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encourage students to ride bicycles. Lighting and security was an important consideration and LED strips were fitted under the circular and raised planters along the promenade, providing not only a strong sense of safety but also a pleasing aesthetic effect. Dunstan and Jason Sampson, curator of the Manie van der Schijff Botanical Gardens, were consulted for input on plant species. Numerous unusual trees were donated from the university’s nursery and 190 new trees were planted in total. All planting was indigenous and mostly endemic. As a specific design element, flowering plants were selected in predominantly red/orange and blue/purple shades to reflect the university’s official colours of red and blue. Year-round interest has been created as the selected plants flower at different times of the year, while trees show prominent seasonal changes. The planting was also grouped in shaped bands that follow the flow of the promenade and the form of the mounds. An informal amphitheatre was created for resident meetings or get-togethers using excavated soil and is slightly stepped and lawned, with large trees planted to provide shade. The southern side of the piazza is also encircled by a retaining wall, which is planted with shrubs to provide privacy for adjacent residences. The client and, perhaps more importantly, the students who use the new facility have expressed their delight at the project’s outcome.

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Pro Landscaper Africa / November/December 2015

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ABOUT OUTLINE LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS Outline Landscape Architects was founded in 2009 and Kathrin Hammel-Louw is principal landscape architect. Outline Landscape Architects offers a professional landscape architectural service across South Africa. It prides itself on an innovative design approach, utilising the latest technologies and studying current trends to create attractive, functional and healthy outdoor spaces. The company strives to design the landscape in an integrated approach to the building and to function as a natural, independent entity with a soft imprint on any given site, while utilising resources effectively, efficiently and sustainably.

Pro Landscaper Africa November/December 2015  
Pro Landscaper Africa November/December 2015