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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Get in with the out there outfitters By Diana Campeggio Assist. A&E Editor The easygoing vibe felt in Out There Outfitters is prevalent from the first step into the store. From the wide-planked wood floors to the vintage license plates, the store rings of a certain earthy charm that is hard to get right. Out There Outfitters has been providing quality outdoor and exercise clothing as well as accessories to the Wayne community since August 2008, when outdoor lovers Zeke Sieglaff and wife Tory opened the store. “Whether going to the beach, to the mountains or to the golf course, we have what you need,” Zeke Sieglaff said. Sieglaff grew up south of the Wayne area until he moved to Florida, where he opened two similar stores. Boca Grande was the first place of establishment in 1997, followed by the second opening in Tampa during 2002. But once his children began attending school and their schooling became the most important issue in Zeke and Tory’s life, they decided to uproot their family and move back to the Philadelphia area in 2007. After contacting Patagonia, the most prominent supplier at Sieglaff’s stores, to figure out an area where stores were not carrying their clothing and products, they decided on Wayne. According to Sieglaff, there was a need for quality outdoor clothing and accessories in the area, with the only similar store being REI in

Eco-friendly tip of the week:

Conshohocken. Out There Outfitters now serves local families, primarily consisting of women shopping for themselves, their husbands and their children. “Retailing is what I do best,” Sieglaff said. The store carries a wide variety of outdoor clothing and accessories, as well as men and women’s fashions. They carry everything from hiking backpacks and sneakers to dresses and handbags. Out There Outfitters also carries a diverse assortment of brands, which often brings people into the store. Sieglaff has a passion for the brands that he carries and loves the standard of quality that they hold themselves to. He feels a connection to the items he sells: “All the clothing and brands we carry, I grew up wearing,” Sieglaff said. Sieglaff also focuses on featuring brands that are Fair Trade and environmentally conscious. Reducing their carbon footprint is important to the staff of Out There Outfitters. Their location on North Wayne Avenue has been good to Sieglaff, being that they are located right along the easiest parking in all of Wayne. According to Sieglaff, there is a community feel about the center of Wayne, which is inviting and brings a lot of foot traffic to the store as well. Whether you are traveling to Colorado or to the rainforest, or just need to brace the winter cold here in Pennsylvania, the store has everything you need to harbor the elements. Currently, the store is running a

Application of the week: Confession

By Elizabeth Krupka A&E Editor


Out There Outfitters has a wide selection of clothing and accessories for any lover of the great outdoors. 30 percentoff sale on many of their winter items and is open 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday, with shorter 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. hours on Sundays. For more information about Out There Outfitters, please contact their website or FaceBook page.

Opening the refrigerator door accounts for 7 percent of energy use. Keep the door closed.

Even religion can’t escape technology. Practices that people once needed to go to church for are now available at your fingertips. Confession: A Roman Catholic app is all the new rage, in the lifestyle category of the app store. Confession is downloadable for $1.99 and you get all of the customizations you could possibly think of. Each user gets their own examination of conscience, which is based on the commandments that the user choses. The application was originally developed to be inviting to Catholics who have found themselves straying away from the sacrament. The app begins with an examination of the conscience screen, asking the user multiple questions including their age, sex, marital status and vocation. Based on the answers, the user puts in the commandments that they have not been faithful to. Then the user can choose from seven of the different options of contrition. This is where it gets even more personalized, based on the commandments you have broken. This app sounds almost too good to be true. You can be honest about your sins without even having to tell a priest, which is the most unnerving part of reconciliation. But there is a catch: this application does not replace the sacrament, which is what a lot of users assume it does. The application is merely supposed to be used as a tool in order to get the users mind prepared for the sacrament. Despite this fact, the sales have exceeded the developers expectations. This app is currently among Apples 100 best selling apps. This just shows that technology doesn’t necessarily need to be good for your pocket or organization. It can also be good for your soul. Only downside, you still have to face the priest.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

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GAGA makes history By Natalie Crawford Staff Writer The newest released single by the artist Lady Gaga is now the fastest selling debut on iTunes ever. It reached No. 1 on the iTunes charts in 22 countries, Billboard’s 1,000 No. 1 hit and has been played thousands of times on on-air radio, breaking the history of the charts. It was the fastest downloaded single on the iTunes chart in just the small span on five days. “Born This Way” was released on Feb. 11, two days earlier than planned. The single was expected to be released during her 2011 Grammy performance but Gaga tweeted that she could not wait any longer. “I heard ‘Born This Way’ at like 8 a.m. the day it came out and I started jumping up and down screaming. I was so excited and I loved it,” Kadee Schwalm, junior business administration major, said. This new song, which has now been labeled the new gay anthem by the legend Sir Elton John, has had some mixed reviews. Fans are either ecstatic or extremely disappointed. Those that are not fans of Gaga hate it because they think it’s a rip off of Madonna’s 1989 single, “Express Yourself.” “I heard it on Saturday after it first came out for the first time on the way to the mall. I actually didn’t like it at first but I’m like that with any song I hear for the first time. I came back from the mall, went to my room and I literally listened to it seven times and now I love it,” Megan Sokolowski, sophomore communication major, said. The controversy that emerged from “Born This Way” was the comparison to Madonna’s “Express Yourself.” Madonna is one of Lady Gaga’s major influences in her career, however the talk is that it is “Express Yourself” with a “heavier eclectic vibe.” If anything, “Born This Way” is a tribute to Madonna. “I heard it the day it was released. I first heard it and I thought “this song sounds familiar.” I thought it was plagarism,” Michael Wehrman, Asst professor of Criminology, said. Lady Gaga was interviewed on Jay Leno the day after the Grammys. One of the topics that was presented to her during the interview was this controversy. Her immediate response was, “There really is no one that is a more adoring and loving Madonna fan than me. I am the hugest fan personally and professionally.” Gaga also said that she received an email from Madonna saying that she supports the single and loves it. During the 53rd Grammy awards, Lady Gaga won three Grammys for female pop vocal performance, pop vocal album and best short form music video. For some, it was the first time hearing “Born This Way.” “The first time I heard it was at the Grammys. My immediate reaction was that it was the worst song I’ve ever heard. I felt like compared to her other songs, it’s not catchy,” Kimberly Carlson, junior political science major, said. Another stir-up at the Grammys was her entrance in an egg, or “vessel” as she calls it, during her interview with Jay Leno. She was living in the egg for three days before her performance. People have questioned her reasoning as to what the meaning of the egg was. She was interviewed on Good Morning America Thursday, Feb. 17 and she said that the meaning is rebirth: rebirth of herself as an artist and rebirth of her new album. She said that everyone should have a rebirth at some point in their lives. “With her strong affiliations with the gay community, ‘Born This Way’ is all about that and I think that defines her as an artist. She wants to be known as someone that has meaning and support and can make music that people like,” Sokolowski said. Gaga’s goal is to be an inspiration to everyone. “I think she is very creative and I love everything that she speaks for and that she doesn’t care what people think about her,” Schwalm said. “She is really inspirational and for me personally, she makes me not want to be so afraid.” “Born This Way” is a song that hopes to inspire everyone to be confident with themselves and to love themselves for who they are and not what society wants them to be. “I think it’s amazing. It tells people to be who they are. Someone yelled at me about being too tall and I yelled back, ‘baby I was born this way,’” Brittany Hume said. Since the release of “Born This Way,” Lady Gaga has become a head-turning celebrity of the 21st century. Nothing will hold her back or get in her way. Gaga is virtually unstoppable. The scheduled release date for her album is May 23. “I saw her in concert in September and I was front row. It was at the Wells Fargo center and it was amazing. The floor is all general admission so we got there really early. Girls were wearing caution tape and another girl had a bubble outfit on. “Dance in the Dark” and “Speechless” were my favorite songs that she performed. While she was performing “Speechless” she was playing the piano and it was on fire,” Peter Morrison, junior education major, said. This hard-working Italian New Yorker wants everyone to know the true meaning of “Born This Way.” “It’s about being able to know that when you were born, you weren’t just born in that moment,” Lady Gaga during an the interview with Lay Leno, said. “You have your entire life to realize the person you are potentially going to become and whoever you choose to be was part of your destiny.”

“You have your entire life

to realize the person you are potentially going to become and whoever you choose to be was part of your destiny.”

Arts & Entertainment

12 The Loquitur

Reality Check: Homewreckers By Danielle McLaughlin A&E Editor “Get your hands off my man.” If these words come to mind whenever you see that overly-friendly girl that your significant other claims is “just a friend, I swear,” you might want to take a moment and reassess your situation. After thinking this over, you may discover that you have a homewrecking circumstance on your hands. I’m not saying that your significant other isn’t entitled to have friends of the opposite sex, in fact it’s expected, but I am saying that everyone gets paranoid now and then about their boyfriend or girlfriend cheating. If you are in a mature, committed relationship, then you shouldn’t have to waste time worrying if your trust is being broken. If you are worrying, then you need to have a serious discussion with your significant other and possibly with the homewrecker that is causing the tension. With the proper investigation, I guarantee that you won’t end up on day-time television reassuring the fact that your “baby daddy” is in fact, your “baby daddy.” 1. Stalking, stalking and more stalking- I’m not telling you to sit outside your boyfriends window and watch his every move, but it couldn’t hurt to check out his Facebook wall and see if there is any suspicious activity occuring. Take advantage of technology before someone takes advantage of you. However, there is a fine line between a little friendly stalking and a total invasion of privacy. Don’t cross it. 2. Don’t make excuses- If your boyfriend walks in smelling like perfume and has lipstick on his collar, don’t assume he has taken up the hobby of cross dressing. Check in with your man-piece and know what he’s doing from time to time. 3. Don’t be a psycho- There is nothing less attractive then a paranoid person who is constantly checking up on you. Resist the urge to check up on your significant other if your last check-in time was less then an hour ago. It gets annoying. Homewreckers are on the prowl everywhere. In every city in America there are lonely people seeking to destroy others happiness in order to gain their own (among a few other things). Have a homewrecker on your hands? No problem. Follow these simple steps to reassure that no one is putting their hands on what is rightfully yours.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Toy-themed game seems to stack up By Elizabeth Krupka A&E Editor Most people associate video games with “bang, bang, shoot-em up” scenarios. However, that is not necessarily always the case. “Stacking” is classified as an adventure/ puzzle game that is not only appropriate for all ages, but also entertaining for everyone. Ever heard of a matryoshka doll? They are the dolls that start large, have a cut in the center and then open. There are multiple sizes, stacked in one large matryoshka doll. The game takes advantage of the clever idea of the doll and uses that as the entire point of the game. The player begins as a the tinniest matryoshka, Charlie Blackmore. Blackmore’s siblings are missing because the game takes place during the Industrial Revolution. During this time child labor was acceptable, and the Baron (the villian in the game) is forcing Blackmore’s family to work during the revolution. Blackmore learns quickly during the game that there is no way he will ever actually be able to free his family, so he takes it upon himself to stop the issue of child labor once and for all. The dolls talk, adding an interesting element to the game because after a while, the user feels as though they have entered this world. The graphics are not as realistic as “Red Dead Redemption” or even “Assassians Creed.” However, the graphics make the player feel like they are in a toy-ish world. The levels do have a very Victorian feel to them and so does the architecture of the designs and the rooms. As the player goes through the levels, they gain larger dolls to stack with. This is important because it changes the appearance of Blackmore which is necessary for the end, and you can be larger to complete some harder tasks. Stacking of the dolls is important in the development of the game as well to advance


“Stacking” was received better in stores, and now has become a nation wide best seller. Both families and a younger audience enjoy the toy themed game. to different levels. There is one level that is referred to as the “hub” level. That is the train station. There are four other levels that Blackmore travels through. Within the levels there are several puzzles that the player needs to complete in order to be able to move on. The puzzles have varying levels. However, as you get higher in the levels, the options to complete the level begin to get slimmer. For example, on level four a puzzle may only have two solutions as opposed to a puzzle on level one, which might have five or six options. Stacking is the sequel of a game called “Costume Quest.” Double Fine developed both games and needed “Stacking” to be a better hit than “Costume Quest.” THQ was the company that produced the game, and when the game was first released, THQ offered a free set of dolls. The free sets

and games sold out in stores within 24 hours. On, “Stacking” received an 83 out of 100. The score of the game is usually 8.3 or higher, which is impressive for a puzzle/adventure game. Game Informer stated that the puzzles in the game are “logical, however very rewarding once they are figured out. The multiple solutions to the puzzles are enticing to players because they don’t feel locked into one answer.” For the price and entertainment of the game, “Stacking” has only been on shelves for a month and stores are having a hard time keeping it there.

TOP fives iTunes Downloads 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

On the Floor- J.Lo Till the World Ends-Britney Spears Born this way-Lady Gaga S&M - Rihanna Blow-Ke$ha

Box Office Flicks 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

“Rango” “The Adjustment Bureau” “Beastly” “Hall Pass” “Gnomeo & Juliet”

Most-Watched Videos 1. Miley Cyrus as Justin Bieber SNL skit 2. The Strokes “Undercover” 3. Hands to yourself 4. Jennifer Aniston goes viral smartwater 5. America is NOT broke

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