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15 Ways to Get Rid a Hickey

1. The Witch Hazel Approach: • Witch Hazel is a great astringent. Get your Witch Hazel form nearby store. • Just apply Witch Hazel using a cotton ball.

2. The Cold Approach: • Apply ice pack immediately for few minutes • You can use freeze tea spoon instead of ice

3. The Hot Approach: • If your hickey is few days old, this would be good for you, this will improve your blood circulation • Apply heating pad for 5 minutes

4. The Massage Approach: • Massage your infected area using finger tip for few minutes. • Don’t rub this too hard, it may damage your skin tissue.

5. The Massage Approach, part 2: • Use coin or other house hold items to increase blood pressure. Rub your area gently. • Only use this method, if your hickey is not too much painful.

6. The Mint Approach: • You can use mint leaves, extract, or oil. • Toothpaste that have mint ingredient also can work for you.

7. The Make-up Approach: • Use concealer on your hickey, this is one of the effective ways to get rid of hickey.

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15 ways to get rid a hickey  
15 ways to get rid a hickey