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A salute to our generous spirit

Houston is one of the nation’s most charitable cities. Between community volunteers, foundation organizers and corporate leaders, we help others and get things done. We asked readers to tell us about their friends, neighbors and co-workers who embody the spirit of giving in the greater Houston area. The Chronicle received hundreds of nominations. From this inspiring group, we chose 11 individuals and one duo as our Houston Heroes. These generous people donate their time, their money — and often both — to benefit those in need in our area. We congratulate them and thank them for their giving spirit. They make Houston proud.

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Fran Sampson

Joanie Hare

Michael Cordúa

John L. Nau III

Margott Williams and Charles Cook

Clifford Layton

Clay Dalton

H. Joe Nelson III

Jeremy Lin

Ray Ramer

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Proud to Support Houston! The Houston Chronicle helped over one hundred local charities in 2012! Thanks to our readers for helping us support the Greater Houston community.

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