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Wait, What’s the Name Again? Now that thousands of people have the new iPad (unless you haven’t sold your used iPad, you might decide to get one), a lot of people have named the new iPad dozens of monikers like, the new iPad, the iPad 3, the latest iPad, iPad 2012, iPad 3rd Gen or just plain “the iPad.” But what should we call the new iPad if Apple itself does not have a prepared name for it. When they released it, the screen just said “the new iPad.” For my own convenience, I just call it “the new iPad.” The question is, is that its official name? No fancy name for it, Mr. Cook?

During its release in San Francisco, Tim Cook, the CEO of the Apple Company, presented the features of the new tablet, while simply calling it “the new iPad” all throughout the presentation. The audience braced themselves to be surprised about the name by the end of the presentation thinking that its official moniker was “the big reveal.” But no, it didn’t happen. With all its new fascinating features, the naming of the new iPad seems to be unusual and many were curious about what happened during the “naming stage” of the new iPad. Did Apple just skip that part and completely forget about it? One reason that we can think of is that maybe Apple is paving a road for the iPad generations that is something like the MacBook Pro (which the Apple did not assign any model numbers). Besides, what is so luxurious about calling it iPad 4, 5, 6 and so on and so forth, right? It will be easier for the company to

just make great updates without confusing buyers which line of iPad to buy. One thing is for sure, the name really does not matter. Who cares about the name if the gadget itself is great? Besides, remember how irritating it is that you can’t remember the model number of your first laptop, or worse, your latest one? What’s that again? Samsung XYZ or something like that? The thing is, once you sell your old iPad, you will still remember it, just say iPad 1 or 2. The naming of products just makes everything else complicated. Moreover, is it confusing if we just say “The New iPad”? Yeah, maybe if there’s another upcoming generation, but then again, when’s that, next year? Apple might have decided to leave the naming game to the people. It is for the people to call it iPad 3 or the new iPad, and then when there is a new one coming, obviously the used-to-be-new iPad will be more popularly known as iPad 3 while the later version will be christened the “new iPad.” Maybe Apple just want to escape the confusion they got when they released the iPhone 4S. A lot of people thought it was the iPhone 5, and calling it iPhone 4S was just a gimmick. With that in mind, some people joked that maybe the new iPad was not even the iPad 3 per se. Maybe, it is the iPad 2S. But anyway, do names really matter to customers? How about you? What do you think? Will it stop you from selling your old iPad and getting the new one? Comment below about this naming game of Apple. Article Source:

Wait, What’s the Name Again?  

Now that thousands of people have the new iPad (unless you haven’t sold your old iPad, you might decide to get one), a lot of people have na...

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