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Are You an iPad Addict? For some people, spending a significant amount of cash for iPads is the beginning of a downward spiral into an iPad addiction. While it may sound preposterous to noniPad users, addiction to this popular tablet is real and here are some of the signs: 

You take it everywhere you go.

The iPad has virtually become an extension of your arm and you cannot go anywhere without it. It must be at your side at all times, taking it with you even when you go to the rest room and trying hard to conceal the fact to others especially when it is the rest room of a restaurant where you are having dinner with friends, or worse, a date. When you have to go somewhere where you really can’t bring it, you ask someone to babysit your iPad. For the ladies, taking it everywhere means that the accessories must also match their outfit. It is the first thing you touch when you wake up and the last before you go to bed. 

You think iPad gestures also work in real life.

By now, most of the books, magazines, or newspaper articles that you have read are mostly on the iPad. So, when you read an actual book, magazine, or newspaper, you have to stop yourself from actually pinching the page to zoom or swiping the page with your finger to scroll up or down. 

You look for apps that will apply to every aspect of your life.

The sentence “There’s an app for that” isn’t a joke to you but a challenge that you have to find out. Hence, you actively look for apps that correspond to your hobbies, interests, and even for the most ordinary activity. You do not hesitate to shell out cash for iPad apps that you think you can’t live without. On top of that, you just have to show your friends and co-workers the latest app you downloaded. 

You find yourself at home at the Apple Store, or having the App Store as your home page.

Somehow, you don’t feel the need to go anywhere else. The first thing you always want to know when you are in a new place is if it has an Apple store. The first place you look for and go to when you’re in a shopping center is the Apple store. A day without going to store that sells iPads and the accessories that

come along with them feels incomplete and sad. Of course, your idea of a perfect weekend at home is browsing through the App Store to see what new stuff you can equip your device with. If you display any of these symptoms of iPad addiction, then you should have the new iPad already. If you still have the iPad 2, then you should consider an upgrade, because you’re surely missing out on a good number of features that will surely make your addiction stronger. Go ahead and sell old iPad to and experience the difference! Article Source:

Are You an iPad Addict?