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Texas Food Handler Certificate: Why get this Workforce Certification

• Foodborne-illness incidents have been rising steadily in Texas (as they have in a number of other states) for some time now, but in recent years the state has endured spikes of cases reaching triple digits. In 2015, for instance, the number of cases surpassed 300, according to the Texas Department of State Health Services.

• With about 250 foodborne diseases out there—E. coli infection, salmonellosis, and cyclosporiasis being the most common—state health agencies are on constant alert. In Texas, food safety has become a pressing concern of both the state and its large restaurant community. Food-service establishments, such as restaurants and bars, are regularly inspected by the health department to ensure that food handlers and managers practice food safety and proper food handling.

• For this reason, the Texas Legislature passed a new law that requires all current restaurant employees to be certified with a food handler permit. That law took effect September 1, 2016.

• Learn2Serve provides such training in the form of the Texas Food Handler Training course. This program requires the enrollee to complete online a 2hour training course on the basics of food safety and food-handling practices. The course satisfies all the Texas food-safety state requirements.

• After completing the Texas Food Handler Training and successfully passing the exam at the end of the course, the student is issued a Food Handler's Certificate document that he or she can download and print.

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Why get a Texas Food handler Certificate  

This presentation focuses on the importance of acquiring a Food Handler Certificate for your employees or you as a food handler professional...

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