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Elizabeth Wiecek

Elizabeth Wiecek College of DAAP at the University of Cincinnati Third Year BS Interior Design I am learning how to create the story of space while realizing the story of myself.

Selected Works

OTR Film Institute


Alms Insertion




Tampa Waterfront Hotel Furniture Studies MoĚˆbius

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Dance and Space Resume





OTR Film Institute



Using the opportunity of a redevelopment project in a gentrifying area of Cincinnati, the OTR Film Institute creates a space that is respectful to the existing neighborhood by eroding the idea of intrusive redevelopment and reinstating growth for the community.

Design Studio II // Meghan Minton // 2016

Early conceptual studies were inspired by the desire to pull the existing community into the new film institute. Translated into space planning, I included community-oriented spaces close to the building entrance.


Lobby / Entrance

Private Residence


Multi-Purpose Space

Tech Room Classrooms


The conceptual pull, when developed into form, becomes a large fissure in the mass. Eroding the dominance of the new building, this opens up outdoor space for a plaza and grand stair to be utilized by the community for more than just entry. The hope is for them to become a social space where it is normal to congregate before or after a film, or simply to stop for some shade and a laugh with friends.




The original building is preserved to maintain the link to the community, and it is used to house the private spaces. The form of this building is adapted on the other side of the site to house the public spaces. Connecting these two forms are the spaces dedicated to film. This serves as a reminder that the private and public needs of the film institute and community as a whole can come together over this common art form.

Second Floor

Fourth Floor

Alms Insertion



Activating an underutilized terrace space near a prominent entrance of the DAAP building by inserting a new form. By hinging this form, it provides the option to transition from circulation to respite and creates intrigue to an otherwise plain concrete wall that dominates this point of entry.

Design Studio I // Vincent Sansalone // 2016

Terrace hidden by obtrusive concrete wall

Through an iterative process, the form of this insertion deconstructed to reveal a more implied hinge. Moving away from the exaggerated slant connecting the two rectangular spaces, selected planes became repetitive vertical elements that wrapped onto the ceiling and tapered rhythmically to subtly emphasize the exact moment of transition.

Ta m p a W a t e r f r o n t


Rendering provided by Champalimaud Design

Refined Regeneration

As a catalyst for the growth of Tampa’s port to a new waterfront district, the design of this hotel was intended to integrate Tampa’s past, present, and future. The combination of strong materiality and sleek forms provide the guests with a luxurious yet comfortable experience that speaks to the culture of Tampa.

Champalimaud Design // Robert Vertes, Michael Varland, Emily Owen // 2017

Model Guestrooms On the Tampa project team, I spent a lot of my time assisting with the FF&E specifications of the model guestrooms. This included writing specifications, communicating with vendors, drafting furniture pieces, and researching finishes and products. Additionally, I drafted and rendered floor plans and elevations for both the model suites and the model guestrooms.

Rendering provided by Champalimaud Design

Restaurant Schematics I contributed to the early conceptual and schematic studies for the first floor restaurant. Through our image research, we determined that the space should balance masculinity and femininity both in its forms and materiality. Additionally, the use of semi-transparent vertical divisions of space would help define the restaurant as its own entity while keeping it a part of the whole.




Fu r n i t u re



Between my school and early co-op experiences, I have developed an interest in furniture design. I’ve enjoyed challenging myself to apply design thinking at this smaller scale, and I look forward to continuing my exploration.

Champalimaud Design + Furniture and Millwork // mentors annotated accordingly // 2017 - 2018

During my first semester working at Champalimaud, I assisted heavily with the design and drafting of custom furniture for a hospitality project in Japan. This gave me my first taste of furniture design and the consideration of spatial forms interacting directly with the human scale. I worked closely with Jun Chun and Paola Barraza on this project.

Returning to Champalimaud for my second co-op semester, I had the opportunity to work with their product designer Caleb Zipperer. With his guidance, I designed the sabot of a dining table for a high-end residential project.

Early iterations for my current furniture design studio. Under the guidance of Professor Jim Postell, I am exploring methods of creating a very collapsible storage unit. I hope to develop a sleek design language that is informed by the desire to use light-weight yet strong materials to achieve maximum compactness.

M ö b i u s



An organic shroud crafted from moĚˆbius strips. In the pursuit of perfection, the creator is motivated by the desire to use an object with an infinite face to mask one’s own true face, but they are burdened by the effort that this takes.

Design Studio I // Kory Beigle // 2015

Infinite Perfection

Inescapable Effort

Encumbered Reality

Infinite Perfection A moĚˆbius strip is created by twisting an elongated plane 180° and attaching it end to end. The result is a surface with an infinite face, constantly weaving in and around itself in an elegant but repetitive path. A human striving for such perfection would only face the same fate, and this is emphasized by the laborious task of crafting enough moĚˆbius strips to shroud oneself in.

Inescapable Effort

Strip Twist Ring Staple Poke

Thread Secure Remove Stitch Done

Repeat Indefinitely

Encumbered Reality

Dance & Space



I have begun exploring possible relationships between dance and spatial design. These two passions of mine have always influenced one another, and now I’d like to make this creative intersection a reality.

Independent Study // 2017 - 2018

Ribs // Lorde I want it back (I want it back) The minds we had (the minds we had) It’s not enough to feel the lack I want it back, I want it back, I want it

Hang On Me // St. Vincent So hang on me Hang on me Hang on me ‘Cause you and me We’re not meant for this world

Joga // BjoĚˆrk You push me up to This state of emergency How beautiful to be State of emergency Is where I want to be

Concept collage for current studio project

Pieces of my Story: dance, urban environments, music, spatial experience, social equality, fantasy novels, good films and cheesy rom coms, thrifted fashion, New York pizza, ocean air

Elizabeth Wiecek

Education University of Cincinnati // 2015 - present College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning B.S. Interior Design Expected Graduation: 2020 Current GPA: 3.83 Cincinnati, Ohio Pickerington High School North // 2011 - 2015 Class Rank: 9th out of 430 students; Decem Decori Final GPA: 4.35 Pickerington, Ohio


Awards / Activities Design For America // interdisciplinary collaboration to solve design needs within the community; 2018 - present Alpha Lambda Delta Society // membership based on outstanding academic performance during first semester of freshmen year of college; 2016 - present FRCH Design Worldwide Scholarship Fund // granted based off of yearly studio progress; 2016 - present University Honors Program // unique honors experiences and exceptional GPA maintained; 2015 - present B’Marie School of Dance // company member with leadership position; 2013 - 2015

Champalimaud Design // January 2017 - April 2017 ; August 2017 - December 2017 Interior Design Intern New York, New York I drafted plans, elevations, and furniture; rendered elevations; specified FF&E pieces; and assisted with concept development of new spaces for a high-end hospitality projects. I also had the opportunity to work with the company’s product designer. Forever 21 // May 2016 - August 2016 Sales Associate Columbus, Ohio I balanced serving customers and maintaining the store’s presentability. This included memorizing where the merchandise was displayed, sorting clothes, and assisting with customers’ style and product questions. B’Marie School of Dance // August 2014 - May 2016 Dance Instructor Pickerington, Ohio My duties included preparing and teaching weekly lessons, managing students, communicating with parents, and choreographing a final recital piece.

Skills Adobe Acrobat

Auto CAD



Model Making


Premiere Pro Revit





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Elizabeth Wiecek Portfolio 2018