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The setting is Cornell University circa 1999 when N*Sync dominated the music scene and people wore belly shirts and were obsessed with Boy Meets World. The main character, Sally, is a freshman with an interesting family background. Her youngest brother George is mentally disabled and her younger sister has Liver Cancer. She feels badly leaving her family when there is so much health problems going on but she has to pursue an education in order to achieve her dream of becoming a judge. She meets Tyler during a welcome week activity. They met through Jacob, who she went to high school with. They all exchanged stories about their backgrounds and she learned he was from a very small town. They exchanged numbers but she didn’t hear from him for an entire semester. She had always had a boyfriend in high school but wanted to focus on the college experience, until she met Mac. He was an actor and very full of himself but always made her laugh. They dated for a few months until he broke up with her, right after she lost her virginity to him. To cheer her up, her friend down the hall took her to a nearby college to visit her friend and attend a party. She ran into Tyler at the party and they talked the entire time. By the end of the night they had to say goodbye and Sally thought maybe it was a good thing she and Mac didn’t work out. The next day after she arrived back at Cornell, Mac proceeded to put on a display about how much he missed her and how he wasn’t enjoying anything without her, a display of tears was accompanied by. Sally believed he deserved a second chance, so she proceeded to take him back. She didn’t want to upset Tyler so she took him to lunch to try to tell him that she was no longer available. Right before the lunch she found out her sister, who had been in remission, had a scan that didn’t come back clean. Devastated, she went to lunch with Tyler and talked about all the struggles she had in her family. They proceeded to meet every Friday to check in with each other’s lives, mostly for her to talk about her family life and all her concerns that she didn’t feel comfortable discussing with Mac. A year goes by and her sister’s treatments have continued to fail. Sally’s relationship with Mac is also going downhill and she feels powerless to make it any better. With the weight of her family’s problems on her shoulders and all of the stability in her personal life gone, her friends refusing to talk to her because she’s so unhappy all the time the cycle of sadness ends when she seeks help from a local therapist. She goes on to discuss her whole life a la Good Will Hunting, and discovers the only thing that has been consistent in her life is her family and Tyler. With her newfound discovery she ends her relationship with Mac, gets involved with photography, her passion, and takes pictures for the local newspaper. She enjoys spending time improving her life and making herself happy. Then one day she gets a package in the mail. Tyler had framed one of her pictures from the newspaper, a landscape with the famous waterfalls of Cornell with a note saying he had to leave Cornell due to financial reasons and that he was going to miss their Friday lunches. With that, Sally hops into her car and drives to New Hampshire, where he lives, and makes a declaration of how much he means to her and how she wants to give it a shot. They laugh at how it takes him going away for her to realize how much he is a part in her life, but it’s better late then never. Another year goes by and long distance is tough but eventually Tyler is able to get enough money from FAFSA to transfer to Syracuse University, only 15 minutes away to continue his education and their relationship. The end shot consists of them having coffee in

the cafĂŠ where they had their first Friday lunch and all the owners and waitresses know them and their drink orders by heart.

Freshman Year treatment  

It's the treatment about my screenplay Frshman Year

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