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Elizabeth Hinkle 405.213.5866 Education

May 2013 Bachelor of Architecture Oklahoma State University May 2008 High School Diploma Home Educated 2007-2008 Concurrent Education Rose State College


Spring 2013 ARCH 1216 Design TA Oklahoma State University Communicated design principles to freshmen. Critiqued student work and provided direction in research, problem solving, and graphic communication. Fall 2012 ARCH 3252 Design Tech Lab TA Oklahoma State University Taught students how to utilize computer technology in architectural design in tandem with Simon Manning Summer 2012 Intern Architect HKS, Inc. Researched and analyzed urban design precedents and New Urbanism principles. Organized material functionally to be used by the Urban Design Office for reference. ARCH 1112 Teaching Assistant Organized, graded, and assisted Professor Suzanne Bilbeisi in teaching students the essence of architectural design.

Fall 2011 Architecture Success Coach Oklahoma State University Encouraged and assisted freshmen design students, imparted principles of success such as communication - both written, verbal, and graphic, time management, respect, and others. Summer 2011 Archival Intern Dickinson Research Center National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum Organized and curated several collections, including the museum’s architectural drawing collection. Provided clerical services and interoffice communication. Hosted researchers and assisted in their research. Summer 2010 Instructor Rose State Kid’s College: Summer 2009 Developed curriculum for all oourses taught. Planned classroom activities and events. Summer 2008 Counselor Rose State Kid’s College Summer 2007 Assisted instructors in managing classes. Served as liaison Summer 2006 between teachers, parents, and program coordinators. 2005-2008 Office Assistant Potts Realty and Associates Provided customer service and office aid. Assisted in real estate market research.


2013-present Student ASTEK Wondertorium Coordinator Organized this new program with Debbie Williams. 2012 ASTEK Coordinator Orchestrated schedules between the university and Stillwater Public School system. Jan AIAS member 2010-present Contributed to leadership and promotion of the chapter. Aug 2010- Construction Science Institute Secretary, OSU Chapter May2011 Provided clerical assistance. Jan 2010- AIAS Vice President May 2010 Assisted President Joseph Evans in writing Studio Culture Statement. Administrated the Big Little Program. August 2009- ASTEK Leader present Taught and managed the classroom, school relations, and student volunteers.

Scholarships and Awards

Sp. 2013 Outstanding Teaching Assistant

2012-2013 Joseph Reeves Memorial Scholarship Awarded for scholastic achievement. 2011-2012 Larry and Linda Kester Endowed Scholarship Awarded for outstanding scholarship. 2009-2010 Tesone Scholarship Awarded for scholastic achievement. 2008-2009 Myron Johnson Jr. Scholar Awarded for scholastic achievement. 2008-2013 Oklahoma Distinguished Regents Scholarship Awarded for outstanding scholarship. 2008-2012 James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship Awarded for outstanding scholarship and community involvement.

Proficiencies Classical Mediums

Digital Mediums











Board Composition


I am skillful in the arts of ideation, team building, problem solving, and abstract thinking. I work well within a team, under leadership, and handle conflicts and differences of opinion appropriately. Hard work and curiosity are valued traits.


Moh’d Bilbeisi 405.744.6043 Jeff Williams 405.744.6043 Gerri Schaad 405-478-2250, Ext. 273


Design is an opportunity to nurture existence. An allowance to form meaningful space in which life occurs. The awareness of opportunities to effect positive change for humanity is an element of maturity necessary in designers. Architecture, as G.K. Chesterton has noted, is dangerous. It is the only art form that goes past living with

and requires living in.

Powerful preposition. Its existence calls for designers to go beyond the minimum and step out of the bounds of mediocrity.

Beyond, to consider the people.

I order my designs by that responsibility. This field is where my skills lie. Architectural design is an opportunity to enrich peoples’ lives. It provides guaranteed opportunities for meaningful teamwork with skilled individuals. I have always been drawn to this intricate

balance of ideation, artistic skill, pragmatics, and interpersonal communication.


Physics Fairway

Wondertorium S t i l l w a t e r, O K Spring 2011 Prof. Jeff Williams Prof. Seung Ra

The Physics Fairway is a response to the opportunity to work with a local Stillwater entity, the Wondertorium, and to answer the question, “What is the best way to teach children about physics... with golf balls?” Our project requirements were new in many ways. We had a tangible budget, real clients, a solid project delivery date, golf balls we were obliged to use, a large team to work in, a requirement to teach children about Physics intuitively, and the children’s safety to consider, in the most palpable manner. We communicated the effects of friction, velocity, and force through a simple game. Different surface tensions and terrain are available on the track. Through experimentation, the children discover which conditions are best suited to speed, and therefore, to winning the race.







Osage Cultural Center

NW Oklahoma Fall 2011 Prof. Nathan Richardson

The Osage Indian are a strong culture and have a wonderful heritage. This project celebrates their past and their future. The site planning portion was a group effort with Christopher Huber. Responding to the Osage heritage, an organic plan was formed. The paths, structures, and prominent outdoor spaces run NW along a natural depression in the land. They gradually rise with the terrain as myths and fact are shared along the way. The Discovery Center was an independent project. I was responding to the landscape’s dichotomy of open spaces and dense trees and the overwhelming sense of being held safely by the wooded areas. All displayed graphics are my own work.






Boomer Theater Competition S t i l l w a t e r, O K Fall 2010 Prof. Randy Seitsinger

Group Project with: Jay Lavarnway













Personal Pursuits Explorations of visual communication through pencil, watercolor, ink, and henna. Form, contrast, and color are understood better through repeated exposure and experimentation

Sketch of Kimbell Art Museum, Ft. Worth, TX. Designed by Louis I. Kahn in the late 1960s. The light quality achieved in this space is beautiful. It was what I wanted to remember in this sketch.

The Arboretum in Stillwater, OK provides a natural setting for thinking and textural explorations. This was sketched at dawn, when some trees were just being illuminated by the day while others hung onto the night.


The human form is a common area of study for me. The variety and dynamics of human emotion tell powerful stories. Watercolor seemed an appropriate medium to explore the expression of emotion.


The essence of architecture should be able to be captured in a few telling strokes. This was sketched quickly in Chicago after the first glance at the building impressed me with its verticality, despite being smaller than surrounding




Sketch by Moh’d Bilbeisi. A study in understanding the communication of a warm summer night. The light defines the buildings and a space is created in the void. Purples speak of vibrant bruises left by the brilliant Mediterranean sun.

Henna, or Mehndi, is a traditional body art employed throughout the Middle East and India. Friendships with women from other cultures opened the door for me to learn and enjoy this art. This is an experiment in graphic movement over a dynamic surface, the human torso.


Tr a n s i t Oriented Development

The intersection of New Orleans and Chicago Street in Chicago, IL is an area ripe for development. Adjacency to the El, proximity to downtown, and a entrepreneurial spirit imbue the site with life.

Chicago, IL Spring 2013 Prof. Jeff W illiams Prof. Jerry Stivers

Our goal was to create a transit oriented development for the area, applying the principles outlined in “The Life and Death of Great American Cities” by Jane Jacobs and in the many texts discussing New Urbanism.

Group project with Carrie Foster Matt Eccleston

A 2:1 unit ratio allows each unit to rotate with the grid. Units can be private and individual, affordable housing, or elderly cohousing neighborhoods.

A grid of steel framing hosts multiple components, mimicking natural urban development.

Each neighborhood floor is organized to optimize views and sunlight into each unit and interior “streets.” .




R1 Catwalks connect vertical circulation cores spanning the pedestrian alleyway. Moving through the plaza, the train is enveloped in Media Mesh, displaying visual media for both the train and the plaza. Videos are programmed by the future community. The large panels support independent filmmakers and showcase Saturday morning cartoons. “There is a quality even meaner than outright ugliness or disorder, and this meaner quality is the dishonest mask pretended order, achieved by ignoring or suppressing the real order that is struggling to exist and be served.� Jane Jacobs , The Life and Death of Great American Cities


Hinkle Portfolio, 2013  

Portfolio of work accomplished during Elizabeth Hinkle's education in architecture at Oklahoma State University, 2008-2013.

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