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Can You Be Productive With Your iPad? Yes, With These Apps There are so many things that you can get done nowadays even while on the go that when your computer or tablet breaks down, you have to sell broken iPad immediately. Once you get a new one, here are some productivity apps to install to get things done and get back on track again. EverNote (Free)

This is one of the most versatile productivity apps out there. This app was positioned by its developers to archive everything you have come across online. With this app you can capture and store notes, whole or parts of web pages, and even voice commands. These can then be accessed easily through a simple search. Everyone can find a use for this app - students can enter their class notes, moms can make their shopping lists, and even writers can compose entire articles using the app. Since it is hosted in the cloud, you can use it on one device and access it on another.

Pocket Informant ($12.99)

This is one of the most comprehensive and easy to use apps for task management available right now. You can choose to view your calendar for today, this week, this month, and even by task. Users who heavily rely on their Google Calendars also find it easy to sync multiple calendars with this app. On top of that, you can also email events and requests for meetings from within the app. You’d never have to forget any appointment or special occasion with this app. Keynote ($9.99)

This app makes it possible to make impressive presentations fast whether you are using your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. By just tapping your screen, you can select a theme, add images and texts, insert charts and tables, and more. It does pay to sell used iPad and get a new one especially if you have to

stay productive even while on the move. This is ideal for students or office workers who need to do presentations but do not want to use a laptop or PC. DocuSign Ink (Free)

You might have heard of basketball player Deron Williams signing on to an NBA team by affixing his thumb mark using an iPad. His people may not have heard of the DoicuSign Ink app, which doesn’t even cost anything. You can now sign any documents using this app which scans your signature and affixes it to any document. The app can handle a lot of document types, including Microsoft Office documents and PDFs. You can definitely save a lot of ink using this app, not to mention a lot of paper to. There wouldn’t be any need to print a document, sign, scan the signed document, and send it back. This app should save everyone a lot of time, too! iA Writer ($0.99)

For those who want a Notepad-like app on their iPads, the iA Writer should be the best option. This app allows writers to type in their thoughts undistracted by formatting options and automatic spell checkers. There is even a feature, Focus Mode that allows users to concentrate on the last three lines typed, with

everything before and after it blurred out. This could be one app that would make writers not want to sell iPad. Article Source:

Can You Be Productive With Your iPad? Yes, With These Apps