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Portfolio Elizabeth Day

Table of Contents (1) Urban Design Studio I (2) Urban Design Studio II (3) Community Design Lab

Urban Design Studio I

Cal Poly Course Description: Exploring elements and pronciples of

environmental design. Understanding the form and character off the designed urban environment. Introduction to problem analysis and problem solving in environmental design. Implications of design decisions and solutions on urban context. Assignments of object, project and system scale in an urban context.

Project Description: The development of an urban design proposal for the parcels at the intersection of Humbert and Victoria Street in San Luis Obispo.

Background: The developer wants a project with

three intergrated components: a residential component, a commercial/office component, and a small public park/ plaza component. The site covers approximately 275,882 square feet (6.33 acres)

Urban Design Studio II

Project Description: Develop urban

design projects for the parcels around the intersection between El Camino Real and Santa Rosa Road, in order to generate South Gateway to the City of Atascadero.

Cal Poly Course Description: Applications of

basic design fundamentals and skills to the design of environments through design excersises applied to planning. Problem analysis and problem solving skills as applied to environmental design issues.

Community Design Lab

Project Description: Preform a series of urban

design conceptual studies in Los Osos to help them develop ideas for the general plan.

Background: Los Osos is an unincorportated

community with a population around 16,000 located at the the Estero Bay, 10.6 miles east of San Luis Obispo and 2.3 miles of south of Morro Bay.

Cal Poly Course Description: Urban design theories and methods

related to planning and urban development. Intergration of circulation, environmental, land-use, and design aspects. Infill or new development projects at the scale of a neighborhood, large PUD, complex circulation corridor, small town or planned community.

Urban Design Portfolio  

This portfolio showcases projects I have completed while being at Cal Poly. The urban design studios are mostly focused on the use of google...

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