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Thursday, Oct. 14, 2010

hady Maple highlights weekend activity board

more special education major, said. CAP board brings in new ideas to engage students on campus and takes trips to surrounding areas. JaCabrini Activities and Program- mie Santoro, Emily Fiore and Peter ming board took an indulging and Morrison, members of CAP Board, exciting trip to Shady Maple Smor- worked together to put this event gasbord in Lancaster, Pa. The word into motion. “buffet” does not do the variety of They orchestrated this event to food offered at Shady Maple Smor- give students some time off camgasboard justice. pus and get another outlook on a Walking into Shady Maple different environment. Smorgasbord can be fairly over“We chose Shady Maple bewhelming because of the amount cause a lot of Cabrini students go of food offered and the endless there so we knew it would be a servings. good turnout. Roughly 20 people The different kinds of food con- came to the event... considering sists of grits and eggs, scrapple, the fact buses left campus at 8 a.m., biscuits and gravy, that was not waffles, donuts, “Most people went a bad turnfruits, yogurts, ham Fiore, back for three or four out,” and eggs, tarts and vice presivarious types of pan- servings because dent of CAP cakes including blue- there was not enough Board, said. berry, banana nut, “I used room on their plate .” chocolate and many to go when I more. was younger The pancake bar with my somewhat resembles an ice cream family. It lives up to its acclaim I shop. An endless amount of top- was still excited to go,” Kimberly pings are offered and the sky is the Carlson, junior political science limit when it comes to creativity major, said. with pancakes. Something unique about the After everyone enjoyed the Shady Maple Smorgasboard is breakfast courses, the lunch tables that they offer parking for Amish became available. horse and buggies since the Smor“The food was really good but gasboard is located in Lancaster it was hard to narrow it down be- County, a well-known Amish comcause there were so many selec- munity. tions. The atmosphere was busy Shady Maple has been in exisbut family oriented. I can defi- tence since 1970. Most cooks come nitely see my friends and I going in at 4 a.m. to begin preparing food back, ” Donald Powell, sophomore and people stay overnight to cook criminology major, said. the meat for the next day. It is a Most people went back for three family attraction known all across or four servings because there was Pennsylvania. not enough room on their plate to “I have never been to Shady enjoy everything they wanted. Maple but it is a really big tourist “I had such a hard time trying to attraction in Lancaster, especially decide where to start and what to on Saturday mornings,” Mary Kate eat,” Chelsea Cornacchia, sopho- Miller, sophomore psychology By Chelbi Mims Staff Writer

Application of the week: Nike + iPod By: Kelsey Alvino Staff Writer

kelsey kastrava / editor in chief

Junior Brittany Hume enjoys the buffet breakfast served at Shady Maple. major and a resident of Lancaster employee in the Shady Maple gift shop, said. county, said. Many Cabrini students enjoyed Shady Maple also has a 40,000foot gift shop, which includes fur- the gift shop as much as the food. niture, candles, rugs, toys, posters Most students left with memoraand much more. There are a variety bilia from the gift shop. “I bought a lime green tie dye of homemade products as well as items you could find at your local tee shirt that said ‘Amish country’ with a horse and buggy on the front Wal-Mart. “A lot of the food is made by and a bonnet,” Mimi Moore, junior employees in the farm market and history and American studies, said. the furniture is delivered from crafts man in the area,” Jason Ruhl,

This iPod application will have you running to the nearest shoe store to pick up your new pair of Nike running shoes. When you download the Nike+GPS app to your iPod touch or iPhone, it tracks your workout easily both indoors and outdoors and without a sensor. The app records your pace, distance, calories burned and the route you run with the iPhone’s GPS. The built-in GPS will track where you are going and where you have already been. Then it is uploaded to Nikeplus. com. As you run, you receive voice feedback for how well you are doing and you are also able to set goals for yourself. Motivational messages from Nike’s top athletes will push you to achieve your goals and also celebrate with words of encouragement when you reach them. If you happen to find yourself lost on your run, don’t worry. The application’s GPS has a map that tracks exactly where you started and where you have run to. To give you that extra motivational boost when you are nearing the end of your run, customize your “PowerSong” and activate it when needed. In customer ratings, Nike+GPS receives four stars. It is definitely worth $1.99 as opposed to the old Nike+iPod sport kit that could be purchased for $30. This app comes highly recommended because you can listen to music, while the app records your running times and maps out your routes with various distances, elevations and average speeds.

kelsey kastrava / editor in chief

Shady Maple is not only a place to eat your meals, there are all sorts of holiday decorations that are available for purchase.

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Thursday, Oct. 14, 2010

Fall must havesfor the season Thigh-high boots

These have become a favorite with many women. Whether it’s a heel or a flat, these boots are comfortable and sleek. They provide a great look and protection from the cold air, day or night.

Red lips The attention-grabbing but eloquent red lip screams style. With numerous shades of red you are sure to find the one that fits you and your outfit best. Make sure to apply a moisturizer before your pick of lipstick to guarantee a long-lasting effect.


Leather jackets Leather jackets are a must-have this fall. Making a comeback to the current wardrobe, these jackets now come with more flair and style than ever. Find favorites from leather motorcycle jackets to bright-colored bomber jackets.


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Copper tones Designers look to bronze and golds to bring shine to the dull colors of the fall. Gold and bronze tones are a nice pop when it comes to nail polish, shoes and accessories.



Military accents A huge contrast to the latest trends comes from the military style that is increasing in popularity. Boots, pants and jackets are a few favorites that are emerging this fall, with small military accents to provide a tough yet chic look.

Dark denim Dark denim is always flattering. The dark wash is more appropriate for fall, unlike light-colored jeans that tend to wash out your skin tone.

Lace Lace done right can look edgy and eloquent at night and flirty and feminine during the day. For daytime colors stick with tans and pastels. At night go for a black lace.


Belted waist The belted waist is a simple way to update and give life to your outfit. You can belt your jacket, dress and long sweaters. This looks gives you a figure under your heavy fall clothing.

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Blazers A sexy and sophisticated look that is easy to wear. Solid white, black and grey blazers are the go-to choices. A blazer is a great key wardrobe piece for a day-to-night look. Pair your blazer with dark skinny denim during the day and a sexy tank top for the night.


Sparkle Before, sequins were worn for special occasions only. Now they are attached to casual daily-wear outfits as well. Sequins are now being added to cardigans and skirts, in a effort to update some older looks. Subtle hints (like adding a broach or decorated sweater) look great but don’t overdo it and look like a disco ball.

By: Kelsey Alvino Staff Writer all photoes from mct

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Thursday, Oct. 14, 2010

Movie Review: “Life as we Know It”

“Gossip Girl Here...”

By Meghan McSloy Copy Editor The much-anticipated movie, “Life as We Know It,” premiered in theaters on Friday, Oct. 8. With the perfect combination of comedy and emotional drama, the movie draws viewers in, making them feel as if they have a personal connection to the characters. The film stars Katherine Heigl, who plays regimented bakery owner Holly Berenson and Josh Duhamel, known as “Messer” throughout the movie, who is an up-and-coming sports director and ladies man. The two, who have absolutely nothing in common besides their best friends, are constantly bumping heads after being set up on a blind date, which ended in the pair vowing to never see each other again. Despite their dislike for one another, the two are forced to constantly spend time together because of their best friends, Peter and Alison Novak. Peter and Messer are inseparable just as Alison and Holly are. The only thing that Holly and Messer have in common is their love for the Novak’s one-yearold daughter, Sophie. Both play a very instrumental role in the life of Sophie and are present for every monumental event in the little girl’s life. The up-beat tone of the movie changes briefly when the Novak’s are killed tragically in a car accident. Overcome with grief, Holly

By: Sarah Luckert Staff Writer

Pauly’s Entourage


Josh Duhamel at the premiere of “Life as we Know It,” in New York City Friday, Oct. 8. and Messer face a shocking reality when they are informed that their friends have left dual guardianship to the both of them, forcing them to work out their own issues and come together to raise Sophie. The remainder of the movie deals with the pair trying to work out their personal differences while being attentive parents at the same time. Although the two struggle at first with their own personality conflicts, it is both funny and inspirational to see them come together to better the life of Sophie, who although young, is still grieving the loss of both of her parents. The more time Holly and Messer spend together, the more their

relationships develops. Just when things seem to be going good with the two of them, Messer is forced to make a life-changing decision that puts a strain on the entire family. The timing is bad because Holly is beginning to fall in love with Messer. “Life as we Know It” provides viewers with the perfect combination of comedy and heart-warming scenes along with a few tearjerkers as well. While Heigl plays her typical “can’t get a man” character, her and Duhamel make for a dynamic duo in the movie. Sophie, who is actually played by three triplet sisters, plays a very difficult role bril-

liantly. It is clear that the three little girls who play Sophie have a good connection to the adult actors. Although the majority of the movie is predictable from the previews, it is still a good-quality romantic comedy that is sure to be well liked by all viewing audiences.

One of television’s favorite stars, Paul “DJ Pauly D” Delveccio, is not taking a step away from the MTV hit show “Jersey Shore,” but instead coming out with his very own new show, “Pauly’s Entourage.” DJ Pauly D has already started filming with his road manager, Big Mike, his bodyguard, Jerry, and his best friend, Jason. The show is said to follow Pauly D’s music career as a DJ. It starts out in his hometown in Rhode Island and continues to the permanent filming location in Las Vegas. This will not interfere with filming the “Jersey Shore.”

Kutcher vs. Bieber

Classroom Chic Name: Kate Freyvogel

Trend Alert:

Major: Marketing

Ribbon Belt

Minor: Sports Marketing Year: Sophomore Tell us about your outfit: “I wear this outfit to class because it is comfortable and still fashionable.” Favorite part of your outfit: “My favorite part is my belt because it is colorful and it reminds me of summertime. It also has my two favorite colorspink and green.”

A ribbon belt can add a splash of color to any outfit. It is a great way to dress up a neutral colored shirt or can also be used to accent any article of clothing. Ribbon belts can be found in an array of colors, patterns and textures.

katie bonanni / staff writer

Step over Ashton Kutcher, Justin Bieber is now taking the lead. Kutcher, host of the retired MTV show “Punk’d,” may be handing off his beloved line “You’ve just been punk’d” to the teen superstar. Sources say the new show will be very similar to Kutcher’s “Punk’d” but it will bring some different aspects to the table. Polls on the internet are asking fans if they think this role would be good for Bieber. “Punk’d” is known for everything from making singer and actor Justin Timberlake cry to showing an enraged side of rapper Jadakiss.

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