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Take 5 with Director X pg. 9

In the booth with Dj Babey Drew pg. 32

Sex and The Industry pg. 15

yeezus album review pg. 17

celebrity scandals pg. 8

Cover exclusive: FRENCH MONTANA

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Sex and The Industry pg. 15

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l ett er fro m e d i t o r

it's the Resurrection! It has been just over a year since we put out the last issue of Industry Magazine, and it wasn’t until I decided to bring back the very same project that built me, that I realized, a part of me had been missing all this time. Despite the sleepless nights, trials and tribulations, there is truly no greater feeling of accomplishment than seeing the final product and hearing the admirable acknowledgement from our readers. We have prided ourselves in being the hottest urban publication in Toronto Canada for the last 4 years and our team intends on holding that title. As we will continue to be your #1 source for music, news, fashion trends etc... We want to expand your horizons as well, check out our new culture, sex and other features in the new improved industry!

“One day, in retrospect the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful” - Sigmund Freud I hope this issue not only fulfills your entertainment appetite but empowers you to conquer your dreams. I would like to thank all the supporters for encouraging me to resurrect the Industry and my team for whom without none of this is possible. Words cannot express how grateful am for the sleepless nights they put in. The ambition and energy is tremendously inspiring. And to my late best friend Gary Richards, you would have told me to never stop... This one’s for you, Kells and Justin. Rest in Paradise.

Publisher and editor in Chief Li s a P e rs a ud

Creative direCtor e Li z a b e th af e ri

assistant editor Ke i th CoLLi n s \

MusiC editor Li s s a Mon e t

fashion editor a iM e e b a LKi s s on

sex & the industry a LLi e in Cre di b Le

heath and fitness b ody b y Ch os e n

PhotograPhy Je n n i f e r Con Le y


s a h a r ta Le b i h e a th e r Ma Ci e L s a udi a Moh a MMa d Ka yL a Gre a v e s aLe x a n dra Ch ri s toPouL os

Credit: ro b erto sa rJo o , a M o L G u Pt a , J a so n W i Le y , de f J a M reC o r ds, d es h a Wn ha M i L t o n , fr o n t Li n e u n i o n ,

celebrity scandals

“ Pleasure... when

business meets

Saudia mohammed

soMe get caught up in bizarre scenarios that would usually be featured in a soap opera. you naMe it, whether an athlete, rapper or actor; countless celebrities - Male and feMale - have fallen victiM to the ultiMate teMptation. they’ve been caught hanKy panKying.

Kobe and that chicK In 2002, Kobe Bryant led the Los Angeles Lakers to their third consecutive NBA championship in what would soon after become the last season he and Shaq would play together on the team. In 2003, Kobe did not think twice about what he was about to do, leading a 19-year-old hotel employee up to his room and engaging with the female, committing adultery. This backfired on him later, becoming a high profile sexual assault. Kobe did manage to maintain what looked like his innocence throughout the proceedings, but eventually, dismissed by a Colorado judge, Kobe did go ahead and admit what he had done, ‘consensual sex.’ Bryant’s wife, Vanessa, stood by his side during the press conference he held to proclaim his innocence of the assault charges. After all of this, a few days later Kobe presented his wife with an 8-carat diamond ring.

Marilyn Monroe and the Kennedy brothers The blonde bombshell stole John F. Kennedy’s breath away by singing, “Happy Birthday,” to him on stage. Reports show that in 1962 Marilyn Monroe befriended the married brothers, Robert and JFK, President of the United States! It has been said that she had affairs with them both separately, yet simultaneously! The affairs ended right before her mysterious death that same year. But, rumors began after the Kennedy’s were the ones who silenced her the day before she was to tell all at the press confidence! Playa, playa, Miss Monroe was! However, no one knows whether the Kennedy’s had anything to do with Monroe’s death or the truth behind the scandal. Both brothers were later assassinated.

twilight’s Kristen stewarts steaMy rendezvous with Married director rupert sanders Kristen Stewart released a public apology to her boyfriend, Robert Pattinson for what she called a “momentary indiscretion.” Not too long after, Sander’s, who directed Stewart in, “Snow White and the Huntsman,” issued an apology statement to his wife, model, Liberty Ross, and the couples two young children.

angelina Jolie and brad pitt America’s gorgeous beauty queen and Hollywood hunk equal a whole lot in that trunk! He’s played everything from the smooth talking cowboy, to the seductive 18th century vampire. She is America’s bad girl who once had no shame lip locking her brother in public, or to carry her ex-husbands blood in a vial around her neck. It was on the Mr. and Mrs. Smith film set where the press went over the beautiful match. But, Pitt was married to America’s sweetheart from “friends,” Jennifer Aniston. It also didn’t help that on the same year Aniston filed for divorce, Pitt and Jolie were seen playing house on a 60-page photo shoot for Vanity Fair. Aside from all of that, within months of the divorce being final Angelina confirmed that she was pregnant with Pitt’s first baby. It’s been years after and Brangelina are still the hot talk and one of the most talked about steamy romances that have ever occurred in Hollywood. Along with their three adopted children and newly added twins, Brangelina continues to travel the world with their numerous philanthropy projects as well as continue to entertain their fans with the latest Box Office hits!


5director x




Melissa Sundardas

How many times have you fallen in love with a song after watching it come to life through a video? Merging the music we listen to with original and imaginative story lines and concepts, this Toronto native is the skilled artist behind bringing countless artists’ tracks from our speakers to our screens. Julien Christian Lutz, better known as Little X, has rightfully earned his title as one of the hottest music video directors in the hip hop realm. After moving to New York at the age of 19 and working under Hype Williams, Little X’s directing career took off and he’s since directed videos for many of the industry’s top music makers including Sean Paul, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Alicia Keys and R. Kelly to name just a few. Now recognized by the title of Director X, I got the chance to get a glimpse into how it all started for this established director and the process behind creating his masterpieces.  

“The people you came up with Just some growth. Time to move on, time to grow up, you know? I’m on my Diddy right now and you can feel it right are very often the in the name, Little X, Director X, I mean Director X – it sounds like business right? So let’s do ones who believe last some business baby. because they’ve known > What do you want people to think of when they hear your new name? you since you were Inspiring music videos, inspiring artistic film making. young and they’re > How did you first break out as a music video director? like, Well actually I started up at Much Music – I was an intern at Much – and that’s really what got me interested in music ‘ah, whatever.’” videos. Then I moved to New York and started doing intern work for Hype Williams and that turned into > So why did you decide to do the whole name change from Little X to Director X?

doing his story boards and that turned into me actually getting some of my own gigs and becoming a director myself.

> What was the first music video you ever directed? Choclair – What it Takes.

> What are some of the obstacles you’ve had to overcome to achieve the success that you have today? Just getting people to believe in you, especially the people who you came up with – it’s funny how that works. The people you came up with are very often the ones who believe last because they’ve known you since you were young and they’re like, ‘ah, whatever.’ It’s harder for them; you know what I’m sayin’? As oppose to when you meet some people and they just meet you and they’re on it and they feel you and they’re there to support to, so all kinds of different things like that.

> Was music something that was always part of your life or something you were always interested in? Not so much music, but visuals. I’m a visual artist so I got into music videos from the visual standpoint – the photography, the making of shots, the way things came together and I love hip hop so it was a really beautiful combination.

> So when you were younger were you into photography and drawing? Drawing. Comic books – I just drew. I’ve been drawing all my life.

> What would you say really drew you into this field. What made you wake up and say to yourself, I want to do this for the rest of my life? When I was at Much Music was when I really began to see that there was a lot of art being involved – there was an artistic sensibility being involved with the camera and that’s what got me interested.

> Being so involved in the craft and constantly trying to think of new ideas and methods of making your videos, directors often develop a signature style, can you tell me a little big about your signature style and how you became famous for it? My signature style is very visual and graphic and again, my background as a graphic designer, my background as an illustrator and my background just in visual arts really had in impact on how I approached making music videos and the visuals I was working with.

> What are some of your favourite techniques or ones that you enjoy using? Whatever fits the song you know? If it needs to be rough and rugged, you might go handheld. If it needs to be slick and smooth you might put it on a dolly and a track, so you mould things to the song and the concept at hand.

Where are some of the places you get your inspiration from?


I look at a lot of photography. A lot of fashion photography, art – all different kinds. Painters, illustrators, comic book art, television. Even life in general, you know, walking around and seeing things – magazine, graphic design, and architecture – anything in the artistic field to really set you off.

taking 5 with director x

Could you walk me through the process you go through when coming up with the final idea for one of your videos? You get the record – the record comes to you first – and then from there, you really have to work and think about that record, find a concept that clicks and that seems to match what the song is about and then begin to build it from there and find a theme for the video.

So would you say you examine the lyrics more or the beat more?

kind of hard to get a video in any sense getting anywhere nowadays, so you know what I’m saying’? I like the old days

.What do you mean by that?

For a while everything was a party video, we’re not quite there anymore. Things have changed up.

So how do you feel music videos have evolved over time from just being party videos?

How important would you say it is to have a relationship with the artist you’re creating a video for?

The money’s changed. You just can’t afford what you used to be able to afford – especially for the hip hop acts. They’re getting very, very, very low budget so they just can’t afford to do all they used to do and it’s not getting airplay that it used to get. Believe me, there’s still a bunch of stupid videos out there, but you’re not forced to watch them. You don’t have to sit through them to get to something you want to see on BET anymore. The television channels, they deal in hits – that’s what’s happening now. They want hits. You got a hit? ‘Cause they’re not going to play it if it’s not a hit, so there we go.

It’s a good thing. When you get an artist that cares about the video and is very involved in everything it just makes a better product. It makes a better video for everybody because you have to remember you’re not competing with other videos, you’re competing with other entertainment so you’ve got to keep your head wrapped around that.

Growing up in a city like Toronto, how do you feel like your surroundings have affected the person that you’ve become today? Or have they affected you at all?

It depends where it takes you. Sometimes the lyrics, sometimes the beat, you know? Different songs inspire different reactions from you so you go with the feeling that it takes you. Again it’s art, so it’s how you move with it.

What do you do when an artist has a vision for their video and you don’t agree with it or you don’t think it would fit the song? How do you work around that? Well it depends and actually I feel the artist is the most connected to the song. If the artist comes and has a concept for something, I think they’re right. I think there’s a connection that they have to it and I don’t go, ‘No, that’s not the way to go.’ This is their song, they have a special connection. If they come to me to do the video and they say, ‘Oh I want to go to a beach,’ then I’ve got to turn that beach into a video and not just a template standing on the stand, there’s things that need to be done – there’s a whole technical aspect. If they point me in a direction, I’m going to follow it, I don’t argue with the artist. Managers and record executives, they can be wrong, but with the artist when it comes to their song and their video I respect what they’ve got to say.

What are you working on right now? Right now I got some projects I’m working on, but I don’t talk about them before they’re released.

In the industry right now, what’s a technique you feel is being over used? That people should maybe move away from? I don’t know if there’s anything that’s being over done right now. It’s

Moving to New York was a big deal and to see the big city like that changing things.

What was the main change you found in doing the big move? Doing the big move? Just how New York moves, New York moves fast. It is not a cliché everyone says “oh it’s a fast moving city” it is a fast moving city, but very seriously. I like fast, moving cities – I like the city. I like Toronto, I’ve lived downtown Toronto for a very long time and then to get to New York City it sped up! It was faster than normal, it was faster than Toronto but hey, that’s the way I like it.

Are you involved in any other projects besides music videos? Where would like to see yourself in the next five years? I’m involved in all the different parts of being a director so all that television, film, commercials, music videos – I’m a director so I do all these things and where I see myself in five years? I don’t really talk about – I see myself somewhere in five years, but I’m not just going to randomly put it all out there. I’m a Scorpio, so I like to keep work private until it’s ready to be released. My future plans are my future plans.

What’s next for you? Just exploring, exploring my art and artistically doing what I do.


360 Restaurant CN Tower

alexandra christopoulos

The views from the 360 restaurant just might make it possible for diners to forget where they are momentarily. Nowhere else is there a dining room suspended over 1000 feet in mid air, a top another famous landmark, the CN tower. Named 360 for its panoramic settings, the restaurant has carved out a strong reputation for combining unbeatable scenery with an award-winning menu. Otherwise known as the “restaurant with a sky high experience,” 360 attracts many visitors and is frequented not only by locals and tourists, but celebrities and dignitaries alike. The kitchen is run by chef Peter George and staff, offering a market fresh cuisine by and sources local ingredients. In his biography, chef George credits his countryside upbringing, in the heartland of Southern Ontario, with influencing his culinary style. If you’re looking to keep your palette wet, the restaurant also serves a wide array of international and Canadian wines. Due to its one of a kind location, the cellar was recognized as the world’s highest wine cellar by the Guinness World Book of Records. The restaurant is also the recipient of some prestigious awards, including Wine Spectator Magazine’s Best Award of Excellence, Distinguished Restaurants of North America , WHERE Magazine’s Most Romantic Restaurant, EatSmart Ontario Health Restaurant Program Award of Excellence and more. For more than 20 years, since opening its doors, 360 has secured the above mentions on several occasions and apart from the glamour, is an obvious favorite spot to be in the city.

If, at times, it feels like you are moving while sitting down, it’s because the restaurant is. 360 completes a full rotation approximately every 72 minutes, giving guests a one of a kind view of Toronto (so long as you can stomach the heights). The restaurant’s strong suits have elevated it to being one of Canada’s leading fine dining venues and is able to house up to 2000 people for all kinds of events, from dinner receptions, press launches and more.

started from the

bottom now they’re here kayla greaves


Lauren Conrad Former Laguna Beach fans would probably agree that this California native didn’t exactly start from the bottom with her typical privileged Orange County lifestyle. But L.C.’s down to earth attitude and determination to succeed in the cutthroat fashion industry definitely set her apart from the rest of the Laguna cast. So much so that in 2006 she received her own spin off series, The Hills, on MTV. While many of her reality costars have shied away from the spotlight, the now 26-year-old former reality star used her unexpected fame to expand her personal and fashion brands. Conrad has graced the cover of dozens of major magazines, made countless television and film appearances, manages a fashion & lifestyle blog, became a New York Times Best selling author, published 8 books, and currently has two clothing lines: Paper Crown & LC Lauren Conrad at Kohl’s. With an estimated net worth of $12 million dollars, her reality TV days may be long over, but Conrad is definitely still at the top of her game.


Tamar Braxton After releasing her first solo self-titled album in 2000, Tamar was left in the shadow of older sister, R&B sensation, Toni Braxton. However, the on-camera diva made her way back into

the spotlight in 2011 with the hit reality series Braxton Family Values. With her signature personality, Tamar has proven that she deserves to stand in her own spotlight. Last year, Tamar landed her own spin off series, Tamar & Vince, which chronicles her life with husband and record executive Vincent Herbert, and her path to becoming a solo artist. With radio appearances, magazine covers, a strong fan base and a current estimated net worth of $3 million dollars; Tamar is well on her way to becoming another household Braxton name. Tamartians, be on the look out for Tamar’s highly anticipated solo album, Love and War, expected to drop this summer.


Travis Stork Dr. Travis Stork definitely made ladies lovesick during season 8 of ABC’s The Bachelor, in 2006. But after a failed on-air relationship, who knew that reality TV would throw him right into the arms of success? After the Bachelor aired, Dr. Stork realized the potential reach and influence that tele-

vision has and became a regular guest on the Dr. Phil show. In 2008 executive producer Jay McGraw selected him to co-host the hit television series, “The Doctors.” With an estimated net worth of $8 million, Dr. Stork works hard for his money! He is the author of The Lean Belly Prescription and The Doctor is In: A 7-Step Prescription for Optimal Wellness, both of which are New York Times Best Sellers. In addition, he is a motivational speaker, has a monthly column in Men’s Health Magazine and still works as an E.R. physician in Nashville.


Eva Marcille California beauty, Eva Marcille was offered early admission to Law School when she took a passionate risk and decided to audition for the third cycle of America’s Next Top Model. Not only was Marcille the first African American model to win the coveted title, but also standing at only about 5’5”, what she lacked in height, she made up with her larger than life presence, as she was the shortest model in the competition. While many of the other ANTM winners seemed to have left the runway for good, Eva the Diva didn’t stop at just a Cover Girl cosmetics contract and a spread in Elle Magazine. Since the show, Eva has modeled for DKNY, Samsung, King Magazine, and walked in L.A. Fashion Week. Most recently, Marcille has taken a break from the modeling world and made the transition into television to expand her $3 million dollar personal brand. She has been seen on Smallville, Everybody Hates Chris, and has hosted

BET’s Rip the Runway and Oxygen’s Hair Battle Spectacular. Marcille has also appeared in numerous music videos and has taken a dip into the world of reality TV, producing with The Girlfriend Confidential. Most recently, Marcille has been casted on The Young & the Restless.


Evelyn Lozada Who knew that a bitter end to a 10 year relationship with NBA star Antoine Walker would lead this Puerto-Rican beauty to a sweet new beginning when she was casted for Basketball Wives in 2010? Known for her fabulous style, beauty and sometimes-hot temper, Lozada became a fan favorite on the hit VH1 show, and remains one of three original cast members. Last year, Lozada was offered a spin off show Ev & Ocho, with former fiancée and NFL player Chad Ochocinco. However, the show was cancelled after the couple’s high profiled split. But Ev isn’t letting her second athletic foul hold her back. Lozada has taken a bit of a break from love and is focusing on expanding her current $1.5 million dollar empire. She is currently working as a brand ambassador for the organic energy shot youthH20, has written a book

started from the bottom spin off show on MTV, Snooki & J-Woww. She has also made appearances on The View, the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live and the Wendy Williams Show. with Cash Money Content, Inner Circle, has her own cosmetics line “E” by Evelyn Lozada, and is co-owner of Florida based shoe boutique Dulce. For fans that can’t get enough of Ev on the small screen, Basketball Wives season 5 is rumored to be returning in August of this year.


Jennifer Hudson


Snooki From battling eating disorders in high school to becoming a household name in her early 20’s, this self-proclaimed guidette has taken her expected 15 minutes of fame and created a $4 million dollar empire. Making her television debut in 2009, on the ever so infamous Jersey Shore, Snooki quickly grabbed the attention of the public with her signature tan, animal print slippers and of course the Snooki hair puff. As much as haters may question her fame, Snooki is laughing all the way to the bank, as she has become one of the highest paid reality stars ever, earning an estimated $150,000 per episode. Since the sun has finally set on the Jersey Shore, Snooki has become a New York Times Best Selling Author of the novels A Shore Thing, Confessions of a Guidette and Gorilla Beach. In addition, she also has a Snooki Couture line, which features her signature slippers, tanning lotions, headphones, handbags and all other Snooki essentials. While many of the other cast mates have returned to their regular lives, Snooki and best pal J-Woww have continued the reality TV lifestyle with their

This stars dynamic vocal ability brought her into the spotlight during the third season of American Idol. However, the stars unexpected boot off of the show during its sixth week created much speculation. But Idol fans that believed this was the end of Hudson’s career quickly had to exit stage left. Hudson made her second rise to fame in 2006 with her Academy Award winning performance as Effie White in the unforgettable Dream Girls. In 2008, Hudson released her first solo album I Remember Me, which reached #2 on the Billboard 200. In addition, Hudson has performed at the White House at the “Celebration of Music from the Civil Rights Movement” event, Super Bowl XLIII, the Grammy Awards and made appearances on the Oprah Winfrey Show. At only 31 years old, from movies, singing and endorsement deals, Hudson has an estimated net worth of $15 million dollars. She has been nominated for countless awards, and received a Grammy, Oscar, Golden Globe, a BAFTA Award, an NAACP Image Award and a SAG award.


Bethenny Frankel Bethenny Frankel made her way onto the scene in 2005, proving to viewers that she was all business when she

was selected to be one of the two finalists on The Apprentice: Martha Stewart. Although she didn’t win, she found her way back to the limelight on the reality TV series The Real Housewives of New York City. Known for her slim physique, Frankel used her tiny build to create the multimillion-dollar SkinnyGirl brand. Since leaving the housewife life behind, this star definitely isn’t shedding a pound of her $25 million dollar empire. Frankel has written four books Naturally Thin: Unleash Your SkinnyGirl, Free Yourself from a Lifetime of Dieting and The SkinnyGirl Dish: Easy Recipes for Your Naturally Thin Life, and A Place of Yes: 10 Rules for Getting Everything You Want Out of Life which spent several weeks on the New York Times Bestseller List. She also created a workout DVD, Body by Bethenny, as well as the SkinnyGirl cocktail line to top it all off.


LaLa Anthony LaLa got her start in the entertainment industry by working on radio alongside rapper Ludacris back in the ‘90s. She received her television debut when she got selected by MTV

to co-host Direct Effect and Total Request Live (TRL). From then on, LaLa made regular TV appearances on MTV as the host of almost every reality reunion show from Flavor of Love to The Real World. In between MTV, LaLa also worked as an actress in both film and television, making appearances on Sex and the City, One on One

and Soul Plane. In between being the wife of NBA star Carmelo Anthony and mom to 6-year-old Kiyan, LaLa still found some time to get her feet wet in her own world of reality with LaLa’s Full Court Wedding and LaLa’s Full Court Life. With an estimated net worth of $9 million dollars she is also making her mark as an entrepreneur releasing a clothing line, 5th & Mercer, and also having her MOTIVES for LaLa cosmetics line.


NeNe Leakes NeNe Leakes’ over the top hilarious and loveable personality quickly made her Atlanta’s favorite and highest paid housewife ever, earning an estimated $750,000 per season. In 2012, screenwriter Ryan Murphy selected NeNe to make the transition from reality to real acting by playing Coach Roz on Glee as well as Rocky on The New Normal. In addition, NeNe has made appearances on Celebrity Apprentice and written a book entitled “Never Make the Same Mistake Twice: Lessons on Love and Life Learned the Hard Way.” With her newfound success, NeNe quickly made the transition from housewife to head of the household, so yes, she is very rich. For fans who can’t get enough of NeNe, her and ex husband Gregg Leaks recently got re-engaged and Bravo will be airing its second Real Housewives of Atlanta wedding-themed spinoff, I Dream of Nene: The Wedding.

sex and the industry

Your Sex is



WOMAN! Have you ever had sex with a guy, and then they never called you back for another cut? You probably pondered the reasons why you never got a call back. Did he loose your number? Double life as a cross dresser? Maybe he died? I am sure the thought that you got sum whack ass pussy never crossed your mind. Yes, its possible honey. You might, and possible be a whack fuck. Beyond the usual looseness, dryness, and or odor that may contribute to WHACK SEX, there are tons of other attributions that may lead up to you never getting a call/ text/tweet back.


There’s probably nothing worse than a pretty girl who doesn’t do anything in the sack , other than lay on her back. Ladies, we cant just lay there while he’s pounding the ENTIRE time. That’s how u get cheated on or forgotten about. Lets participate. i.e.; riding, throwing it back, etc. PLEASE, PLEASE start being more enthusiastic so your man can get the fuck up out my in-box. UGLY

MOANING - Yes, the smallest thing like an UGLY moan can ruin the entire sexual experience for your partner. The SCREAMER --- umm, unattractive , come on now bitch you know it doesn’t feel THAT good , and his dick isn’t THAT big to have your ass screaming.

10 ways to improve f ell at i o So, you want to give good blow jobs? I’m going to start sounding like a broken record if I keep saying “pay attention to you partner’s reactions” in all of my how-to posts, but that really

The SQWEALER -- again, unattractive, and extremely

annoying. Try whispering sum thing nasty in his ear.


This is a result of OVER-enthusiasm. sigh-- ride his dick but PLEASE, don’t crush his balls. No reason for you and ur massive ass to be bouncing on his dick like you done lost your god damn mind. EASY THERE GIRL. Another way to avoid this common mistake is to ride his dick backwards or just sqwaut, that way your weight is on YOUR LEGS rather his balls. Riding dick is an art form, and if done improperly, could lead to excruciating pain on his behalf.


get it together please,

ought to be at the top of any sex how-to list. And I assume pretty much everyone understands that fellatio involves putting your partner’s penis in your mouth  … That said, here are a few more specific tips, in no particular order:


No teeth - That point may change if you’re with the same guy for a long time, and he trusts you and enjoys more intense stimulation, but for the most part you’re just going to scare people if your teeth touch their penis. Practice making an “O” shape with your

mouth while keeping your lips pulled in over your teeth. Don’t choke yourself. - Sure, people make a lot of noise about deep throating, and it’s a great little trick of you can manage to do it comfortably, but don’t push yourself until you gag. If you can’t comfortably get the man’s penis all the way in your mouth, use your hand to squeeze the shaft of the penis while your mouth works on the head … much like I recommended men concentrate on the clitoris when going down, the glans of the penis is the most sensitive part for the man. Keep things wet. - Most lubricants taste like crap, so you don’t really want to pump your hand full of lube when you start, but you definitely don’t want to chafe any sensitive parts while you’re down there. Saliva is your friend here. If you can take his penis all the way to the back of your mouth a few times, your saliva will naturally get a bit thicker, and therefore much more useful as alubricant. But if you can’t manage that without gagging, just work up some excess saliva one way or another, and spread it around with your tongue. And no, he won’t mind if you drool on him a little here … ;-) Spit or swallow, but make up your mind. - While most men would certainly prefer you swallow, he’s not going to be crushed if you spit. If you’re going to spit, have a tissue handy before you start. If you’re going to swallow, have a drink ready if the taste bothers you. Whichever you choose, just don’t make a lot of faces or icky noises … nobody wants their partner acting like oral sex is some kind of disgusting “duty” they’re barely tolerating. (Personally, I’d say swallowing is easier … no mess, no bother. Even if you think it tastes nasty, do you really want to have to swish it around in your mouth long enough to spit it all back out?) You don’t have to finish. - If you’re terribly worried about the spit or swallow thing, or if your jaw feels like it’s about to crack, or you’re getting a neck ache, or just really not enjoying yourself, stop. But stop nicely. Most guys are pretty understanding if you say your neck is getting sore … and I’ve found that climbing back up the guy’s body and getting down to a little girl-on-top business usually works just fine. ;-) Use your hands.- Besides just squeezing the base of his penis, you can use your hand to fondle his testicles

(be gentle though! they’re quite sensitive!). Another good one: wrap your hand around his shaft, and keep your hand against your mouth as you slide your mouth all the way off his penis, squeezing your hand a little at the very top, then slide your mouth back down (lips against your hand) as far as you can (… and do make sure everything is nice and slick when you do it). Many guys seem to need a certain level of ‘fast and hard’ towards the end to orgasm, and that technique is a relatively easy way to go fast without worrying about gagging yourself or dislocating your jaw. Pace yourself. - You don’t have to go all-out from the start. He’s not going to mind if you familiarize yourself with the territory before getting serious about the grand finale. Play around a little. Listen to the noises he’s making, and if he suggests something he’d like you to do, give it a try! When he’s acting really excited, or actually says he’s getting close to orgasm, then you can start on the ‘fast and hard’ (or whatever it is that really seems to get him going). You have a tongue, so use it. - You don’t have to do a Deep Throat impersonation the whole time, or pretend you’re a Hoover vacuum. See if you can swirl your tongue in a circle around the head of his penis. Flicker your tongue against the skin just below the underside of the head. Lick up and down the entire shaft a few times. Find out what he really likes, and do it a while longer. Playing with your tongue is a great way to take a break from the head-bobbing action if your neck is getting a little tired. Let him watch. - You might be worried about how you’ll look while you’re performing fellatio, but the man on the receiving end is not going to be critiquing your hairdo, believe me. Leave a light on (even just a candle, if you’re feeling shy), and kneel between his legs so he can look down at you while you’re doing it. Look up at him once in a while too, and make a little noise to show you like what you’re doing. Have fun with it. - No matter what your level of skill, the guy will enjoy it more if you’re enjoying yourself too. Go ahead and use some whipped cream or chocolate syrup if it sounds like fun, go down on him in the shower, or try the 69 position some time. Giving head isn’t all about being a hard core blow job queen … any kind of sex is best when everyone’s having fun!

yeezus in review sahar talebi


Yeezus marks rapper extraordinaire Kanye West’s 6th solo studio album. in the 10 years that he has been at the forefront of rap music, Kanye has managed to ensure his constant relevance as someone who is able to transition effortlessly between two ends of the spectrum: a conscious rapper with a chip on his shoulder, and a revolutionary mastermind with artistic charisma, money, and friends in high places who will only be fully comprehended years after his death. No matter which end of the spectrum your grasp of Kanye West lies, Yeezus will most likely fall in line with where you imagined Kanye to be headed if his publicists would let him tell the world how he really feels. At first glance, the album is a dark compilation of assertive statements and screams moulded into 10 tracks opening with “On Sight” which skillfully masters a clash between electronic music and traditional soul. However, once the album is perceived in its entirety, it quickly becomes evident that underneath all of the aggressive hollers and shouts you can find classic Kanye. Witty, sharp, and at times simply mainstream with the kind of production that allows for his over the top of lungs delivery.

While well picked pre-released singles “New Slaves” and “Black Skinhead” set the expectations of what this album would entail, Yeezus effortlessly avoids being confined to a conscious rap record. It’s full of unexpected obscure samples like Gary Glitter’s “Rock and Roll Part 2” and Rock group Omega; along with a brilliantly inverted Hindi sample on “I am a god”. However, the most significant and perhaps controversial song in Yeezus is undoubtedly “blood on the leaves” which samples Billie Holiday’s “Strange Fruit”. At the core of Yeezus is Kanye’s trendsetting minimalistic approach. Everything from the features, album cover, and length of the project to the brilliant sampling and reinvention of records shows complete control on West’s part to stay true to the identified theme of the album. His commitment to resist hip hop clichés is further demonstrated in his ability to strip down every aspect of his project in order to deliver his message loud and clear. While Yeezus is far from celestial, it does emphasize a message of empowerment and revolutionary individuality that has been getting lost in the recent hip hop shuffle.

r e m m u s

3 1 0 2

s d n e r t n fashio

lkisso aimee ba


Summer is finally upon us and with it, the chance to update our wardrobes! Any excuse to shop, of course! While it’s up to you how you interpret and adapt the trends to suit your own personal style, that doesn’t mean that we are going to leave you stranded on guidance and inspiration. We have picked popular trends from both New York and Toronto’s Spring/Summer 2013 Fashion Week. These are celebrities who have rocked it, and a list of where you can buy the look to affordably fit your budget!




What is it? Peekaboo pieces are

all the rage this season. This stylish trend evolved from the popularity of the shoulder-baring summer style, such as one-shoulder tops. Daring cutouts and crop tops all let you expose just the right amount to keep you looking sexy, yet classy. Crop tops were part of Madonna’s punk look in the 80’s, popular among teens in the 90’s and are now seen on high-end runways such as Michael Kors and Prada.

How to wear it? One of the beauties of the peekaboo trend is that there’s an option for all body shapes and sizes. Wear a cut-out top or dress to highlight areas of your body you want to show off, such as a dress with cut-outs on both sides to give you the desired hourglass shape. Crop tops come in variations such as bra tops, bandeaus and corsets. To stay sexy and not “skanky” pair your crop top with a long, high-waisted bottom. You can also layer it under a jacket or blazer.

Where to buy this look for less:

Polly Black Zip Front Crop Top – $15.44 Slim-Fit Pant – H&M $12.95 Black Patent Heels – Aldo $80




What is it? The army was a big source

of inspiration for designers this season. The military look and camouflage print has proved to stand the test of time and is the urban statement you want to make this summer. The camo print is seen in the classic military palette with army green, black, grey, and navy. It’s also mixed with contrasting hues to create a more unusual, edgy feel, such as pink and mustard yellow. The street style attitude is currently being highlighted as one of the most anticipated comebacks of the season.

How to wear it? This trend is one of

the easiest trends to integrate into your wardrobe. Light blazers with a sharp, military cut in camel, khaki or army green, or with large buttons, can be combined with basic pieces that you already have in your closet. Pants with a camouflage print or a loose fit are a must for this trend. A camouflage print pant can make your look complete with a plain loose shirt. To avoid the whole look from being too masculine, accessorize with a pair of heels, a simple leather bag, red lips and lots of arm candy.

Where to buy the look for less: Khaki zip jogger pants - River Island $60 Bralet crop top - Topshop $12

Adrienne Lace-Up Double Platform Ankle Boots - Saks Fifth Avenue $277.92

summer 2013 fashion trends Michael Kors



short suits


What is it?We can tell designers got tired of the classic ladies suit, as we’ve seen dozens of short suits on New York runways. Short suits are a fairly new trend which can be intimidating, but when you pull it off you will be getting a thumbs-up from fashionistas everywhere. They’re versatile for a day-to-night look, and are office-appropriate. This is the ultimate look that you want to show off on those hot summer days. How to wear it? Stay office-chic as long as your shorts are not skin tight. These suits come in prints, solids and a mix of both so play up your look by combining different styles. Polish off your suit with a pair of heels to give you just the right amount of sexy. Where to buy the look for less: Coral Sateen One-Button Blazer – Banana Republic $160 Ikat Hibiscus Print Shorts – Forever 21 $17.80 Crocheted Sleeveless Top – Forever 21 $18.80

zoe saldana

olivia palermo

French montana tops hip-hop charts sahar talibi

the moroccan-born, bronx-raised rapper, french montana, is set to reclaim new york hip-hop supremacy with the drop of his much anticipated debut album excuse my french, scheduled for release on may 21st.


After releasing popular street anthems like “Shot Collar” and “I’m on it”, French Montana made a smooth transition from an already impressive rap career into hip-hop superstardom with the release of “Pop That”, the first official single from his upcoming album which features Rick Ross, Drake, and Lil Wayne. Montana managed to sustain radio domination and continue his climb of the music charts with the release of “Freaks”, the second official single featuring Nicki Minaj. While giving hip-hop enthusiasts a taste of what’s to come with a 30 Second Snippet preview of the entire album; French has promised to give the people a well-orchestrated body of work that skillfully combines the traditional sounds of East Coast hip-hop with southern influenced club bangers that have taken over the game in the past several years.

cover exclusive: french montana While French’s rising popularity has quickly placed him amongst the list of elite emcees to watch, his rise to success has been a product of his unwavering determination to get to the top. His hustle can be traced all the way back to his Cocaine City DVD initiatives in the streets of New York during the early 2000s. Featured on XXL’s Freshman Class of 2012 alongside the likes of Macklemore, Iggy Azalea, Future, Roscoe Dash, and Bad Boy label mate MGK, French managed to release songs with rappers Three Six Mafia and Waka Flocka just to name a few, leading to his eventual deal with Bad Boy records. He also appeared on tour with hip-hop golden boys J. Cole and Drake further solidifying his spot in the hip-hop scene before headlining his own month long tour for Excuse My French which recently wrapped up in March. Following his joint venture recording deal with MayBach Music Group and Bad Boy Records in 2012, Montana revealed that hip-hop heavy hitters Diddy and Rick Ross would collaboratively be involved in his greatly anticipated album. As French Montana fans have patiently waited through several mix tapes, including three Mac & Cheese and three Coke Boys playlists, as well as multiple release date delays for this 17-track project, Montana promises this MayBach Music / Bad Boy collaborative will be amongst the best projects of the decade. With Features on the album including Diddy, Rick Ross,

Standout Tracks: French Montana’s Excuse My French lissa monet

French Montana ain’t worried bout nothin’-

After earning his place as one of hip hop’s hottest artists by paying his dues on the mixtape circuit with his ‘Cocaine City’ DVDs and mixtapes, French finally arrives with his Bad Boy Records debut album, ‘Excuse My French.’ In this 13 track debut, French stays in his own the lane, which allowed him to balance between street tracks that his loyal fans are used to as well as strip club anthems for the ladies. After listening to the album, there were a few tracks (outside of the ones that were released before the album dropped) that stood out. Here are the hidden gems off “Excuse My French”.

“Trap House” (feat. Birdman & Rick Ross) –

The Jahlil Beats production is sonically fresh and new and was a great choice for this song. French was never the best at hooks, but I can hear this being sung by every hustler in the clubs. The standout verse for me wasn’t even from the man of the hour, but from Rozay himself. I’m not quite sure why Birdman was mentioned first before Rick Ross, but either way, Birdman’s verse is basically about everything else he raps about.

“Ballin Out” (feat. Diddy & Jeremih) –

Jeremih killed this. Both on the hook and his opening verse. Cardiak’s piano laced production let Jeremih bounce with the chorus. French Montana stunts with his verse and then Diddy hits us with very dope verse in which he kept up with the now legendary Meek Mill flow. Diddy proves that his money is long with the line, “Just met a b*tch and told her write down all your problems and I’ll take care of them”. Couldn’t lie, I started making mental notes lol. A pretty good track, I can definitely see myself playing this in the clubs.

“We Go Where Ever We Want” (feat. Ne-Yo & Raekwon) – This is that New York feel that I’m used to and French payed homage by getting Raekwon on that track. I didn’t particularly like Ne-Yo on the hook, I felt like French should have dug deeper in his rolodex for that feature, I personally felt like he should have hollered at Mary J. Blige for that one. But nevertheless, he reminded us he was from New York with his track and Raekwon definitely kept it Staten Island and murdered his verse.

“Bust It Open” –

THIS IS MY SHIT RIGHT HERE! I need to be in a King Of Diamonds to witness the greatness of this song. Its like a “Pop That” pt. 2 but I am not mad. At the end of the day, French Montana delivered a current, full length album (19 tracks, plus bounses) to appease to his loyal fans with solid production and A+ features. I can forsee a lot of these tracks being played in the clubs (especially in New York) way past Summer 2013.

sophia Body summer eye candy Sophia Body is from Toronto, Canada. You may have seen her in some of Belly’s videos or French Montana videos, as well as her newest video “body operator” by DJ Spin King ft Jeremih and French Montana. Also you may have seen her in magazines such as Rhymes and dimes, straight stuntin, originators, Hip Hop Weekly, Show magazine and on the cover of her latest Sweets Magazine in addition, the cover of the next issue of Iadore Magazine. Sophia represents the DrÜgs clothing line and has a few projects of her own underway So stay tuned! You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @SophiaBody and to see more pictures of her you can go to dynastyseries. com her website is about to be up and running soon too!

health and fitness


BY CHOSEN body by chosen


s we all know, spring is here, (technically speaking), and we all want to get into shape. We promised ourselves that we would on Jan 1st, and here we are in May, with the same body, same diet, and the same look as we did when we started. Why does this happen? Maybe we began an exercise regiment that was impossible to stick to. Or, set our goals ridiculously too high for what we know we are capable. Whatever the case, it failed. Now we wallow in the pity of our failure; reaching for the nearest tub of Haagen-Dazs as we “couch-potato” the year away… But before throwing our self-image into the nearest trash bin, consider this; it’s only June. There is still time before summer to revamp our diets, and our waistlines. There is still time to work out hard, eat right, drink water, and sleep enough to achieve physical status quo. We can still strive to have the body that we dream about having, and ultimately be the envy of our families and friends. But where do you start? In order to train your muscles, you must start training

your biggest muscle; your brain. Your body will only do what your brain tells it to, so if you want to lose weight, begin by telling yourself; “I want to lose weight.” Say it daily, say it often, and believe what you are saying. By doing this, your body will begin to behave in ways that are conducive to what you are thinking. You will begin to resist junk food, and make wiser food choices because your mind is constantly reminding your body to do so. The next step is where you have to actually do work; it’s called “being active!” Go outside for a long walk, take the stairs at work, play recreational sports, or go for a bike ride. Anything you do each day to be active, your body will reward you. Initially it might be difficult to start being, all-of-a-sudden, this active person who loves playing sports at a moment’s notice, but it’s only temporary. Eventually you will love to get outside to soak up the sun, (which is excellent for Vitamin D absorption) and be active, but take baby steps. Don’t try to be G.I. Joe or Jane overnight, because that’s how we got here in the first place. Incorporate more water intake into your diet. A good rule of thumb is to drink at least 9 glasses of water a day. If you feel thirsty during your day, that’s a pretty good indicator that you haven’t had nearly enough daily water. In order to flush the fat out of your system, you must drink

enough water to get rid of excess water under your skin. Is it easy? Yes. Do we do it? No. Unfortunately, we don’t. But it’s not too late, because as you are reading this, you could be reaching for a glass of nature’s purest beverage. Just make sure that you are reaching for that beverage 8 more times during the day. So what will we do this spring? First, let’s start thinking healthy, programming our minds to become fat burning machines. Resist the many chocolately-cheesecakey temptations, which plague our existence. Drinking enough water, getting enough rest and becoming active will be a good way to start the summer off on the right foot. There are many more ways to get fit, and stay fit throughout the year, but let’s first take baby steps.

Unsigned hype l e nox the gr8


For this New york city individual, music was an escape from reality for him. Born in Queens,NY; he was influenced by neighborhood greats. Some of those being Ja Rule, LL Cool J, 50 cent and the legendary Run DMC. Lennox started playing the keyboard around the age 12. He started off at a community arts center, learning the basic. Lennox the gr8 always knew he wanted to produce music from a young age. While most kids were into learning the lyrics of songs properly, Lennox was reading credits and noticing production styles of some of the early greats in his life. These include, The Neptunes, Timbaland, Track Masters, Just Blaze, Kanye west and many more. On his 13th birthday, he was awarded a casio keyboard and started off producing music with the factory sounds on the set. Mostly mimicing styles of current circulating chart topping songs. At age 19 , Lennox went by the moniker “LG Hook� started taking producing serious by self-teaching Digital Audio software and learning basic sequencing. He then spent alot of time practicing recording and sitting in on sessions at a recording studio a block away from his house. He used that opportunity to network with local artists; such as Bad Company, Million Dolla Holla, Curtains of Hang em high, Domination, Young dice (Maybach Music Ent) and many other South Queens local artist. Being only a year into the production game, Lennox won 3rd place in the March 2006 IStandard music producers showcase in New York city. Although first place was his desire, he was in the top 3 out of 16 producers who have been producing much longer than him. Lennox will be up there with the best of them someday, as he continues to work toward his goal.

throbbing t r a e h a s rew i ded DJ Babey D skills lan d e t n e l a into whose t nd got him a t sensation h g i l t o sp agues. shaped his the big le wn as, , also kno w e r D y e b So DJ Ba r sleeps, e v e n t a h The DJ t lling the world and o rave s, you als r Between t u o t J D n for ut your ow fficial DJ o e selling o h t e b n. happen to Chris Brow

: h t o o b e h in t

w e r D y e dj bab mad saudia moham

Tell me the feeling and what goes through your mind? It must be a dream come true to have successfully accomplished all that you have, and making it to the top. When I accomplish something, the thrill of it is short lived because I am ready to move on to the next thing! I always want more!

Now I see that you’re one of the new television personalities on the show, “love and hip hop” that airs on VH1. Why did you choose to join love and hip hop? This is a huge opportunity that Millions and Millions of people would want to be a part of and they chose me! This situation can lead to 100 other opportunities. Any good businessman would see that.

You also are working on mix tape productions and have been deejay for a radio show for over 10 years (103 Jamz in Virginia Beach). How do you manage it all? Its hard, but I am working on my time management! I just set “Office Hours” for myself, that I am designated to do work and get what I need to get accomplished during that time!

What other ventures are you currently working on right now? I am working on my own accessory line, I have an air freshener targeted towards Caribbean people and I am actively working on opening my own sneaker boutique.

Now I can see why they call you the new age Renaissance man. What do you think of being labeled as the “new age renaissance man?” I say it sounds great. Cut the checks!! LOL.

Your goals, minus your doubts, equal your reality. Tell me, what are some of your future goals? I want to own blocks of property with a shit load of exotic cars, a beautiful wife, kids, and my mother not having to work!

I see you’ve deejay’d for some of the industry’s biggest artists; such as, Kanye West, Nas, Estelle, Ne-Yo, T-Pain, Jadakiss, Ludacris, Bow Wow, Sean Paul, and so many others. What’s the experience like getting to deejay with some of the industry’s finest? I have DJ’ed officially for Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Jordin Sparks and the Kardashians! Every other artist named, was either me opening for them, or spinning a special event they were hosting.

What are some true deejay words of advice for future deejays trying to get into the industry? Your mind is what controls everything we accomplish! Learn to use it correctly and sky’s the limit. I just started learning how to use mine correctly and have accomplished tons!

In VIBE you are labeled as one of the top 100 deejays. What must a deejay consist of to become as successful as you? You have to never be comfortable to sit on your ass! You have to work, you have to go get it, and you have to surround yourself with other “go get it” people! How did you get into the business? I started doing college radio when I went to Hampton University!

Industry Magazine - June/July 2013  

Industry Magazine - "The Resurrection" June/July 2013 Issue

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