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Are You an Apple Die-Hard Loyalist?

Loyalty to the Apple brand is evident when you mull about exchanging cash for iPad even if you already have the other Apple devices with you. A lot of people will attest to this. More than any brand in the world today, especially in the field of electronics and technology, Apple has successfully accumulated a huge following, usually characterized as overly loyal. “Outsiders” of this “cult of Mac” claim that those in it are actually just blinded by the status and glamor of owning an Apple device. Moreover, they claim that this loyalty is undeserved, as Apple devices are nothing more than wellmarketed gizmos that are not really better than their competitors. Of course, members of the ‘cult’ are ever ready to defend their love for Apple, saying that the company deserves their loyalty. Are you an Apple loyalist? Here are four signs to see if you are: 

You own the whole line of Apple devices.

Since the day you got your first Apple device, you have not stopped believing in the products that they have made. You try your best to purchase every single item that comes out of their production line. From their laptop to desktop computer to their multimedia player to their phone; name it and you have it in your arsenal. You feel the urge to purchase whenever you see the Apple logo on a product. So, yes, you have a MacBook, an iMac, an iPod, an iPad, and an iPhone. And the only reason why you would sell iPad or any of your iDevices would be to get an upgrade.

You don’t let a day pass by without checking what’s new with the company. You spend half a day or more checking the Internet on any news about Apple, especially articles about rumors of their upcoming products and updates. You compile all of them in your RSS feeds so that you are always up to date on everything about the company. You eagerly anticipate the release of iOS updates and certainly know exactly when it is finally released. You feel the urge to go inside the store whenever you see it.

It’s not like you will be buying anything, but you just feel the need to go in whenever you see the Apple store. For most of the Apple loyalists, going inside the store is a religious experience in itself. Oh, you just love to be surrounded by the smell of fresh Apple products! 

Your next favorite store to visit is the iTunes store, next to the Apple Store. Online shopping for you means visiting this store and going through thousands of apps, songs, movies, and videos checking out what’s new. You can never log out of it without verifying a purchase. So many apps (and mp3s, and e-books, and videos), so little time!

If you find yourself agreeing to these things, then you are definitely a loyalist who will be willing to sell iPad online as soon as you spot the new model is available for purchase in stores. Article Source:

Are You an Apple Die-Hard Loyalist?