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Visually Presented Mary John Zore Brookline, NH

To the Almighty Father Creator of Heaven and Earth Of All that is Seen And Unseen...

Table of Contents God’s Ruah

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Forever Yours

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Two Morning Moments

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A Poet’s Act of Contrition

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Evening Prayer From My heart

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Where is Wonder?

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Whose At The Door?

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God’s Ruah Challenged by God’s Word, Which is a Living Sword God’s Blade cleaves— Darkness from light Night from day Death from Life Truth from Untruth No blade ever was Quite like this: -------- God’s Ruah A breathe, like Lion’s roar Which melts the Heart of unbelief How can anyone fight a Sword Like that? So run, and hide as you will The Sword of God,

His Ruah, Invades all that is, So that all that will be left is -------Your choice: Darkness or light? Night or Day? Death or Life? Truth or untruth? The Word of God Is a two-edged sword, That separates our bones from the sinew, Our true self, from our false concept of self—

Our Cain from our Abel--

Forever Yours Lord of Eternity No edges or gates Surround Your Realm Of glory and goodness I beg you to capture and encompass me in Your Rim of endless Love Beaming forth From your Sacred Being Eternally Flawlessly Seamlessly Without any sense of contradiction Your Eternal Being contains Nothing alien to Goodness Nothing evil may transgress Your Reality of Holiness Submit my soul, then, To Your gaze That all that is false within me will fall away. Like the useless nuggets in some gold miners sieve and I, so finite and flawed, So unlike You in time and spaceWill be made real through Your Net of perfect, endless Love-And At last I will be

Forever Yours.

Two Morning Moments 1. This morning a gold breasted bird Flipped the green leafed branches of the tree Across the way And a lilting song was given For the girl behind the flowered curtains— And shared now with you. The sun was placed brightly In the soft robe of a blue sky. My thoughts went to loved ones, Aunt Lucy died, Her funeral was this morning, and so I think, The beauty of this clear day May have been orchestrated by heaven, In her memory--. Rest in peace Aunt Lucy—

The sky no longer separates you from the Sun

2. A new pink flower appeared in my garden It stood out strikingly, Against the green of garden leaves, Pink as flame, Star-like, enchanting— A reminder to me of God’s Love And I wonder,

Would this flower quiver with joy? If it were able to know It had engendered a prayer From my heart-This bright pink, star-shaped flower, Had became a prayer--And thus, it now transcends the organic realm Of my summer garden

And in a mysterious way,

Rests with my God--.

A Poet’s Act of Contrition

I pause Listening to the Soft Hushed Rushing of a Summer’s shower Through Trees Outside my window Perhaps I hope a poem will Break free— Like a Little bird From The nest of my heart. Oh, pity me! I repent I beg forgiveness! For This attempt Lord— I know The drum beat Of Rain, The Soft call Of Wind-Is beyond The reach Of my pen By endless Degrees

Evening Prayer from My Heart Evening, and I am weary The day sped by so fast! My God, were you with me? Did I ever leave you?— Forbid it be so! Forgive me, if I did Lord, Even for a moment‌ All around me I see signs of Your beauty and loveliness. Before I sleep, I remember that Today I felt some loneliness. I offer it in union with Thine own. Today I felt some rejection and exclusion, I Forgive the person who spoke coldly to me. Today I wish I had loved Thee better, More earnestly and constantly, Help me Lord with all these things So together we may sew the scraps Of my life together seamless Beautiful quilt of love so that Everything, the queer, the grand The awful and awe-filled The weaknesses and the strengths May all of it be Yours---.

Where is wonder? In this world of Technology which Dazzles and impresses, But leave us all restless Because we all know It is all a trick of Some kind— Real wonder Is attached to the mystery of The UnknowableLeaving you Breathless And Amazed because Mind and matter are insufficient For its grasp-Little Christ Child, You are a wonder—because Seeing, I cannot fathom you My arms would never enfold your totality And no words will ever express Your inexpressible reality-For You Are— Out of the smallest seed comes the great oak and the birds of the air Will dwell in its branches-

The Great I AM, King of Kings Lord of Lords Messiah Savior of All My God

And you leave me -Breathless-

Mary John Zore Christmas 2010

Holy Face Studio Brookline, NH

Poems-Visually Presented  

A small book of poetry which has a visual presentation. This is an edited version of the original.

Poems-Visually Presented  

A small book of poetry which has a visual presentation. This is an edited version of the original.