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Natural or alternative medicine looks at the body as a whole. The vagina is considered an ecosystem in itself where both good and bad bacteria live in delicate harmony. When something happens to throw this balance off then the alternative medical world looks at the reasons why and how to solve the problem without disrupting other systems in the body. Natural remedies rarely have nasty side effects like antibiotics, and other over the counter medications do. Instead, natural remedies offer a milder and yet often permanent alternative. There are several reasons to not use antibiotics if not absolutely necessary. It’s a well known fact that antibiotics can play havoc with the natural flora in the stomach, kill off both the good and the bad bacteria in the vagina and cause yeast infections. They kill off all the symptoms but don’t necessarily address the cause and leave the situation open for constant re- occurrences. In this section, we will discuss the various natural and home remedies for the problem of BV with particular emphasis on getting rid of the problem permanently. Remedies will be split into various types such as herbs, homeopathy and natural remedies, all that work on healing the body as a whole. Remember, many of these remedies can work together as well as be taken along side traditional medicine. There are several herbs that work wonders on women health issues, in particular BV. Let’s take a closer look. Barberry is a great herb that is well known for fighting infections. It is usually mixed into hot water and steeped like a tea. Alternatively, you can take capsules. Note: Barberry is not suggested for pregnant women.

Boric acid may surprise you but it is a strongly recommended solution for both BV and yeast infections. You can buy the boric capsules or you can make them for much less by buying the boric acid and gelatin capsules and filling them yourself. Be sure to use 100 % Boric Acid. Using an applicator from another vaginal product is the easiest for inserting them into the vagina. Just make sure the applicator is well washed, well rinsed and wait until it is totally dry before using. Put a capsule in the applicator and insert into the vagina. It’s helpful to wear a panty liner or mini-pad as there could be discharge over night. There will be no irritation from using these suppositories. Many midwives recommend the following: •

On the first night - insert 2 capsules into the vagina and leave in overnight

For the first week - insert 1 capsule every night and leave in overnight

For the second week – insert 1 capsule every other night and leave in overnight

For the third week – insert 1 capsule every three days and leave in overnight

For the fourth week – insert 1 capsule every 4 days and leave in overnight

By the fifth week- you can insert 1-2 capsules inserted per week or as required

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