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Hey Parents, The month of December is here, complete with the twinkle of Christmas lights, the brisk cool air, and people buzzing around like crazy buying gifts and preparing for the Christmas season. In our Jr. High ministry we just finished a huge series on faith. The main question we asked in that series is “What would your life look like if you were 100% confident that God could be trusted?” We spent the last three months looking at different ways God strengthens our faith, and how we, and God, can leverage those different things in our lives to grow in a relationship with Him. As we move forward in the month of December we are following up the Faith series with a series that we feel is equally important. It is a series we are simply entitling LOST… Recently I got sucked into the TV show LOST and I found myself thinking about it all the time. I desperately wanted the people stuck on this deserted island to get back to a life of normalcy. But the more I thought about the TV show, the more God laid on my heart this idea that there are people around me, around your sons and daughters, around you, every day that are LOST… They were created to live life a certain way, in a relationship with the savior of the world. But for many people, their lives are spent trying to find the life they were meant to live…they are LOST… We have the answer for them…that’s Christ and sharing Christ with those around us is about so much more than just heaven and hell. It’s about improving the life they are living right now. The more I thought about the TV show LOST the more I realized how much I don’t think about people in real life, surrounding me every day that are LOST… This series will hopefully open the students’ eyes to the world around them that people are LOST… We will also look at the idea that no matter where they are in their journey of faith, they can share Christ with those around them. I know there are a lot of preconceived notions about sharing Christ, but far too often I think we have complicated the process. This month we will look at the idea of simplifying the process of sharing our faith and how to effectively help some of those around of that are LOST… find their way. Here’s a brief rundown of the month: December 5 – People are LOST…but everyone deserves to be found December 12 – Step 1: Notice the LOST… December 19 – Step 2: Serve the LOST… December 26 – Fuse will not meet: Enjoy the morning service with your family Special event: December 12th – Bowling 3:30-5:00 at the IU Memorial Union Bowling Alley The only thing students need money for is shoes and any food they want to buy while there

As you have conversations with your son or daughter this month I hope that you will begin to think about someone around you that needs Christ. Ask your son or daughter to think about someone around them that needs Christ. Then begin praying for those people. Pray with your son or daughter for the people that you are thinking about. Then begin looking for ways to share Christ with those people.

December 2010 Parent Letter  

december parent letter for jr. high