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analyzingthesituation: VERTEXSOUND



The well-known Vertex Sound, which is based in both Canada & Jamaica, originally began as a Record Label.

Producer X-Ray founded Vertex Entertainment & Productions in 2003. During the company’s time as a record label, X Ray Began cutting dub plates for his label for the sole purpose of mix CD’s. Club Bangers Top 10


10) Akon Ft. Lil Wayne – I’m So Paid 9) Jadakiss Ft. Neyo – By Your Side 8) 50 Cent – Get Up 7) T-Pain and Lil Wayne – Can’t Believe It 6) Beyonce – Single Ladies 5) Ludacris Ft. T-Pain – One More Drink 4) Busta Rhymes – Arab Money 3) T.I. Ft. Rihanna – Live Your Life 2) Ron Brownz Ft. Jim Jones, Lil Kim – Pop Champagne RMX 1) Kanye West – Heartless

10) Movado – Overcome 9) Busy Signal – Stamma RMX 8) Serani – We Grow 7) Taranchyla – Can’t Dance 6) Movado – No Chorus 5) Voicemail – Sweep 4) Movado – Dem A 3) Taranchyla – Ting 2008 2) Demarco – Can’t Believe It Jamaica 1) Serani Ft. Lorraine – Rain A Fall

RnB TOP 10 SOCA TOP 10 10) Peter Ram – Tight 9) Lil’ Rick – Pon De Road 8) Patrice Ft. Machel – Tempa Whine 7) Problem Child – Private Whine 6) Destra Garcia – Hott 5) Sizwe C – Fiyah Bois ft Baba Shanta – Days Du n 4) Kerwi el HD – Out on De Road Mach ft 3) Zan us – Head Bad Fabulo 2) Skinny – Wrong Gal Bag 1) Red Plastic


10) Neyo Ft. Jamie Fox – She Got Her Own 9) Beyonce – Single Ladies 8) New Kids on the Block Ft. Neyo – Single 7) Jennifer Hudson – Spotlight RMX 6) #1 (Tide is High) Kardinal Official Ft. Keri Hilson 5) Neyo – Miss Independent 4) Rihanna Ft. Justin Timberlake – Rehab 3) Slim Ft. Young Joc – So Fly 2) London – Sometimes 1) Beyonce – If I Were A Boy

In 2007 Vertex Sound was molded & sculpted into what it is today. When Vertex’s current members: Whitebwoy, Breadfruit, Sluggy, Worm, and Bill Gates joined X Ray to form what is now known as Vertex Sound, no one would have thought that this team would become unstoppable! With X-Ray’s producing experience and solid base in Jamaica, Whitebwoy, Breadfruit and Sluggy’s previous sound experience, contacts and strong base in Canada, Vertex was destined to be a relentless force, in the World!

HIP HOP TOP 10 10) Mims – Move 9) Ludacris Ft. T-Pain – One More Drink 8) Lil Wayne Ft. Bobby Valentino – Mrs. Officer 7) Mayhem Morearty Ft. Navy Seals – Go Dumb 6) T.I. Ft. Rihanna – Live Your Life 5) Busta Rhymes – Arab Money 4) Akon Ft. Lil Wayne – I’m So Paid 3) 50 Cent – Get Up 2) Kanye West – Heartless 1) Ron Brownz Ft. Jim Jones, Lil Kim – Pop Champagne RMX


In just under a year Vertex has become an internationally known sound system, which has travelled all over Canada, Europe and the Caribbean! Vertex has shared the stage with almost every Reggae artists and DJ. This list includes: ELEPHANT MAN, BEENIE MAN, MAVADO, SERANI, MARCIA GRIFFITHS, TONY MATTERHORN, MIGHTY CROWN, BLACK CHINEY, BLACK KAT, METRO MEDIA, STONE LOVE and many more! At Fully Loaded 2008 in Jamaica, the people as their 2k8 Winner chose Vertex Sound. Vertex has also become recognized as CANADA’S #1 Reggae Sound and is currently listed as one of the World’s Top Sound Systems! Vertex Sound has 6 members: X Ray • Whitebwoy • Breadfruit • Sluggy • Worm • Bill Gates


Time Magazine recently called him one of the most influential people of the year, his flamboyant and arrogance makes him the artist you either love or love to hate; with Grammy’s to his name for Best rap album of the year for the dropout, best rap song for Jesus walks, Songwriter credit for “You don’t know my name shared with Alicia Keys and Harold Lilly and for album of the year for late registration. Kanye West is the one of the ought most ingenious hip hop icons of our time. West’s unique trendsetting swagg and stimulating lyrical content has taken the music industry to higher innovative heights. At the age of 20, Kanye co produced tracks for Harlem world and Mad rapper. Created hip-hop beats for local acts in Chicago then went on to place tracks for albums by Jermaine Dupri, Lil Kim and Foxy Brown. Other major projects at that time included hits like “Izzo (H.O.V.A.), “Get By”, “Stand Up” and “You Don’t Know My Name” for artists such as Jay-Z, Talib Kweli, Ludacris and Alicia Keys which illustrated his tremendous talents as a lyricist and songwriter. However it was not until he produced three of the 15 tracks


on Jay Z’s revolutionary album The Blueprint that made the world see him as one of the most brilliant musical creators of our time. In 2002 Kanye was involved in a near fatal motor accident; leaving his jaw fractured in three places. The traumatic experience was inspiration for him to write and produce the track “Through the wire” ( the experience through his jaw being wired shut) which essentially became the debut track for the College dropout. Since the 27 year old sensation stepped out from behind the production booth - his critically acclaimed debut album the college drop out sold over 3 million copies world wide; was awarded a Grammy for Best rap album and was named Album of the year by The New York Times, Time Magazine, Blender, Rolling Stone, GQ, Spin, The Source, XXL and may other reputable publications. KW was still not content for just being commended for being a great producer and edge-leading artist but wanted to be known as a leader. West then launched his own label called Getting Out Our Dreams (G.O.O.D) in conjunction with Sony BMG. John Legend and Common were the first artists to be signed to the G.O.O.D label - West executively produced their albums Get Lifted and be; both albums were nominated for 7 Grammy awards.

“If you ever wanted to ever be anything, there’ll always be somebody that’ll shoot down any dream.” Embracing the success of his first album and new label; West immediately got to work on his next solo album. Late registration was released in 2005; which produced several more hits like Diamonds from Sierra Leone, Gold Digger, Touch the Sky, and Heard em say. Late Registration was awarded Best Rap Album Grammy awards.

In 2007, Kanye announced his third solo album; Graduation. Which set off the memorable rivalry with him and 50 cent; who also set his album to be released the same day. Both MCs made a bet that one will outsell the other, and 50 would announce his retirement if he lost. Graduation sold approximately one million copies in its release week (outselling 50 cent’s album, and 50 did not quit the game) Hits include Cant tell me nothing, Stronger, Good life with T-Pain and Flashing lights. Sadly in November 2007, Kanye was faced with another heart shattering encounter; the loss of his mother and split with his fiancée Alexis Phifer. Kanye seized the opportunity to show the world he

would not break, that he can and will continue to be a musical inspiration and icon in the business and devoted his tears and heart into his next album release. The highly anticipated fourth solo album 808s and Heartbreak debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart with 450,145 units. To date, the album has sold approximately 600,000 copies. Hot singles include Love Lockdown and Heartless. Clearly illustrating the emotional distress he has endured in the last year. The now 31 year old icon states “There is no Gucci I could buy...there is no Louis Vuitton I could put get my heart out of this hell.” Despite his egotistic persona and flamboyance; Kanye has encountered heartbreaking obstacles as most of us have; however he has found peace in expressing his emotions in his music. Record sales speaks for itself; Listeners can relate to his content and can look up to him as an inspiration and role

whatever doesn’t kill them, can only make them stronger. mode and know that


lyrics are insightful and he is willing to challenge the boundaries of the Rap and Hip Hop Industry that we know today. Peter Jackson went out and did everything he had to do to get a little bit more, never really satisfied, he went out, hustled and worked his butt to the bone. His music examines issues that many youth and young adults can relate to. At times his rhymes are hard and unapologetic, he can also captivate a club with a beat and an unforgettable hook. When he spits the words to one of his ballads, tears start flowing before the end of the first verse.

theunderground: PETER JACKSON - D’Analyst

At the age of fourteen, Michael Smith, also known as Peter Jackson, began his rap career. What started as a childhood hobby soon developed into a full-fledged passion, some may even call it an obsession. Growing up in a middle class, predominantly white suburb of Toronto, Peter Jackson had to struggle to gain respect for his talent. He amerced himself in all aspects of the Hip Hop culture and was captivated by the rapidly growing industry. Family members were shocked to find that this once “less-than-ambitious high school student” was now dedicating his free time to reading and studying the dictionary in order to expand his vocabulary. It wasn’t long before Peter Jackson’s bedroom, and the rest of the house for that matter, was littered with scraps of paper with his lyrics scribbled all over them.

do, he set out in search of someone who would take him seriously. It took Peter Jackson over four years of constant hard work before he met the producer who would change everything.

Peter Jackson always believed that Hip Hop and emceeing would be his life and he was determined to convince others to believe in his dream as much as he did. In one song his lyrics state, “I can’t, I won’t, I will not lose, I gotta win”. This turned out to be Peter Jackson’s mantra in life. It is his do-or-die attitude, which sets him apart from other artists emerging today. He is young, confident and ambitious individual. He entered a recording studio for the first time at the young age of fifteen; unimpressed with what the producer could

Jackson the main performer of the event, he was also responsible for putting the entire show together. He designed the flyers and posters, he graveled before store owners to sponsor his show, and pounded the pavement promoting his dream. Not only did the show go off as planned, Peter Jackson filled the club making his inaugural performance a hit with over 500 for his first show.


With the help of Dave Sheldon, Peter Jackson began feverously creating track after track in a small home based studio. With 120 songs, hundreds of freestyle battles, and countless basement performances, Peter Jackson headlined his own show. Not only was Peter

“I can’t, I won’t. I will not lose, I gotta win”

There is no doubt that Peter Jackson can go toe-to-toe with the big acts. He has opened up for artists such as Beanie Man, Joe Budden, Dipset, Llyod Banks, Kardinal Offishall, Bishop, Nas, Rupee, Elephant Man, Wu Tang Clan, and Rich Boy, KRS ONE, Raekwon, GZA, U-God, Obie Trice, D12 and Classified. He also has a remix track with Lil’Mo and Jim Jones on the “Fly Society” mix tape with P-Flex. Peter Jackson demonstrates the maturity of a man twice his age and wisdom beyond his years. His drive to reach his dreams is unwavering and t is not a matter of whether or not he will make it in this industry, it is a matter of when. He has just dropped his EP, “The Introduction” with 7 original tracks. It contains features from Latoya Alexus, Jmore and Emerson of Press Play Royce da 5’9 on his Second Single Paper Boy. He will also be going on tour with D12, Royce, Joe Budden, and Classified for 15 appearances across Canada.

oneonone withpeter jackson WHY DID U CHOOSE THE HIP-HOP MUSIC INDUSTRY TO BEGIN YOUR MUSIC CAREER? I choose the Hip-Hop Industry because I love Hip-Hop. I feel like everything I do is influenced by music. I wake up hiphop and go to sleep hip-hop.

WHO CONTRIBUTED MOST TO YOUR SUCCESS THUS FAR? First I would have to say my family and friends for the support threw these first few years. My manager, for sure, who has been there since day one, a lot of good booking agents, and my self for all the hard work I put in. WHAT CAN THE PEOPLE OF THE INDUSTRY LOOK FORWARD TO FROM YOU IN THE FUTURE? My First EP, “THE INTORUDCTION” dropping November 14th. My first single called, “Come On Over” ft. Jmore from the Press Play Lifestyle Group. Another single I have with Royce Da 5’9 called, “Paper Boy”. Watch out for my first two videos and I will be on the Never Say Never Tour across Canada with D12, Royce Da 5’9, Joe Budden and Classified. In February, look out for me on a cross Canada tour. ARE YOU INVOLVED IN ANY OTHER COMMUNITIES THAT SURROUND AND SUPPORT THE HIP HOP CULTURE OUTSIDE THE MUSIC INDUSTRY? IF NOT WOUL D YOU LIKE TO GET INVOLVED? Yes we do a few things around Durham region right now, but I would like to get more involved. WHAT IS YOUR ULTIMATE GOAL IN THE HIPHOP INDUSTRY AND WHAT ARE YOU WILLING TO DO TO ACCOMPLISH THAT GOAL? My ultimate goal is to be heard worldwide and be successful as an artist. I would like to be able to take care of the people who have taken care of me. I am defiantly willing to do whatever it takes to be successful and to make my career a successful one.

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This young artist is tenacious and determined. His michellebrijlal






amous for her many hit singles such as “Who Do You Love?” and “Nobody’s Supposed to Be Here”, the talented Deborah Cox returns once again with another sensational album, The Promise. Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Deborah Cox began singing at a very young age. Since then she has impacted the entertainment industry greatly with her singing, acting and performing. Now in 2008, Deborah Cox has released her latest album under her own label, Deco Recording Group. What an amazing accomplishment and welcome back! Q: Looking back to your first meeting ever with Clive Davis, your Executive Producer, how did you feel that day? What kind of thoughts and emotions were running through your mind? A: I was excited, I was nervous. I really felt like things were getting ready to happen. I followed Clive Davis’ work for many years, for instance his work with Whitney Houston for example. So I was hopeful and very confident. Q: A second part to that question I’d like to ask is, back then did you ever envision yourself being at the stage you are at in life today, as a successful talented singer? A: Yeah that’s something I’ve never questioned, never really ever doubted. I’ve always had visions of myself on stage, in the spotlight with an audience.

inthespotlight: DEBORAH COX

Q: It’s great to see you back in the industry! What are your plans from here? Will you be working on another album soon, and if so, will you be releasing albums under your own label from now on? A: Yeah, I mean we’ll see how things go. I will definitely be bringing more music that is for sure. For now though, my main focus is on the promo tours beginning in spring of next year.

Q: Prior to this album, your last one was released six years ago. What motivated you to do a new album, any life experiences in particular? A: During that time I had two wonderful children. I wanted to take some time off and be a mom and enjoy being there for my kids and spending time with them. That’s very important to me, family life and all. Now I felt it’s time to come back.

“I mean I go with what I’m passionate about in the moment.” Q: Your albums contain countless great collaborations. Who were some of your favourite artists to work alongside and why? A: I’ve enjoyed working with everyone. I had a great collaboration experience on my new album because on this album I worked with people I have history with, from past projects and old friends. It was fun and a great experience, brought back many wonderful memories.

where it all began? A: Well it really varies. I mean I go with what I’m passionate about in the moment. I love music and anything that involves it. Q: Now pretend the entertainment industry did not exist, what other career path(s) would you have pursued? A: Definitely journalism or radio! I’ve always had a love for that. Q: Lastly, many stereotype Toronto saying that it’s harder to get started and rise to the top compared to the United States. For those Canadians looking to pursue similar paths as you, do you have any words of encouragement or advice? A: Absolutely, use technology! Back when I started we didn’t really have the Internet so we had to book meetings, do things in person and hope for the best. Nowadays there are so many outlets for exposure because technology has developed so much. Get a page up, build a network. You have to take advantage of the means and tools accessible to you. Best of luck to everyone! Once again, it’s great to see you back! On behalf of The Industry, thank you for the opportunity to interview you, and we look forward to hearing your wonderful upcoming hits. - Alisha Martin

Q: Once again a two-part question: Is there anyone else you would like to collaborate with in the future? A: Oh yeah there’s a lot, I would love to work with Maxwell, Mary J. Blige, Toni Braxton, and many more. Q: You’ve accomplished so much in your career within the entertainment industry, from singing, to acting, to appearing in Broadway shows. Have you ever considered pursuing another path in the industry as opposed to singing? Or does your heart and passion remain with R&B,


People with that mentality to make that ‘hit’ track and become famous over night, are in the wrong game. Whats with Chicago and pushing some amazing artists this decade? Mikey is from chicago but I just went to school there a few years ago. I would say Chicago taught us to cater to a variety; you’d hear djs play a rock song then jump into a ludicris joint and the people reacted so it makes you be a bit more open minded (Chuck) So how does it feel being on this tour with Q-tip? Being on the road is cool but we love being home. It’s cool travelling and all but home is still home. (Mikey)


Currently co starring on tour with Q-TIP, I got a chance to sit down with the COOL KIDS! These dudes have been featured in Rolling Stones, XXL, The New York Post, The Source, CBS news and more! Their work has been featured in NBA live and HBO’s entourage...without having an album dropped!!! They run their own label C.A.K.E (Creating Art for Kids Everywhere) These two write, record and produce their own tracks! Their highly anticipated debut album was dropped July 2008 by CAKE, Chocolate Industries and Koch Entertainment - Spending 11 weeks on the Canadian Soundscan Rap Album Chart, 8 on the R&B Chart, and 7 weeks on the Indie Album Chart.This hot duo is rumoured to be one of the hottest upcoming groups of the year!!! I’m here with Mikey Rocks and Chuck Inglish, just kicking back in the lounge before sound check. Now lets get into this...


I know you both are cool and laid back but do you think the pressure of the ‘entertainment world’ will cramp your style and influence you to portray a certain celebrity ‘ballin-type’ aura? No pressure at all! We’re not into the whole limelite - and really not into the whole clubbing scene. My motto is lets see how much fun we can have without doing too much (Chuck) I’m very jaded and I’m not even 21 yet!! The whole concept of clubs is such a cartoon, like everything is amplified x 50. I don’t want to be put on pedistol, and have chicks walk around trying to find out who has the bottles etc... Rather keep it real (Mikey) I could careless if anyone sees me buy a bottle - I’d rather go to the bar and buy a drink. We much rather be relaxed, like on the real, I’m not into fancy hotels and all of that. I’d rather stay by a friends house and invite my peoples over there. (Chuck)

game? We are not trying to be stars - we just make music! We pay ourselves - it’s our company... if we keep doin this, we won’t have a problem. people who want everything at the same time, are the ones who get problems. There are no marketing gimmics; We just worked hard and we’re passionate about what we do. Sometimes you gotta shoot higher than what you think you can get. There were days we drove a minivan and not know how we were gonna put gas in this mini’s just life! Either work with it or find a way around it. (Chuck) I know people see us now as up and coming artists and want to do the same thing, but if they only knew at a point an time what we had to do they would be like oh im not doing that! I don’t feel like im part of the “industry” - i feel like im on the outside looking in. (Mikey)

“We are not trying to be stars – we just make music!” Everything we want - we got! We were offered opportunities that would of made us set for life - which we turned down cause we are just comfortable at the point we’re at right now. (Chuck) So what are some goals you guys have individually and as a group? My goals, are good goals just doing my daily routine, I got some but im not trying to take over the world and i’m definitely not trying to be on of the top rich guys. After i’m done with the show - im back at the crib. It’s just easier for me to continue doin the stuff i was doing. (Mikey) Anything planned for the new year? New year - I dont know! Whatever happens, happens! I want to be surprised! (Chuck)

How did you all meet? About 2 years ago: a mutual friend introduced us over myspace - I (Mikey) hit up Chuck.. askn how much it would be to buy a beat off of him...long story short. and it was history from there!

How do you deal with the you think the pressure in the business will change you as a duo? There is NO pressure at ALL! No one to answer to, we don’t compare ourselves to any other artists. - we make own beats, write our own shit . We paid for our own equipment and we pay ourselves. I’m already relaxed. (Chuck)

You can’t think too far ahead otherwise you neglect the present Ya got to play it both ways. It’s easy to plan a year from now but then forget what you got to do next month. (Mikey)

We never had the intention to become international artists, we just dig music. We like producing tracks and just thought at most we’d push out one joint together.

We kind of made our own business model - we dont have a boss yelling at us to get something done by june 15th!!!, i can take 3 more years to put a record out. (Mikey)

How does it feel now with the all of a sudden aclaimed success? We’re just grateful that people are geting into our music I dont think we blew up yet...we just moving up the ladder; it’s a process from first opening a show to now we’re co-headliners of a show (q-tip) We’re happy at our current state in the business and we have no expectations in the future. (Chuck)

It’s a partnership and almost all the time we’re on the same page. (Chuck) It’s easy and we’re really blessed that we have that we have it this just makes so much sense dont know why everyone else wouldnt want it this way

Okay, and I got to ask for my team, Mikey your known as the McDonalds feen? What is your favourite meal to order? or has Chuck got you on some next dishes? LOL! no longer eats mcdonalds - thanks to supersize...and I worked there so I seen it all. (Mikey)


So how are you two different than other artists geting into the

I worked there too! but we won’t even go there. lol (chuck)

I’m good with the money I make. Just live life how you live it right now and I’m good!!! (Chuck)



- James Borbath: daily writer in the Dino Nation Blog that is part of The Score Sports Federation. Hip Hop music scene and basketball are in the same family. So I am happy to be writing for The Industry. So let’s get going and talk basketball and 2010. If you are any kind of a basketball fan at all the year 2010 should stand out to you. It is the year that big name players such as Lebron James, Dwyane Wade and Toronto’s Chris Bosh hit the free agent market. In the basketball world, this has been a major topic of discussion for people that follow and cover the games. King James has been rumored to be heading the N.Y.C. The New Jersey Nets, who are owned in part by Jay-Z, are said to be moving to Brooklyn while Lebron is friends with Jay-Z and it is thought he may make the move there to be part of that switch. The New York Knicks, Detroit Pistons and many of other teams are loading up cap space in hopes of becoming the new home for King James. It is the biggest part of what has become an arms race in the NBA for the 2010/11 seasons. The offers for James are not limited to just the NBA, there has been talk that a few teams in Europe are ready to offer huge amounts of cash to convince the King to leave North America. Would he do it? Most in the NBA are highly doubtful although James has made it no secret that he wants to follow in the footsteps of Tiger Woods as much as he does Michael Jordan. Woods is an athlete that has made a billion dollars just by playing his sport and through endorsements. James would like to be the second member of that elite club. Teams in Europe can offer James more money, as leagues in Europe do not have a salary cap. The European leagues would need to be able to match the money for endorsements that James could command here in North America. There is also the issue of exposure as the NBA is broadcasted worldwide and it is hard to find Euro League basketball on T.V. The fact remains that someone is going to try to make that pitch to bring James to Europe. It is just a matter of if they can come up with something that James would think could work for him and give him ample profit. The Toronto angle of all of this free agent talk is Chris Bosh. Raptors’ fans are concerned that he will follow Tracy McGrady and Vince Carter, who decided to leave Canada and go back home to the U.S.A. Though Bosh is not the same type of per-


son as those guys and it makes sense from a money point of view for him to remain in Toronto and sign here. The folks at ESPN and everywhere else have suggested that Bosh could go to the Knicks and team up with James in New York. Both played for team U.S.A over the past few summers, they are no doubt friends. Business and friendship do not always end up on the same page, the same idea of Bosh heading to Orlando to team with another friend in Dwight Howard who was also part of that team has been another possibility. Everyone is speculating at what all of these guys might do and why. On a more positive note, some are talking about Bosh staying and Dwyane Wade coming to Toronto to play here with him. Wade was also part of that U.S. Olympic team and he recently made comments after a game against the Raptors that he like the direction the Raptors Franchise was heading. The Raptors also have the money to make this idea a reality. Jermaine O’Neal has one of the highest salaries in the NBA right now and his contract ends when? 2010. So the money to re-sign Bosh and bring in Wade could be there to make it official. All of this speculation can make people a bit mad or excited depending on which rumour they choose to believe. The team they cheer for will also have an impact on their feelings as well. Remember when we were on the verge of the year 2000, it was going to be the end of it all because of the Y2K problem. The world was going to go crazy, life as we knew it was going to be in serious

trouble. Could all of this 2010 talk be much like that? If James, Wade and Bosh all re-sign in Cleveland, Miami and Toronto all stayed in those cities it would sure seem like that. No one wants to talk about that because it isn’t all that exciting, but it could happen. What would all these teams that stockpiled all of this money do with it if it did? Would they still go out and spend it or will the failing economy encourage them to save cash? For all of the fans that want change, you could see a very different looking NBA in 2010. When trades happen that is good for the NBA as a league. How many New York Knicks Jerseys get sold if King James comes to New York? The numbers will be off the charts and that makes everyone money. It also would create new interest in the game as a whole. Need a little proof? Look at the Boston Celtics and what they did last year, the moves to bring in K.G and Ray Allen to make the “Big 3” in Boston was great for Celtic pride and interest in the NBA. The NBA would love to see that same kind of life be injected into the New York Knicks. After all of this, I can’t help but think all this talk of 2010 takes away from the next 2 seasons left to play. I mean we still have to crown the NBA Champions and the rings have to be handed out. I am excited to bring some basketball knowledge and thoughts to all of the readers here at The Industry magazine.


Dear Jason, Hey Jason I need some advice, I met this guy a while back and we started off as friends. I did sort of have a little crush on him, but I knew that nothing would ever happen; he was a big ball of confusion anyhow so I never even bothered acting on it. He flirted with me all the time and sent out pure mixed messages when I would go out with him. We remained just friends, which I didn’t mind at all, and we had a lot of fun with each other. Then all of a sudden, he came out and said he did not like me at all, which hurt me because how can you all of a sudden not like someone? I didn’t know how to act so I just said ok and I locked him off. Was I wrong and what should I do? – Anonymous Dear Anonymous, To begin, a relationship can be confusing and so can “breaking the ice.” At the time, you seemed as though you were content with how things were progressing, hence your decision of not acting on your feelings. I myself am confused concerning the entire situation. The only sense I can make from this is that he is or was in a relationship. It seems to

me that there is more to this story than you are telling. However, if this guy just came out and said ‘he did not like you’ but gave no prior signals, he may just feel weird or have the fear of developing further feelings for you. It is possible that he already harbored feelings for you and is attempting to suppress them. In cases like these, individuals are either in a relationship, confused, or feel hate because they not longer have control of their emotions and are developing feelings for someone they cannot or do not want to be with. So they either remove the fear from their lives, (which in your case is you) or act on it right away and then remove themselves from the situation. In any case he seems immature, I say let him go, it is not like you had too much of a meaningful relationship with him. As for the friendship aspect of this, do not mourn the loss of a friend because he was never really your friend to begin with. If he comes back into your life, the choice is yours, but if you choose to talk to him again analyze the situation openly because there is more than simply a ‘friendship’ there. – Jason


Candy canes, extravagant parties and beautifully lit trees are just some of the telltale signs that denote the holiday season. As a time of cheer, the holidays incorporate two special events: Christmas and New Years. Christmas has become a highly commercialized event, which makes its appearance within many department stores well before the Halloween items have had a chance to be put into place. The malls have begun their big construction projects, installing large wreaths, ornaments and the most widely recognized, “Santa’s Workshops”. With the installation of “Santa’s Workshop”, long lines appear in local malls so that kids can take pictures with this traditional holiday character. The malls get into high gear by counting down the days until there extended hours come into effect. Many individuals have started there Christmas shopping in hopes of avoiding the crowds that seem the flock to stores around this time of year. It never fails that when Christmas Eve comes, the malls are filled with last minute shoppers who are hoping to find the perfect gifts for their loved ones. As the holiday that brings in the highest gross profit, Christmas is usually seen as a time to spend money and receive gifts. Now a day, many people forget that Christmas should really be seen as a time to be with family and appreciate the time you spend together. This holiday can be a time of great happiness where families come together to reminisce about past events and remember what it is like to escape from their hectic lifestyles. Children of all ages count down the days until the famous Santa Claus make his great journey in his sleigh from the North Pole to deliver the presents that they have been yearning for over the past year. Parents always seem to use “Santa’s arrival” as a way to remind children that they have to continue being “nice” or they will not receive a present but a lump of coal instead from their adored Santa.


The other important event of the holiday season would have to be, without a doubt New Years. This event is celebrated all over the world by throwing extravagant parties with plenty of friends, family and music. New Years Eve marks the beginning of the many festivities, it is the day where many party-goers finalize their wardrobes, make way to their preferred forms of transportation and their sleeping arrangements. Starting in the month of November, promoters begin to blitz all ticket outlets, entertainment sites and radio stations in hopes of promoting their huge New Years bashes. Many of these events are held in or close to hotels to ensure the safety of those who might consume a little too much bubbly! Taxi services are available all over the city for those who are in no shape to drive home. Not only are the parties extravagant with the essential and traditional black, silver and white decorations but so are the clothing. Many plan what they are going to wear to make a lasting impression for arrival of the New Year well in advance. Countless people begin their hunt for the perfect outfits as early as the second week in November where stores do their final change of season. With parties happening all over the city there are hundreds of options, some ranging from minimal expense to elaborately expensive, but no matter what your budget everyone will be doing the same count down to 2009. What is most important for the holiday season is remember to be responsible and courteous no matter what the situation. Everyone essentially wants to same thing, fun and safe celebrations of Christmas and the New Year.

No matter what you decide to do this year, The Industry family wishes you a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year. All the best, to all of you from all of us in 2009!


kiprich&vybz kartel are taking you across the globe - LISA PERSAUD

KIPRICH – With his versatile style, comical lyrics and message that “Bad man can smile too”, KipRich has become dancehalls newest sensation. Born Marlon Plunkett in St. Catherine. Jamaica KipRich began his journey in school though his creations of poems which soon transformed into his songs. In 1999, he produced various hits such as ‘Leggo Di Bwoy’, ‘Imagine This’ and ‘Bad Man Nuh Switch’. He has worked with masterminds such as: Robert Livingston, Sheldon ‘Calibud’ Stewart, Alrick Anglin, Steelie & Clevie, Christopher Birch and has been the opened for Elephant Man on his recent tour. KipRich struck immense success once he entered the Big Yard family who released his #1 single ‘Telephone Ting’, which was followed by ‘The Letter’. The release of these two ingenious tunes as a part of his recent album release “Outta Road”, KipRich has not only strengthened but also widened his fan base. Take a look at what KipRich has to say concerning his vies on “badmind” and what his will be focusing on in the future. Kip, you were once known as Crazy Kid; where did the both nicknames come from? And why the name change? In school, everyone use to call me Crazy Kid; just for my comical antics! When I got more involved in the music business, my road manager broadly gave me the name KipRich (Keep Rich) Before you became a global heartthrob and ‘love’ mentor for young men, what were you doing before you got into the music industry? I was in school, taking courses to major in Law. Your first chart topper “Leggo di Bwoy” was released in 1999, just about 10 years ago. How has dancehall evolved since you first entered the business, more so what do you think of the current state of the music industry? The music business right now is a lot easier than it was when I first started in terms of advance technology with recording. Years ago, for a track we had to sing the hook, verse then the hook again, whereas now we have equipment to cut and paste where its needed. So it saves a lot of time and tracks get produced more efficiently. Also there are a lot more cable stations to broadcast more video play; so the opportunity for exposure has


You have acclaimed success in both solo projects and colorations with other artists like Elephant Man and Lil’ John, which artist would you like to see yourself work with in the near feature? I’d like to work with Lil Wayne; he definitely brings something unique to the table. We both have a different sound but I think a track together would be hot. On the topic of other artists, what would you say your top 5 artists’ albums are to date? Not in a specific order but, Destinys Child - Survivor, Mariah Carey Greatest Hits, DMX – Its Dark and Hot as Hell, Lil Wayne – The Carter 3 and KipRich – Outta road In your career, you have worked alongside many big time producers like Christopher Birch, Livingston, Steelie & Clevie, Michael Fletcher, Snow Cone, Sheldon “Calibud” Stewart, Alrick Anglin, Boyd James and Louie “Flabba” Malcom…If you could work with any producer, who would it be?

Lots of new hits, new videos and a new focus. Finally, what advice would you give up and coming artists? Believe in God and believe in yourself. Remember that nothing in life comes easy, you got to work hard for what you want and don’t badmind!


Thanks Kip! Congratulations again on all the success and The Industry wishes you nothing but love and continued success in the New Year and years to come.

definitely increased.

Who do you thank for your success?

Any last shout outs?

Who were your major influences in life that made you want to be an artist?

God, my parents, all the fans, my road manager Breadly, Big Yard, and Big Ship Records, which is where I recorded my first hit.

Thank you and yes I must shout out my family and friends. My artist friends: Bounty Killer and the Alliance, Shaggy, Elephant Man, Sophia S, Problem, Mad Family Crew, Ninetys, Waterhouse, Spanish town, All the Djs, Irie Fm, Hits 92, Vic 103, Hot 97, Jamaica Media house, Lisa P and The Industry magazine.

My influences were Bounty, Shabba, Beenie, Ninja, and Professor Nuts What is your overall philosophy on life and how do you incorporate this in your work? What motivates you? My philosophy is that no one is better than anyone. We all should live good with each other and don’t badmind one another. A lot of my music is ‘fun’; I sing about real issues that people can relate to, like ‘Telephone Ting’ and ‘The Letter’. Those are real life scenarios that at some point, someone has encountered. Reality in a different form: mixed with fun. What motivates me are my surroundings. So my inspiration comes from what I see and learned. And of course a wicked beat! The audience just sees the glamour of the music world, but of course there are always two sides to every story; what would you say irritates you about the business? The one thing that gets to me is a fake artist. You know the kind that rate you to your face but then talk sh*t behind your back?

What can we expect to see from KipRich in the New Year?


The Industry favours Adidja Palmer aka Vybez Kartel as the Dancehall’s Artist of the Month! The Portmore Jamacian artist has executed numerous amounts of hits in such a short period. As the industry does not encourage the homophobic or gunware lyrical content, Kartel must be commended for his creative use of implementing comical yet intimidating verses on top of each sell off riddim he sings on. This years rivalry with Alliance all star Mavado has influence his latest work. The newly released album “The Teachers Back” includes current radio hits such as Million dollar, Trailer load ah money and weh dem a go featuring Jah Vinci has captured the attention of the loyal reggae listeners and of the commerical audience.


Industry Mag: Dec 2008 /Jan 2009  
Industry Mag: Dec 2008 /Jan 2009