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Tablets to Draw On There lies an artist in each one of us. We can draw anything no matter what style we have (or no matter how bad an artist we are) as long as inspiration comes. However, drawing a lot may be a little bit bad for our environment, especially if you are the type of person who keeps on making drafts. Too much paper wasted means more trees to cut. If you are a serious illustrator and you use technology to produce beautiful artwork, then you are choosy when it comes to tablets to use. Obviously, you want a gadget that will give you an experience as if you were creating a work of art using the traditional method. However, there are a lot of tablet models that can actually interpret your strokes, giving you a realistic feel of painting the picture yourself. You can even try different stylus to have various results. So, whether you are a professional illustrator or an ordinary person who loves to draw, why not sell your old iPad and get these amazing tablets that will unleash the artist in you! HTC Flyer

It is not popular knowledge for people who use Android gadgets that an Android gadget can be used by the artistically inclined. However, you can use one that has good enough graphics resolution, like the HTC Flyer. This tablet is more famous for busy people who need multitasking. It is known for its speed and agility, making it a plus for those who like to doodle. This tablet is about 7 inches (17.8 centimeters) making it easier to carry around than most tablets. It is a good tablet to draw on because it is highly sensitive to stylus pressure, thus, the illustrator has better control. It has a well-crafted and intuitive interface, which means nothing will stop you or even slow you down in your creative process.

Wacom Intuos 5

Wacom creates tablets that are mainly for drawing. They are very good at manufacturing drawing tablets. The Intuos 5 is not a new line for Wacom. This is actually good news for artists out there because it means that you can have one for a cheaper price and you can still have that great drawing experience you want to have from a tablet. However, the texture is a nice feature because it improves the handling and makes the tablet more durable. Although the Wacom tablets are too plain for those who have high aesthetic sensibility, its best feature is its screen. It has multitouch, meaning you do not need a mouse unlike other drawing tablets. Wacom is also known to be the best stylus manufacturer because its styli are ultra-sensitive, giving the artist intense control. It is also said that the Wacom Intuos 5 can detect deliberate and accidental brush strokes, like brushing your wrist on the screen, which might mean a huge smear for other tablets. So if you want clean artwork, then sell your iPad because Intuos 5 is for you.

Apple iPad

Apple is the most famous manufacturer of tablet computers in the world, offering tablets that are not only entertaining but are also useful at work. The iPad now has three generations and another— smaller—version is on its way. The Apple tablet strongly supports the art community with its solid hardware, light weight, and portability. It can also enhance the creative experience with its Retina Display Technology. The most popular tablet apps for drawing are found on the iPad, like Procreate and SketchBook Pro. The list also includes Zen Brush and Colored Pencils. The iPad is also great for finger-painting because of its sensitivity. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is a solid competitor against Wacom’s graphics tablets because of its design that reels in the artistic crowd. However, this tablet does not look like an art tablet, although it has good, crisp visuals and display specs. Moreover, you can even confuse it with the Galaxy Note smartphone because they have the same characteristics other than the name.

The thing is, you have to explore this tablet in order to get in touch with its full potential as an art tablet. This tablet has a slender stylus that any artist would love. One cool feature of this tablet is that it can detect the angle of the tip of the stylus, thus the art apps translate the contact into the intended shade of the artist. It is like when you tilt a charcoal stick, it will produce different texture. Because of this, this tablet gives you a realistic production of your art. This tablet will surely inspire you to draw more. Wacom Cintiq 12WX

As mentioned earlier, Wacom leads the art tablet competition. If you want to drop four figures on digital art supplies, then this tablet is for you. The most expensive line yet from Wacom is Cintiq, but if the lower-priced ones do not satisfy you, then take a look at 12WX. This tablet was designed to mimic the feeling of drawing on paper and it is said that this tablet offers the best replication of the said experience. Its LCD monitor is about 12 inches (30.5 centimeters) and provides a very clean and crisp display with its sharp contrast and 16.7 million colors. This tablet also features a full palette of drawing, painting and editing. Because of this, you can save a hundred dollars’ worth of add-ons. So sell your iPad now and get this tablet because even though it is very expensive, it is the best investment possible. Article Source:

Tablets to Draw On  

There lies an artist in each one of us. We can draw anything no matter what style we have (or no matter how bad an artist we are) as long as...

Tablets to Draw On  

There lies an artist in each one of us. We can draw anything no matter what style we have (or no matter how bad an artist we are) as long as...