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Ways To Get Into Thailand Travel Guide There are numerous approaches you can get to Thailand based on exactly where you are coming from. When you have the budget, you get the Thailand in all the pomp you will get. The three methods to get into Thailand are by air plane, by train and via the roads from the neighboring nations via overland borders. Let's start with things not to take; firstly, clothes. Thailand is hot all year round and unless you are venturing up to the mountains in the north you really won't need "a jacket for the evening". They also dry very quickly so are easy to wash and wear the same day. If you really want to splash out, there are numerous places throughout the whole of Thailand that will wash your clothes and return them all nice and fresh the following day, at a rate of between 30 and 50 Baht per kilo. So, don't bring loads of clothes, you won't wear half of them. None of any western destinations can offer you a number of significantly distinct advantages. For example, Thailand travel proves to be ever rich in everything - be it culture, adventure and rejuvenation. On the other hand most of the visitors to Thailand first land directly into the international airport of Bangkok. In fact, the blend of western modernized culture of Bangkok and the welcoming tradition there attract most to plan Bangkok tours time and time again. Ayutthaya: Once a prosperous Siamese trade and political capital, Ayutthaya is the most devastated city in the country's history. However, the magnificent ruins ensure its place in the tourist map and wandering through its streets you can't but be awed by the craftsmen of yore and their spiritual beliefs. The main attraction is the Ayutthaya Historical Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you can see the four spectacular temples of the early Ayutthaya period set against a dense canopy of ancient trees. Besides, you can also visit other attractions in the area including the Ayodha Floating Market, Ayutthaya Boat Museum, and the Bang Sai Royal Folk Art and Crafts Centre. Shopping in Pattaya offers a unique experience and includes trips to shops, boutiques, and smaller scale open air markets. Fashionable boutiques provide silk garments, gemstones, and jewelry that tourists can, at times obtain a good deal on. Shops in the area also sell unique paintings, handicrafts, and plenty of souvenirs. It's no surprise that this area has over a million tourists that visit each and every year. There is so much culture, religion, and history to soak in you may need to visit more than once or plan an extended stay. Definitely visit for beautiful landscapes and a one of a kind location. A few dodged cows and a little nervousness waiting for the first petrol station in Chiang Mai and we arrive safely after dark, ready to tell the story of our trip to Tachileik over a few Chaing's. Thailand vacation

Ways To Get Into Thailand Travel Guide  

you can see the four spectacular temples of the early Ayutthaya period set against a dense canopy of

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