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Hi! My name is Elizabete Salte and I am a Copenhagen based Service and UX Designer.

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CONTENTS CO-LIVING IN ARTILLERIHUSET. A service to improve the coliving experience.

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Service Design

UX Design

Strategic Design

CX Design

Visual Design

EPOS HARDWARE AS A SERVICE. Opportunity mapping for a new service offering.

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EPOS CONNECT. An app to enable headset personalization.

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Co-Living in Artillerihuset

CO-LIVING IN ARTILLERIHUSET: Bridging the communication gap.

Service Design

CX Design

THE BRIEF Artillerihuset is a student housing, owned by a housing company FSB, and freshly built, it was open for new residents in November 2020. The residents face different challenges regarding problems in the building, as well as co-living aspects. The biggest problem is that there are different communication channels with the landlord - and it takes long time to reach them. This case study was part of my master thesis, where the focus was on co-creation, fostering safe spaces in co-creation activities by applying improvisation theatre techniques in the process. CLIENT FSB

TIME 3 months


How Service Design, Design Thinking and Co-creation could be used to improve the resident experiences in a Co-living setting?

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THE SOLUTION In the design process, after facilitating 2 workshops with the residents was decided to create a new digital app, mainly for communication purposes with the landlord - FSB. In the app, residents can qucikly communicate with the landlord, as well as access FAQ section. Residents can create a request, and receive updates on the request process. For example, if your radiator isn’t working, you will receive an update if anyone is looking at the request and when the technician can come to fix it.

Co-Living in Artillerihuset

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Co-Living in Artillerihuset

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THE PROCESS Double Diamond design thinking was used to foster the design process into different stages. Co-creative activities were part of both converge phases in the design process, both Discover and Define. As the project focus was on the co-creation, a lot of co-creative activities were facilitated in these stages. The Artillerihuset residents were involved in these workshops, that took place in person.

Co-Living in Artillerihuset

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First workshop: Discover.

Co-Living in Artillerihuset

Workshop agenda: - Warm up: 2 exercises - Discussion - what do you hate/love about living here? - Let’s note it down - Experience map - tell a story... - Fun activity - Moodboard - how you envision living here? Workshop - Moodboard.

Workshop - marking good/bad experiences.

Workshop - Experience Map.

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Co-Living in Artillerihuset

Co-Living in Artillerihuset

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Personas. Research wall for data synthesizing. Artillerihuset Stakeholder Map.

Main problem areas in Artillerihuset.

During the define phase the main problem area was discovered. 4 main problems arised, and they were split into primary and secondary problems. Primary: “Bad communication from FSB - the housing company”, “Internal misunderstandings between the residents.”. Secondary problems: “Physical problems in the building, like leakage”, “Theft”. It was decided to focus on the primary problems.

How might we improve the communication in Artillerihuset? 1.With Fsb? 2.With internal residents?

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Co-Living in Artillerihuset

Co-Living in Artillerihuset

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Second workshop: Develop.

Workshop agenda: - Warm up: 2 exercises - Introduction to problem areas. - Ideation - Brainwriting - Storyboard - Fun Acitivity - Role-Play

Workshop - Brainwriting.

Workshop - Role-Play.

In the Develop stage 2 main ideas were defined. A chatbot and app. After measuring pros and cons, it was decided to move forward with the app Idea.

Workshop - Warm-up exercise. Workshop - Brainwriting.

Workshop - Storyboard.

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EPOS - Hardware as a Service

THE BRIEF EPOS is a company that delivers premium audio solutions to enterprises and gaming. In the past EPOS has been a part of joint venture between Senheiser and Demant- under the brand name Senheiser Communication, however in the past

HARDWARE AS A SERVICE IN EPOS: Building new opportunities.

few years EPOS became indepenedent from Senheiser. The project brief was to find how EPOS could enter the market with a subscription based model, and to sell their enterprise products as - HaaS - Hardware as a Service.


TIME 3 months

THE SOLUTION After becoming familiar with the EPOS ecosystem, conducting interviews with relevant stakeholders, 4 opportunities were offered to EPOS to pursue a new business model.


How might EPOS create a Hardware as a Service model, subscription based model? EPOS Value Constellation Map - current values and potential ones.

Service Design

Strategic Design

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EPOS - Hardware as a Service

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EPOS Eco-System - sales channels. Interviews with IT managers - the decision makers.(Target group)

EPOS - Hardware as a Service

Business Model Canvas for opportunity one.

Soon, after the research phase and external, internal meetings 4 opportunities for the company were mapped. After that, in a stakeholder meeting it was decided to move forward with the first opportunity, which involves strategic alliance partners.

Stakeholder Map.

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EPOS - Hardware as a Service

EPOS - Hardware as a Service

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Value Proposition Canvas.

Service Blueprints were created to show the frontstage and backstage actions for opportunity number one. The blueprints were based on a customer journey from an IT manager’s perspective.

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EPOS - Hardware as a Service

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EPOS - Hardware as a Service

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EPOS - Hardware as a Service

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THE PROCESS During the time in EPOS I was introduced to the different stakeholders and departments, as a part of the project. As the main goal of the process was to build possible opportunities for EPOS, the process included meetings with stakeholders, research, interviews, workshop and deliverables. On the right side an overview of the project activities that took place in the process.

Interviews with IT managers.

- “I am actually not in favor of owning hardware” CIO, 54. - “Leasing is a big topic” IT manager, 50.

- “Big players will stay on the market for a long time” IT manager, 40. - If you have a good business case, then we can do business” Business relationship manager, 64.

EPOS - Hardware as a Service

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EPOS Connect


Enabling customers to personalize their headsets.

UX Design

Visual Design

EPOS CONNECT ABOUT Alongside the introduction of a new own-branded portfolio, EPOS was in a need for a new app that would communicate the new brand(so far the users would use Senheiser app also for the new EPOS headsets), with which the user could customize their headset sound.



User research, competitor analysis, trends. Familiarising with the existing Senheiser app. Limitations exploration.


Flowchart of the existing app - exploration of how to improve, exploring different paths, ways to improve the app flow.


Prototyping in Adobe XD, and testing the prototype internally in the company.


Final prototype, that was handed over for development and implementation.


Revision, new UX improvements - in progress.

TEAM UX/UI(Me), Developers, Product Manager.

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EPOS Connect

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EPOS Connect

Take control of your sound environment wherever you work with the free EPOS Connect App – made to optimize your audio experience and boost focus. Enjoy a range of options to tailor your audio to your working style and tune into any task.

One of the flowcharts for developers.

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