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Elizabeth Ravva Politton

Ms. Anna

English 9/10

27 June 2012


Cupcakes, chocolate, ice cream, and chips are that foods taste really good but inside the food is not healthy, It is full with bad combination, Like the sugar in cupcakes that people sell is not use good sugar and can hurt our body system. Not only sugar but all junk food can make us get bad diseases and are hard to heal. The only way to prevent, is to eat vegetables. Eating vegetable is not bad at all. Maybe the taste isn’t good as junk food, but the vitamins plus protein are much better in vegetables. Just like popcorn; it is made from corn, but it tastes really delicious. When you taste a vegetable and you feel sick, try to mix with other ingredients. You could mix it with chicken and meat; For children, parents can mix the food that they like and usually eat with vegetables like chicken, sausage, or eggs so they still want to eat, but are eating healthy foods.

Some people think that vegetables are dirty because it is plants and come from soil, so they think that many bacteria, worms, plus germs are in the vegetables. But actually they wrong because vegetables come fresh from nature, in fresh atmosphere and God has put lots of great things into

vegetables. People say when we are sick, we should use medicine, But actually, vegetables are much better. If we keep drinking medicine, it could become toxic to our bodies and it could endanger us. They say vegetables have bitter taste, like a leaf. Well, ofcourse! It is but vegetables are not always bitter. They can be salty and sweet. Like carrots, tomatoest, spinach taste good and have great advantages.

I think vegetables are fantastic, Why? Because vegetables make our body and our body system work well. Vegetables helps us kill toxins inside our body that usually make us sick. .Our eyes can be bright, our hair can be smooth and good color, our body can shape good, and our skin can be smooth and not dry if we eat vegetables. So if you want your body to be better and long live? eat vegetables of any kind.

longlive from vegetables  
longlive from vegetables  

my english assignment with ms.anna it's about vegetables