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Word of El Katif Shriners

February 2019 | Volume 82 Issue 2

Be part of the scene in 2019 with

Illustrious Sir Jon Lind and Lady Sue!

Inside: Spangle Chicken Feed • Shrine Hockey Night • and More!

super bowl sunday

super Potluck! February 3, 2019 • Shrine Event Center Doors open at 2:00 • Kickoff at 3:30

BYOB & BYOD[ish] • Everyone welcome — come join the fun!

Spangle Lodge Chicken Dinner! Feb 20 • $10 Masons Only Spangle Fire Station at 6pm Lodge opens at 7pm

join us!

Note from the Pote Illustrious Sir Jon Lind

Symbols of Growth, Life, and FUN!


ow, I can’t believe how quickly our time on the Divan has gone; great fun and great friends! If this year goes as quickly, I’ll probably write my final note to you in a few days. I feel like I know most of you, and maybe you know me, but let me share a bit more about myself. My professional life was in telecommunications, holding positions in engineering, management, teaching, teambuilding and organization consulting. My hobbies, however, are spending time outside camping, fishing, hunting, gardening, stargazing and spending time with our families. After college, I was very fortunate to attend both the U of I and WSU to earn the title of Master Gardener, specializing in problem solving, landscaping, gardening and tree health. This Master Gardening science passion led to the design of my pin. The pin we designed for 2019 is symbolic of the tree of life. Fly with me for a closer look… The pin is an eternal circle: never ending, no up, down, top, or bottom. The circle of life. All That Is! Notice the roots holding the symbol of Masonry; our roots, our origin, our foundation. The trunk maintains our purpose, our support. Here we have symbols for the Shrine and Shriner’s Hospital for Children. It provides our strength, stability and the path for conducting

energy and sustenance. Divan members are an integral part of the trunk, primarily supporting El Katif and Shrine Nobles, ensuring effective information flow to and from the Nobility, El Katif, our Hospital and the community.

Symbolic of the tree of life, this year’s pin is an eternal circle: never ending, no up, down, top, or bottom. The circle of life. All That Is!

The branches signify the clubs and units. They are the canopy of the tree; the encompassing breadth of the tree. Clubs and units are critical—without them the Shrine is merely a non-living stump. Now, a closer look at the leaves, symbolic of the individuals who provide the energy to El Katif. Each color signifies our individual diversity: race, age, skin color, religion, and including Nobles, friends, spouses and children. Our biological sciences taught us leaves are factories that provide energy through the miracle of photosynthesis, combining energy from the sun, with carbon dioxide, and nutrients to produce sugar for the tree, metaphorically providing life to the limbs, trunk and roots. Our volunteer ‘leaves’ provide the same energy. The purpose of El Katif is to have fun, and to support kids and the Shrine Hospital. We are a fraternity, a family of Masons and Shriners, club and unit members, our own families and appendant organizations. Visualize these things when you see the pin: The Circle of Life, The Tree of Life, the importance of our foundation and our leaf-volunteers. We must take very good care of our volunteers! We are going to spend as much time as needed to accomplish our Membership goals, and each meeting we will discuss our progress. I welcome your ideas and hope you will share in the process. elkatif.org • February 2019 • 1

In Memoriam February 2, 2019 The following Nobles were summoned to mount the Black Camel and cross that sublime desert since our last publication:

5:00–7:30pm at the Waverly Lodge Hall

Bernard E. Cochran


Sept 20, 1927 – Jan 7, 2019

12 & under $15

Created a Shriner: June 10, 1955

W.E. “Bill” Frandsen, PP May 14, 1934 – Jan 15, 2019 Created a Shriner: May 26, 1967

Harold E. Tucker, PGM Aug 21, 1925 – Jan 20, 2019 Created a Shriner: Nov 17, 1978

Donald Mangis July 23, 1962 – Jan 20, 2019 Created a Shriner: May 3, 1991

We regret when Nobles pass away without proper acknowledgement here. As Brothers, they are worthy of our recognition. Please assist in notifying the Temple when you learn of a Noble’s passing by contacting us: (509) 624-2762 OfficeAdmin@elkatif.org 2 • February 2019 • elkatif.org

El Katif Shrine Eastern Washington Temple for The Shriners International

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The Recorder’s Ramblings Illustrious Sir Mike Harper PP

New Pote, new Word, new Website, new Members!


ard to believe that January is probably noticed, there is a change to already over! It has been an The Word. We are trying to streamextremely busy month for all. line it to get the information out and We started out the month with the trim costs. One of the issues we have Stated Meeting and installation of the always had is to get Club and Unit new Divan. articles in on time. The deadline for Congratulations to Ill Sir Jon articles is the 15th of each month. As Lind, Potentate, and his lady, Sue, for I experienced this month, there are 2019. I would like to thank Ill Sir Jim many hours spent on the phone trying Stewart and his lady Michele for their to get articles submitted to meet our hard work and fun ride in 2018. publication deadlines. Please get your The Pote’s SemiClub or Unit articles nar was well attended submitted to me prior We will trim our print and there was a lot of to 15th of each month. distribution of information provided We will also trim our The Word starting with to all of the Club and printed distribution of the April issue. Unit officers in attenThe Word in April. If If you want to continue dance. The most imwant to continue rereceiving it by mail, portant presentation ceiving the Word by please call the was on our Membermail, please contact ship committee (Ill the Shrine office. Shrine office and Sir Ben Kruse, Ill Sir The office moved make sure your name John Robertson and on Sunday morning is on the mailing list! Noble Scott Fiedler). after the Pote’s Gala. The message was very Our new temporary clear that all Nobles are part of the office is in the wine building. The doumembership committee and we all blewide trailers are in the process of need to work hard getting new men being removed to make way for addiin our Blue Lodges and in the Shrine. tional parking in the spring. I would We also need to ensure that once we like to personally thank all of those get new Nobles, we get them active who have helped with the move. and feeling welcome in our Masonic It’s almost Duck Race ticket-sellactivities. ing time. Noble Greg Morgansan has The Seminar was followed that stepped up to provide his leadership evening by the Pote’s Gala at the Cenfor the Duck Race. tennial Hotel. It was a lot of fun and The Circus is coming up in April well attended. at the Spokane Valley location across This month there are many from the City Hall. Noble Ron Green changes in the works. As you have has stepped up to be Circus Chairman.

Our new website is online and under final changes. The site is very user friendly, works well on your phone, and includes digital editions of both current and past issues of The Word. The address is www.ElKatif.org. If you want to see anything on the site, please contact the Shrine office. In closing, I would like to thank all of you for being part of El Katif—I am looking forward to an exciting year. Let Peace, Harmony and Fun prevail!

stated meeting Wed, Feb 6 Dinner, $15 Please RSVP by 5:00pm, Fri Feb 1 It's easy! Just call

(509) 624-2762 See you there!

elkatif.org • February 2019 • 3

chaplain’s corner Tom Felton


ebruary?!? Wasn’t it just yesterday that it was New Years? Well, here we go, on to another year! We had a great 2018 with ILL Sir Jim and Lady Michele. Now I think we will have a great year with ILL Sir Jon and Lady Sue — it sure is starting out that way!  The Super Bowl Potluck Party is on February 3, and the Spangle Lodge Chicken feed will be on the 20th. Also, the Shrine Hockey Night will be on the 23rd.  Now a favor to ask: My fez came up missing the night of the changeover, and I’m hoping to have it back soon. In the event it has not resurfaced by the time you read this, will you please check your Fez boxes and see if you picked up the Chaplain’s Fez by  mistake? It’s double-beaded with the Chaplain bar at the bottom. Many thank to everyone for helping me to locate it!    And now, may the Lord bless you all, and bless the United States of America.

Did you notice this ad? Get your business noticed when you advertise in a future issue of The WORD!

Call (509) 624-2762 for space reservations and pricing today! 4 • February 2019 • elkatif.org

legion of



ur most recent Legion Of Honor Dinner Meeting, held at the Eagle’s Hall, was a total success, and included our Guests of Honor: our Illustrious Sir, Potentate Jon Lind and his First Lady Sue Lind, who along with the rest of their DIVAN and Wives, joined us and made our Business Meeting and Installation of new LOH Officers for 2019 a truly successful event. Commander Tom Stegeman, PC, 1st Lt Cmdr Bob Mcvicker, 2nd Lt Cmdr Howie Wynia, PC, and Adjutant Tom Hart, PC, are ready, willing

and able to lead our LOH to another successful year. How many LOH Members noticed that their were quite a few Divan Members who were former Military Members, and eligible to join the Legion Of Honor? Go and talk to them, and tell them what a good time they will have by joining us! Look forward to attending our next LOH Dinner Meeting, on 11 February, at 5:30pm at Eagle’s Hall. Our new Divan Liaison Officer is the Captain of the Guard, George Rotas, and

he will keep us up on what is going on at El Katif Shrine. Don’t forget to call Adjutant Tom Hart to make Dinner Reservations. I hope that all of the El Katif Shrine members who took part in the Potentate’s Ball in January had a marvelous time, and enjoyed the Dinner. The Legion of Honor Members that were Escorts enjoyed that Special Duty! — Howie Wynia “IT IS AN HONOR TO BELONG TO THE LEGION OF HONOR”!!!

Congratulations to the Nobles of the 2019 El Katif Divan! For more photos of the fun from the Potentate's Ball, please see the Photo Gallery on page 9

elkatif.org • February 2019 • 5


reetings Nobles: I hope your 2019 is off to a fantastic start! Were you able to figure out who January’s famous actor/actress is? Here’s a recap. He’s another Spokane native, born on April 4, 1944. After graduating from high school, he attended Central Washington University in Ellensburg. After flunking out at Central, he attended Yakima Valley College where he was inspired to study acting. After YVC, he attended Arizona State University on an acting scholarship. He would later drop out of ASU and move to Hollywood to pursue an acting career. He

1899 Club C

ongratulations to Illustrious Sir Jon Lind for his installation into the position of Potentate for 2019. We are all sure that he will do a wonderful job of leading our Fraternity this year. He has some great ideas and only needs our help by attending these events and supporting our Divan. Membership is the main focus and we can all relate to that and help. If we don’t the future is not very bright. Rest assured that the 1899 Club will be there to help when needed. We are looking forward to working with First Lady Sue and her events also.

6 • February 2019 • elkatif.org

is known for his roles as Hayden Fox on the television series Coach, Deputy Ward Wilson in the 1980 film Stir Crazy with Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor, Steven Freeling in the 1982 film Poltergeist, and Mr. Incredible in the 2004 film The Incredibles (as well as it 2018 sequel). The answer is… Craig T. Nelson! And now, on to the hints for February’s famous actor/actress. She was born January 31, 1931, and was known for starring in Broadway and film musicals. She began her career as a Broadway musical actress, appearing in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes in 1949 and Hello, Dolly in 1964, for which she won a Tony for Best Actress in a musical. As a film actress, she won the Golden Globe award and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance as Muzzy in Thoroughly Modern Millie (1967). She passed away at the age of 97 on

January 15, 2019. Do you think you know who this actress is? The answer will be revealed in March! On behalf of the Actors Unit, I want to congratulate one of our own, Illustrious Sir Jon Lind, for his election and installation as Potentate of El Katif Shrine for 2019. For our newer nobles, Illustrious Sir Jon performs in our Hot Sands and Cold Sands ceremonials by reciting the Edgar Guest poem, “The Badge of a Shriner.” Illustrious Sir Jon, on behalf of all of us in the Actors Unit, congratulations! We look forward to an exciting year under your leadership! Finally, the Actors are always looking to add to our ranks! If you enjoy performing on stage, dressing up in costume, or would like to help with stage setup, then we want to hear from you! Please contact our president, Illustrious Sir Dale Hearn, by email ppelkatif98@comcast.net or call him at (509) 475-7636. —Ryan Leonard

We also want to recognize the great job that Illustrious Sir Jim Stewart did during 2018. El Katif had a lot of fun events because of his leadership and we thank Jim and Lady Michele for their dedication to the Fraternity. Hopefully many of you can attend the Super Bowl party on February 3 at the Shrine Event Center. The whole family and friends are invited and encouraged to attend. There will be great food since it is a Potluck — remember to bring whatever you and your family want to drink. There will be some Super Bowl boards to put your name on and a lot of fun and fellowship. Don’t miss the fun. Doors open at 2PM. Again this year the 1899 Club will sponsor a WSU Football Game. The game will be on September 7 and the cost will again be $65 per person, which includes the bus ride, the refreshments on the bus and the game ticket. A large portion of the $25 game

ticket will be donated to the Spokane Shrine Hospital along with a donation made on the field by our good friend, Louis Sanft. The past few years that donation has been in excess of $25,000! The bus ride is open to Shriners and friends, but for adults only. If you are not riding the bus, you can purchase tickets only and sit in the same section with us. This is a great event for anyone who might be interested in Masonry or Shrine because we do have a great time. Sign up and pay today and then you won’t have to worry about missing out. We will again be attending about 6 or 7 parades this year with our Ambulance and the 4-Wheelers and more riding over the pickup. Great fun and any of the Shriners can participate if only to ride in the Ambulance or truck. We are looking forward to a great Shrine year, but that only happens if we participate. ­ —Jerry Schieche PP

Jon & Sue Lind and El Katif Shriners

invite you to discover

Switzerland, Austria & Bavaria!

September 26 – October 5, 2019 HIGHLIGHTS: Bern • Chateau de Chillon • Montreux GoldenPass Panoramic Train • Gstaad • Lucerne Choice on Tour • Innsbruck • Austrian Alps • Salzburg • Mirabell Gardens St. Peter’s Restaurant • Tyrolean Folklore Show • Bavaria • Oberammergau

Double $3,999 • Single $4,299 regular rates: Double $4,149 • Single $4,449 (all rates are per person and are subject to change*)


by MAR CH 27 & SAVE


per pers


Included in Price: Round-trip airfare from Spokane Int’l Airport (inc. air taxes, fees/surcharges, and hotel transfers) 12 meals: 8 breakfasts and 4 dinners

Not included in Price:

Cancellation waiver and insurance of $315/person

Upgrade your flight experience with Elite Airfare: Additional rate of: Business Class $4,990 (see reservation form to choose your upgrade option) *IMPORTANT CONDITIONS Price subject to increase PRIOR to the time you make full payment. Price is not subject to increase AFTER full payment is made, except for charges resulting from increases in government-imposed taxes or fees. Once deposited, you have 7 days to send us written consumer consent or withdraw consent and recive a full refund. (See registration form for consent.)

Contact Sheryl Drexel 509.232.1737 sdrexel@travelleaders.com elkatif.org • February 2019 • 7

Ill.Sir Don Lane & Ill.Sir John Robertson

Jerry Schieche presents a Divan fez to George Rotas

Steve Mossbarger, Jeff Lane & Jerry Schieche

The Stated Meeting on January 2 featured installation of the newest members of the Divan. Congratulations to all our Leader-Nobles!

To see more fun event photos, visit www.flickr.com/ photos/elkatif/ albums Jim Tourtillotte, Ill. Sir Jon Lind and Chris Wirts 8 • February 2019 • elkatif.org

Ill.Sir Dale Hearn & John Bliss

Ill.Sir Jon Lind and Lady Sue, Ill.Sir Garland Riisner and his Lady

A great time was had by all at the 2019 Potentate's Ball!

Justin & Shannon Hughes escorted by Howard Wynia

Leslie & David Swannack

Jerry Schieche & Lady Michele

"Dr" Dave Campanella & Ill.Sir Jim Stewart

Jeff Lane

elkatif.org • February 2019 • 9

G The 64th Annual

El Katif Shrine Circus

is just around the corner! Friday Saturday Sunday April 26–28, 2019 Keep an eye out for your Circus Daddy Tickets!

reetings Nobles! Our Greeters Unit seems to be growing, with new interest from a couple guests at our January meeting, Gene Mueller and Dave Swannack, who joined our 17 members attending. Greeters are usually the unit with the most attendees at the stated meetings, for which Ill. Sir John Lind congratulated us. He also reminded all of us of his continual emphasis on Membership — and the shocking fact that our current active count is down to under 800 Nobles. When you read this, the Seminar and Installation of new Divan will be history, but please remember to extend your congratulations and thanks to our hard working leaders, who are doing everything they can for the betterment of our Nobility and El Katif Shrine Center. At our recent meeting, called to order by new President Don Richard, our Administrator Peter Brewer handed out a list of items he covered in the Town Hall he held for employees that we should be aware of regarding: • renovations coming this year that might impact tours we give, • ongoing outreach clinics held and upcoming in the future, and • discussions being held for potential additions to services offered and patient treatments offered in the future. The hospital had a very strong finish the last several months of 2018 so keep it going for 2019. The Greeters Unit was awarded

10 • February 2019 • elkatif.org

Unit of the Year for 2018! Let us continue to work hard as a Unit of El Katif to keep up our standard of excellence, continuing to greet patients, parents and visitors to our Spokane Shriners Hospital for Children throughout 2019, always with a welcoming smile and willingness to offer assistance for all those we encounter while on duty as Greeters. Collectively, Shriners Hospitals for Children have treated over 1.3 MILLION patients to date! CALLING ALL NOBLES: BECOME a Greeter! If you’d like to be more active at the Spokane Hospital by greeting patients and their parents, and providing tours, we need YOU! Just one week-day per month from 7:00 to 3:00 p.m. is the extent of your time that’s needed. It is very rewarding to experience volunteering and interacting with the Kids We Help at the Hospital. Contact any of us to learn more or attend a Greeter’s meeting. We’ll see you at the next Stated Meeting — and please note, the Greeters Unit meeting is always the following Thursday at Noon in the 5th floor auditorium of the Hospital. We’d love for you to get involved with us! For a comprehensive look at all the wonderful information about our great Spokane Children’s Hospital, remember to visit (and share!) the website at: www.shrinershospitalsforchildren. org/locations/Spokane. It’s full of details covering all the latest on what’s happening! —Bob Valentine


arm Greetings and Happy New Year from the Columbia Basin Shrine Club! We hope that everyone had a joyous holiday season, and that everyone is staying warm and safe through this winter. Columbia Basin Shrine Club conducted our January Stated Meeting on Friday, January 4, at our Shrine Clubhouse in Pasco, Washington.  We were honored to have High Priest and Prophet Justin Hughes and his Lady Shannon in attendance!  Our newly elected President, Noble Larry Smith, started the evening with prayer, followed by Noble Ray Schulz leading the Pledge of Allegiance. President Smith proceeded with introductions of the Divan, special guests Brother Bob Baker and his Lady Diana, and Columbia Basin Shrine Club officers. The meeting was well attended, and it was especially nice to see Special Lady Pat Johnstone and Lady Gerri Hall in attendance!  Dinner was the next order of business, and the club enjoyed a delicious Mexican-themed dinner of enchiladas prepared by our resident chef, Noble Russ Campbell.  After dinner, President Smith led the club in thanks to “Chef Russ,” introduced his Lady JoAnne, and then proceeded with a rousing “State of the Club” message. As he laid out his agenda for the coming year, President Smith stated new memberships are a club priority, encouraging every noble to bring a guest and to increase visibility in the community. President Smith applauded the club’s efforts with parades but challenged the Nobles in attendance


lthough we in the Okanogan are dark for the next couple of months, Mike Harper has requested that we give a report. We hope everyone else is enjoying the mild winter! We have had very little snow in the Okanogan, and we sure hope we do not pay a heavy price with fires this summer. We will be having a couple of work days this winter to continue improving our Caboose. The mister we added last year was a big hit during the Omak Stampede. We will be adding additional misters as well as adding an awning. We also plan on getting a large flat screen TV so that we can show videos of the Shrine Hospital at all the events we attend with the Caboose. Before you know it, winter will be over and we will be out and about spreading the word of all the good work our Shrine Hospital does for the kids. Enjoy your winter! — Brad Wood

to do more. President Smith suggested setting up a table in the local mall and at supermarkets to increase visibility. He also stressed the importance of our club raffle and praised the efforts of Noble Ray Schulz in that arena.  President Smith challenged every Noble to work harder at raffle sales and reminded everyone that the raffle is vital to keeping the club alive and strong.  President Smith appointed a committee to place more “money grabbers” in the community and another to study parade equipment needs and provide recommendations to the governing board.  President Smith concluded by thanking all the Nobles and Ladies for the hard work through the years and for their efforts in the coming year.  After the President’s remarks, High Priest and Prophet Justin Hughes in-

troduced his Lady Shannon and then “introduced” himself to our club. Justin touched briefly on his background, after which he stated how proud he was to be a Shriner and a member of the El Katif Divan.  Noble Justin provided the dates for upcoming El Katif activities and also talked about the finer points and importance of “targeting” donations to Shriner’s Hospitals for Children.  It was a special pleasure to have Noble Justin and Lady Shannon at our meeting and our club looks forward to future visits!  In conclusion, Columbia Basin Shrine Club has a strong and energetic president, an equally strong and energized Divan liaison and we are “gearing up” for another great year!  Until the next report, may God bless and keep you safe! —Jeff Meyer elkatif.org • February 2019 • 11


anuary is under our belt, the newly elected Ill. Sir Jon Lind and the 2019 Divan are duly installed. The year is about to get busy! How better to get underway than to ride in a parade on the Classic 1960 Red Caddie and the Red Fez? The Mobile Unit is looking for Nobles of all ages and abilities to help us get the word out on the street about who we are and what we do: We are a laid back bunch of Nobles who like to play and have fun!

moon shriners


anuary is now in the books and that means the Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day and Spring are all just around the corner! Congratulations to Ill. Sir Jim Stewart and Lady Michele on having a great year. It was fun and very busy. We are looking forward to working with Ill. Sir Jon Lind and Lady Sue this year. As always, we are here to help in any way possible. Congratulations go out to our President George Rotas, Vice President Scott Fiedler, Secretary Chris Wirts, Treasurer Steve Mossbarger

12 • February 2019 • elkatif.org

If you are interested in finding out more about what the Mobileers do, then please seek one of us out. You can usually find one or more of us at the local Shrine watering hole. Our first function of the year will be cleaning up the Caddie on Saturday, March 16, and then participating in the St Patrick’s Day Parade. We look forward to seeing you out there. When you are at the watering hole ask for a “rattle.” Remember to get out and have fun! That’s what being a Shriner is all about. —John Robertson “When fun gets deep enough, it can heal the world.” —The Oaqui

and Ill. Sir Mike Harper for being on the Divan this year! At the El Katif Christmas party, the Moonshriners were named Club of the year. We would like to thank the El Katif for this great award! The Pote’s Ball was well attended by the Moonshriners. We also attended the Pote’s Seminar that morning to hear about Ill. Sir Jon’s schedule of events for the upcoming year. It will be a very fun and full year for all of us in El Katif this year.  The Moonshriners would like thank Ill. Sir Kurt Kimberling for being our reporter for the Word over the last couple of years. He did a great job with these articles! —Jamie Bockstruck


ur first meeting was a great success with President Scott at the helm. This year should be filled with fun and excitement. We are already planning on being at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, helping at selling Duck Race tickets, and working behind the scenes to help build membership. Do you have a neighbor, co-worker, colleague or friend that you think would make a great Shriner? Check out the Shriner’s Village and Web-Fez. All the tools are there. We learned all about this at the Pote’s Seminar along with what the Ill. Sir Jon Lind would like us all to work on: Membership and having fun! Bring a smile and a laugh or two and see what happens. This is what the meetings are like at the South Spokane Shrine Club. We have fun, laugh and enjoy the art of bringing smiles to everyone’s face. If you would like to join us on the third Thursday of the month please let Denny Hogan know (contact info is in the roster). Attitude adjustment starts at 6:00, dinner follows, and meeting starts at 7. February is Ladies Night and March is our brown bag auction with Ill. Sir Jon, his Lady Sue and the Divan. Both of these events are a hoot… You never know if Cupid will arrive or what you might get in your brown bag from the auction. One guarantee for sure is that you will be laughing and having fun! Don’t be shy—come on by and join in the fun! —John Robertson “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” —Helen Keller


ello, Nobles, and Greetings from the Whitman County Shriners! We have had a great year and are looking forward to even a better year in 2019. We have a new President,  Hollis Jamison, and Vice President, Tom Simpson. A new member  is joining us this year as 2nd Vice President, Gary Newton. Gary has taken over the El Katif "Gun Club" (potentially to be renamed the "Sportsman Club") and is trying to create more opportunities for our clubs.  If you don’t belong  to the Whitman County Shrine, you should join.  We do many great things for the Hospital and the communities of Whitman county! 

For the Shriners Hospital, our greatest contribution is the ads that we sell in our programs for the District 7 and District 9 State B tournaments.  These districts change all the time and it’s very challenging for our club to keep up.  Our hats are off to Ron, Gary, Glenn, and the many members who make this happen. The program is in full swing and ready to print.  All the ads have been turned in to Cougar Graphics, who has done our printing for years — they do a fabulous job.  We help the communities in our county by having our meetings in a different town each month, helping to bring income to that town. Because of this, we do not have a designated area to show our awards for our nobles, and for the communities to see what we really have accomplish. We can always use more members and help—we work very hard but we always  have a great time! Thank you and here's to having a great year!  —Jeff Wood

gun club


he Shriners Gun Club had a shoot at Rock Lake Sporting Clays on January 26, and we  had a great time (pictures to follow)!    Prize for the top shooter was $50! We are working to change the bylaws of the  Shriners  Gun Club to rebrand it as the Shriners “Sportsman Club.”  This Club will involve a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking, biking,  camping, fishing, shooting  and much more. There is no membership fee. All Shriners and family members are welcome to attend these events. There will be a rifle shoot in February, so bring your rifles, with the date to be announced at the next Shriner Meeting. —Gary Newton

elkatif.org • February 2019 • 13

of El Katif Shriners

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Melanie Jeffery

Shrine Hockey Night! Spokane Chiefs vs. Tri-City Americans Monday, February 25, 2019

14 • February 2019 • elkatif.org

shrine ladies


elcome to the month of February, and Happy Valentine’s Day to all the Ladies of the Household and your Families! This is what you will find in El Karnak Temple No. 6, Daughters of the Nile. We are there for each other at every turn of life. El Karnak Temple changed our Bylaws in December to be dark in January.  It was a good thing, as it snowed on January 8, 2019. The location of our Temple is also changed to the Millwood Masonic Center, at 3219 N. Argonne Road in Millwood. On January 19, Queen Carole Folsom and her husband Mike represented El Karnak Temple No. 6 at the installation and dinner for El Katif Shrine's new Potentate Jon Lind and his Divan at the Centennial Hotel.  Our February 12 meeting at the new Temple will be at 1:00 pm with the luncheon at 11:30 am.  Valentine’s Day will be the theme of our get-togeth-


Extravaganza er. Also at this meeting we will have an election for the Office of Princess Royal. We will also honor our 50-year members and celebrate Founder’s Day. The Queen’s Party will be on Tuesday, March 5 at the Perkins Restaurant on Division and Olive Streets.  Lunch will be a Cobb Salad.  Reservations should be called in to PQ Peggy Miller at (208) 667-8472 or PR Karen Miller at (509) 523-3955.  Cost will be $15.00 for lunch. Our February Card Making Party will be on Wednesday, February 20, from 10:30 am to 2:30 pm at the Sans Souci Club House, 3231 W. Boone Avenue in Spokane.  Bring a brown-bag lunch; dessert and beverages will be provided.  Bring a friend, and your favorite adhesives, scissors and foam mounting tape. Please RSVP by Sunday, February 17 to PR Monique Hill at (509) 238-4232. Cost is $15. Come and enjoy the friendship and fellowship at El Karnak Temple No. 6! —Ada Anderson


Sat, March 23 9am–4pm free admission! Shrine Event Center 7217 W. Westbow Ave

ample parking coffee • barbecue shop • relax • enjoy! proceeds to benefit El Katif Shrine Temple

VENDOR SPACE STILL AVAILABLE (just $25)! Contact: (509) 370-4944 woodridges@gmail.com (509) 370-4944

elkatif.org • February 2019 • 15








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Shrine Hockey Night Chiefs vs Tri-Cities

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Ed Weber: Feb. 2

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John Hunter Jr: Feb 21

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Harvey Macquarrie: Feb 2

John Lunt: Feb 9

Leroy Holford: Feb 16

Kevin Kramer: Feb 21

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Charles Schoonover: Feb 3

Joseph Dennis: Feb 9

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16 • February 2019 • elkatif.org

Petition for Initiation and Membership

EL KATIF SHRINERS 7217 W. Westbow Blvd • Spokane WA 99224

P: 509.624.2762 | 800.369.2762 | F: 509.624.8333 To the Illustrious Potentate, Officers and Nobles of El Katif Temple, situated in the Oasis of Spokane, Desert of Washington, I, ____________________________________________________________________________________ first name



last name

hereby declare that I am a Master Mason in good standing in ________________________________________________ Lodge # __________________ located at _____________________________________________ which is a Lodge recognized by or in amity with the conference of Grand Masters of North America. Furthermore, I have resided at my current address for not less than 6 months as required by the Bylaws of the Imperial Council. I respectfully pray that I may be made a Noble of the Mystic Shrine, and become a member of your Temple. If I be found worthy, and my request granted, I promise to conform to the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of the Imperial Council and the Bylaws and Ceremonies of your Temple. ______________________________________________ _______________________________________ home address

city, state, zip

______________________________________________ _______________________________________ home phone

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______________________________________________ _______________________________________ birth date


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______________________________________________________________________________________ candidate signature

Recommended and Vouched for on the Honor of Nobles: ______________________________________________ _______________________________________ first noble: print name

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______________________________________________ _______________________________________ second noble: print name

Initiation Fee . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$ 50.00 Annual Dues . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$115.00 Fez. Fez . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ NC total $165.00 TOTAL

signature and member #

#: ___________ elected: ____________ paid: _______________ member

hat size:

____________ created: ____________ date: ______________

El Katif Shriners 7217 W. Westbow Blvd. Spokane WA 99224

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The Word of El Katif Shriners - February 2019  

The Word of El Katif Shriners - February 2019