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To Fight Cellulite What is cellulite? It protrusions of fat through the fibrous belts; However, the belts in skin fibroblasts men be directed in a manner so tangled not show any protrusions through the skin. Lead female hormones such as estrogen, a major role in the production of cellulite - so that it starts to accumulate in adolescence usually - and worsen the situation during the months of pregnancy.

There is no doubt that the loss of weight usually improves the appearance of cellulite, but in some women, especially those who have the body mass index (Body Mass Index) is low, the skin may become more fullness Balsilolit. It is stored as fat, which allows women pregnancy and lactation. Cellulite may be technically blessing of fertility, but this problem bother the women and their

beauty deformation. Here's a glimpse at the most common treatments currently, which is to get rid of this problem.

many techniques and sophisticated. A variety of creams and smirk. Modern machines and new one goal: the elimination of cellulite. Is this possible? Underwear especially Balsilolit Currently available on the market types of underwear Balsilolit so women in order to help skin look tight and free of cellulite. This underwear is often saturated with a mixture of ingredients such as caffeine and retinol and vitamin E. You experience this type of underwear, women talked about skin softer, and the perimeter of lower thigh, but after wearing underwear for eight hours each day, five days per week, for more than a month continuously.

Seems that caffeine and derivatives of vitamin A seems to make cellulite less visible, since caffeine works to promote blood circulation and facilitate lymphatic drainage The Alritinoad worked to stimulate blood circulation, and drying the fat cells, increased collagen. These components provide a superficial and temporary improvement in the surface of the skin, without affecting the fatty layer in the lower extremities. In any event, it seems that the pressure of underwear more effective than its components. Indeed, you can wear a corset and get similar results for a few hours. Ultrasound treatment Experts say, six sessions of ultrasound therapy (also known as Cellupulse) enough to ease the bumps and lines caused by cellulite. Indeed, the sound waves are sent through the skin vibrant with the aim of dismantling the fat cells. Collagen also becomes capable of being stretched, which significantly reduces the appearance of clusters in the skin. Initially, note Therapists physicists who used ultrasound machines to treat women with inflammation of the tendons that cellulite has become less prominent when these women. Still this type of treatment is under development and evaluation.

To fight cellulite  
To fight cellulite  

What is cellulite? To Fight Cellulite