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Elizabeth Levengood Graphic Design Print Portfolio

Hackivismo Manifesto The hacktivismo manifesto is a call to arms of all with an online presence to protect the rights of free speech and access to information. In collaboration with designer Sarah Reimer, we created a series of flyers asking viewers to consider their rights and fight the infringement of them by any governing authority. Also included is a fold out brochure meant to be mailed to members of the Hacktivist group that details the entire manifesto text, set with imagery of glitch and code in mind.

Well Lit Cafe Event Poster and Logo The Well Lit Cafe was an on campus poetry reading event meant to connect the science and english department at SUNY Fredonia. This event included two lecturers from out of state and was a free event open to students and the community. The purple graphic was created from a scan of a collage and manipulated in photoshop, and the Well Lit Cafe text was scanned from letraset. The beaker logo was picked from ten others created to be used on the physical flyers and at the event on pins and stickers.

Fredonia Feminist Branding The club Fredonia Feminists came to me looking for a logo and button designs to use for their various on-campus events, including a monthlong event celebrating female achievements In history called “Herstory Month” including workshops and guest speakers. They use this logo on pins, stickers, and tee shirts.




Gong Garden Identity Gong Garden is a seller and producer of organic vegetable, herbs and food options owned by Pete and Sarom and located in Fredonia New York. Sarom tends to the two acres of gardens and makes prepared foods like spring rolls and kimchi at the Fredonia’s farmer’s market every Saturday morning, where they are the only completely organic seller. They’ve been selling from their six gardens for over 12 years and wanted a fitting identity to help them expand.

Illustration Work After years of figure drawing courses and sketching assignments, I wanted to incorporate my appreciation for creating art from reference into my design work. I create vector portraits and graphics to experiment in both photoshop and illustrator and to work on the ability to take from life and shape it into a personalized graphic design. These graphics are simple but effective depictions of creative individuals that have inspired me as well as playful imaging making for my own enjoyment.

Boy Scout Patch Designs The Klondike derby is an annual outdoor event held the Baywaters district Boy Scouts of America during winter months. These patches were used on boy scout uniforms and hats during and after the 2017 and 2018 event.

Glitch Art Zine During the Fall of 2016 my graphic design class was assigned the task of creating one design every day for 100 days and posting it to a blog. 100 days of growing, learning, stressing, laughing, and recording some interesting quotes. I spent the majority of the semester in a science lab turned computer lab experimenting with glitched image making, retro typefaces and different shades of pink. This booklet is a collection of some of my creations and pictures from the semester.

Anxiety Cookbook According to the Behavior Research Foundation, 40 Million adults in the united States live with an anxiety related disorder. This publication is an investigation into the relationship between food and emotions through glitched and chaotic image making. Each section relates to a stress related emotion paired with corresponding recipes. It includes original photographs, original watercolor and digital illustrations, personal family recipes, and research about mental health in America.

Lense and Frame Shop Phone Application As someone who has been wearing glasses for years, it’s only been recently that online retailers have attempted to create an online affordable optical market. My design solution is an application mobile devices focused on simple and easy to use graphics to make it easy and enjoyable for consumers of all levels of experience with glasses to ordering online. There is a section to choose frame shape, lense type (regular, high index, etc...), and color. The muted color palette, minimal design and use of visual selection elements are meant to make this application accessible to individuals with poor eyesight.Â

Park & Rider Park & Rider is a design solution to the Fredonia specific issue of never knowing where late night on campus bus is. It includes hours of operation and a call feature to contact the bus, as well as a locator feature to view on a map of the campus where the bus is. Included is an eta for when the bus might make it to your specific location, as well as a map showing where you are in relation to the bus. The design utilized the school color scheme and was made in collaboration with fellow designer Jessica Tompkins.

New Order Gig Poster New Order is an english rock band formed with the remaining members of the famous Joy Division, credited for creating post - punk music. Both band’s design is minimal and clean, thanks to the work of Peter Seville. While designing for the album power corruption and lies, Seville created a color wheel language that spelled words in blocks of color, and used on the album cover to write the title. I used this model to spell out the band name in the corresponding colors, and rendered it in watercolor and scanned it in. Besides including the color wheel between the date and time of the gig, I included the white negative space as an ode to the minimalism of Seville’s other work for the band.

Published Illustration Work The Leader is a weekly publication distributed through the Fredonia State campus and I’ve had one or more illustrations in each issue since January of 2016. I’ve made graphics for different sections of the newspaper including a Lampoon section, News, Life and Arts, and Sports.

Dye-Chotomy Packaging and Instillation Created for a show in the Marion Art Gallery, this is packaging for three different colors of hair dye that investigate the connection between identity and self expression. After asking the people around me what identity means to them, I used those words to write a manifesto on self expression as it relates to the process of dyeing one’s hair. This manifesto acts as the instructions pamphlet, a is displayed a labeled jar of hair dye and it’s package. The exterior of the box is minimal to represent the importance of identity and the inside texture is repeated on the poster along with original photo manipulations.





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Elizabeth Levengood Graphic Design Print Porfolio  
Elizabeth Levengood Graphic Design Print Porfolio