretary, and Steve as Treasurer. Remember to RSVP for the Valentines Party and before you know it St. Patties day parade will be right on top of us. Keep in mind that Spring starts on the 20th of March!

John Robertson, PP February is upon us and the New Year is off and running. We had our Pote’s Seminar and Ball earlier in January with a clear direction of being involved from Ill. Sir Jim and his Divan. Our first opportunity is to help sell Duck Race tickets at the Boat Show and a few other events before the parade season get underway. These are great opportunities to invite a friend or neighbor to come join you selling tickets. No need to push joining as what they hear from those that buy the tickets will do the job for us. Just be ready to answer the question when they ask- “How do I BECOME A Shrine Mason?” The first on the list for Parades will be the St Patrick’s Day parade and if you are interested in helping get the Red Caddie and Fez out then give John Robertson a call. We will plan for a clean up party before March 10th. There are lots of opportunities to be involved, try something new, enjoy the comradery while riding in a Classic Red Caddie and hear from the folks along the Parade route saying “Thank you for what you do!”, “We Love the Shriners!”. Remember, Your return on investment of being a Shrine/Mason is what YOU are willing to invest. Contact any of the Club Officers or Divan members for other opportunities to help. If you have family and friends that would like to volunteer then help us build a volunteer call list so when we need extra hands we have a platform to work from. “May all of your Fantasies come True!” A quote from Tommy Rousseau “Keep the Rattles coming!” A quote from Bud Ziegler (Long time Mobileer) 18

John Robertson, PP February is in the air and Spring is around the corner. Cupid is taking aim and leaving his mark so make sure YOU take care of your better half so she will allow you to continue to participate in Club events, parades and selling Duck Race tickets or even volunteering at the Spring Screening Clinics. Keep her involved as well as our Ladies are our best recruiters. There is an abundance of opportunities to be involved, get involved and stay involved as a Shrine/Mason supporting OUR Fraternity and Philanthropy. We will be ready for the St Patrick’s Day parade and participating in selling Duck Race Tickets as we start of 2018 supporting our Illustrious Sir Jim, Lady Michele and the Divan. We have our annual Valentines Dinner planned for February 15th so make plans in case you can treat your Lady prior to Valentines. It is with a heavy heart that I inform you of our loss of a great Noble and a man who always looked for the best in each of us as he captured the history of El Katif for almost a half century. It is time for us to all step up and do more than we have in the past so we can leave a Legacy for those that shall follow us. “Pride of Ownership” is something Tommy Rousseau would always try to remind us of as he would take our pictures capturing the moments of laughter and happiness. Where would we be if each of us was to take a moment, reflect upon what Tommy (as well as all of the other great Nobles and Masons that have come before us) represented and if WE were to emulate a quarter of what they felt and participated in? “Pride of Ownership” should be in our every thought, action and event we participate in. If you see something that needs to be worked on please jump in and help. We all meet on the Level so if you have an idea that might make things easier, more fun or event better then please bring it to the attention of a Club officer, Divan member or even a past Potentate. Include the Potentate on your ideas as we are all in this together and we need to work together in building our Fraternity in order to support our Philanthropy. “As long as I live, I will always look up to you.” Tommy Rousseau

The first Duck Race ticket sold in 2018 was sold to this lovely family at the Spokane Boat show over the weekend! Get ready to share this fun event with your family and friends too! It’s always a quacking good time!


Gary Van Dyke

Meeting was held at the Sol Vallarta Restaurant in Colfax, Washington. Food selection was from the menu. Hospitality was great, as was delicious food selection. There were 28 Nobles and their Ladies present. President Jeff Wood introduced his Lady Chris and thanked everyone for coming. Jeff reiterated the RSVP’s need to improve. Endicott will be location for our February, 2018 meeting. Jeff, introduced Hollis Jamison as WCSC Shriner of the Year. Hollis thanked everyone and stated he and his Lady Helen have been very active in the Shrine, Mason’s and Eastern Star. The people of Masonry, of which our family has been involved for generation, is what makes our involvement so special. Jeff introduced our Liaison for 2018 First Ceremonial Master Gary Wood. Gary discussed the following: • Potentate Ball January 20th, 2018 at the Historic Davenport Hotel. Festivities will begin at 5:30 PM in the Pennington Ball Room. Seminar will start in the morning at 9:30 AM (breakfast at 8:30 AM) for all Club and Unit Presidents and officers in the Pennington Ball Room. • Waverly Crab Feed February 3rd,2018 ($30 per person) starting at 5:00pm, Super Bowl Party February 4th, 2018 at Event Center, Valentines Party February 10th, 2018 at Red Lion at the Park 3:00pm to 8:00 pm. • Shrine Ladies Super Indoor Sidewalk Sale & Vendors is Saturday March 24th, 2018 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm at the Shrine Event Center. Admission is $2.00. For vendor information call 509 370 4944. Good for spring cleanup. All proceeds go to benefit El Katif Shrine Temple. Set -up Friday March 23 from 5pm to 9pm. Posters are available at Shrine Office. Gary Van Dyke reported on the Basketball Program as follows: • Gary thanked all Nobles who helped with bringing in Business Ads. January 12th, 2018 is the cutoff date for all ads. Also, cut-off for District 9-1B and District 7-2B Athletic Directors to submit boy’s and girl’s pictures along with Rosters. Immediate cut-off is necessary to start printing the Program books. • District 9-1B Tournaments will be held at Walla Walla Community College on February 12th, 16th and 17th. District 7-2B Tournaments will be held At West Valley High School in Spokane, Washington on February 6th,8th,10th,13th,15th and 17th. In closing President Jeff stated the Annual 2018 Meeting and Divan Visitation will be at Schmuck Park in Colfax, Washington on June 13th, 2018. The meeting will not be at the Hilltop Restaurant in Pullman, Washington, as in the past.


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Ada Anderson Welcome to the month of February 2018 and Valentine’s Day! Happy Valentine’s Day to all the Ladies of the Household and your Families. True Friends are by your side through it all. True Friends are there to catch you when you fall. True Friends give your life a happy lift. True Friends are a most precious gift. True Friends will care about you forever. True Friends want to be with you on every endeavor. True Friends can make you laugh and cry. True Friends can be girls or guys.

This is what you will find in El Karnak Temple No. 6, Daughters of the Nile. We are there for each other at every turn of life. At our February 13, 2018 meeting we will honor our 50 year members. So come out and greet these Ladies that have given so much to our Temple. On Tuesday,March 13, 2018 at 11:30 am we will have the Queens Party for PQ Florence Fitzsimmons. Call PR Monique Hill for RSVP and cost, 509-238-4232. We will also have our annual Memorial written by PR Chaplain Ada Anderson, for the members that we have lost. Election of Officers for 2018-2019 will also be held. Installation is scheduled for April 7, 2018. Come and see all the fellowship and friendship at El Karnak Temple No. 6.


Gary Wood & Lady Shelly

Justin Hughes & Lady Shannon

Illustrious Sir Jim Stewart & Lady Michele

2018 El Katif Divan


Ill Sir Mike Harper & Lady Linda

Eric Thompson & Lady Enga

Steve Mossbarger & Lady Rebecca

Tom Felton & Lady Marie

Jim Wood & Lady Linda

Dave Campanella & Lady Brenda

Ill Sir Dale Hearn & Lady Paula

Jeff Lane & Lady Brandi

Jon Lind & Lady Sue

Ill Sir Von Chimienti & Lady Debra

Roger Nelson & Lady Martha

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