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Great iPad Apps for Your eBook Reading Pleasure For a lot of book lovers, the iPad is the main e-reader of choice. This is because the popular tablet has replicated existing e-readers in the form of different apps for reading e-books. A lot of these apps come for free or for a very affordable price. If you have a number of these apps on your iPad, you just simply have to choose or switch between apps to read a particular e-book format. There’s really no need to sell your old iPad to get a dedicated ebook reader like the Barnes & Noble Nook or the Amazon Kindle. Basically you don’t need a separate ebook reading device if you already have an iPad. You just have to know which e-reader would match your preference. Three of the most popular apps for reading e-books are the Kindle, iBooks, and Nook. Both the iBooks and Kindle apps are pre-installed onto your iPad. The iBooks app’s features were obviously introduced with the goal of making the app run flawlessly. The Kindle app from Amazon’s main strength is its connection to the online superstore, so users are treated to a very extensive collection of e-books they can open with the app. However, take note that the Kindle cannot open EPUB files, the most popular and readily available kind of e-book file type. As for the B&N Nook app, it also runs well on other tablet PCs, but obviously, it runs best on the Nook e-reader. But there’s no need to sell your iPad to enjoy any of these apps. Here are other great apps that you can install on your iPad aside from these three. The Kobo reader is one favorite of many users because you can have all of your e-books wherever you go and whatever device you are currently using. This is because all of your content is stored in the cloud. Yes, that’s tech speak for a cloud drive. So, if you have Kobo on your iPad, you can continue your

reading on your iPhone, Macbook, or even your BlackBerry or Android phone right where you left off the last time. Another great choice is the Bluefire Reader from Bluefire Productions. This app is known for its polished design, ease of use, and for being fully customizable. You can set the actions for turning pages, set your preferred brightness, lock the orientation, or sort books. You can also customize the background color, text size, text color, and margins. The one feature that gives it an edge is its built-in support for Adobe DRM. This is the first e-reading app to allow users to borrow e-books from public libraries, too. Ain’t that cool? This is great especially for those who don’t want to hoard too many e-books on their iPads. Last but not least is the Stanza by Lexcycle. It was actually one of the very first applications available when the iPhone was launched. Now with the iPad, it is one of the most sophisticated apps when it comes to e-reading. It not only supports the open EPUB format, but also the PalmDoc, Mobipocket, HTML, PDF, RTF, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft LIT formats as well. All these apps can be updated from any generation of iPad, but you can certainly choose to sell used iPad and get an upgrade so you can enjoy your updated app with an upgraded iPad! Source:

Great iPad Apps for Your eBook Reading Pleasure