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E ff i ci e n t Cir cul atio n , Qu a lity Hoeferi cWysocki Architects - Healthcare Design Mat e ri a ls , D y nam Archite c t ur e , Ho tel Like, A Sen s e o f P l ac e , Qu a lity Wo r k En vir o n ments, Patient Focused Design ,

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Since our founding, Hoefer Wysocki Architects (HWA) E n v i ronm ent al F riendl y, hasl y pioneered methods for personalizing, humanizing and

the healthca re experience for caregivers, patients W a r m R i cdemystifying h and their families. Our de sign considers the patients’ well being. hospital is welcoming and accessible, providing clearly I n t e r ior sThe , Efficient marked signs for direction, comfor table and familiar rooms, and designs that engage the senses and break down barriers. Circulation, Quality Materials,

D y na m i c A r c hit e c t u r e , Hotel Like,

A Sense of Place,

We believe‌ high quali Patient Focused Design , T ra ditio n al me e t s Mo der n , H i g h End Finishes, fundamental to patient Quality Work Environments,



ity care is t-centered care

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Hoe fer Wys oc ki A rc

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Innovative Design

Hea lin g En vi ronme nt s ,

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Envi ronm ental l y F riend l y, that focus on healing and nur turing body, mind models of healthcare

HWA promotes the development and implementation of innovative

balances the known and the unknown – the War m Ri cand h spirit. I nconflicting tOure ridesign o rsdemands , of innovation, value, function and sometimes respect for a building’s Ef f i ci e nt Cir c ulation , wider environment. We seek to maximize the positive healthcare outcomes by integrating optimal medical therapies and incorporating ar t and nature into the healing environment. Qu a lity Materials, Dyn a mi c A r c h it e c t u r e , H o t el Li ke , A S e n s e o f Pl a ce , Quality Wor k Environments ,

Patient Focused Design ,

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nd well-being


Hospitality Like

Hoe fer Wys oc ki A rc

g n i h t o o S & Soft Colors

chit e ct s

H ealin g En vironme nt s ,

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P r o v idin g an E n v ir o n m e n t C o n d u c i v e to H e a l i n g


Our approach is one which puts the patient’s experience at the hear t of the building’s success. How are spaces for treatment, healing or social interaction improved by the quality of light, color, acoustic environments, flexibility and materials? We consider all aspects of design thoroughly in order to create environments which are not just functional but also inspirational for the people who use them. Humanizing, de-institutionalized, welcoming spaces which enhance the building’s ability to per form in a way which suppor ts patientcenter care.

W arm Ri ch I n t e ri o rs ,

E f f i c i ent Circulation, Qual i t y Ma t eri a l s , Dy n a m ic Ar ch i tectu r e , Hotel Like, A Sen s e of P l a c e , Quality W o r k E nvi ron ments, Patient Focused

Design ,

T ra di t i ona l

m e e t s Modern,

Hig h End

We believe… families, frie

are vital to the healing pr

le b a t r Comfo g n i t i v & In nds and loved ones


Hoe fer Wys oc ki A rc

chit e ct s

Healing Gardens

He ali n g E nviron men ts ,

St a t e

o f th e Ar t , Our Envi r onm e ntally designs are offered to you in concer t with the latest research, best Friendly,

I m p l e m e n t i n g H e al i n g De s i g n s

Warm Rich I n t e ri o rs ,

practices and evidence-based design criteria that will allow you the oppor tunity to create a tr uly unique, efficient facility that will benefit humanity, contribute to community and culture and demonstrate a commitment to social progress. Our designs emphasize domestic aesthetics, ar t and warm home-like, non-institutional environments that value humans, not just technology. Through interactive sessions, we will help you realize your vision for your own healing and healthy environment and provide you with practical input for moving for ward.

Ef f i cien t C irc ulati on, Qual it y Ma t erial s, Dyna mi c Ar chi t ect ur e , Hotel Li ke, A

Sense of Plac e , Quali ty Work Envi ronmen t s ,

Patient Focused Design ,

Tradition al meets

Modern, Hi g h End Fi ni shes , Natural Ac cW en tes , b e li e v e ‌

g o o d d e si gn c

c a n transfo rm l i v e s

Paths to We


For More Info, Contact Rob Welker, Vic e Pre s i d e nt Ho efer Wyso cki Arc h i t e c t s 612 W. 47th St . , Sui t e 3 0 0 K ans as Ci ty, M O 6 4 1 1 2 816-714-7868 (Di re c t ) 816-863-9312 (Mob i le ) 816-221-0626 (Fa x ) ro b.welk er@hwa . n e t w w ww.hwablo g.n e t

HWA Healthcare Brochure  

HWA Healthcare Brochure

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