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Cass Regional Medical Center Foundation

Help, Hope and Healing Campaign Donor Honor Book

Help, Hope and Healing Campaign

Donor Honor Book

A Legacy of

Help, Hope and Healing O

n October 14, 2006, after months of careful study and deliberation, the Board of Trustees of Cass Medical Center recommended that hospital leadership pursue plans to construct a new medical center to replace its 43-year-old facility.

In response to this recommendation, the Cass Medical Center Foundation Board of Directors engaged the services of Jeffrey Byrne & Associates, Inc., in January 2007 to conduct a feasibility study for a capital campaign to help fund a portion of the new medical center. Since the new facility was to be financed primarily through the sale of revenue bonds, with the hospital’s ongoing operational revenue pledged as collateral for debt, the Foundation Board desired to assist with construction costs as much as possible in order to alleviate overall debt and enhance areas identified as being especially important to area residents.


s a result of the feasibility study, which was concluded in May 2007, the Foundation Board voted to conduct a capital campaign to help fund the Emergency Department, Chapel, and Healing Garden at the new facility. The campaign, which became known as the Help, Hope and Healing Campaign, was launched in October 2007, and was led by a volunteer Steering Committee of fifteen community leaders from across the region. From October 2007 through April 2009, the Steering Committee and hospital leadership made over 25 public presentations and met individually with many people around the region to share the vision for the new medical center and invite charitable investment in this historic project. Over 400 donors responded enthusiastically by pledging more than $1.27 million in support for the Emergency Department, Chapel and Healing Garden. A new medical center for Cass County and the region was in the planning for more than a decade. What began as a vision more than 10 years ago has culminated in a beautiful, state-of-the-art medical center that will serve patients and their families well for years to come. As the vision for the medical center’s future evolved, the hospital’s name was changed to Cass Regional Medical Center in August 2008. This Donor Honor Book pays tribute to the volunteers and donors who shared this vision and committed their time, energy and financial resources to making the new Cass Regional Medical Center the very best it could be. Their selfless giving has resulted in a legacy for generations to come.

The Emergency Department The increased demand for emergency services was one of the key drivers in developing the new medical center. When construction of the new facility began, the Emergency Department at the old facility was operating at nearly 170% of capacity. The department, which was designed to handle between 4,000 and 5,000 cases per year, was treating over 11,000 cases annually. Features of the new Emergency Department, which donors have helped make possible, include: •

An increase in the number of exam areas from 5 to 11, with nine private rooms and one large cardiac treatment room that can be partitioned to accommodate two patients. It also has rooms specialized for the treatment of trauma, orthopedic, and obstetrical/gynecological cases.

A covered entrance for patients arriving by private car, and a separate, larger garage that will easily accommodate today’s larger ambulances.

A triage room off the main waiting area where a nurse will assess a patient’s health concerns and collect medical information in a private setting.

In-room admission. After being triaged by a nurse, the patient will be escorted to a private exam room. There, admitting personnel will come to the patient to complete the remaining necessary forms while the nurses and physician determine a plan of care.

A children’s waiting area with activity tables for learning and entertainment.

Security officers on-site 24 hours per day.

A larger, fenced-in helipad that is heated so that air ambulances may safely land in inclement winter weather.


A Legacy of


A Legacy of

The Chapel

Feasibility study participants identified spiritual care as an important part of the total healing process. The new Chapel is larger, and is conveniently located on the second floor, just off the rotunda. Its proximity to the intensive care and medical-surgical units provides easy accessibility for patient families, visitors and staff. Features of the new Chapel include: •

Nearly one-and-a-half times the space of the old hospital’s chapel, with additional seating for prayer and meditation.

Natural stone and wood accents, with indirect lighting.

A window with a view of the Healing Garden below and rolling hills in the distance.


A Legacy of

The Healing Garden

Recent research has shown that incorporating abundant natural light and elements of nature in the design of healthcare facilities improves the healing process for patients. The concept of bringing the “outdoors inside” has been integral in shaping the overall design of the new medical center. One of the key ways this has been accomplished is through the development of a new Healing Garden to complement the Memorial Garden, which has been recreated at the new site using elements from its previous location on the old campus. The new Healing Garden features: •

A reflecting pond and fountain that prominently incorporates the natural element of water in the healing environment.

Beautiful plantings that complement and enhance the visual appeal of the building’s stone façade.

A winding path lined with teak benches that provides patients, visitors and staff a place for physical and spiritual renewal.

The Help, Hope and Healing Campaign Donor Wall, which is both an art feature and a recognition of those donors who pledged $1,000 or more for the new hospital’s Emergency Department, Chapel and Healing Garden.

Help, Hope and Healing Campaign Gifts of $100,000 and above:

Gifts of $10,000 to $24,999:

Eddie D. and Pamela J. Brann

G. W. “Billy” and Lucile Gebhardt

Allen Bank & Trust Company

Dr. Danny Carroll

The Goppert Foundation

Jim and Carole L. Arnold

Tom and Barbara Carter

JE Dunn Construction Company

Jim and Eloise Bradley

Cass Regional Medical Center Medical Staff

Karen Carrel

David J. Christie

Dr. Marvin Cohen and Ms. Denise Ashby-Cohen

Ellen F. Clements

Commerce Bancshares Foundation and William T. Kemper Foundation – Commerce Bank, Trustee

W. J. and Emily Cook

Terry and Norma Crabtree

Hawthorn Bank

Dr. Pamela Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Hight

The Sunderland Foundation

Marc and Rebecca Finke

J. Christopher and Laurie Lang

Healthcare Capital Resources, Inc.

Dr. Ruel and Mary Jane Miciano Gifts of $25,000 to $49,999:

Richard and Michelle Lloyd

Peculiar Charitable Foundation

Cass Regional Medical Center Auxiliary

Bryan and Stacie Mallory

Power Group

Elvin S. Douglas, Jr.

Gary and Shirley Mallory

RZ and Martha Sims

Gillen Pharmacy, Inc. & Jess and LeAnne Dickerson

Duane and Jean Norton

Universal Asset Management & Gary and Robin Lee

Glenda and Rick Percival

Fred V. Kidd, Jr., and Connie M. Kidd

Barbara Walters-Rafter

Dr. and Mrs. Gail Kroenke

Jim and Carol Welborn

Dayle P. Lindsey

Western Missouri Radiological Group, Inc.

Gifts of $50,000 to $99,999: Wanda A. Brown

Marie Mickelson Franceline Parris

Gifts of $5,000 to $9,999:

Linda L. Sherman

C.O. and Katy Balentine Butch and Delores Beeman

Gary and Katy Crabtree

Dr. Richard and Linda Price C. Wayne Reid Seigfreid Bingham Levy Selzer & Gee, PC Laurence and Renee Smith Ronald L. Stokes, Sr., and Family Troutt, Beeman & Co., PC Vista Productions, Inc. & Mick and Angie Warnock

Gifts of $1,000 to $4,999:

Suzella Graham

Nancy Rinker

Dr. Keith and Janet Abercrombie

Kenya and Ryan Haugen

Bert and Patti Rinker

Charles E. (Gene) Allen and Dixie M. (Maloney) Allen

Kenny and Teresa Hensley

Cheryl Roberts

Hoefer Wysocki Architects, LLC

Ed and Gail Roberts

Virginia L. Argabright

John and Kim Hoffman

Rotary Club of Harrisonville

Betty Ann Bailey

Shaun and Susan Holden

M. Lyle and Laverna Baker

David and Margaret Hopkins

In Memory of June Limpus – Harold and Mildred Roth

Norma J. Baldridge

Mike and Patty Hough

Luke and Sissy Scavuzzo

Charles and Mary Ellen Barnes

Kansas City Cardiology Associates, Inc.

Jamie, Derek and Austin Schlotzhauer

John R. and Marilyn K. Bartholomew

Roger and Vicky Keefer

Darold and Dee Shelton

Ivan O. and Becky Beeman

Norma W. Keltner

Sherwood Community Bank


William and Martha Kimberlin

G.C. and Sharon Shores

Daryl and Barbara Bohannon & State Farm Insurance

Kiwanis Club of Harrisonville

Tracy and Michelle Sloan

Steve and Sharon Klein

Jeff, Austin and Olivia Sluder

In Memory of Vallie N. Bradley – Dr. L. B. Andrews Bowman

Marilyn Kurian

Don and Virginia Smith

Patricia A. Land

Dr. and Mrs. Larry D. Snider

Shannon Larsen

Robert and Elizabeth Spangler

R. Marc and Melissa Lattin

Jan Street

Jeanette Leslie

Robert and Debra Surber

Mary A. Luce, MD

John K. Tarwater, DDS

Kaye Markham

Beverly Tinsley

Marquette Cottage

Visiting Nurse Association

Dr. and Mrs. A.R. May III

Shera Sims, DDS, and Trent Vu

Tammi McDowell

Charles and Rebecca Wagner

David and Sonya McLelland

Richard and Jennifer Wallace

Patricia L. Meyer

Troy and Carla Wallen

Mark and Cynthia Miltenberger

Derek and Cristie Walsh & Amanda Johnson

Christine Bremser Jerry and Twila Buckner Joan R. Campbell Central Bank of Kansas City Peggy J. Clum Michael J. and Lisa A. Conner Connie Cox Steve and Tandy Croy Stephanie Danforth Doris Kay Dennis Bill J. Dickey Tom and Sharon Donohoe Pat Ezell Mary Fay Patrick and Melinda Flanner Donald E. Frein, MD Helen L. Friedrich Ginger Friesz Garden City Bank Barbara Gillen Gilmore & Bell Leroy and Connie Graham

William and Anna Lou Nicholls Gene and Sheila Noell Gene and Bonnie Olson Optimist Club of Harrisonville Jan Perry Wirt Perry The James H. Phillips Family Physicians Reference Laboratory, LLC Calvin and Vesta Porter Brent and Madie Probasco Raymore Lions Club

Chuck and Donna Walters Kay G. Ward Violet Warren Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Wheeler Wendell L. and Barbara J. Yeager Howard D. and Ila M. Yoss Joe and Donna Ziegler

Gifts of $999 and below:

Julie Coleman

Pat Grah

Shelia Albin

Vickie A. Corbin

Jennifer Gray

Beverly Anderson

Lois Cornelius

Claudia Griffin

Sara Anderson

Selma Cornell

Bea Grosshart

Beverly Andes

Susan Craig

Christy Guess

Jean Atkinson

Jan Crawford

Bonnie Hagen

Annette Barber

Anna Cryderman

Virginia Hancock

Mark Bartlett

Goldie Cunningham

Debi Harrill

Wanda M. Beaman

Jayme Dains

Faith Hardy-Harrison

Vera Bell

Dorothy Davis

Velma Helt-Diamond

Bob and Liz Bergfalk

Donna J. Davis

Christy Henderson

Lois R. Bernand

James Davis

Billy G. Hernandez

Crystal Berry

Linda Dawson

Jennifer Herrell

Mark Berry

Martin and Dorothy DeLozier

Dr. Ted and Kim Higgins

Wayne Bishop

Lisa Desjardins

Debbie Hill

Doris Bohannon

Wendi Dooley

Laura Hill

Vicki Bradford

The Drexel Star

Linda S. Hill

Lois Brigance

Peggy Duncan

Betty Hocker

Tina Brines

Ashley Eads

Beate Holder

Brenda Brown

Dr. and Mrs. R.C. Ebert II

Shirley Howell

Patricia Brown

Ann L. Edwards

Betty Hughes

Alice Brunner

Janet Ellison

Sandra K. Hyatt

Bill Bryant

Teresa “Renee” Erwin

Carol Jacobs

Linda Bryant

Michelle Espinoza

Judith Jenner

Sarah Buckingham

Golden Everly

Donna Johnson

Kenneth and Jackie Burkhart

Jean Farris

Steve Jones

Lucy Burton

Georgia Fessman

The Journal

Wayne “Chip” Campbell

Hannibal Fiore

Susan Keene

Debbie Carter, RN

Samantha and Brad Fisher and Family

Jennifer Kelly

Rosa Castillo

Robert Fortin

Casey Keyton


Jim and Judy Franklin

Dr. Lynn H. Kindred

Jerri Chandler

Elizabeth Friedman, MD

Connie King

Becky Charlton

Julie Fry

Frances King

Gloria Chenoweth

Michael Gibson

H. Richard King

Ethy Christman

Debbie Gilbert

Kevin King

Kim Chulufas

Hazel Gilbert

Sue King

Jim and Brenda Clayton

Kelley Gilbert

Lee Kingery

Karen Cochran

Todd and Missy Goffoy and Family

Jane Klaiber, FNP

Ella Mae Kleypas

Benita Nichol

Janie Sidwell

Judy Kneebone

Darlene Nussbaum

Margaret Sidwell

Sheryl Knox

Lori Page

Kathy Sims

Judith Korneman

Bettie M. Parscale

Linda Kay Sisk

Alta Kukovich

Virginia Paul

Wilma Sisk

Kathy Lamphear

Rilla Paxton

Jill Slade

LeaderFuelNow LLC

Donna Phillips

Ruth Smith

Jeneen Lemka

The Pleasant Hill Times

Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Snare

Karen S. Leslie

Rhonda Pool

Janet Snell

Keri Lett

Jane Porter

Brooke Spartz

Jeffery and Pamela Lukenbill

Sherry Proch

Elizabeth Spears

Tammy Marten

Barbara Pruden

Patrice Stamps

Amber Martin

Connie Pruden

Patty Stephens

Tina Mattingley

Jane Pulliam

Lynn Stewart

Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Maxwell

Lorrie Pulliam

Larry and Cheryl Stice

Alder D. and Karen D. Maze

Karen Purkey

Linda Strickfaden

Paige McClellan

Lisa Ramey

Keila Stuart

Pat McCollum

Mildred Randall

Brad and Sandy Sullivan

Minerva McDonnell

Kenneth and Sheila Reece

Ron and Denise Surber

Phyllis McGhee

Betty Reynolds

Dorritt Sutton

Mr. and Mrs. Manson W. McHargue

Janet Lynn Robertson

Dr. Lori K. Ehlers Swopes

Howard McHenry

Ron and Georgia Rodgers

Marsha Talley

Doris McKee

Josh Rowland

Dorothy Thomas

Michael and Sonja McLanahan

Sarah and Landon Rowland

Ann Tribble

Linda McNiel

Barbara S. Rudell

Tammy Tribble

Judy and Ron Meins

Cathryn Saville

Lillian E. Tschudi

Valerie Miller

Connie Schaller

Marissa Turner

Hester Mills

Christine Schimpf

Liberty Underwood

Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Mills

Terri Schindler

Deana Vermillion

Glenda Moles

Beverly Schreck

Laura and Alan Voss

Dr. William F. Mollenhour, Jr.

Robert and Pat Schumacher

Martha Wallace

Doris and George Moore

Liesa Scrogham

Stan and Cynthia Warner

Peggy Mouse

Michael Shaw

Michael E. Weaver

Christine Murtaugh

Robert and Mildred Shelton

Sharon Weaver

Merlin Musick

Deona Sherrill

Tony and Sarah Welhoff

Darrell and Jo Anne Myers

Kathryn Shipley

Glenn A. Wheeler

Marilyn Nasalroad

Billy and Martha Shoots

Elizabeth Whelan

Wauthena Neely

Donna Short

Alicia M. Whitcraft

Julie Williams

Karen Carrel

Harrisonville Family Medicine, Inc.

Nancy Williams

Central Bank of Kansas City

Harrisonville Winnelson

Freda H. Willoughby

Peggy J. Clum

HCA Midwest Health System

Vera Winkler

Andy and Lori Coffelt

Mitch and Kelly Hoefer

Donna Winningham

David and Linda Coffelt

Hoefer Wysocki Architects, LLC

Tate Wood

Commerce Bank of Harrisonville

Mark and Tanya Houchen

Ellen Wray

Community Bank of Pleasant Hill

Carl and Shirley Howell

Katie Wright

W.J. and Emily Cook


Martha York

Gary and Katy Crabtree

JE Dunn Construction Company

Crescent Cleaners

Rick and TyAnn Julian

Celebrity Academy Dinner 2008

Crouch, Spangler & Douglas

Kansas City Repertory Theatre

A World of Smiles

Crown Care Center

Kansas City Zoo

Acute Care, Inc.

Steve and Tandy Croy

Kansas Speedway

Les and Mary Akers

Dairy Queen

KC Conservative

Carolyn Alm

Dazzling Smiles of Harrisonville

Norma W. Keltner

American Heartland Theatre

Deaconess Long Term Care

Fred V. Kidd, Jr. and Connie M. Kidd

American HomePatient

Kandi Dillon

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Kimberlin

Mrs. Davie Anderson

Sharon Donohoe

Phil Klinkhardt

Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill and Bar

Elvin S. Douglas, Jr.

Vance and Meryline Kramer

Jim and Carole L. Arnold

DW Auto Repair

Cricket Kroenke


Ed’s Hardware

Kurzweils’ Country Meats

David and Virginia Atkinson

Kelly Elliott

J. Christopher and Laurie Lang

M. Lyle and Laverna Baker


Lindsey’s Jewelry

Norma Baldridge

The Family Center

Chuck and Linda Logue

Brian and Belinda Bardo

Chuck Figas and Angela Miratsky

Mr. and Mrs. C.F. Long, Jr.

Bennett Signs

Marc and Rebecca Finke

Jim and Carol Looney

Best Burrito

Patrick and Melinda Flanner

Gary Mallory

Ralph and Diana Bille

Noel and Linda Floyd

Margie’s Hallmark


Helen L. Friedrich

Marquette Cottage

Blackberry Trails Golf Course

John and Jennifer Furla

Doc and Rose Marsh

Eddie D. and Pamela J. Brann

G. R. Milner Ford

Paula McBride

Daniel Brewer

James Galle

Sonya McLelland

Wanda A. Brown

Barbara Gillen

Karen Meador

Brown’s Medical Imaging

Golden Classics Jewelry

Steve and Pat Meyer

Helen Budinger

The Golf Club @ Creekmoor

Cynthia Miltenberger

Joan R. Campbell

Green-Lamp Furniture

Noel’s Barbering and Hair Design

Cardinal Health

Randy and Karen Grimes

Larry and Carol Ann Parker

Danny Carmichael and Theresa Ryan

Harrisonville Cinema 6

Larry and Donna Pfautsch

Physicians Reference Laboratory, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Wakeman

Brandy W. Harsh

Powell Gardens

Dick and Jennifer Wallace

Sue Helt

Power Group

Kay G. Ward

Christy Henderson

Dr. Richard and Linda Price

Violet Warren

Debbie Hill

Ramsey’s Feed & Farm Supply

Lonnie and Yvonne Waterman

Nicole Hopkins

Mark and Mary Randall

Jim and Carol Welborn

Shirley Howell

Toni Lee Gould and George Roady

Western Missouri Radiological Group, Inc.

Joni Fashions

Ed and Gail Roberts

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Wheeler

Norma W. Keltner

Ron and Georgia Rodgers

Mr. and Mrs. Terry C. Wilson

Cricket Kroenke

Luke A. and Candy Scavuzzo

Windy Ridge Accents, LLC

April Leach

Luke and Sissy Scavuzzo

Jason and Jennifer Winter

Toni Leach

Seigfreid Bingham Levy Selzer & Gee, PC

Kevin Wood

Jeneen Lemka

Shamrock Hills Golf Course

Wendell and Barbara Yeager

Terri Livingston

Shared Medical Services

Joe and Donna Ziegler

Joni Mabary

Sheldrake Bakery, Inc.

Zirox, Inc.

Margie’s Hallmark Marquette Cottage

Linda L. Sherman Pam Shipley

Garden Party and Fashion Show

Minerva McDonnell

G.C. and Sharon Shores

Carolyn Alm

Rose Marie McDonnell

RZ and Martha Sims

Amazing Flowers & Gifts

Pat Meyer

Jeff Sluder

Beverly Anderson

Amanda Middlemas

Don and Virginia Smith

Ann Britt

Ginger L. Milner

Nathan Soulis

Alberta I. Brown

Charla Moore

Robert and Elizabeth Spangler

Wanda A. Brown

Morgan-Anne, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Spragle

Helen Budinger

Tammy Politte

Sprouts Gifts & Yarn

Joan R. Campbell

Donna Reeves

The Added Touch

Karen Carrel

Becky Schoenberger

The Blues Brothers

Ellen F. Clements

Eula Seibert


Coco Bongo, Inc.

Linda L. Sherman

Dr. and Mrs. Aaron Travis

Donna R. Davis-Hotchkiss

Martha Sims

Dr. and Mrs. Damon Travis

Jean DuBois

Gina Smith

Wendy Verbeek

The Family Center

Angie Sorrell

Vista Productions, Inc. & Mick and Angie Warnock

Fashion Avenue

Nina D. Swigart

Helen L. Friedrich

Lillian E. Tschudi

Shera Sims, DDS, and Trent Vu

Betty Girratono

Martha York

Mike and Melody Wagner

Tracy Goff

Cass Regional Medical Center Foundation Board of Directors Pictured left to right: Marvin Cohen, MD; Bryan Mallory; Cricket Kroenke; Butch Beeman; Karen Carrel; Chris Lang; Carole Arnold; Ron Rodgers; Linda Sherman; Charles Hight; Barbara Gillen; Fred Kidd; Martha Sims; Tracy Sloan; Carol Welborn. Help, Hope and Healing Campaign Steering Committee Carole L. Arnold Butch Beeman Bill Cook Terry Crabtree Elvin S. Douglas, Jr. Fred V. Kidd, Jr. Cricket Kroenke J. Christopher Lang Richard Lloyd Bryan Mallory Gary Mallory Martha Sims Linda Sherman Jim and Carol Welborn Cass Regional Medical Center Foundation Staff Sonya McLelland Administrative Director, Foundation, Marketing & Public Relations Donna Walters Public Relations and Development Coordinator Melissa Lattin Foundation and Public Relations Clerk Campaign Counsel Jennifer B. Furla, Executive Vice-President Jeffrey Byrne & Associates, Inc. Special Thanks Graphic design services and printing donated by Hoefer Wysocki Architects, LLC

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Cass Regional Medical Center Donor Book  

Cass Regional Medical Center Donor Book