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Thailand Traveling Tips For The Active Traveler My 75-year old aunt loves the typical Asian tours, with hordes of like-minded seniors comfortably traveling in gigantic, air-conditioned buses. Of course, there are advantages to this type of travel: One has a greater expectation of safety and expects to see the highlights of the destination without wasting much time in trying to find them. Another point to note is the unavailability of literature (at least for non-English speakers) in describing what they are looking at. A guide for a particular group will most likely be able to communicate in the group's language, making the whole spectacle that much more understandable. We stumble across a makeshift car park and give the attendant 10 Baht for care of our hire car, from here it's only a short walk to the Mai Sai border crossing. Being from Australia we've never walked into another country and the idea of walking into Burma made the 4 hour drive from Chiang Mai all the more worthwhile. At the boarder we are ushered into a small and unusually hot room where a man dressed in a military uniform sits behind his desk and asks of our intentions for visiting his country. His English is difficult to understand and before we can answer he tells us we are only visiting for the day to shop at the boarder markets. 500Baht is handed over and to our surprise passports are retained and will supposedly be returned when we attempt to return back into the Kingdom of Thailand. The heat already souring its all the more sweaty knowing we are walking into Burma without passports. None of any western destinations can offer you a number of significantly distinct advantages. For example, Thailand travel proves to be ever rich in everything - be it culture, adventure and rejuvenation. On the other hand most of the visitors to Thailand first land directly into the international airport of Bangkok. In fact, the blend of western modernized culture of Bangkok and the welcoming tradition there attract most to plan Bangkok tours time and time again. Money Exchange December 5th will be the celebration of the King's birthday, his majesty will be turning 83! There will be a fun ceremony followed by a festival of music. Expect a big turnout for this event. About Author: Author is an associate editor for Thailand Tour. Get all possible information about Thailand Tour Packages and Thailand Travel Packages. We also provide information about online hotel reservation, Flights Booking and Holiday Packages in India. Thailand destination

Thailand Traveling Tips For The Active Traveler  

We stumble across a makeshift car park and give the attendant 10 Baht for care of our hire car, from

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