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INTRODUCTION Student Organization Officer,


Fund raising for events is an integral part of student organizations at the University of South Carolina and other campuses across the country. Student organization events allow the Carolina Community to be an even more cohesive unit than it may have been before.

Student Body President

The University of South Carolina Student Government and the Office of Student Organizations provide in this handbook a list of tips and advice on how to make your next fundraising venture productive and hopefully reach your goal.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

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Alex Stroman Student Body Vice President Ebbie Yazdani Student Body Treasurer Alan Tauber Graduate Student Association President Becka Neary Coordinator for Student Organizations Polly Laffitte Director of Development Jerry Brewer Associate Vice President for Student Affairs

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Kindest regards, Ebbie Yazdani Student Body Treasurer

Becka Neary Coordinator for Student Organizations

DIVISION OF STUDENT AFFAIRS Like other leading public institutions, The University of South Carolina is increasingly dependent on private funding from alumni, parents and other members of the Carolina community. Financial support from these sources helps us to maintain and advance the excellence of our programs for which state dollars are either unavailable or insufficient. We recognize the importance of maintaining good relationships with those in the Carolina family and to that goal we have a professional fundraising program and policies that help us achieve this goal. In addition, we must ensure that all contacts between the University and these important constituents reflect Carolina’s professionalism and reputation. Student groups play an important role in advancing the University and many see philanthropy as a part of their mission. They are guided by their passions for the University and for the causes they support. Campus programming budgets have dwindled as state resources have been significantly reduced. Event Fundraising is also viewed by many student groups as a means to increase operating/programming budgets. The Division of Student Affairs Development Office is eager to assist student organizations in meeting their funding needs. Our goals are to educate students about philanthropy and the role it plays at Carolina provide groups with the tools and training, and permissions, to be successful in their fundraising efforts. While ensuring that the groups are thoughtful and professional in the delivery of requests for support from the University’s alumni, parents and others of our Carolina community.

FAQs Whom should we contact if our group wants to fundraise in ways other than events? Polly Laffitte, the Director of Development for Student Affairs and Academic Support;, 803-7773236 or 803-206-3240.

What is considered a Gift? A gift is classified as a charitable contribution when made to the University of South Carolina Foundation and deposited into a restricted gift account. Gifts to your student group that are received and receipted by the University may be claimed by donors as charitable deductions with the IRS as long as the donor received no goods or services and is eligible for the deduction. The donor could not claim a charitable deduction if, in return for a “gift,” your group gave the donor tickets to a performance, a T-shirt or CD, a subscription to your publication, etc. The following website will provide details on the IRS policies followed by the University regarding gifts:

Where should alumni, parents and friends send their gifts to support a Student Organization? All gifts (checks, cash) MUST be sent directly to the office of Associate Vice President for Student Affairs. (West Wing of the Russell House, Suite 112.) All gifts will be receipted and the donor will be sent an official thank you letter for their permanent records. Your student organization will be notified of the gift so that a personal THANK YOU NOTE can be sent from your student organization.

What criteria must be met for a student group to be able to utilize the University’s professional fundraising services?

Must be a Registered Student Organization. Must have the approval of the Office of Student Life has determined that the fundraising cause is appropriate, that it fits the educational mission of the University and that the resources requested are not available to the student organization through other channels. Must have the approval of University Advancement, through the Director of Development for Student Affairs, which can only be accomplished by scheduling a face-toface meeting in which fundraising methods, time-line and lists of those to be solicited will be discussed. Personal solicitations are not permitted without the assistance of the Director of Development. Submitting grant proposals to corporations and foundations requires the pre-approval of the Division of Advancement.

EVENT FUNDRAISING Over the years Student Organizations have creatively designed new and better ways of accomplishing the task of raising money. Before any fundraising initiative is to be successful, an event must have an ideal time and location to generate as much foot traffic as possible. Just as important as time and location is preparing advertisements and publicity for the event. Notifying people will increase awareness for the activity. Doing these things will lay the groundwork for a successful event. Please see the detailed list of fundraising options that your organization can utilize

• Car Wash

• Personalized children’s books

• Book Sale

• School event calendar

• Recycled bottle/can drive

• Temporary tattoos

• Lawn/garage sale

• T-shirts/sweatshirts sale

• Rubber duck race

• Antique show/flea market

• Auction

• Dog walking/sitting

• Art/poster sale

• Greeting services

• Food sale (bagels, oyster roast, burgers, etc)

• Holiday wrapping at shopping mall

• Balloon sale

• House painting

• Buttons, bumper stickers, or unusual items sale

• Lawn care

• Candy sale

• Word day at alumni/faculty/staff homes

• Coffee and doughnut sale

• Service auction (auctioning off members’ talents)

• Finals care package

• Singing messages service

• Coupon book

• Usher for events

• Flower sale

• Sports/academic tournament

• Greeting card sale

• 5k race

• House plant sale

• Soap box race


• Theatre/music production


These ideas are just a few of the ways organizations can make the most of fund raising opportunities.

By collaborating with other organizations, you will

increase the effectiveness of the fundraising event and make it even more successful.

GRANT WRITING An under-utilized form of fundraising involves writing a proposal to a grant provider. In order to complete a successful grant, one must have: · A cover sheet/proposal summary; · A description of the specific situation where the funds will be used and how it may affect the community at large; · A list of goals/objectives and the process used to achieve the ideal outcome; · A chart or essay stating the budget and/or funding requirements; · Your organization’s background, funding history, and qualifications to carry out the objective; · A brief summary of your proposal; · Any additional attachments, such as staff lists, organizational documents, etc. To find current opportunities, visit <http://www.> and stop by the Campus Life Center to sit down and chat with the Student Body Treasurer or Coordinator for Student Affairs. In order to be eligible for this source of fundraising, your organization’s proposal must be approved through the office of Student Organizations.

GIFTS-IN-KIND This form of funding includes gift certificates from local restaurants or businesses, or food supplied for an event. Larger in-kind contributions of gifts or services could possibly have tax benefits for the donor and should be discussed with the Student Affairs Development Director.

PERSONAL SOLICITATION Personal soliciting is money raised by direct contact with a donor, whether it is direct-mail, telephone, or one-on-one solicitation with a written proposal. Tax credit may be available to the donor for his/her philanthropic contribution. Personal solicitations by Student Groups are not permitted without the assistance of the Director of Development for Student Affairs and Academic Support.

EVENT SPONSORSHIP Event sponsorship is money for an event in which the donor (in most cases a corporation or business) expenses marketing benefits. There is no gift credit to the donor.


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Student Government Fundraising Handbook  

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