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6 Important Things to Know About Aerial Video

 Aerial video in Los Angeles can ensure that you receive the innovative imagery and captivating shots that will take your creative project to the next level.  Drone (or “UAV” i.e.: unmanned aerial vehicle) technology has helped to greatly enhance aerial video capabilities. Drones make it possible to provide the film and television industries with great images.

 Aerial video in Los Angeles captures eye-catching images that are vivid and unique. These days, if you are watching a movie, enjoying a music video, or find yourself especially noticing television commercials- changes are that they used a drone for aerial video shots.  You aerial video company should be fully insured, deemed 333 exempt and maintain a Part 107 certification status. Companies like Wild Rabbit Aerial boast all 3 of these professional qualifications.

 From consulting, FAA permitting to getting the shot your production needs, the Wild Rabbit Aerial team will assist you with every step of your aerial video in Los Angeles needs.  Top quality aerial video requires industry leading drone pilots, technicians and camera operators who are dedicated to executing your creative vision.

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6 Important Things to Know About Aerial Video