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You have a lot to offer this Mother’s Day.

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Refrigerate finely ch chipotle pepp wl; mix well. ile, for e mL co p es and divided turn to atoes, Meanwh asure 1 /3 cu ing 2 tsp (10 of the marinad le plastic bag; tter Bo tomato ola ick,en ain lab to me choil h, dice ine bulghur, tome in Classic Ba can mL) ) ea rem es ve ule mL res d (50 bo lim mo p an ge (15. Re ptes e rinad ¼ cu tbs in lar For tab Comb garlic sided nu 1 mi cook each (7 mL). erved ma pressed x well. Reserve ing marinade asure on) un heat 5 5 mL 1½ tsp onion and res (17tes ain er to me p nu 5cumi medium ick¾ part of Bowl; mi en and rem 20 minutes. tle pepp beans, esteat ch en )bu n over cilantro, ick thiurckwh op chipo er, ise. Add Grill Pa rinade. Cook °C inlgh Place ch at. Refrigerate finely ch chipotle pepp wl; mix well. 5°F (74 chicken crossw ma " Square co es and adobo es es, Bo e Heat 11 ade; discard ure reaches 16 inly slic turn to Batter pper in adobo e tomato lghur, tomato en rin c 3–4 lim pe rat Th dic ssi ma tle pe k. ch h, ) m Cla as ve ick bu tem fro r pin in chipo ofptor boule (15tillmL . Remo ch side internal r is no longe For tab Combine ed marinade 1 small s 1dstbs sour minutes pluen or until (7 mL). erv cein Fold heat 5 tes on ea and cente h; mix well. 1½ tsp onion and res saldsa, thide tortillas. saurve div ule medium icken 5 minu est part of chicken sauce,wi Se nters of ch n over to tabbo cilantro, ) in thick sswise. Add pressed down ce gonally in half. Grill Pa rinade. Cook °C chicken ly ve, re en (74 clo ua cro ss ev 5°F h dia ma en " Sq s, skinle 1 garlic tabboule y. Cut burritos d. Heat 11 ade; discard ure reaches 16 inly slice chick boneles Spoon rin rat htl (350 g) if desire as l up tig from ma ernal tempe longer pink. Th 12 oz 2 g,en breastsg of tortill and rol d lime wedges, int Fat ick r is no in ends or until urated chg, tein 28 seeded sa, sour as. Fold cream an 8 g, Sat and cente h; mix well. 13 Protomatoes, ule of tortill Serve with sal chicken g, Fiber , Total Fat black 2 plum centers to tabbo servings lories 410 rbohydrate 62 canned sed half. 4 ) en wn Ca in ick mL do ld: g: lly 5 Ca ch ly vin Yie na rin (12 en ser mg , uleh ev t burritos diago ½ cup s, drained and trients per , Sodium 360 bo tab sh n U.S Nu mg d. d fre bean Spoo htly. Cu rol 45 if desire ) choppe l up tig Choleste (125 mL and rol d lime wedges, g Fat 2 g, ½ cup o urated g, Protein 28 onion cream an 8 g, Sat 13 cilantr ped red , Total Fat 62 g, Fiber mL) chop ies 410 rate servings lowg: Calor cup (75 Carbohyd 1 /3 Yield: 4 low-fat, rmed per servin ium 360 mg , m) nts 8-c trie wa ./2 s, , Sod U.S Nu 4 (11-in flour tortilla rol 45 mg ste d tra ole an ium Ch sod the ex r cream -free sou is worth Salsa, fat es (optional) angoes dg fresh m lime we Wedger; Using drinks. ngo r these ar and using Ma effort fo wedges ce mangoes, sug tes or o int s nu per. Pla 2–3 mi t mangoe the extra ree, cu ng Food Chop ve on HIGH is worth ngo pu es usi For ma Microwa t. angoes op wedg Batter r Bowl. fresh m er; Classic finely ch o Small Batte d mixture is ho gh inks. Using o Wedg er over s). Add enou an these dr ng Mang s, sugar and ) Strain water int is dissolved fort for /18-cm rd fibrous string aside. ar dges usi ef oe in. sug (7til set un Airy s into we r. Place mang 3 minutes or into s with re cake t er (disca ps (375 mL); the juiced xtu pe 2– t mangoe d and cu c Scrap raspberr ngo mi cu y fillinon of ree, cu ng Food Chop ve on HIGH s, peele ve g eand a lemony glaz Pour ma ss using Classi measure 1½ (Reser ngo pu wa usi ma mangoe r cro es to ). e ge Fo Mi pre spel dg . ; lar l indulgence! chop we 2 Bowl Bowl o puree cup (125 mL Batter hot. dges und Batter ½ Classic finely to mang gh into we xture is o Small e half aro nectar es to measure er over s). Add enou and mi ice, sugar ) Strain water int is dissolved ing erved lim inkle. Place (50 mL) 1 lemon Juice lim s.) ar d of res in./18-cmscard fibrous str ); set aside. lid o spr ¼ cup ter until sug into (7halve¾ cup (175te. Rub cut en dip glasses int Preh mL) wa ver with ong (di d e mL re t co r, 5 er (50 lim cu xtu cta p er; (37 d rap pla mi ne eat ch mL) Gl ® ps o Sc the juice oven am ele350° d an F assres; ¼ cu ly onto enoe ) mango ed evset ni suga (180°C). Place Pour mang using Classic -Stir Pit rita s, peto ink re 1½ cu serve one of s 3 letbsp mL rti ick Pan; spr 5 asu ng Ma (45 Qu ce (12 ed me rga cupc mL) aside ma ss ts (Re Pla cano ake . Using into oil liners ; pre 1four Do ree to wl ½ cup additional if ne into 5 mL). vide ma 2 large wells tequila la o pu (15 cup of cu dgeszest. In Stain Microplane® ZestBo p (12 Muff andmL) er, zest mang und in nded. Di es, if desire edges of ∕³, pu od.wemL) plus ½ ree(75 plain lemo intwhis ll blenonf less (4-qt./4-L n to meas ctar to half aro ce ice, asureure ate slic we ar ce neng k well ) Mixi 1 tbsp to me y until with divided ed lime mL) sug lime jui1 e yogu Bowes comb Stainless Whis and lim gentlrt p (50 Sprinkle ine sugar and t end of reserv into sprinkle. Plath lid ng cup until Juice lim l, s.) 4 limes, k. Add zest, mango well blend ¼ cu g,ed. Lemon (75 withmL) yogulve and plu∕³ rni wa0ter cu boil; 2% milk ted )Fat (15 mL) glasses uramL cover wi r, Ga sh (50 s lime hart, milk and te. Ruwhis extra g,pSat 1 tbsp k es; dip -Stir® Pitcher; evenly among glasses.1 tbsp (15 mL) lemo Fat 0cu ngo necta ass onto pla ct; ) ice cube al¼ Gl le ma Tot mL ) ) g , ni ink 5 1 n s Tip mL extra rti Com 180 5 flour, ne s bine 1¼ ok’s a ed ps (37 oriect uiled g, Protein Place spr four Dots Ma uila into Quick vide margarita cup (12 ifbakin g soda servingscups (300 mL) mL): Cal 1½ cu a (see Co Fiber 2 ½ Usin ionitalteq , om dit l) ad (7-in cup/175 ydrate 37 g, sired. Yield: 4 g) tequil ges of r and teq ll blended. Di ./18-cm) Strai and salt in Smaed all-p recsgipe g (¾se urpo splu (optiona puree flourboh es, if de servin ner, sift flour mixtu ll Batte of thiuntil l; mix 2 oz (60 ce,Bow til we e slices blend idedUsing clean 0 mg , Car lime slic ¾ per, Sod(4ium version trients y unwell. lim re e jui wete ingre kle and lim es, dived. mL) U.S. Nu ol 0 mgtsp lim./2-L baking soda ngo and lcoholic n Sprinwhisk, whisk egg dinto ng gentl dien Mango 4(2-qt mawhis th ts; ) Mixi 0 g, k white an plu ngmo ous nona Bowl 1s minute mL) Le sh wi s vigorrni Cholester ¼ tsp (1 licisalt mL). mL) ously urated Fat in Stainless or until veryglafoam tbsp (15 For a de cup (50 sses.y;Ga 0 g, Sat cube : egg 1 ¼ Fat ice Tip 2 to ) al ’s Immediat(37 fold into batte mL ) , Tot 1g juices, room temp Cook ewhite r. ok’s Tip ps ely5scoop batte ories 180 er 2 g, Protein uila erature uce lim e Co r into Smacu servings mL): Cal liner 1½ Fib ll Scoog) uila (se and red¼ cup (50 mL) raspberry , omit teq ld: 4Larg l) s using place cup/175 ydrate 37 g, Yielevel a very tiotna e Scoo g (¾ (60 p,teq s recipe scan (op vin onto thi p. boh pastry filling scoo Usin es ser cente of Car p 2 oz g , slic n of per rs ofdcupc e pastr filling nts (abo ium 0 mg rsio an lim akes; push in gently U.S. Nuytrie 15–17Ma holic ve , Sodut 1 tsp/5 mL) ngotes minu witholeback ol 0 mg nonalco pan from oven or until tops spring back when Ch ster of licious p (50 mL). Bake r to Stackable Cool lightl Fo cu : y pressed. ce ¼ toove remove cupcakes ’s Tip Rem ing Rack;Co 3 squares (1 letok stand from pan. lime jui oz/30 g each) uc5e minu tes. Carefully white nse. chocolate for and red baking, chopped under lice Meanwhile, for ef used 2 tbsp (30 mL) pered Ch plain nonfat Microwave on ganache, place chocolate in The Pam yogurt HIGH 45–60 © 2011 seconds or until(2-cup/500-mL) Prep Bowl. smooth. Stir in 1½ tsp (7 mL) yogu lemon extract coating tops even rt and extract. Dip tops almost melted; stir until of cupcakes into 12 fresh raspb ly. Garnish with ganache, erries raspberrie Yield: 12 servi s. . er license ngs used und

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glazed lemon cupcakes with raspberries 1 cupcakes



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© 2011 The Pamp

ered Chef used

only $6

under license.


ef U.S. Nutrients pered Ch per servin g (1 cupcake): Calori Cholesterol 201 1 The Pam es 190, Total Fat © 0 mg, Sodium 150 mg, 6 g, Saturated Carbohydrate Fat 1.5 g, 31 g, Fiber 1 g, Protein 3 g

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1 lemo n ¾ cup (175 mL) sugar 3 tbsp (45 mL) canola oil 1 ∕³ cup (75 mL) plain nonfat yogurt 1 ∕³ cup (75 mL) 2% milk 1 tbsp (15 mL) lemon extract 1¼ cups (300 mL) all-purpose flour ¾ tsp (4 mL) baking soda ¼ tsp (1 mL) salt 2 egg whites, room temperatu re ¼ cup (50 mL) raspberry pastry filling


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Preh eat oven to Pan; set aside. 350°F (180°C). Place cupcake Using Micropla ® (15 mL) zest. In ne Zester, zest liners into wells of Muffin whisk well with Stainless (4-qt./4-L) Mixing lemon to measure 1 tbsp Bowl, combine until well blend Stainless Whisk. Add zest, sugar and oil; yogurt, milk ed. and extra ct; whisk Combine flour , baking soda and salt Using (7-in in Sma ./18ll until blended. cm) Strainer, sift flour mixtu Batter Bowl; mix well. Usin re into g clean wet ingredients; whis whis (2-qt./2-L) Mixi k ng Bowl 1 minuk, whisk egg whites vigorously te or until very in foamy; fold into Stainless Immediately scoo batter. p batter into Small Scoop, place a very scanliners using level Large Scoo onto cente p. Using t scoop of rs pastr of 15–17 minutes cupcakes; push in gently with y filling (about 1 tsp/5 mL) pan from oven or until tops spring back when back of scoop. Bake to lightly pressed. remove cupcakes Stackable Cooling Rack; let stand 5 minu Remove from pan. tes. Carefully Mea nwh ile, for ganache, place Microwav e on HIGH 45–60 chocolate in (2-cup/500-mL seconds or until smooth. Stir in ) Prep Bowl. yogu coating tops even rt and extract. Dip tops almost melted; stir until of cupcakes into ly. Garnish with ganache, raspberries. Yield: 12 servi ngs


3 squares (1 oz/30 g each) white chocolate for baking, chopped 2 tbsp (30 mL) plain nonfat yogurt 1½ tsp (7 mL) lemon extract 12 fresh raspb erries

U.S. Nutrients per Cholesterol 0 mg, serving (1 cupcake): Calories 190, Total Fat Sodium 150 mg, 6 g, Saturated Carbohydrate Fat 1.5 g, 31 g, Fiber 1 g, Protein 3 g

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under license.




ered Chef used

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d , divide canola oil (15 mL) ed 1 tbsp ) uncook (175 mL ¾ cup ur wheat bulgh o es in adob 3–4 lim pepper ) adobo mL chipotle 1 small plus 1 tbsp (15 sauce ided sauce, div d sse clove, pre ss s, skinle 1 garlic boneles (350 g) 12 oz en breasts chick seeded tomatoes, ck m bla plu d 2 ) canne sed rin (125 mL ½ cup s, drained and d fresh bean ) choppe (125 mL p cu ½ onion cilantro ped red mL) chop lowcup (75 1 /3 low-fat, rmed ./28-cm) s, wa 4 (11-in flour tortilla and am sodium cre r -free sou Salsa, fat es (optional) dg lime we

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urritos ouleh b gets a zesty rn tabrbtabbouleh, which te s chicken e w south eat is the base foapped in tortillas with

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