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The Waffle Works brings to you a new approach to the waffle, it’s just a breakfast staple. We’ve gone to great lengths to bring you new and innovative dishes to prove that the waffle is a versatile and flavourful food item.

THE Industry The Industry is North Americas’ newest and fastest growing publication in the urban market. Our Mission is to Market, Serve and Promote Toronto, New York, Miami and Jamaica’s entertainment industry. We cater our readers with the latest fashion & beauty trends, hottest music charts, Sensual eye candy for both genders, Upcoming events and exclusive interviews with headlining talent in the business!!! Not only do we provide material of those in the spotlight and behind the scenes; we also collaborate with a valuable network to create local and international opportunities for both existing and aspiring talent in all respected cities we distribute in.

This humble food made fresh and it’s a real treat to try the norm with a twist. The sides are definitely of Southern origin. Where else in the city of Toronto could you find grits, let alone someone who actually knows what they are? Another must try at The Waffle Works is our Crispy Mac & Cheese wrapped in bacon, definitely a show stopper.

So check out the 1st official Waffle House in Toronto located at 2451 Lakeshore Blvd West with a view leaving you breathless and the food leaving you speechless. HOURS OF OPERATION: Monday- closed | Tuesday-Thursday 8am-9pm | Friday-Saturday 8am-10pm | Sunday 8am-8pm

(647) 344 2020 |

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AUGUST09 club bangerstopten

10 swag surfin’ – f.l.y. 9 dancing on me – dj webstar 8 birthday sex – jeremih 7 i’m the ish – dj class ft. kanye west 6 knock you down – keri hilson ft. neyo & kanye west 5 put it on her – day 26 4 all the above – maino ft. t-pain 3 who’s real – jadakiss ft. swiss beats 2 every girl - young money ft. drake lil wayne 1 best i ever had – drake

hip hoptopten

10 belly – hot girl 9 Lil wayne - fix my hat 8 maino ft. swiss beats – million bucks 7 jahvon - hype beast 6. ill kidz ft. cali snipes, famous, mayhem, luu breeze, tona & richie sosa - money to burn Rmx 5 red cafe ft. jada, of & fabolous - hottest in the hood remix 4 drake ft. lil wayne & young jeezy - i’m goin’ in 3 clipse ft. kanye west - kinda like a big deal 2 jada kiss ft. oj da juiceman - who’s real 1 death of autotune - jay z


10 vybz kartel -dollar sign 9 cham ft. santigold - call mi 8 busy signal - money tree 7 jah vinci - watch yuh friends 6 vybz kartel - bicycle 5 shema- good luck 4 vegas - i am blessed 3 beenie man - gaza mi stay 2 mavado - neva believe it 1 vybz kartel ft. Indu - versatility

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10 put you on – b-hamp ft. darn jones 9 boyfriend #2 - pleasure p 8 skin - r. kelly 7 want it need it - plies 6 my love - DREAM ft. mariah carey 5 truth - keyshia cole ft. monica 4 Kiss Me Thru The Phone – Soulja Boy Ft. Sammie 3 every girl - drake ft. lil wayne 2 birthday sex - jeremih 1 best i ever had rmx - drake ft. niki minaj




Kim Davis interview by:Christina Cheng

Her voice is the definition of love, pain, and courage. A voice that sings of lyrics that dance around a woman’s embodiment; so gracefully, so beautifully. The passion she has is so powerful, we feel it within; the passion she captivates through song is undeniably flawless. Her talented soul captures all beats of life and we feel it through ballads, melodies; we hear her heart-throbbing street anthems sing the song of truth, reality, and rawness. It’s a sound that one can never tire of hearing. We hear the definition of a strong woman; we hear, Toronto songstress, Ms. Kim Davis. 1) I personally have heard of you for quite some time now, I’ve been hunting down some of your music and I must say, you are definitely one of my personal favorite artists. Your music always tells a story, it’s always so soulful and so truthful. Recently, I’ve been hearing your name more and more and I’ve been hearing your songs on the radio and I would like to congratulate you on that! So for those who have been hiding, can you give them a little background information about yourself? What MUST everyone know about Kim Davis?

Being anyone’s favorite artist is a big deal to me so thank you so much!! A lil background on me.. ok well, I’m a South African mother of 2 (Jazzmyn Melody 7yrs, Kareem Mohamed 5yrs) and I’ve been living in Scarborough for most of my life. Toronto is where I call home and I love it here very much. I’ve always been a very musical person and music has always been a great friend of mine there to comfort me through the ups and the downs. I had an opportunity to work as a backround singer for a few artists in Toronto namely Ray Robinson, Jully Black and Keshia Chante which lead to singing backgrounds and touring with Esthero (Warner Music) in 2005. I had gained so much experience in such a short time performing, arranging and writing with such incredible artists and it fueled my desire to do music. Later that year I wrote and recorded backround vocals on Sizzla’s album The Overstanding on a song called Take Myself Away, met Dre Knight, a producer with the production team The Narcotics and recorded


half of what is now “Live, Love, Learn” The Mix Tape. The rest is HISTORY!! What everyone MUST know about Kim Davis is that I am human, just like you. I except that I am a work in progress and I embrace that. 2) I know that approximately, two years ago you heard your first featured single with Sizzla called ‘Hush.’ How was that experience like and how has it changed things from there?

I will never forget that moment!! I felt validated; not that I didn’t believe in myself or my music but I felt like the grinding and the sacrifice was actually going somewhere!! I never heard

Love, Learn?” Can you explain what your mixtape consists of for those who are yet to hear it? What can we look forward to hearing in this mixtape? I’m so proud of this mix tape, so glad it’s finally out for everyone to hear!! I named it Live, Love, Learn because in my eyes, that’s pretty much what we do. We Live, we Love and hopefully we Learn along the way! The songs on my mix tape are basically candid excerpts out of my life, my experiences or those of my close friends in love and life in song form. The name just seemed to fit so perfectly! You can look forward to passion and honesty on this mix tape. 4) I hear of an album of yours dropping in September or around the end of this year. Can you elaborate on that? What can us viewers expect for your debut album? I’m working on an album. I’m almost done the album, been working on it since February and honestly, I’m so happy to be back in the studio. It’s been a minute since I’ve been able to record whenever I feel too so I’m really happy. I love the whole creative process.. writing, recording, it’s so much fun. I’m working with a lot of the same musicians that were on the mix tape, Ricky Tillo, Norm Sabourin, Omar Lunan, my brother Paul Davis with the addition of August and a few other dope ass producers and writers. It will be ready in September, it’s called Kim Davis and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Hush outside of my computer or iPod before that moment and then… in the taxi on the way to the hotel in New York for the first time ever I hear Hush on HOT 97!! I was in the cab by myself and got to absorb that moment all by myself, I was smiling :-)!! I would say that experience made me more confident and opened my mind to the possibility of really being a recording artist. 3) “LIVE, LOVE, LEARN” is your recent mixtape. Why did you choose to name it “Live,

5) Excluding this upcoming album, what other plans do you have in store for the future?

This year I did a lot of features, some you might have heard and some you haven’t, but they were with Jonny Roxx, Famous, Ron D, Daniel Daley, Roti, Jigz Crillz, Grizzle Cat, Y Shaws, Big Bossidy, C Sharp, A Game.. Yeah that’s a lot of features! Who do I hope to work with, I would say Brian McKnight. He is DOPE!! 7) After seeing Drake, Melanie Fiona and Kardinal Official- have you noticed any differences in the perception of local artists, especially coming from Canada? If so, has this helped you out at all? I wouldn’t say that the perception of local artists has changed, I mean we know and always have known that we have dope ass artists her in the Dot! The light that’s shining is different though, it’s like the rest of the world is waiting to see what gems are hiding in Canada. I’m hoping that Canada will support me enough for the rest of the world will notice me too! I feel the love strong in Toronto, I love it here and I love being from here so it all makes sense! 8) You’ve been on tour, back and forth from Toronto and to the states, how has that been? How do you feel? Do you feel you’re being recognized more and if so how are people outside of Canada treating ‘our’ Ms. Davis? I love performing so anytime I get the chance to do that I’m happy. Touring is tiring but always an amazing experience. I get to meet so many new people and discover a new city, what’s not to like about that. Whenever my kids don’t come or if I’m away from my family for too long it get’s hard and I get sad, I miss them and love them very much!! Big shout out to my mom and dad real quick! People usually treat me very nicely wherever I am, I’ve never had a bad experience so rest assured they treating me right! 9) How would you explain your music or what genre would you say your music fits into? I’m asking this because listening to a few of your songs, I can automatically feel a sense of soulfulness and truthfulness in your music. Every one of your songs has a meaning that every girl or women can relate to- whether it be dealing with relationships and/or just simply their inner self.

Who knows? I’m hoping and planning to be happy, that’s important and to be living a wonderful life with my amazing family. I love music and I will always be involved in it. Other than that I’m not sure where the wind will take me next.

I would say right now I probably fit into the R&B / Pop / Soul / Hip Hop genre. A mixture of all of those styles. With this new project though, I could probably add a few more styles to that list. I can say for sure that the songs with still all be from the soul and honest!

6) What artists have you worked with that some may not know about and what artists do you hope to work with some day?

10) For example, “Forever my Valentine” and “Sometimes” has been blasting on thelmost every hour, tell us about these

tracks. Valentine 4 Life is a love song, well Sometimes is too. Valentine 4 Life was produced by SPINZ and was written by my good friends Omar Lunan , Luther Brown and myself. It’s a song about asking the one you love to be with you forever and letting them know that you never question their love. Sometimes was produced by The Narcotics and Paul Davis and written by me, actually for Rihanna but that obviously didn’t go through. It’s a song about strong love. 11) Where do your influences come from for you to be producing such amazing songs? Life. The things we all go through. That’s what I sing about. 12) You are known as the top Myspace Canada R&B artist, and have been nominated for 2 Stylus Awards for Canadian R&B Single of the Year and you also won 2 awards at Buffalo’s WBLK’s Unsigned Hype Awards for The Best Female Artist of the Year and People’s Choice Artist without even releasing an album yet! That is truly

amazing! Congratulations on that but I’m sure the question for upcoming artists, especially those struggling in Canada would like to know is, how have you got to where you are now? That’s a very hard question to answer but in short, hard work, dedication, blood sweet and tears, practice, persistence, luck and no sleep! 13) Lastly, where can you be contacted? I’m sure your fans are eager to know your whereabouts! For Bookings: For Features or Any Other Inquiries: Much Love and thanks to you for the opportunity, appreciate you reaching out

God Bless & Keep Always!! Kim Davis 08

Trevor Godinho AnalyzeThis:


– D’Analyst

Analyzing the situation column feature Issue #6 has cleared the way for our 7th addition to our published issues. Analyzing the situation column presents for the 1st time ever- Trevor Godinho, a well-known photographer in the field of contemporary arts. Hailing from the streets of Scarborough, Ontario Trevor with his dream and focus in mind inspired by his father was set out to accomplish his goal of success as a photographer. At the young age of 23 Trevor had launched TG PHOTOGRAPHY in the year 2005, it being great success two years later he decided to re-brand the name of his company as TREVOR GODINHO | PHOTOGRAPHER in order to hit a much larger market as well as break away from any preconceived public ideas in regards to his style. He aims to marry the genres of Fashion and Glamour to create a hybrid style. Mentioned during my meet with the ambitious Trevor Godinho, his attributes were clearly displayed, he has a tremendous passion and dedication towards his craft in photography. His motivation has contributed to his elevated spirituality, along with his easy-going personality when collaborating with others. Trevor is known to bring an excellent source of energy and candid humor to every photo session, as well as emotions that can only excite those in his presence, while contagiously letting his creative ideas and positive energy create a comfortable and productive environment. Trevor the man considers himself to be a class clown, but Trevor the artist is extremely professional when the matter at hand requires it. His continued education resides at The University of Toronto Mississauga and Sheridan College, working on completing


Q-Has your work ever interfered with your personal life? Not really, I’ve been lucky to have a family that supports me and understand what I do and are proud of my work. And I have a beautiful girl, who I love and fully trust me in every way. They understand this is my passion and my love and for me it’s my creative output and they are behind me.

his Degree in Art and Art History. Visit for contact or view some of his great work!!!

photographer…are you a 5 days a week 9am-5pm, or a 24/7 on call type of photographer?

Q-What words of inspiration can you give to young starters in the industry?

Here is this months Q’S and A’S section with Mister Trevor Godinho:

I have a strict rule- there is a time for work and a time for play … I am a free lancer; I have the ability to make my own schedule. There are some nights when shoots go into the early morn but those are rare … photography is my passion but so is my family.

Shoot, shoot, shoot and when you think you are done shooting shoot again, when I started I shot over 40 rolls of film a day and from a roll of 24-36shots I picked one that was good and that way I learn how to get bang on exactly the shot I want and what I was doing wrong and what was working.

Q-In what way did your father inspire you to pursue this over populating field of Photography & Arts? Funny my dad used to make jokes when I was a kid that I could never take a straight picture, my shots were always coming out in odd angles, in college as an art student he gave me my first film camera and the rest was history. Q-Which photographers do you look up too and why? I have a few, off the top of my head Patrick Demarchelier, Mario Testino, Mark Baptiste and a few friends that are well known in the industry that gave their time to help me when I started. Robert Voltaire and Jerry Avenaim both well known US photographers who have shot for many major magazines. Why I look up to them is simple; their work captures not only the beauty of the subject but the overall image that grasps you and allows you to take some thing away from the image, that feeling that lasts even when your not looking at the image. Q-What genre of photography do you dislike the most? That’s easy… porn (laughs) well there is a fine line between art and pornography, some times that line can not be defined but one can tell when they are looking at porn and when they are looking at a well thought out piece of art. Q-As a photographer how do you manage your personal life with the life as a

Q-What do you think is more important for someone inspired to get involved in your field Good Knowledge/Good Equipment? I know of a photographer James White who has shot with a point and shoot disposable camera so equipment is just a tool. It’s mostly based in the concept and image and knowledge of light and composition, I will not say anything bad about photography schools cause they pump out many amazing technically sound photographers but I am a self taught and I have my bad habits but they are all mine rather than some one else’s. Q-Do you think the industry of photography will weaken as digital cameras continue to advance and are available to the public? I don’t think digital weakens it but the amount of photographers that are in the industry makes finding work harder due to competitive pricing, but in the end you will always get what you pay for and many clients will go for the right photographer for the job based on their work. As for digital making an impact yes it has its caused major brands like Kodak to stop making film and camera maker Minolta to sell over to Sony so there are major changes and there will continue to be no matter what technology does in the future.

Q-Have you done work with Celebrities at any point during your career as a photographer? If yes who? If no … who would you like to work with in the future? I’ve been lucky… I was privileged to work on a campaign with Lil X for this clothing line XFIT as well as shooting candid’s of Donovan Bailey, Dennis Rodman, Victoria Secret Angel Doutzen Kroes, to doing shoots with Miss Universe Canada Samantha Tajik and miss Great Britain Amy Guy. Who I’d like to shoot hmm… got to be off the top of my head Padma Lakshmi, Heidi Klum, Johnny Depp and Nas. Q-What is your style when shooting-traditional-photojournalistic- etc? My style is more editorial and I tend to marry both glamour and what has been come to be known as maxim style with fashion or high fashion to create a hybrid where they work together to drive the story of the shoot.

Q-What do you want the public to know about Trevor Godinho Photographer? Well… nothing, I want them to learn about me from my work... and have my work sell itself. As always, I encourage the public to get involved and interact with me, any questions, ideas, suggestions you might have email me at danalyst@industry-mag. com.

Still1958-2009 the King Remembering Michael Jackson – Joel Persaud This article is a tribute in remembrance of one of the greatest pop stars that has ever existed worldwide. Taking your time to read this excerpt of his legacy will ensure that Michael Jackson’s soul and magic will live on forever. Crowned the king of pop, Michael Jackson established a path in music that has artistically created himself as a unique and distinct trendsetter on all genres in the music industry. From singing in hard high pitches to moon walking with zombies, Michael has thrilled the world in tremendous amounts of ways creating a world healing impact.

In 1977, having successful television appearances, Michael played in a film called The Wiz, it was a black musical originating from the classical story of ‘The Wizard Of Oz.’ Michael acted with Diana Ross and during this show he met Quincy Jones, a well known producer. Working with Quincy Jones, he assisted Michael with his first adult album in 1979 titled, “Off the Wall”. The album went platinum with smash singles: Grammy winning, Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough, and Rock with You. This was a major step into Michael’s Future by creating himself as a fully fledge writer and a mature recording artist.

“He was a natural born leader as long as I can remember, he always had a mind of his own” said sister, Latoya Jackson. “There is no explaining his talent, it was just simply in him when he was born” Ben Fong Torres, Former senior editor of ‘Rolling Stone magazine’. “Many People thought Michael Jackson was allot older than when he really was because no eight year old can have the kind of talent and ability that this kid had” J.Randy Taraborrelli, Author of Michael Jackson: The magic and the madness. Michael Jackson’s talent was a huge inspiration to many and everything said about him commended his skills and exclusiveness on stage.

“I always tell them out there the song is rhythms, motion and the knowledge, because I love the base slick it really makes me crazy, it makes me wild out”

Born on August 29 1958 in Gary, Indiana, Michael Joseph Jackson was the fifth of nine children to be born. He grew into a family that was very musically inclined. His father Joe Jackson was a former guitarist and his brothers Jackie, Tito, Jermaine and Marlon had already formed a band. Michael displayed a talent for music and dance from an extremely young age. Being deeply inspired by his family, and artists like James Brown and Jackie Wilson, Michael decided to burst onto the music scene as well.

This was just the beginning on December, 1 1982. The thrill of the year had hit the market, Thriller, which sold over fifty million copies worldwide, had officially hit the market and he was officially hailed to be the new King of Pop. Michael’s innovation and will to invest, created a film like music video; Thriller- it was the biggest selling home video. The album won 7 Grammy awards and spent the entire year in top ten charts with 37 weeks as number one.

Managed by Father Joe, The ‘Jackson 5’ band was established in 1963. Michael was the youngest of the group but also the lead singer with the limelight pointed directly on him. Michael’s angelic young voice and spectacular dance moves brought a lot of attention and opportunities to the band. With many supporters like Diana Ross and Berry Gordy in 1968 they swept an audition immediately receiving a record contract with the famous Motown Records. The band flooded the 1970’s with many hits like, Want You Back, Stand, Who’s Loving You, ABC, The Love You Save, I’ll Be There, Mama’s Pearl, Never Can Say Goodbye, Maybe Tomorrow, and many more. The Jackson 5 was on the top of the charts and received massive credentials in music- releasing 14 albums and Michael releasing 4 solo albums.


records and had to rename them as ‘The Jackson’s.’

Consumers and fans looked at Michael as the main attraction of the band and in 1971, it was time that Michael released solo hits such as, Got to Be There #4 in 1971, Rocking Robin #2 in 1972 and Ben #1 in 1972. Michael and his brothers later left Motown excluding Jermaine signing to Epic

On May 16, 1983 Michael performed for the first time “Billy Jean” at the Motown 25 and also for the first time does the moonwalk. The moonwalk became his top signature move. Aside from rocking the stage and flying off with jet packs, Michael had a caring heart making a reputation as a humanitarian. In 1985 he co wrote, We are the World. This was supposed to be a theme song for the United States and Africa to aid the world. The single consisted with collaboration with many artists. The team donated all proceeds and earnings to children in need and also to environment sustainability. Creating a sound that no artist had developed, it was time in 1987 for the release of ‘Bad’ to hit the world market. This

was Michael’s last work with Quincy Jones. The album sold twenty million copies in which didn’t match thriller. Although the sales were not matched, his tour in the UK brought in 5 sold out nights with 504 000 fans that came to see this. It was a world record! Michael’s childhood couldn’t be described as an average childhood for many due to an early introduction to stardom; yet he is very openly about his situation. This is shown in his published autobiography Moon Walk. It was written in 1988 and it touched many people, it brought tears to many. The music took over Michael’s life since he was eight years old. Aside from all the rumours and derogatory terms used to describe this ledged, it didn’t stop Michael in 1991 when releasing another album called Dangerous. Produced by New Jack Swing and Teddy Riley, the album contained hits like: ‘Heal the World,’ ‘Who Is It’ and ‘Black or White.’ All of these singles shot up on the top ten charts in the USA. In 1992, Jackson established with his personal fortune of $200 million, the Heal the World Foundation to raise awareness of child related issues. The latest work of Michael is Thriller 25; it was a remixed version of his bestselling album Thriller. The album featured artists Kanye West, Fergie, Akon and Will.I.Am. It was number one on billboard’s pop catalogue. Michael was also scheduled to conduct a series of 50 comeback concerts starting July 13 at London’s famed 02 arena. Michael spent hours rehearsing in Los Angeles. On June 25 2009, Michael distorted. It was reported that he was not breathing and paramedics and doctors spent hours of trying to resuscitate in which were unsuccessful. Michael’s heart had collapsed. His memorial service was held on July 7. Highly Honoured at the 2009 B.E.T awards, Michael is an inspiration to and made a great impact on introducing the black community into the music industry.

“There will never be anybody quiet like Michael Jackson.” –Smokey Robinson.

One of the greatest has flew away for eternal rest, may you rest in the heavenly peace M.J.




Fashion&Beauty withtrishislandbesos

“Feel The Vibe” plus a couple interesting things…

It’s August in Toronto and I don’t know about you, but I am surely feeling the vibe! This Month for me means: Caribana, Costumes, Sun, Soca, “Fetes” galore, and the beautiful free spirited Caribbean vibe that flows throughout the city. It quenches my thirst for some island vibe.

designer Miss Tasha “Tea” Thomas of the CoCoberry Company, I was brought on board to create a body painting design for the first topless costume of Caribana!!! Immediately I was inspired by the very thought, and I knew exactly what I wanted to do upon seeing the costume. I guess that would explain the sexy topless painted African styled model in my pictures! I hope everyone is able to walk away this year with a beautiful Caribana experience. I know I surely plan on making some awesome memories. Look out for the Topless section “MASAI” with Callaloo this year; I don’t think you’ll be able to miss us on the lakeshore! So aside from what I’ve been up to and what has me buzzing in this lovely month of August; what have you guys been up too? Enjoying the hot days so far? (I mean what little we’ve been blessed with this year!). Well I hope that you are, and ladies on the note of hot days, I have a makeup Tip/trick of the month to share with you.

I Love Caribana! This year I was blessed to work with one of the most established and reputable costume “Mas Bands” of Caribana called “Callaloo.” Under the guidance of the talented


Summer Makeup Tip/Trick: On those very hot and humid days when you’re stepping out, you don’t want to use that heavy old foundation do you? I know It doesn’t feel to nice to have your face melting off under the hot sun, and really I don’t think others find it very appealing, So here’s what you do! Place a dime sized drop of your foundation at the top of your hand and a dime sized drop of your moisturizer, then use your finger to mix it together. Forget about using your foundation brush

for this one, your finger would work just fine. Apply over your cheeks, under your eyes and on your T-Zone. When you are applying it, you will notice how smooth it goes onto your skin, how light and refreshing it feels, and how flawless you look! The best thing is that it will last all day without that feeling of your face melting off! My product picks for this month! For all my shopping divas who love to pamper themselves and try new things: • Mascara: Dior Show – It’s deeply pigmented and leaves your lashes thick and curled! It’s been my most impressive product for august. • Nail Polish: China glaze in “High Voltage Pink” – If you’re a rockstar you’ll dig it! • SmashBox Waterproof Body Bronzer & Highlighter – okay, so maybe it didn’t last the entire time I was in the pool splashing around, but it sure did compliment my summer tan when I wore my sexy little dresses out to those hot summer jams at night! That’s my review on these products ladies, try them out and see what they do for you! Also since July was my birthday, I was inspired to do a themed makeup design based on my zodiac sign Cancer, and this one goes out to all my Cancer homies and honeys, hope you enjoy. Now wrapping things up, here’s what to look out for in Fall: • MAC Cosmetics: Baby Bloom – Launching August 2009 • Fall Colors: The Pantone Color Institute revealed what it thinks would be the top 10 colors of Fall, and those colors are: • American Beauty: This reddish tone is said to evoke a patriotic feel. • Creme Brulee: This neutral color is a softer alternative to white. • Purple Heart: This purple hue is predicted to be a popular color for accessories. • Rapture Rose: This refreshing new hue is said to emit hope and surprise. • Iron Heart: This color is said to be the new black. The brown cast makes it a warmer alternative to gray. • Majolica Blue: One of our favorite hues. This color is said to give off a smokey sense of calmness. • Honey Yellow: This warm tone is the Fall variation of Spring yellow.

• Warm Olive: This exotic take on yellow is said to show designers’ concern about being eco-conscious. • Burnt Sienna: This color is said to be Fall’s interpretation of orange and the reddish tone makes it more versatile. • Nomad: This hue serves as an important foundation for pairing with rich and saturated brights. Look out for more!

Until next time Stay Fabolous!

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Summer of change - James Borbath: daily writer in the Dino Nation Blog that is part of The Score Sports Federation.

I should start by saying congrats to the L.A Lakers and Kobe Bryant on winning the NBA Championship! All of you out there rocking the purple and gold; wear it with pride this summer! I actually correctly predicted the NBA Final of Orlando VS. L.A in the Dino Nation Blog back in October. Go do a ‘Google’ search and see if you can find anyone else that was with me on that. I did call the Lakers to win; as well in 6 games they would do it in 5. Oh well, as someone told me, “James you should have put some money on that” but I just take the joy in getting something right. Besides, betting on stuff will drive you crazy. If you can afford to lose it, then that’s fine but if you can’t, then that causes major stress. But I am not here to judge anybody, just for me I can’t get into it- I’ve seen too many things watching ball to know how hard it can be to be right. Even before Kobe had raised his MVP of the Finals Trophy, the Raptors were already hard at work trying to make up for a season gone wrong. Jason Kapono would be the first to go as he was traded to the 76ers for Reggie Evans. If you are a hardcore ball fan you know who Reggie is. If not, he is a tough dude that knows his role. Evans once had a game in which he recorded 0 points and 20 rebounds- that is what he is about… Getting his hands dirty and doing work! He will no doubt be a huge factor in the Raptors losing the “soft “ tag that many NBA fans have labeled them with. Eddie Jordan was hired as the new coach for Philly and his Princeton offense needs someone that can shoot the 3 point shot. Kapono, despite having a down year last year is one of the better 3-point shooters percentage wise in league history. So it works for the Sixers who had one of worst 3 point percentages in the league. Raptors also would save a bit of money on the deal on Kapono as to most; he was signed at a contract number that never matched his skill. This would be the beginning of what many feel, and myself included, would be the biggest summer of Bryan Colangelo’s career as a G.M. While some were waiting to see if Colangelo would move Chris Bosh this summer it would become clear that that was not his plan. But before he started looking at Free Agents or making anymore trades, there was the NBA Draft to take care of for the Raptors. Early on, most of the Raptor fan base and media had locked in on Demar DeRozan. It also turns out that Colangelo would have done the same. There was also some drama on the topic of if the USC star, who is a native of Compton, California, would want to come to Toronto and Canada but this resulted in being false. Draft night would come and to the delight of Raptor fans and Bryan Colangelo, they would see that his name was not on the draft board as being selected. So David Stern would step to the stage and announce, “With the 9th pick in the NBA Draft, the Toronto Raptors select Demar DeRozan from the University of Southern California”. I was hosting a live blog on The and I have never seen a live blog go nuts like it did when that was announced! Demar Derozan was a Raptor and finally fitting in for the times he would tweet from his twitter account @demar_derozan “ Air Canada is back”. He had got comparisons to Carter in terms of athletic ability. A day later at his press conference in T.O, the comparisons would be down played. Early on in the Vegas Summer League, he would score 20 points in a game VS. Pistons and showed signs that Raptors may have made a great pick. It seems that Raptor fans love Demar and he loves them, as well as the city that he will


likely call home for the next 3 or 4 years at least. So if you see the guy in the T-Dot, show the young man some love. I am sure he is already aware that the drinking age in Canada is 19 to match his age as he only played 1 season at USC. However, Demar may not be partying too much because he seems focused on making it and becoming a star. Part of the reason for his early jump to the NBA is to take care of his mother who has Lupus. Demar said part of his choice to jump to the NBA was to have the money to make sure she got the best medical care possible. I also look after my mother and do most of my work from home so I can do so. When I found out this fact about Demar, it made me an even bigger fan of him and hoping for him to be successful. I know a few people that have interviewed him and they rave about what a great kid he is. Basically, for a lot of solid basketball reasons and personal ones- if you are not pulling for this kid there is something wrong with you. So with that being said and done, the Raptors had their man. But the draft would be over shadowed by a lot of major trades that would kick the off-season off in a major way. Let’s begin with the biggest: The Cleveland Cavs with ‘King’ James would fall short of the NBA finals that Nike had banked on putting Kobe Bryant and Lebron James on. The Puppet ads with Kobe and Lebron would get hi-jacked by ‘Superman’ Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magics as mentioned earlier. The Cavs did not take long to re-group. They would trade whatever amounts to a bunch of spare parts to acquire Shaq from the Phoenix Suns. The Big Cactus was dead. When Shaq arrived in Cleveland, he would pronounce as only he can here is to, “Get a ring for the King”. It is a big gamble by the Cavs to get to that next level but with 2010 on the Horizon and the chance that James could walk away and go to New York or elsewhere. They would also add former Raptor Anthony Parker to the mix as well. Parker would not be back in Toronto, but we will get to that a bit later. The other major move would involve an Ex-Raptor as well, in fact, a couple of Ex-Raptors. Vince Carter is going home or pretty close to it. The Orlando Magic would trade Rafer Alston (also a former Raptor), Rookie Courtney Lee, and Tony Battie. Ryan Anderson, a Nets rookie was part of the deal as well, going back to Orlando with V.C. Ironically, this would help out the Raptors. I will explain that a little later as well. It will be very interesting to see if this helps the Magics get to the next level or if it is a huge mistake. You can make a solid argument on both sides of the coin. If I were a Magic fan I would be concerned as Vince Carter tends to fall in love with shooting the 3 and Orlando as a team is prone to that as well. However V.C is a solid passer and could help Dwight Howard get more touches. It will also be interesting to see how V.C deals with being back in Florida where he was a huge high school star. Other moves happened as well; you had Spurs acquire Richard Jefferson from the Bucks. Most notable going the other way was Bruce Bowen. The Atlanta Hawks would also make a move to get Jamal Crawford and Washington Wizards added, Mike Miller and Randy Foye as well. All of these trades took a little luster away from the draft. Blake Griffin as expected, was the first pick to Clippers. Hasheem Thabeet went number 2, and Memphis and James Harden number 3 to Oklahoma City. There are 56 other picks I haven’t mentioned but beyond the Raps and top 3 we will leave it at that. Next on your NBA Off-Season Calender is free agency. Who is the first team to jump in the pool? Detroit Pistons, who would reunite two UConn Stars, Ben Gordon who was a Bull, and Charlie Villianueva who was a Buck. Just days before Joe Dumars would fire his coach Michael Curry,

it seems Dumars is rapidly going from being one of the leagues most respected G.M’s to one of the worst! Ranking with the likes of his former backcourt make Isiah Thomas who was responsible for the sorry state of the New York Knicks. If Gordon and Villianueva do not get off to a good start with Pistons, it may get ugly. Many Piston fans were banking on Detroit having big players next off-season in 2010. But now with spending about 90 million on Gordon and Villianueva, there may not be as much cash to attract big names next to Motown in 2010. The Champion Lakers had to decide on a few players: Lamar Odom and Trevor Ariza. News days before free agency, Yao Ming would miss the entire season next year and there is talk his career is in doubt would create opportunity for the Lakers. In the form of Ron Artest, the Lakers would battle along the way to the title. Artest with the knowledge that Yao was gone and T-Mac is always a concern injury wise; it was enough to get Artest to change his mind about remaining in Houston, which was the plan prior to the news about Yao. Artest would come to the Lakers at a reasonable salary and he said that he did not care about money he wanted to win a title. The news of Artest signing would spark the announcement that Phil Jackson was going to return to coach the Lakers. This was also in question. Jackson has experience in dealing with strange and unpredictable characters. He coached “The Worm,” Dennis Rodman to two titles with the Bulls. Artest is a walk in the part in comparison. If the signing of Ron was any part of the reason that Phil came back then Lakers are better for it. That is regardless of how Ron performs but I would expect he will be highly motivated and pushed by Kobe Bryant to perform at a higher level. Just like Bryant did as the opposition in the playoffs. This move would start a chain of events. The Raptors were looked in a battle to sign Hedo Turkoglu with the Portland Trailblazers. Once Artest signed in, it became clear that Ariza was not coming back to L.A. The Raptors would make him an offer that ended up being 9 million more than what he would sign for. The place that would be would be even stranger. The Houston Rockets would end up losing Artest and gaining Ariza. Raptor fans would feel snubbed and that old specter of if players would play in Canada was alive again. But for Colangelo, it shifted the focus back to Hedo, if it ever left. Hedo Turkoglu fresh off a trip to the finals and being a big part of that Magic run in the playoffs. He would now be looking for a new home based on the Vince Carter trade mentioned earlier. Hedo would travel to the Pacific North West and visit Portland. Reports serviced he had agreed to a 50 million dollar, 5 year deal. Raptors hope was fading fast but Hedo would

pull a 180 based on his wife and her love of the city of Toronto, according to reports. Hedo would end up with a 53 million dollar deal in Toronto. But if this move were to happen, it would require the Raptors renouncing the rights to Shawn Marion, Anthony Parker, Joey Graham and Carlos Delfino. This addition would loose the use of the mid-level exception. Leaving the Raptors with a new star player but no way to build a bench around him and the rest of the team. But Bryan Colangelo was not done. He would put together what Doug Smith referred to in the Toronto Star as “the single best move by a G.M in the history of the team.” Smith has covered that team from day one so that was high praise. What he was talking about was a very complicated 4-team trade. Which would send Shawn Marion, Kris Humphries and Nathan Jawai to Dallas. Marion would sign a contract with Raptors as part of the transaction. Better known as a sign and trade. Orlando would also trade Hedo to Toronto in the same manner as Marion. Basically, by the Raptors trading Hedo instead of signing him, would wind up with around 12 million dollars to spend and the mid-level exception back in play. In addition to the Raptors, they would get Antonie Wright and veteran Devean George. How the Raptors spend there cash at the time this is being written is not known. But they have already started signing Jarrett Jack a former teammate of Chris Bosh at Georgia Tech to an offer sheet. This is just another move that makes this team better, and as a bonus, it happens to add a friend of the star player whose contract ends after next season. What all of this adds up to in the end is that, Bryan Colangelo is doing his best to making Toronto a very attractive option for Chris Bosh to want to stay and be a part of. However, if not, he still has built a solid foundation for the future. In addition to all of the moves mentioned, he also had his number one draft choice Andrea Bargnani, who has signed a 5 year and 50 million dollar extension to his contract. Leaving the Raptors with 4/5ths of its staring line up secured for the next several seasons. Calderon, Bargnani and Hedo along with the rookie DeRozan who could and should eventually be the starting shooting guard, with all being under contract. The only question is: will Bosh be there after this season? What happens this season may have a lot to do with that answer. Bosh does not seem worried about it though although he is excited about the moves. I know he is as to many because he told the world through

his Twitter Account. He also leaked out that Andrea had signed his extension. He also had a contest with former Raptor Charlie V to see who could get to 50,000 followers first. The winner would get to pick a character for the loser to play in a video. Twitter has become a news source and just a way for players and fans to interact. Kevin Love of the T-Wolves not only announced to the world that Kevin McCale had been fired; he also trashed his team on draft night as they drafted 4-point guards. So I thought a fun way to close this off would be to give you a list of the top 10 Twitter accounts to follow for fans of the NBA. I have an account on there as well (@dinonationblog) so I asked my followers to help out. This list is based on my opinion and their suggestions. 1. @The_Real_Shaq- Shaq is fun & is the most followed person in the NBA on Twitter 2. @KevinDurant35- KD is one of the most real people on Twitter he just seems to be himself. He once tweeted about it being a bad idea going shopping at the mall with his mom. Been there. 3. @Chrisbosh- Hometown boy and has always been at head of class with new technology. He won’t tell you his plans for 2010 but he does his fair share of tweeting 4. @kevin_love- This was my followers pick. Love for the reasons above has been a Twitter star. 5. @CV31- Most famous for tweeting at halftime of an NBA Game, Charlie V is at front of class on Twitter 6. @Matrix31- Shawn Marion is great a replying if you send a tweet his way. He may need a new # in Dallas so not sure if his Twitter account stays Matrix31? 7. @Demar_Derozan- Giving some love to the newest Raptor who let’s you know how hard he is working as he balls and Tweets his way to top of NBA. 8. @jeskeets- He writes the Ball don’t lie on Yahoo and is one half of The Basketball Jones he is also a Toronto native. 9. @the_real_nash- Canada’s greatest baller EVER. 2 Time MVP. 10. @stackmack-Holly Mackenzie writes for The Score and Slam online. She has been to the Draft in NYC and Summer League in Vegas. Follow her now before she becomes big time if she isn’t already. So if you some how have not made it to Twitter and are a ball fan, that is a good list to get you going. If you already are on Twitter and you love ball and are missing one of these you are missing out. It seems hard to believe but the next time I am writing, we will be talking about a brand new NBA season that will almost be here. Looking a lot more brighter for the home team in the T-Dot then it had seemed at the start of the summer.



LILWAYNE – Georgia Kuye show?id=2086879:Page:185345 As I sit at my desk I have my iTunes window open; I type Lil’ Wayne into the search bar and watch as countless mixtapes and hundreds of songs by and featuring Lil’ Wayne come up. I steadily click the remake of ‘Always Strapped,’ the song, that as of late, I have on repeat in my car and has everyone hype in the clubs. Halfway through the first verse I reminisce about Lil’ Wayne’s music from the beginning of this decade and think to myself how he and his music have grown over the years. Listening to his older tracks compared to his recent, you can hear the difference in his voice but Lil’ Wayne, as an artist, has significantly changed. At age 15, only a year after dropping out of school, Lil’ Wayne joined the group Hot Boyz with rappers Juvenile, Turk, and B.G. He was the youngest member at the time. In 1999, he released his first solo debut album, entitled The Block is Hot. This album went double platinum and climbed to #3 on the Billboard album charts... pretty impressive for a debut album. Wayne’s next two follow-up albums, Lights Out and 500 Degreez, did not receive as much success as achieved by his debut. Critics felt that his verses were incoherent, proving that Lil’ Wayne had yet to mature in his music.

rapping style and lyrical themes. Tha Carter gained Wayne significant recognition and the single ‘Go DJ’ became a top five hit. This album demonstrated that this was only the beginning and Wayne had more on the way for hip-hop. With this, Tha Carter II was released in December 2005, debuting #2 on the Billboard Top 200 albums chart. His lead single ‘Fireman’ was a non-stop request on the radio and from this, Wayne marked his placement in the rap game. Instead of releasing another album, Lil’ Wayne dropped a plethora of mixtapes and was featured on almost every hot hip-hop single released; everyone wanted a piece of Wayne. He collaborated with artists like Chris Brown, Fat Joe, Lloyd, and T-Pain to name a few. Of his many mixtapes, Dedication 2 and Da Drought 3 received the most media exposure. Dedication 2 included his socially conscious track, ‘Georgia...Bush’ in which he critiques former U.S. president George W. Bush’s response to the effects of Hurricane Katrina in his hometown, New Orleans. Da Drought 3 contained Wayne rapping over the hottest recent hits by other artists. Some might argue that Wayne’s versions were often better than the originals. For two years, Lil’ Wayne appeared on countless singles, all charting within the top 20 spots on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. By the end of 2007, Lil’ Wayne was labeled as hottest MC in the game. His work ethic was clear as his hunger to make good

music rapidly grew; he wanted to prove that he is not just a gimmick but his passion for music goes deeper than his heavily tattooed skin. In June of 2008, Tha Carter III was released and sold more than a million copies in its first week, proving that hard work really does pay off. His single ‘Lollipop’ was the song of the summer along with ‘A Milli’ which a variety of artists freestyled over. This album made it hard not to be a Lil’ Wayne fan because of the greatness that he crafts into his music. Lil’ Wayne spits words that are of pure cleverness, never watering down his message. He creates metaphors that are out of the ordinary that no other rapper dares to say, weaving an element of rawness into rap. No one can shortchange Wayne of his title as one of the best. He is able to reach out to his fans and on his last tour, I Am Music, he sold out every show. With his label, Young Money (now managed by Cortez Bryant), Wayne has an army behind him with some of the most underrated talent such as Jae Millz, Nicki Minaj, and, his recent edition, Drake. What’s next for Wayne? He has an album set to be released this year, titled Rebirth. We have all witnessed the incredible progress Lil’ Wayne has made over the years and now with his ‘Rebirth’, who knows what to expect? Be on the lookout for this one because it doesn’t look like Lil’ Wayne wants to slow down.

For the next three years Wayne did something that changed his career: he transitioned from writing his music on paper to freestyling on the spot. This method proved to be effective for rap genius Jay-Z and once Wayne began using it he was able to demonstrate talent that was previously difficult to express but was always there. In the summer of 2004, Wayne released ‘Tha Carter’ and proved to be an advancement in his



It’s, it’s, it’s


interview with the industry mag | By: CHRISTINA CHENG 1. What was your first step in establishing a career as a musician and who really helped you? Well, my first step was when I started a home studio with my partners Craig and David. We did a small album with a lot of young artists ya know, Wayne Marshall was like the only established artist. LeftSide was actually one of the first people that helped me to even start making money ya kno? When he wanted to start up, LeftSide called me. I was the first; he wanted me to be the keyboardist. I started playing for Wayne Marshall in that band and LeftSide just called me on odd jobs that he had for making beats for like the Japanese… He was one of the first to help me make money. It all started in the studios!

2. In your music you often big up Daseca, what or who is Daseca? That’s the studio! That’s where I started! That was the first thing I did, I started the studio called Deseca. We put a label. ‘Deseca’ is David, Serani, and Craig… it’s a combination of names.

3. What were your musical inspirations? Music was one of the first things that I gravitated to as a child. I was always fascinated about music. The first time I saw a piano I was inspired. I saw someone playing a piano and I was like 2 or 3 years old. I literally started playing anything that looking like a piano keyboard! And then um, just growing up… the first time I became a fan of any artist it was Michael Jackson! His death just brings you back to reality and it let’s you know that nobody is bigger than life, nobody is more powerful than even God. As a

kid I was also inspired by the 80’s music and the late 90’s when hip-hop started getting big in Jamaica. You had producers like Timberland and Neptunes, but who really pushed me over the edge when I knew I had a chance, was Swizz Beatz because he definitely changed my whole outlook on music. He was 18 when he started and I was 15 at the time so I felt I knew I had a chance. When I heard his beats, they were like no other ya know wha I mean? Not him as an artist but him in production is what really got me into the game.

4. When Serani is not working on his music in the studio or behind the camera what is he up to? Um, watching a movie? I don’t know! (Laughs) I’m always working!

5. Was it a surprise when “No Games” blew up internationally? Well, when I recorded “No Games” last year April, it was one of the songs that… okay when I sing songs for the ladies, I do it with the intention that okay, it has potential to cross over to the wider market. Girls who buy the music…. I really and truly and lyrically have a formula; I came out with my hardcore stuff, my real Jamaican hardcore music and then I did songs that I had in mind for international purposes ya kno wha I mean? “She Loves Me” was the very first, first, first song I actually recorded and that’s actually gonna’ be my second single now. When I did “No Games” I loved I was like, ‘yo I believe in this song I believe that it has potential to make it over seas’ and it did so I mean, in one hand I’m not surprised because like I said, it was my intention, it was my plan, but on the other hand, I’m coming from no where… But I guess the song was more powerful than I ever thought it was.

6. Who do you feel is the main target audience of your music overall? Um, from.. Okay from baby to straight up to thirties. Everybody as a matter of fact- I sing music for everybody but I think more or less my biggest age group would be from baby to um, up! It’s not about just the content; it’s the people that listen to it ‘cause at the end of the day, the kids who can’t go to clubs are still listening to it!

dancehall beat and I just played some over dubs on the beat. My partner made over the drums and I made some original chords and phrases based on it to get that sound. Basically, the difference between my music and most other dancehall artists is that I try my best to sing my songs in English ya’ know what I mean? It’s apart of the Jamaican culture that’s not used a lot in dancehall and I utilized it because I know that patois is limited in the Jamaican market and I’m try’na reach to a wider audience including the Jamaican audience because at the end of the day I want everyone to understand what I’m saying.

8. Is there a message you would like to share with any upcoming musical artists wanting to pursue a career in music? Um, well, the music business is not all fun and games ya’ naw’ mean? So to gain respect is a very hard task. Um, the first thing you gotta do to get in this business is you gotta love music, that’s the first thing. That’s what’s gonna’ prepare you to face all the obstacles your gonna’ be up against and then after that, you just have to basically work hard.

9. What is going to be coming out soon with you and the Alliance family, music, videos, performances, collaborations? Yeah well, currently I’m working on the album. I have no idea when’s gonna’ be the release date but that’s what’s up right now! Right now it seems it’s gonna’ be called “No Games”.

7. How does your music separate itself from the overall view of dancehall music?

10. Before landing the contract with JVC Entertainment in 2008, what projects were you involved in, both locally and internationally?

Well, I wouldn’t say my music is different from dancehall, for example, my first hit single “No Games”… that is a hardcore

Universal was one. Okay well, JVC, was a Japanese album I did one project with them and that’s it! I’m not signed onto them. I’m

with ‘Phase One’ and Universal Republic.

11. Who would be your ideal person to collaborate with and why? Um, I guess T-PAIN because he’s a producer, singer, and songwriter. He’s very talented and has the craziest melodies so ya’ know, I listen to his music a lot!

12. Who do you have to thank for aiding you in attaining your worldwide success? Um, well, it’s the support of first of all, my manager… Um, all the people in my team, from Alliance to my partners, to my friends ya’ know? Like people in Deseca, Bounty Killer…All the Alliance! Big up The Industry too!

13. In your day-to-day life motivates you to succeed and continue in your career? Um, well, to eat you gotta’ work (laughs) ya’ know wha’ I mean? To be successful you gotta’ work hard and I wanna’ be successful so that’s my motivation ya’ know wha’ I mean? So you will be in Toronto pretty soon I hear? Yeah, I’ll be there for Caribana. I’m not even sure about the name of the club. Time was cut short, but The Industry would like to Thank Serani and Rahim for the Exclusive! Serani will be back in Toronto Caribana weekend at the Annual Hot 97 Party at the Guverment Entertainment complex Sunday August 4th, along with the rest of The Industry Staff and Hot Street Team!!!!



CaribanaSpecialFeature – Allison Ramdial Time to JUMP UP and enjoy the island vibe! As we enter the month of August in Toronto, Canada, we are presented with the melodies of sweet island music. Torontonians are gearing up for the long weekend and many have been running around fine-tuning the last minute details for the 42nd annual Scotiabank Caribana Festival. So let me give you a little background on the festival. It is a thrilling twoweek cultural infusion of music, revelry, performing and visual arts, and cuisine from all over the Caribbean. It has become a major international event and boasts the title of the largest cultural festival of its kind in North America. Caribana, as it is most commonly referred to, is an exciting way for anyone who is interested in exploring the Caribbean culture to see it in its full beauty. The Festival transforms Toronto and its surrounding areas into a pulsating hub for the melodies and rhythms of Calypso, Soca, Reggae, Chutney and Steel Pan music. The Festival is comprised of multiple competitions where Mas Bands go headto-head for various titles and bragging rights. The coveted title of “Band of the Year” is what every band is hoping for. It is based on the costume designs, enthusiasm of the masqueraders and the overall creativity of the presentation of various themes. Another dynamic feature of the Caribana parade is the creation and displaying of the King and Queen of the bands. Each band usually has two relatively large costumes, which are entered into the King and Queen of the Band competition. On Saturday, July 18th 2009 the Junior Parade, also known


as the Kiddie’s Carnival, took place. This event offers a chance for close to 1,000 children to take part in the traditions of Mas. The different Junior Bands are also in competition for various titles such as: Junior Band of the Year, Junior King of the Bands, Junior Queen of the Bands, Junior Male Individual of the Year, Junior Female Individual of the Year. So here are the results of the Junior Parade Competition:

2009 Junior Band of the Year
 2nd: IN FULL BLOOM - Carnival Nationz
 3rd (tie): BIRDS OF PARADISE - Tribal Knights
3rd (tie): DIS-NEE ON THE STREETS OF BRAZIL - Toronto Revellers 2009 Junior King of the Bands
 1st: Demeko Minott, 13 Aladdin and the Magic Carpet - DIS-NEE ON THE STREETS OF BRAZIL
 2nd: Shane Vincent, 13 - Altamira Oriole - BIRDS OF PARADISE
 3rd: Fabian Lee, 8 - Jewel of the Ganges - THE GANGES MEETS THE NILE 2009 Junior Queen of the Bands
 1st: Paige Lewis, 13 - Botanica - IN FULL BLOOM 2nd: Destynee Charles, 10 - The Guardian of Luxor THE GANGES MEETS THE NILE
 3rd (tie): Celena Seusahai, 10 - Lesser Birds of Paradise - BIRDS OF PARADISE
 3rd (tie): Akelah Willis, 14 - Cinderella & The Pumpkin Carriage - DIS-NEE ON THE STREETS OF BRAZIL 2009 Junior Male Individual of the Year 1st: Malik Adams, 9 - Cayman Parrot - BIRDS OF PARADISE
 2nd: Marvin Lee, 7 - Snake Charmer - THE GANGES MEETS THE NILE

3rd: Jamal James, 14 - The Beast (Beauty & The Beast) - DISNEE ON THE STREETS OF BRAZIL 2009 Junior Female Individual of the Year
 1st: Shania Cunningham, 10 - Yaruba - DIS IS AFRICA
 2nd: Caneisha Edwards, 10 - The Superb Lovebird - BIRDS OF PARADISE
 3rd: Anastasia Burton, 12 - Ariel, The Little Mermaid - DISNEE ON THE STREETS OF BRAZIL Another vital competition to the Caribana festivities is the King and Queen Show, which was held on Thursday, July 30th 2009 at Lamport Stadium. This competition encompasses the true meaning for pageantry and beauty. This event allows the audience to admire the extravagant costumes that will be displayed by the 15 Mas Bands. The competition is divided into two parts, beginning with the competition for the Male Individuals and is followed by the Female Individuals. The second half of the competition will be that of the Queen of the Band, which is followed by the King of the Band costumes. The costumes for the four categories take hundreds of hours to design and true dedication to build. Many of them stand around 30-40 ft. high. Each band has the feat to make the costumes to portray a theme that is representative of the Carnival tradition. The results are as follows: Best Female Individual
 1. Alicia Anderson - Maria, The Samba Dancer - Toronto Revellers
 2. Lisa Mahadeo - Scarlet Macaw - Tribal Knights
 3. Trinelle Alleyne-Gittens - Iris - Carnival Nationz Best Male Individual 1. Mista Meggy - The Bahia Native Dancer - Toronto Revellers
 2. Shane Mungal - Dance of the Indian Peacock - Tribal Knights
 3. (Tie) Micah Akal - Spirit of the Wild - Mas Toronto 
 3. (Tie) Ron Belfon - Biting In Sex - Carnival Nationz Queen of the Bands
 1. Joella Crichton - The Source - Carnival Nationz
 2. Carol Cuffie - The Beauty of the Mercury Mist - Connections
 3. Penne Sutherland - Intagible Heritage Goddess of Love Toronto Revellers

King of the Bands
 1. Dexter Seusahai - King Scarecrow - Tribal Knights
 2. Martin Scott Pascal - Heat Explosion Over Rio De Janeiro - Toronto Revellers 
3. Anton Saldenah - The Power & The Glory From The Band - Saldenah Mas K Club On Saturday, August 1st 2009 the official Caribana parade got off to a late start but all the Mas Bands were able to cross the stage and make it onto Lakeshore Blvd. The coveted title of “Band of the Year” went to CARNIVAL NATIONZ. Saldenah Mas-K Club, a fifteen time Band of the Year winner, came in second place and the defending champions Toronto Revellers rounded out the top three. Here are the results for the race for the Band of the Year title: 2009 Band of the Year (Category A)
1. IN FULL BLOOM – Carnival Nationz 2. A TRIBUTE TO HAROLD SALDENAH – THE GOLDEN YEARS – Louis Saldenah Mas-K Club 
 3. BRAZIL – BACHANNAL IN RIO – Toronto Revellers 4. BIRDS OF PARADISE – Tribal Knights 5. THE GANGES MEETS THE NILE – Callaloo 6. INTO D WILD – Mas Toronto 7. DIS IS AFRICA – Nip Davis & SCSC 8. ALL ABOARD – Jessie Matthews & All Ah We Toronto 2009 Band of the Year (Category B&C)
 1. SAFARI – All Spice Carnival 2. GEM STONES – Connections – TCC 3. MAS HYSTERIA – Doldron, Doldron & Associates 4. A TASTE OF BRAZIL – Fantazia International 5. DRAGON MASTERS OF THE SHAOLIN TEMPLE – Pleasure Players 
6. 20TEN – A TRIBUTE TO THE OLYMPICS – Borokeete Nex Generation 
7. COME DANCE WITH ME – All d’Friendz To me Caribana is a time to embrace Toronto’s cultural diversity. It is also a time where race and creed are not used as a means of segregation. This two-week festival is where all people are invited to take part, share and experience the vitality, creativity, and enthusiasm of Torontonians in celebration of the Caribbean culture. A personal thank you to all those who participated and promoted the various Caribana festivities- without your help and dedication, none of this would have been possible.


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I am currently in the midst of beginning to circulate a new kind-of mixtape in Toronto. The name of the game is support, and Remove Doubt is about to prove that. Remove Doubt’s goal is to provide aspiring artists the opportunity to be featured alongside some of Toronto’s finest underground talent. Anything truly great has never been established by one person alone. Remove Doubt hopes become a pyramid; an arrangement that with knowledge, and effort - becomes that awe-inspir-

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Welcome, welcome, welcome to the newest spot in Industry Magazine! I am your humble host, Ms. MusiQ and I thank you for joining me!! I’m just here to share what’s going on in my corner of the world... I assure you, there will be something here for EVERYONE, lol. A lot of music updates, my favorite things/ people in fashion, eye candy, events, health, the happenings in Toronto and much more, all from the opinion, thoughts and point-of-view of yours truly! For my first post, I thought I’d just tell you a little about myself: I am a 25 year old lover of music, fashion, life and health. I am a songwriter, a stylist and a sometimes Vegetarian.... I LOVE LIFE!! I played the Steel Pan in middle school and high school, I flip through the Condo Guide magazine regularly (I WILL own a couple of condos!), my favorite poet is my close friend Victoria Grant, I have 6 godchildren, I’ve read all of the Eric Jerome Dickey books (except the new one), I drink a lot of the vanilla flavoured Ensure, Ginger Ale and water, I’m a sucker for romantic-dramedies and I think my mother is a superhero!! All in all, I’m just here to give you a good, honest read, keep you up-to-date on all things dope & fresh and to let you into a part of my world.... READY FOLKS? LET THE BLOGGING BEGIN!!

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to joint time, combined ing structure. With cuts to our art and music programs, Canada’s talent has been relocated back to the streets where it originated. When people speak of the return of Hip-Hop, we know it’s true, it’s real, and it’s back with more force than ever. We hope to pull that raw talent out of the street and circulate that music until we Remove Doubt. It’s time for Toronto to take over. Peace, Robin Bond - Remove Doubt

J aka Nick Montana known to me as RUMBLY TUMBLY... We been holding eachother down for a long minute, and time spent with you has been nothing but a blessing. Even though we’ve had our fare shares of trials and tribulations, break ups and make ups, I just want you and ALL OF T.O to know, That I love you very much...and I wouldn’t trade a second of our journey for nothing... I love you always and forever.... Thank you for being my life support...Love always, Your girl, Melissa.


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Monthlyhoroscopes aUGust 2009

ARIES: Mar 21 – Apr 19 Raw ambition rules the day on the 1st when a dynamic connection between sturdy Saturn and fearless Mars puts you in a triumphant mood to take on what comes your way. You may have been called to the forefront in a career matter and you’ll be ready, willing and able to step up to the challenge. Drawing on past experiences mid month, you can use your natural magnetism to take the bull by the horns in a domestic situation. The tried and true doesn’t seem to be working so a little ingenious thinking helps you come up with a new solution. Toward the end of the month as you look to elaborate your scope of experience, you could find your closest friends being less than supportive of your new initiative. Although you have the best intentions at heart, your new ideas could clash with the common bond you share with the gang.

cancer: Jun 21 – Jul 22 Socially speaking, the beginning of the month looks set to tantalise your imagination as an impulsive yet charming streak will see you attracting birds of a different feather. Your zest for life will be met with many a provocative invitation to walk on the wilder side of life if you dare. Mid month, however, you could feel as though the cat’s got your tongue as you may be lost for words within a romantic union. Retreating to the sidelines to gather your thoughts can only stall your amorous match for so long as you’ll have to state your case at some point. From the 21st onwards, an overwhelming sense of relief washes over you as you feel grateful for the place you are in your life. While things may not be perfect, you’ll be able to appreciate what you have and how far you’ve gotten at this point in time.

TAURUS: Apr 20 – May 20 You may begin to doubt your own set of standards when the Full Moon passes by on the 7th as certain outside contradictions bring out the sceptic in you. Questioning your beliefs can lead to refreshing new insights, however becoming too defensive will only make you seem dogmatic. Mid month it’ll feel as though you’re in charge of your destiny as you open the channels of communications with the right people who seem to be able to steer you in the right direction. Although you may have to take a leap into the unknown, your confidence will give you the motivation to carry on. From the 21st onward, your expansive imagination helps conjure wide ranging visions in your professional undertakings putting you in the position to raise your profile. While you may not necessarily get a promotion, you could be made an offer that exceeds your expectations.

leo: Jul 23 – Aug 22 Day to day frustrations may come to a head when the Full Moon passes through the area of lifestyle on the 7th as your patience begins to unravel. All you want to do is get ahead but it feesl like you’re taking one step forward, two steps back. Mid month, you’ll take charge amongst your group of friends as your witty ideas pave the way for an overall more interesting approach to activities. You could easily take all the credit for such an ingenious plan, but it is in the name of team spirit after all! From the 21st, you’ll begin to take note of how the new, highly idealised people you seem to be attracting are beginning to shape and expand your horizons. While the window of opportunity may not stay open for very much longer, act on any favourable ventures as they come your way or you may not get another chance.

gEMINI: May 21 – Jun 20 Sacrificing your social life for the first part of July may be easier than you thought it would be as you become more determined to reach your financial goals than ever. Finding several practical money saving solutions as well as pinching the pennies will see you reaching your savings target. Mid month however, you may feel romantically isolated as the object of your affection seems just out of reach. While you dream of nothing more being loved up, a bit of space gives you the time to have an introspective look at your involvement in the situation. The New Moon on the 22nd could seem fated in some way as events that unfold could make you change your core values giving you a glimpse at the bigger picture. During this total eclipse, as you begin evaluating what is truly important, you can begin to appreciate yourself for who you are.

virgo: Aug 23 – Sep 22 Uranus, planet of sudden change begins its retrograde course on the 1st giving you introspective insight on your closest personal relationships. Between now and the beginning of December, you may slightly distance yourself from your nearest and dearest as you analyse the overall situation from afar. Fine tuning your long term goals mid month goes a long way towards your personal development as you micro-manage your next moves for success. Sorting the wheat from the chaff only refines your aspirations making you more sure than ever of what it is you want to achieve. New people you meet on the 22nd could eventually play a huge role in your life at some point in the future as this New Moon, a total eclipse will seem to bring you together with kindred spirits. Networking and making new connections on this day could be highly rewarding as you’ll meet the movers and shakers.

libra: Sep 22 – Oct 22 Although you’ll be capable of undertaking an immense amount of pressure around the 1st you may have to withdraw from the rest of the world to get on with things. This self imposed isolation will help you focus on the task at hand as you’ll know the load will lighten once it’s out of the way. Mid month as you come up with innovative new solutions in your day to day work, it will not only make things more productive, you’ll raise your profile in doing so. Your leadership skills shine through at this time as you juggle several tasks on the go. From the 21st onward your social circle looks set to grow when several likeminded people get in touch to network their original thoughts and ideas. Knowing someone who knows someone will come in handy as introductions made at this time could have a long lasting impact. scorpio: Oct 23 – Nov 21 Being stretched and pulled in several different directions seems likely with the Full Moon on the 7th as there could be extra pressure to get things done. While you could feel as though you are about to come undone, the light at the end of the tunnel is just around the corner. Mid month, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when sudden opportunities come your way putting you in the position to go after a long term dream. You’ll have to strike while the iron is hot as this lead could go cold fast, but in doing so you can kickstart your new programme. In your aim to make your home a happy haven towards the end of the month, you’ll have to use your resources to make the most of what you’ve got. While material gain isn’t your ultimate goal per se, you’ll enjoy making the improvements necessary for a better domestic environment sagittarius: Nov 22 – Dec 21 Transformation comes from within at the beginning of the month as you consciously set out to take a hard look at your shortcomings and begin making the positive changes necessary. Those around you will notice this self-imposed change in your character and your reputation will start to shine brightly. However, mid month you could find personal relationships challenging as the apparent lack of compromise makes you feel like you’ve hit a brick wall. Removing yourself from the situation to ponder things over could do you some good but could make others feel you’ve turned the cold shoulder. On the 22nd, a powerful realization washes over you making you feel self-empowered and ready to take charge of the direction your life is headed. This New Moon, a total eclipse no less, brings with it a feeling of potency so begin planting the seeds today for your future desires.

capricorn: Dec 22 – Jan 19 Taking a diversion from your usual routine at the beginning of the month could find you striking up a sudden attraction as you come into contact with people outside of the usual. While you could feel swept off your feet, the interest could wane as soon as it began. Mid month, however, you could feel cut off from the rest of the world as you begin to feel overwhelmed by long term obstacles looming in the not so distant future. While you’d probably rather not talk about things, getting your worries off your chest will bring some relief. From the 21st onward, taking advice from co-workers or professional colleagues could help you maximise your earning potential as you look to make the most of your professional outlook. Whether you’d like to negotiate a pay raise or even a promotion, you’ll gain a better insight on how to go about things. aquarius: Jan 20 – Feb 18 Tension levels could reach brewing point with the Full Moon on the 7th as you could feel overwhelmed with everything going on in your life. Career aspirations may be taking longer to fulfil than you’d hoped, but it won’t happen over night so its time to give yourself a break! By mid month however, you’ll be back on track as you take a creative idea and begin putting it into action. With such crystal clear visions of what it is you’d like to do, you can go ahead with the planning as you excitedly wait for thing to materialise. As the spiritually optimistic trio of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron continue to course through the area of self-development, you’ll feel like every passing moment is putting you in sync with where you need to be. Expressing yourself through a creative pursuit from the 21st will help you feel more in touch with the divine. pisces: Feb 19 – Mar 20 When free thinking Uranus goes retrograde in the area of individuality on the 1st, you could begin to feel overly bound by convention as you begin looking for an escape route. While most of the changes will be internal, between now and December, you’ll gain deeper insight into what changes need to be made in the long term. However, exercising discipline within your obligations mid month will help you go that extra mile as those who depended on you most to come through will be suitably impressed with your dedication. Not that you’ll be expecting favours, but other people may feel they really owe you one! The world is your oyster with the New Moon on the 22nd as it will highlight self expression and bring out the best in you. As it’s a total eclipse, people you meet during this time could feel destined as they could open a whole new chapter in your life.

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. hip hopnews HIP HOP NEWS Contributor: Source:

ICE CUBE AND BOW WOW TEAM UP FOR LOTTERY TICKET. Ice Cube will be teaming up with Bow Wow for a new comedy called Lottery Ticket. According to Variety, The film is about a character from the projects played by Bow Weezy who has a lottery ticket worth $350 million, and has to keep it safe during a three-day weekend from his opportunistic neighbors. There is no word as of yet what character Ice Cube will be playing. The script was written by Addul Williams. Lottery Ticket is scheduled to start filming this October in Atlanta. JAY-Z, KANYE AND RIHANNA TO PERFORM ON JAY LENO’S PREMIERE. The late night legend Jay Leno will welcome Jay-Z who will perform with Rihanna and Kanye West on the inaugural night of his new comedy show on September 14, The trio will perform “Run This Town” from Jay-Z’s album “The Blueprint 3,” which drops on September 11. “I always come on strong!” Leno said when asked about the trio performing on his first show. “I’ve been running four miles every day. Lost 12 pounds just trying to get into shape,” he told reporters. SNOOP TO GUEST ON “WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE” Snoop Dogg is set to guest on the 10th anniversary of the TV game show ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?’ Each episode will conclude with a celebrity player taking the hot seat, asked to answer a single question worth $50,000 for the charity of their choice. The rapper is one of several celebrities who will take part in the TV special, which will run over two weeks. The shows kick off this Sunday (August 9) at 8pm on ABC. FABOLOUS TAKES #1 ON THE CHARTS. Rapper Fabolous has his first-ever #1 album as his new record Loso’s Way debuts at the top of the Soundscan sales charts this week with approximately 99,000 copies sold. It’s his first record since From Nothin’ To Somethin’, which debuted at #2 in 2007. Maxwell’s Black Summer’s Night grabbed #3 with 55,000 units sold (550,000 total) Black Eyed Peas’ The E.N.D. snagged #5 with 49,000 copies sold (828,000 total) Eminem’s Relapse grabbed #13 with


24,000 copies sold (1,319,000 total) Twista’s Category F5 took #30 with 13,000 units sold ( 77,000 total) Elsewhere On The Charts: According to Billboard, Michael Jackson’s Number Ones collection is now the second-bestselling record of the year, having moved 1,370,000 copies this year. Taylor Swift’s Fearless is the best selling album so far in 2009. Number Ones sold another 114,000 copies in the past week.

BEYONCE AND LADY GAGA TIED FOR 9 MTV VMA NOMINATIONS. MTV today announced the nominees for the “2009 MTV Video Music Awards.” The ladies lead the pack as Beyonce and Lady Gaga earn nine nominations each for “Single Ladies (Put A Ring on It),” “Poker Face” and “Paparazzi” respectively. Britney Spears follows with an impressive seven combined nominations for “Womanizer” and “Circus.” Jay-Z, Green Day, Eminem, Kanye West and Coldplay will each find themselves vying for several moonmen on the big night. In addition, Latin Grammy(R) award-winning Puerto Rican duo Wisin Y Yandel, rapper Drake and rockers Kings of Leon are a few of the artists who have received their first VMA nomination. Included in the impressive line-up of first-time nominees is rapper Asher Roth, who finds himself up against one of today’s most notorious artists, Eminem, in the “Best Hip-Hop” category. As previously announced, Russell Brand will host and set to perform are Green Day, P!nk, Taylor Swift and Muse. Katy Perry, Ne-Yo and Gossip Girl’s Chace Crawford are confirmed presenters. The “2009 MTV Video Music Awards” will air live on Sunday, September 13, 2009 at 9PM (Live ET/Tape delayed PT) and on Sunday, September 20 at 5pm ET with Spanish subtitles on MTV Tr3s. MTV will announce additional performers, nominees and presenters on a later date. “I’m excited and honored to be tied for most nominated for the VMAs. I’ve been blessed this year to have ‘Single Ladies’ become a video people really connected with and responded to. I’ve spent so much time watching all the great versions people created all around the world. It’s beautiful to feel you touch people and bring a song to life with a video.” - Beyonce

low-up album to their platinum collaboration, Blackout, and to celebrate, they’ll play Halo® 3 with Xbox LIVE® Gold Members. If you’re an Xbox LIVE Gold Member, and you want a chance to play with Method Man & Redman, send a friend request to the following Gamertags and be online half an hour before (2:30 P.M. EST) the Game with Fame session starts on Friday, August 7, 3:00 P.M. EST. Date: August 7th Time: 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM (EST) Game: Halo 3 Gamertags: GWF Method Man & GWF Redman [*please note the spaces] T.I. AND LIL WAYNE’S DAUGHTER SHOPPING REALITY GIG? The Hollywood Reporter reports that Reginae Carter -- rapper Lil Wayne’s 10-year-old daughter -- and Zonnique Pullins, the 13-year-old daughter of T.I.’s girlfriend, are shopping a reality series about the preteen singing group they formed with their friends. The other two members of the group are Bahjah Rodriguez, 11, and younger sister Lourdes, 10, daughters of Jonathen “John-John” Rasboro, a singer in the R&B act Silk. The girls have hooked up with Ish Entertainment, the production company behind T.I.’s MTV series “Road to Redemption” and Paris Hilton’s “My New BFF.” BLACK EYED PEAS SET BILLBOARD RECORD. The Black Eyed Peas hold at No. 1 for a 17th straight week on the Billboard Hot 100 (12 for “Boom Boom Pow” and five for “I Gotta Feeling”), setting the record for the longest successive stay at the top by a duo or group in the chart’s 51-year history. The Peas bypass Boyz II Men, which had two different runs of 16 weeks. The first occurred in 1994 when “I’ll Make Love to You” held for 14 weeks and “On Bended Knee” for two frames. The other was in 1995/96 with “One Sweet Day,” their collaboration with Mariah Carey. EMINEM ISSUE WARNING SHOTS! - Mariah Carey DISS - Warning Slim Shady dropped a new dis track against Mariah called “The Warning.” At the beginning of the diss Em tells Carey, “Only reason I dissed you in the first place is because you denied seeing me. Now I’m pissed off.” Em also spits,”Oh gee, is that supposed to be me in the video with the goatee?/ Wow Mariah, didn’t expect ya to go balls

out./ Bitch, shut the fuck up before I put all those phone calls out/ When you was wilding out/ Before Nick, when you was on my dick.” DRAKE TO DEVELOP SITCOM. Drake is reportedly developing a sitcom with Canadian based Nightingale Company. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the sitcom is titled Us & Them and will revolve around two best friends (played by Drake and actor Mazon Eisadig) who are trying to make it in the entertainment industry. The show will mark Drake’s second television foray. The rapper played a character in the drama series Degrassi. Nightingale is an independent film and television company which has seen recent success with the TV drama series The Line. JAY-Z AND EMINEM TEAM UP FOR DJ HERO RENEGADE EDITON. Jay-Z and Eminem are collaborating once again, but this time it’s not for a new album. The two hip-hop superstars will be releasing a special edition of “DJ Hero,” Activision’s upcoming rhythm game. In addition to the DJ Hero game, the Renegade Edition includes a premium Renegade turntable controller, hardshell turntable carrying case that converts to a performance-ready DJ stand, and an exclusive JAY-Z and EMINEM 2-CD pack featuring unreleased tracks. The standard edition of “DJ Hero” is expected to retail for $119.99, which includes the turntable controller. No price has been set for the “Renegade Edition” of the game, but it’s expected to be between $150 and $200 GAME SPEAKS ON NEW RED ALBUM. “If you going by current status of the artist’s music, then, I mean, I gotta exceed,” Game said. “This album is the most lyrical of them all, this album is the most lyrical album, period, point blank. I can say that about The R.E.D. Album. The R.E.D. Album is a little soulful,” he said, sitting in an L.A. studio recently. “But I think that The R.E.D. Album takes you. ... It’s crazy because it could be pre-Documentary, and it could be post-R.E.D. Album, like it’s early and late. It’s early and late, so it’s just on time. If you could understand that. It’s like I’m raw. Like [on] some of the songs my flow is as raw as before I got with Dre.”

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PLAY HALO3 WITH RED AND METH. Method Man & Redman have released Blackout 2, the fol-


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