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PROJECT 03 Fabricate Interface Group C Droit House

Project Fabricate Element A: Interface is the first component of the unit titled Fabricate. The main aim of Interface is let students to be familiar with the context in which we are working: the town of Margate, and obtain further understanding of this seaside town. For this purpose, we surveyed Margate’s buildings and focused on interior space by making casting. At meantime, we researched and analyzed Margate’s history critically to gain more detailed information. Interface played important role in the preparation process for Element B.

Xinzhou Jiang(1208957) IAD Year 2

Interface is group work, Droit House is the site of our group: Group C. The seaside building is located on north of Margate, which is close to Turner Contemporary Gallery and The Pier. Droit House once served for a transport company several years ago, but now it is the place for the Margate Visitor Information Centre. The building itself has two parts, the front part is a white regular box-shape building with a clock tower and the rear part is a black cylinder-shape building. These two parts are connected by a short glass passage. The rear part of the building has good sea views.

Our group visited the site and produced a set of survey drawings. We also seek to spatial information by making casting, in which we can have a direct view about the interior space. Each group member had built one part of the space, and we can see the whole interior space by putting these castings together. On the other hand, we worked on our research topic: Sea. By answering different relevant questions, we gained an overall picture about the relationship between Margate’s history, the town itself, and people’s experience with the sea.

Research is important ability to design. By making casting and research the specific context, we obtained not only the quantitative information, but also spacial information, which are helpful for designing interior space in Margate in the next step.

Sara OG

Jocelyn Leechprey Asea

Ellie Musgrove

Xinzhou Jiang

Droit House Plan 1:50 & Casting Dividing Strategy

Droit House Long Section 1:50

Droit House Short Section 1:50

Droit House The Individual Casting

Droit House The Group Casting

PROJECT 03 Fabricate InterForum

Project Fabricate Element B: InterForum is a building project, and also it is the main element in Project Fabricate. In this project, we are required to install a reading room which uses for discussion and events and a medium for the sharing of ideas. This project comes from the Georgian Reading Room in Margate.

Xinzhou Jiang(1208957)

Before starting individual design, it is important to make sure all members have a common concept about the Reading Room while everyone can design their own ideas. The Concept named “ Hexagon” is the result of our first group meeting. Our group, Group 3, was going to design a kind of hexagon-shape installations which can be easily put together or take apart so that different activities can be taken by changing the layout of modules. Similar with “Hexagon”, “Book staircase “ concept from Group 4 is also about defining different activities by different layout of modules. After the first presentation, our group started to work with Group 4 and develop concept together. However, the concept wasn’t accepted for final presentation.

Reading Room Module

IAD Year 2

The final concept is that the reading room would be formed by revolving bookshelves with unmovable base. After the layout was decided, I notice my modular’s position is close to the front door, which means my modular would be one of modules visitors see first and sunlight can come through, so the idea “ Connection” born. “The Connection” concept was to create connections by view and lighting between outside and inside/ inside and the layers of the Reading Room, itself within a room. It was formed by five connections which was created by different ways. All of those ways were tested and developed in sketches, drawings and experiments for the requirement of building and using. The use of ergonomic study was extremely important to the final success.

The Connection Resort Studio Plan 1:50

The Connection Resort Studio Section 1:50

The Connection Resort Studio Section 1:50


The Connection Ergonomic Study 1:20

Picking Books

The Connection The Round 1 Concept Competition


The Connection The Round 2 Concept Competition


The Connection Design Development The Early Idea

Event: “God Is In The Details� London Design Festival V&A Museum(2013) Resource:

The Connection Design Development: View God Is In The Details

The Connection Design Development Two-way Connection

The Connection Design Development The Final Concept: The Connection

The Connection Fabricate Research And Test Connection One: Reflected Lighting

The Connection Fabricate Research And Test Connection Two: Reflective Blooming

Jean Nouvel, The Arab World Institute, Paris Resource: http://jordynleemilliken.

The Connection Fabricate Research And Test Connection Two: Reflective Blooming Control Device (Unsuccess)

Kepler’s Telescope. A B, Object glass. C D, Eye-piece. m n, Real arrow. m’ n’, Picture of the arrow formed at the focus of the rays. M N, Magnified arrow. Resource: smith/wallace/kepler.htm

The Connection Fabricate Research And Test Connection Three: One-way View

The Connection Fabricate Research And Test Connection Four And Five: Book Passage and One-way View’s Detail



2 4

1. Magnifiy Glass 2. Aluminum Sheets 3. Mirror-Polished Stainless Steel 4.MDF( cut by laser cutting)

The Connection Inside/Outside Construction 1:10

The Connection Two sides Construction 1:10








The Connection Module Axonometric 1:10

1. 15mm Plywood Frame With Rebate 2. Plywood Junction 3. Biscuit Joint 4. Piano Hinge 5. Shelf Plugs 6. Wing Nuts 7. MDF Frame

The Connection Building Process Group Working

The Connection Building Process Individual Building

The Connection Building Process Result

Seeing Through

The Connection Programme

Moving Table

Book Passage

The Connection Programme

The Connection Collage


Portfolio for the Project 3: Fabricate (2013) IAD Year 2


Portfolio for the Project 3: Fabricate (2013) IAD Year 2