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Furniture & Product Designer

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Photo credit to Julian Hughes (@studiojuilanhughes)


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About Myself


Nottingham Trent University BA Furniture & Product Design 2015 - Present 1st/2nd year grade: 1st

Wood Working Mentorship Trainee 1 month - Jun 2018 - Jul 2018

Welding Mentorship

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Trainee 1 month - Mar 2018 - Apr 2018

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Workshop Assistant 6 months - Jul 2017 - Jan 2018

2MZ/Pluck - Internship

NTU & Strate Collaboration.

A lighting project with a Parisian student 2017

Guru Nanak Mission Nottingham Food Prep & Serving for the Homeless 2016 - 2017

Barnardos - Volunteering Cashier & Floor Assisstant Summer 2014 / Summer 2015

Software Skills:

1. Brut Teapot

2. LINKO Wardrobe



Exploring Steel


5. Memory Box





2MZ & Pluck Internship Workshop Assistant

Strate Collaboration Magpie Light

Brut Teapot

Derived from the French word meaning ‘raw’, Brut is an architectural tea set inspired by the utopic design principles of Brutalism and the harmonious rituals of preparing tea.




The design process was very model intensive and interactive with materials from an early stage to test functionality.

Follow this link: to watch a two minute video to see how each teapot is made!


Brutalism gained traction across the world for its unique emphasis on monolithic structure and material expression. The virtue of honesty surrounding the construction process of buildings meant that nothing was covered up or hidden away; a natural finish was important.

In company with its dynamic form, Brut also celebrates material monumentality akin to its conceptual origins by boasting a raw finish which embraces the tactile personality of its stoneware body, making it pleasant to handle.

LINKO Wardrobe

(Project still in progress! 12/05/2019)

Linko is a valet style wardrobe that evolved from an initial idea of using continuous lines to create stylised frames. The open storage offers a balance of functionality and negative space that brings a light and open feel compared to a traditional enclosed wardrobe.




LINKO was a hands on project; developed through prototypes and back and forth analysis of models and drawings. It explored metal fabrication methods to create a contemporary design that embraces qualities of the material. Pastel colours compliment the framework, retaining a welcoming form to suit a bedroom environment

(Project still in progress! 12/05/2019)

Exploring Steel




Under the mentorship of a local sculptor, I learnt basic welding techniques and given access to a pleura of scrap material, equipment and work space. The aim was to explore creative freedom to make objects of interest.

Each mini project had its on unique twist, whether it was a different style or scale of working. The mentorship was structured for heavy independence alongside regular reviews of technique, creativity and finished product.

Aside from structure, the other important element of this experience was to explore the properties of steel as a material, exploring: strength, flexibility, durability and corrosive responses.


Woodimals were inspired by the heritage of British craft. They are decorative wooden animals that are pleasant to handle. The theme of wildlife aimed to bring a little bit of nature into the home in a subtle and sentimental way.

Designed in association with




The Woodimals aim to bring up the subject of nature into a home through natural materials and their simple animal shape. Common British wildlife creatures were chosen to form a patriotic pride of local and recognisable animals.

Available in three different European hardwoods:




There are five to collect: • Red fox • Deer • Rabbit • Hedgehog • Red Squirrel


The Donkey is a classic piece of furniture. It is historical in the early development of plywood throughout the decades since the late 1930s. Over 10 years on since the third edition of the Donkey model, it is ready for an update to suit modern living.

In conjunction with...




? 2017

Ergon Ross, 1939

Ernest Race, 1963

Shin & Tomoko Azumi, 2003

Isokon Plus carries on the legacy of the original brand and continues to produce their classic designs. Each year they offer NTU students the experience of a live project to be inspired to explore the makings of functional furniture.

Plywood is a vital essence of the donkey.

This project involved intense modelling development.

CNC layout_8x4.

Approx. 420mm

Approx. 428mm

Memory Box




Narrative in Design Through a ritual, a story can be given to an object or product. We each have our own little idiosyncrasies and ways of doing everyday things; little rituals that have developed over time. For me this is walking. Walking is a method of exploration of the woods and field that surround my home. I am blessed to have so many memories of mischievous adventures in youth. Returning induces nostalgia and melancholy for those simpler times again.

As part of this project, watch the video here: on Vimeo and experience my history with walking through nature.

a RITUAL of walking. a NARRATIVE of life. a DESIGN for memories.

Strolling through and over the surrounding fields, woods and hills, I created my own adventures and valued memories that are embedded in particular items like a fossil or photograph. These items have intense sentimental value and need a place to be kept safe and organised.

A Wellington footprint pattern. A footprint is the physical memory of where I have been in an environment.

A hand-made box specifically designed to contain self inflicting nostalgia and melancholy.

An eccentric and unusual walking staff that reflects a playful and childlike approach to a “functional stick�.

Lucky horseshoe.

A plain compartment for storing photographs and a diary.

Water and air sample from local area.

r the

A quilted compartment for storing precious objects.

A porcelain dish cast from a wellingtoon boot footprint.

An unusual walking staff to make a walking journey more interactive.

2MZ & Pluck Workshop Assistant 6 month Internship


oto h P

ro sp


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Z 2M

Photos provided by 2MZ.

2MZ is a London based specialist fabrication service that offers bespoke designs and a perfectionist finish. Their portfolio of work spans sculptures, exhibition installations, furniture, retail interiors, custom cut outs and residential kitchens with their sister company, Pluck.

My Role:

CNC operation and programming. Material prep and lamination. Hand finishing and assembly. On-site installations. CAD drawings. Workshop organisation. Problem Solving for design solutions.

Between the workshop and the studio...

The variety of work meant there was no typical day. There was always something new to learn each project.

Photos provided by 2MZ.

Responsibilities were diverse, and often saw me included with a project from CAD drawings to the final product.

Magpie Light A collaboration between NTU and Strate. Elizabeth Corrie & Julie Cadeau.

This project was a very short but intense and fast paced challenge. It pushed quick thinking and problem solving skills. Effective communication was especially potent to overcome the language barriers.

The aim was to design and produce a functional model of a light within 2 days. There was a strict limitation that only allowed 3 processes to manipulate the material - to bend, fold or crease.

Bend. Fold. Crease.


Matt Black

Matt White

Material: Folded Aluminium

Profile for Elizabeth Corrie

Elizabeth Corrie - Furniture & Product Designer  

A short portfolio document detailing some recent projects of work.

Elizabeth Corrie - Furniture & Product Designer  

A short portfolio document detailing some recent projects of work.