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2 Don’t Get Cheesed!

DON’T GET CHEESED! Funny Stories & Inspirational Thoughts That Urge Your Personal Talent Search

For Youth &

Late-Blooming Adults

Copywrite 2010 Eli Yingling &

For Youth & 3 Late Blooming Adults!

Chapters Foreword _________________ 5 Don’t Get Cheesed _________ 7 • •

Resolve to Find Your Talents Find Your Personal Power Place

Don’t Buy a Funny Farm __ 34 • •

Talents vs. Abilities vs. Interests vs. Dreams Don’t Pursue Your Non-Talents

Don’t Roll in the Snow _____ 54 • •

Don’t Put Off The Inevitable Avoid Compounding Your Mistakes

Don’t Try to Save Gas _____ 68

4 Don’t Get Cheesed! •

Short Cuts Don’t Work

Yet Always, Always, Cherish Your Thumbs! _____________ 77 •

Play Your Best Hand with What God Gave You

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For Youth & 5 Late Blooming Adults!

Foreword This book was meant to be short. In writing this book, my goal was to share an important message on talents in a very fun and interesting way without filling hundreds of boring technical pages, because most of the people needing to gain its message aren’t the reading type. So I designed it to be brief, entertaining, and easy to get through. It has five true stories that actually happened to me. From these funny stories, I have given certain meaning in relation to finding your unique talents. The way I see it, one of the biggest problems facing our youth today is their lack of interest in finding and developing their natural talents. And because of this, some kids reach adulthood being subpar in the essential aspects of life. They work the remedial jobs, they grow up without ambition, and some of them eventually become more of a burden to society than a help. This could be avoided if we would instill in our youth the desire to diligently

6 Don’t Get Cheesed! search out and mold their individualized talents. If we will do this, we would see a generation that is more empowered, more successful, and more fulfilled than all of the previous ones. Enjoy reading. Eli

For Youth & 7 Late Blooming Adults!

Don’t Get Cheesed! Hot! Sticky! Smelly! And well… just outright gross! If there was one particular time in my life that sticks out in my head as making a choice that came back to haunt me, this was definitely it! Teenage boredom started to set in one summer’s eve as I and my two friends Russ and Rick couldn’t find much to do to keep our minds engaged. Sure we had 2D video games and an old hard wired telephone with call waiting, but those once-upon-a-time thrill gadgets were way passed their appeal. We wanted some excitement. Some real excitement! We didn’t desire to do anything evil by design, just do something to get us up and going. By now the long hot summer nights were growing increasingly boring so we

8 Don’t Get Cheesed! had to come up with something special, something that would really entertain us. You know how teenagers are! And we did! We found some hot excitement that night. Oh yah! A few weeks previously, my friend Rick had been introduced to one of his other friend’s new toys. He decided to pull it out and show us the neat contraption. I don’t know where his friend got it but it was definitely a perfect “fun-maker”. Although it was just a common item found in most businesses, on this night, we considered it a rare gem sent from the fun gods. And in our minds it was a definitely a token sign from above and believed that it was invented solely for our teenage amusement. You see, it was a large pressurized refillable fire extinguisher… and it was awesome! We could fill it up with ordinary water and pump up the pressure to our heart’s desire with some sort of on board pumping handle. And for a few teenage boys, this was absolutely the water-tanko-fun. So the tank ended up at Rick’s house somehow and provided us the perfect escape from our otherwise boring evening. Now some of the guys had done

For Youth & 9 Late Blooming Adults! this a few nights before but this would be my first night out on the prowl. Yippee! With great ambitions of having a laugh at the expense of others, we filled that puppy to capacity and began to pump it like crazy with the diabolical intent of squirting every single person that would fall with our grasp. And the thing that made it so fun was that the fire extinguisher had a very powerful pressure behind the blasting stream. I bet it could easily shoot about thirty five to forty feet powerfully. Now after over-filling and overpumping the water war weapon we took the tank and headed for the old beat up twenty five year old semblance of a car that Russ was loaned from his parents, and loaded up. We were on the hunt for victims, oh yeah! Excited and gitty as eight year olds school girls we jumped in to the car while spilling over with giggly anticipation for the fun excursion we were about to enjoy. So‌ it began! Now Russ was considered the get-away-accomplice as he

10 Don’t Get Cheesed! volunteered to be the driver of the car, so obviously he was in the driver’s seat. I, being the innocent passenger in cargo  sat next to him in the center of the car while Rick was the perpetrator which sat at the passenger seat window holding the water cannon. The car seat was one of these super wide bench-like ones that could easily fit all three of us plus the large bolstering ammunition tank. And having only two doors which were extra long provided us a great view as we would potentially drench the unsuspecting. So, we set out. The night was warm offering up plenty of moving targets. Hee hee hee! Back to this is moment…

Resolve to Find Your Talents Over the past few years I have been very intrigued with personality. Not only in the individuality and commonality in personality, but in discovering the real reasons of why we have those personalities. Why are people different? What is it that drives a person to do what they do? Why are some people at the forefront of business, and society, while

For Youth & 11 Late Blooming Adults! others are not? Why do some people feel content with a small house and an adequate car while others are constantly maneuvering for more? Why do some people sign up for band class and others for Chess club? Some love computers, some love dance, some love cooking while others love to write. Understandingly most people like many different things in life and can possibly be talented in many areas as well. However, most of us have many qualities that can be considered personal abilities, but we generally have just a couple attributes that we tend to excel at. These are our true talents. So I, after much thought, decided to do an in-depth study into personality. Not only studying THAT we are different, we all know that, but I wanted to discover WHY we are different. So for last few years I have been writing a book called “Who Pressed My Mute Button?” detailing my own personal insight found in the personalities of all people. I created a systematic personality pyramid that breaks down the “WHY” to our individual actions in personality. This pyramid is very effective in showing that there are different levels in understanding personality and

12 Don’t Get Cheesed! how we make our decisions that affect our actions. For example, in the previous story, Russ (the driver) was a studious type of guy. He was very meticulous and a deep thinker. He thinks things are funny and laughs a lot. While I know that it was his car, why did he choose to drive the vehicle in our hunting trip when there were other cars available to all of us? Why? Now I on the other hand, didn’t volunteer to drive nor did I hold the firearm but wanted to be involve in the mayhem. Why? Rick, being outward, mischievous, and a party animal type elected the passenger seat view with the control over who gets sprayed. Now in retrospect, I can understand better why we chose our individual positions in crime. It has been over twenty years since this story took place. I have followed Russ and Rick throughout their lives by talking to them or asking about them to see how their personalities have developed. Surprisingly, they are the same type of people. Just more defined in their attitudes, abilities, and actions. They are the same as when they were seventeen. I also have the same attributes. In my personality book, I describe how personality is not set in stone. This is

For Youth & 13 Late Blooming Adults! contrary to what many people believe. I believe that it is possible to change ourselves for the betterment of our lives. This is what life is all about. We change our actions, reactions, and non-action as we develop into better versions of ourselves. However, we will always have individual abilities and interest throughout the extent of our lives which are quite prevalent and which define us from within our very cores. The first point that I want to make in this book is that young people possess all of what they are and will become from the very early stages of adolescence. Youth have their personality DNA pretty much developed. Teens and pre-teens have developed their attitudes, abilities, and actions to the point where they can be labeled as certain personality types. If you are a young person reading this book, I will say straight out; even though you think you don’t, you have your habits and attentions ingrained in your soul already. You might not use these very much or might not even know they exist yet or might even be indecisive on which you want to embrace, but you definitely have them!

14 Don’t Get Cheesed! So if this is the case, why is it that people don’t find a particular talent until later on in life? This is a good question. This is what happened to me. More on this later, back to the story… So… the water canon! We were so excited. We thought that coming up on unsuspecting people and attacking them with this over sized water hammer could be the highlight of the month. Maybe even the year! So now, the game is on. Russ covertly pulls out of our street slowly as we all sit a gaze searching for the first innocent target. At first Rick has the nozzle hiding down away from the view of any bystander as we eagerly creep along trying to spot the perfect candidate. You see we didn’t want to get turned in so we had to choose our target wisely. Someone that was alone. Someone that had their back turned to us. Someone that was young and wouldn’t call the cops, and basically someone that wasn’t big enough to chase us down and kick our butts. Then, we spot him, there’s the first victim! He’s another teen just walking along on the road by himself. We come up behind him stealthily as Rick pulls out the

For Youth & 15 Late Blooming Adults! cannon nozzle and engages the trigger. Slam! Woo hoo! The first squirt of the tank has the most pressure behind it and it seems as if it almost knocks him over. It was great. He didn’t even know what hit him. It just drenched him from head to toe and boy was he ticked. He had on nice clothes so hopefully he wasn’t on his way to a party or something. Russ punches the gas and we take off like a gang members doing a drive by while laughing our guts out. YESSSSSS! That was a total blast (no pun intended). We had our first casualty of water war! Now for the next! We stealthily maneuver throughout the quiet neighborhood as predators looking for the unsuspecting. By now the sun had gone down farther making harder to spot the next people we were going to drench so we had to get up relatively close before unleashing the liquid barrage. We quietly weave throughout the streets deciding to bypass a few potentials because of certain circumstances but ultimately caused a few more poor schlubs to meet their watery end. And always, stating that they were mad would be an understatement. We did this for quite some time going about

16 Don’t Get Cheesed! blissfully thinking that we were the kings of the world and that we had to be the only ones on earth that could devise a plan so clever as to spray people with water. Eventually the tank got lower, and the spray could only go maybe ten feet with any substantial pressure so we figured we would just blast one more person before we went back to refill. So, we started up the final hill. I still remember it like it was yesterday; Russ driving his parent’s car along with all of us sitting side by side. We had just come into a neighborhood located one road up from the main road where there was a 7Eleven located. There! We spot the last victims of this almost wasted tank. They were walking up the slight hill oblivious to the fact that they were being hunted. There was more than one person, possibly three but we couldn’t quite tell. To our detriment the sun had dropped so far that we couldn’t quite make out how many were in this group as we crept up behind them. They were in a perfect location. It was dark with no lights around, and we had our lights off and the engine was pretty quiet. We pulled up beside them while still not being able to make out how many potential victims there were and haphazardly

For Youth & 17 Late Blooming Adults! unleashed the fury of water. We let it all out. Well, I say we but really it was just Rick. But we enjoyed the fun as much as he. So as the remainder of the tank is being emptied on them and as we sat there laughing to our delight at the poor souls getting sprayed, all of the sudden and from nowhere comes a large projectile back into the car. Splat! What the ??? All the sudden we all begin to scream. And scream we did! Something had just entered the car, and it slammed us. And it was burning us! What, Who, How? We all just freeze and we bring our hands to our faces to discover in the faint light emanating from the car dashboard that we had just been cheesed. Cheesed I say! Hot, sticky, smelly melted cheese! Holy Crap! There was no noise from the people outside the car as Russ decides to step on the gas and high tail it out of there. We were stunned! Just stunned! As he sped off, we didn’t really know what to say or even what to do. After the initial screams an awkward silent moment just saturated the car. Then as we just sat there looking at each other with cheese all up and down our faces and

18 Don’t Get Cheesed! torsos we all started to bust a gut laughing. Now Rick was on the front line and took a majority of the return fire. Man was he drenched! I could hardly see his eyes and hair and his shorts and shirt were totally destroyed. He had just received the biggest cheese-licking of his whole life. And not in a good way! Now for me, I was the second hardest hit. I had about half the amount that Rick did but it totally felt like two gallons. And as I looked, even Russ the driver had enough cheese dressing his face and clothes to definitely fill up four of those 7Eleven plastic nacho chip containers. What the crap! Someone had just cheesed us! They must had gone down to that 7Eleven at the bottom of the hill and filled up two gallons of that melted cheese for their neighborhood nacho party or something. Those ______! Still to this day I can barely believe it. So now what do we do? With cheese filled eyes and orange sticky hair we laugh our way back to Rick’s house and topple out of the cheese filled car. And all I could think was, “Poor Russ”. I wasted no time and just flew inside to take care of myself, but he had to figure

For Youth & 19 Late Blooming Adults! out what to do with the interior of his parent’s car. Ahh crap! Now… Learning from this story, DON’T GET CHEESED! Don’t get cheesed literally and don’t get cheesed metaphorically in life. It’s not worth it. I’ll show you what I mean. As I discussed earlier, we are all different and we all have distinct talents. We all are individuals with great potential. You, regardless of where you come from, have been given certain qualities. Some of which you recognize while you’re young, and other you do not. Now as you go throughout the roads of life, sometimes you will knowingly or unknowingly creep upon certain crossroads supposing that you have the upper hand. You will not be prepared for these certain situations and not know that on the other side of the window, there is a circumstance that is bigger, meaner, and more prepared than you are, and with your blissful approach, this monster of life will turn on you and come back around and horribly cheese you. Really, it happens! This happens by not knowing or putting off

20 Don’t Get Cheesed! the discovery of your individual talents within your personality. Without the development of your talents, you will be set up to be slammed. Slammed in family life! Slammed in relationships! Slammed in connections! And definitely slammed in work life! This so called cheesing will come back and get you when you are not prepare for it and you will just sit there not knowing what to do as cheese metaphorically drips down your face. If you are not prepared by planning to hit headon the challenges of life, you will get cheesed, count on it! This can happen. This will happen. But it will happen less to the youth which are prepared. What am I talking about? In this particular instance, I’m talking about finding your unique talent and using it to better your life, using it to get a job that is tailored to you specifically, and using it to give you the upper hand in all of life’s tough endeavors. By finding and utilizing your unique talents, you will get your dream job, you will get your dream partner, you will enjoy time doing and becoming what you want to become. But if you don’t, you will become unhappy as you bow to the pressures and demands of life.

For Youth & 21 Late Blooming Adults! There is a saying that goes somewhat like this: “Youth is wasted on the young”. At first glance you might think that this is being derogatory towards youth. Actually it means that many of us go throughout our early years without the knowledge or wisdom of being able to live life to the fullest when we actually have our young fit minds and bodies. By the time we actually figure out how to best live life our bodies are old and worn out and our minds have become burdened with life’s difficulties. Sad! Many times we disregard the urgings from other older people to figure out a plan that utilizes our talents to become more successful and happy. Why do these older people try to talk to you younger people about this type of stuff? Because some of them lived a life full of hardship and disappointment and can now see how they didn’t utilize their talents and abilities to better their life. It happened to me. I was one of those teenagers that didn’t prepare well up until years later when I focused on my particular talents. I had to wade through years of disappointment and unhappiness. I don’t want this to happen to you. I really don’t.

22 Don’t Get Cheesed!

Find Your Personal Power Place I’ll put it this way… Twenty five years ago I just knew that I was going to conquer the world. In fact, I knew it from the very beginning of my life. I had hopes. I had really high hopes. I would daydream and imagined my future life picturing how it was going to blissfully turn out. I would say that I always felt that there was just something about me that was special. Something different! I knew I was different and wanted to take the whole world by storm. I was good at most things and had to make little effort in making friends. I (in my mind) was the favorite child and the favorite of all the girls in the school. I was strong, smart, cute, gifted and popular. In short, I was born to win in life because I… was me! Well that’s at least what I thought. I believed that because I had the particular attributes that I had, that I would just easily get through it all and become a success. I believed life would be much

For Youth & 23 Late Blooming Adults! easier than it really has been. I was warned about preparing for life but I just innocently shrugged it off because I knew that I had just sailed through everything up to that point and it was quite easy. I felt that I could just use my natural personality and cruise through life and think that it would open up for me and I would just have success. Well, I didn’t! I am not trying to be a downer or negative in some way. I am simply stating that my early life in my younger years could have been so much better. I knew I wanted to excel but did not put the necessary effort into what I would be good at. I thought everything would just come naturally. I pressed on through the years in countless jobs that I hated always wishing it to be different. But I didn’t know how to change it. People would always tell me to go to school to get a good job. But I hated school though I loved learning about certain topics in school. These “certain topics” are what I’m talking about. These are what you need to discover for you to be the most successful you can be. Now I know that there are plenty of young people out there that discover their

24 Don’t Get Cheesed! talents early on in life. They know what they want from early on and do what it takes to get there. They have other older people which encourage them and help to open up avenues of success. However there are many, many more of the youth today who have no idea what they want to do in life. They just go throughout their lives hoping something good is going to work out for them. I believe many personality types think or have thought this way at some time in their early life. There are the jocks that get through the teen years with their physical abilities, there are the “no homework” types thinking that it is just a waste of time, there are the partiers that are just looking for the next party, there are the love birds that can’t think about anything else except their boyfriend or girlfriend. And there are many types that fall in between which don’t understand the purpose of discovering their talents and abilities while they are young so that they live a more exciting, full life. And to this, I say, “You Will Get Cheesed! Now, am I here to tell you that studies are important? Of course! Am I one of these typical adults trying to tell you to

For Youth & 25 Late Blooming Adults! study hard at school so you can get a good job? In a way, the answer is NO! Do I want you to succeed in life? Do I want you to become the best version of yourself? Or become somebody that feels fulfilled in their dreams by utilizing their talents. Yes! Yes! Yes! Does this mean going to high school and college just to make your parents, your counselor, or someone else happy? The bottom line is NO! You need to do what you want to do and what you are good at. And I’m not just talking about your job you are going to have. Why give up on all of the other dreams you have just because people tell you that it’s not how life is supposed to be lived, or that you have to follow some protocol in areas studied and learned just to see if you can sit there and crunch numbers (as in the case of accountants) Bull! The problem is that most people only realize some of their talents and some of their dreams half way through their lives. They never find their personal power place in life. They didn’t do it as a teen and they still don’t do it as an adult. They never figure out what it is that they are particularly good at and what makes them

26 Don’t Get Cheesed! happy. They just follow the crowd and end up somewhere where they didn’t want to be anyway. Why am I telling you this? Because I am a shining example of not living my dreams! Not only living them, but not being able to live the ones that I had because I didn’t really know what they were. I thought that I would eventually just settle on some awesome meaningful road to wealth and fulfillment and that would make me successful AND happy. Boy was I wrong. I did not find my talents when I was young. I knew of some of them, but I did not know how much I needed to focus on them. I knew that I was suppose to but just didn’t do it. And that is where the unhappiness saturated my life. This happens precisely when you do not find your particular talents and make them lead you to your own version of happiness. By not finding your personal power place you not only let yourself down but you will also let down those around you. My dad has said to me on a few different occasions, “Eli, you should have been an executive”. Nice. Thanks dad. He saw something in me. Now whether I wanted to be an executive or not doesn’t really

For Youth & 27 Late Blooming Adults! matter. The bottom line is that I did not live up to the potential that he saw I had. Why was that? I don’t want you to think of me as some old loser adult trying to tell you to hunker down and do well at your studies or you won’t get anywhere. We all know studies are important. There is no getting around that. But I will anger some of the studious types that think that success is found only in going to school and sticking to it. It’s NOT! Education opens doors. Education opens your mind to new possibilities. Education shows others that you are trained in certain areas. But it’s not the only way. Now I agree with only half of the idea of going to school to succeed. Why do we go to school in the first place? We go because of two reasons. First, we go to school so that we can gain a certain level of understanding and knowledge. We must be able to communicate and think on a level that meets a certain threshold that the rest of society does. This is just necessary. Have you ever heard of the phrase that says knowledge is power? Well, the application of knowledge, in the right areas of your particular talents, makes you powerful. If

28 Don’t Get Cheesed! you are not educated in all areas of life, you will not be as powerful as you need to be. The second reason we go to school is to learn about other possible areas of interest that we didn’t know about previously. Have you ever wondered how some people get a job in statistical querying? They didn’t just wake up one day and decide to do it out of the blue. They had to go to school to learn about the different opportunities that are out there. You need to go to school to develop and discover different topics, ones that will interest you. These “certain topics of interest” that I mentioned are what you need to focus on to find your talents. How many people take advantage of what schooling can do for them in their life? The better question is how many people use their talents to guide them through certain areas of education which will complete them and bring a sense of fulfillment to them in their lives? If you were to ask all of the millionaires in the world how much schooling played a part in their success, all of them would say 100%. What? You thought I was alluding to the fact that some of you don’t need schooling to be

For Youth & 29 Late Blooming Adults! successful. Nope! We all need schooling to be successful. But this “schooling” or knowledge coupled with your distinct skills is what will make you more valuable than just going to school to get some type of job. I want you to focus on finding and improving your unique talents and qualities so that you can do so. This will help you find your personal power place. This power place is what you need to strive for. It is the coupling of the knowledge that is being taught to you with the natural god given talents that you personally possess. Regardless of the schooling you’ve received, you (even if you don’t think so) have natural talents, interests, and abilities that set you apart for others. But just like in my true life story of the water cannon and the cheesing, not knowing what lurks in the darkness of life behind every decision can turn out to be a terrible cheese burning for you if you are not prepared. So I say, don’t get cheesed! Don’t get cheesed in your future life! You will avoid getting cheesed by knowing that one of your main jobs as a teenager is to identify and develop your unique talents. Simply, that is your purpose. It is not just to develop the things

30 Don’t Get Cheesed! that your parents or others want you to. You want to avoid the embarrassment and unhappiness you might get if you just go through life like I did; not knowing what was going to make me feel fulfilled and happy. The important key to remember in life is that you will be much better off if you are successful AND happy! You are happy if you’re successful, right? Not necessarily. The world has seen its share of unhappy successful souls. A person who might love to use their hands to build beautiful cabinets might find themselves in a good paying sales job. Sure he makes good money, but he hates every single moment of it. He hates cold calling. He hates going out of his comfort zone to be ‘salezy’ to everyone… etc. If you get stuck not only in a job that drives you crazy but in any sort of predicament that causes you to wish you were participating in something else or in some other manner in life, you will be unhappy. My goal here is to help you identify and develop your talents to the point where you will be happy with the outcome of your life. And if you are happy with how your life is turning out, then you will

For Youth & 31 Late Blooming Adults! spread some of that happiness with everyone else around you. I know that the youth of today want to be inspired. Youth also want to inspire others with all that they can potentially bring to the table. You can do this if you don’t hold off on your personal talent search. Decide in your mind right now that you will become what you need to become. Stand up for your right to not follow the crowd. Determine that your personal happiness will only come from doing what you were meant to do. Proclaim that you will accomplish your specific goals that only you have the ability to reach and that you will go down the fulfilling route in life that is within your personal grasp. If not, you will find that you are stuck in a horrible job and that you won’t be able to accomplish the dreams of your heart. Sure, I could speak to lateblooming adults and tell them that it’s never too late to live your dreams, but first I want to help those impressionable youth that have these choices right before them right now. So if you want to begin becoming your future you, read on! In the next

32 Don’t Get Cheesed! chapter, you will hear about some crazy farm animals and how they pertain to finding your unique talents. Moooooo! But Before we go on to the next page, I want to go over some of the points made in this chapter and ask you a few pertinent questions.

Points 1. Everyone has different strengths and likes 2. What makes your personality different? 3. What makes you have different interests? 4. You have your talents from childhood 5. Your personality is not set in stone 6. Don’t wait until adulthood to find your talents 7. If you don’t find your talents, you will get cheesed 8. Take full advantage of life while in your youth 9. Life is harder for those that don’t use their talents 10. Schooling centered around personal talents is important

For Youth & 33 Late Blooming Adults! 11. It’s important to be successful and happy 12. If you are happy then you can help spread the happiness to others 13. Find your personal power place

The question is? • • •

Are you ready and willing to search out your individual talents? Are you going to wait until midlife to find a job that fits your talents? Do you understand that you will be much happier if you prepare now for the future? Will you get cheesed?

34 Don’t Get Cheesed!

Don’t Buy a Funny Farm Next story: I have always hated the cold dismal weather as long as I can remember. Sure, it can be fun if you have the right clothes and get out going skiing, sledding, or snowballing fighting in the brand new powdery snow! But for me, I think I was born with a cold intolerance. In fact I know I was. I hate it. I have always hated it. Now I thoroughly enjoy late spring, early fall and even the middle of summer. Especially the summer nights! But when it comes to cold, for me, it’s the very worst season. What were my parents thinking? I was born in beautiful Oregon but only lived there for a short six months until they decided to move down to Utah. Utah summers are great, but the winters are terrible! Some people don’t realize that Salt Lake is located in the Rocky Mountains

For Youth & 35 Late Blooming Adults! and during winter it gets cold in them there hills! Well that’s where I have lived my whole life. I have resolved to change it when I can. I kind of relate it to being stuck in a job you can’t stand. You just live with it but you are always wishing you were somewhere else. Do you know people that just hate their work? Do they always complain about it and fight the fact that they have to go to do it every day? I know it’s not always greener on the other side of the fence, and that you can’t have everything in life, but there a just a few areas in life that you need to figure out how to experience the most happiness you can. The fact of the matter is that you all have to work. However, you can actually become someone that loves to get up in the morning and head off to their work when you find out what your specific talents, abilities, interests, and dreams are. And if you utilize your talents correctly you won’t have to go through a highly taxing time changing what you do to find happiness. Point in case: I lived on a funny farm! I call it that for a few different reasons. The first reason is that there were eight kids in my family

36 Don’t Get Cheesed! spread out over twenty years. In fact, my oldest sister had a baby before my mom had her last. So in actuality, my youngest brother had a nephew older than him. Weird! We had quite the experience growing up in a large family. And what made it even more interesting throughout the years were the number of times my parents, I mean my dad, decided to move. He still won’t give us a straight answer of why he moved so much, but I think it had to do with change. From last count we tallied a total of 41 times that they moved. Luckily I wasn’t with them every time, but I was with them enough of those times. Each time I tell this to people they usually ask if my father was in the military. I say no, but we kids were! So I really had to learn to adapt to different circumstances in life. This really molded my personality over the years, for the better or for the worse. Who knows! Now we also lived on a literal funny farm. True story! When I was about six years old, my dad decided to move out to a small sleepy town called Lake Point located about twenty miles west of Salt Lake City. There was maybe a population of 150 people. I don’t know exactly. But

For Youth & 37 Late Blooming Adults! what I do know is that this was not the city. It was fun in many ways though. We could enjoy the outdoors a whole lot more than what we do now. The vast fields and the shaking railroad tracks that divided us from the mountainside were a great draw. We boys thoroughly enjoyed the country life even though there wasn’t a corner icecream store close by. That was until our dad made us work! Yep, work on our little farm. Now one of the reasons that my dad decided that he wanted to leave the city and head out to the country was to have his own farm. He had dabbled in farm work a little throughout his life but always had a dream of owning his own large functioning farm. You know, living off the land, enjoying fresh eggs, milk, and fruits & vegetables. Working with his hands in the earth and feeling the fulfillment of churning his own butter. Whatever! It is different these days; years ago it was more like; we have eight kids, let’s teach them the value of work! Let’s work them to death! That’s why we had kids, right? We have kids to do everything that needs to get done, because we have so many kids. Huh? Sorry dad!

38 Don’t Get Cheesed! Anyway, my dad decided that this was the time in his life that he was going to follow that lifelong dream. He purchased a plot of ground and away he went. Now after the set up of the yard and the structures, the first thing you need to have for a farm is cows, right! You also need chickens, horses, rabbits, and so on. Not to mention everything necessary for the garden! So needless to say the first item on the list was to find a cow. So he heads off to the local livestock auction to find his award winning steer-like thingamabob. I and my brothers went with him because we were young and were up for adventure. So off we went. Hold that note‌ back in a minute!

Natural Talents vs. Abilities vs. Interests vs. Dreams When you want to discover your unique talents, you need to differentiate between natural talents, abilities, interests, and dreams. It is very important to know how these are different and how they apply in your personal development. If you try to substitute one for the other, you will find that you are not having much success and

For Youth & 39 Late Blooming Adults! that you are definitely not happy. By confusing how each of these plays a part in your life, you will end up somewhere that doesn’t work out to your advantage. These four words might appear to be the same in some ways but actually they are quite different. First I will describe Natural Talents. Talents are what you are naturally good at. Maybe you could call them gifts. Every one of us has been given certain gifts from our creator. Sometimes these natural gifts are quite visible and can easily be acknowledged while other times it takes a lot of work to draw them out of you. But you definitely have them. How many times do you ask someone what they are good at and they say that they don’t know? They can’t even think of a single natural ability that comes easily to them. Well, I would say that teenagers and even late blooming adults like to think about all of the talents that their friends or family members have; all of the highly visible ones. This is a big no-no. First of all, you can’t judge yourself against someone else. This will always bring unhappiness. I

40 Don’t Get Cheesed! know it’s hard to do because it seems like all of the people out in the world with highly visible talents are the ones that everyone admires; singers, dancers, actors, etc. But you are not them. Realize that you have certain specific talents that you were born with. You need to find out what they are. Don’t try to fit into the mold that everybody else is trying to fit in to. Find your own talent. If it turns out that it is something out of the ordinary, embrace it. So natural god given talents are areas you just simply excel at without much effort. And you have some of those in you! You need to realize this. Ask Yourself These Questions:

1. What are the areas that I excel at? 2. Are there things that I get through easily? 3. Are there areas in life that I don’t mind doing? 4. Do others tell me that I do a good job at something? 5. Do I wish my talents were like someone else’s? 6. Do I not try to find my talents out of fear of being embarrassed?

For Youth & 41 Late Blooming Adults! 7. Am I not actively trying to discover what my natural talents are? Next we have Abilities. Abilities in contrast to talents are something that can be natural, or can be something that can be adopted, or in other words; developed. Natural abilities fall into the talent category, but most abilities are nurtured through discovery, and hard work and practice. These abilities are usually learned and molded to you. Even when you have a natural ability, it cannot be developed to its greatest form if it is not utilized and practiced to its fullest. Sometimes, you may have a talent that remains dormant because you don’t nurture the ability and make it a priority in your life. If a man has the ability of let’s say singing, but lacks the discipline of practicing and enhancing his voice, he misses out. Even though he may have a natural ability, his lack of hard work in shaping it and practicing it makes it so it never become a talent. He is not considered a singer because he never applied his ability to the fullest.

42 Don’t Get Cheesed! To find out what your abilities are you need to ask yourself certain questions;

1. If I try hard at something, does it turn out? 2. Do I dread certain responsibilities or opportunities in life even though I’m good at them? 3. Do I have to think about something too much to enjoy it? 4. Am I doing a certain thing for my enjoyment or doing it to meet the demands of others? 5. Can I imagine having to do a certain thing for the rest of my life? 6. Am I not actively trying to develop my skills to discover my abilities? Next, Interests. Interests are what make life bearable. Many people don’t discover their talents or abilities until they discover their interests. Hence getting out and finding what there is in the world is essential. You do this by going to school, joining groups or clubs, searching different topics on the internet, and talking with family, friends, and neighbors. The bottom line is that if

For Youth & 43 Late Blooming Adults! you always sit in the surroundings that you are comfortable with, you will always have the same perspective, always get the same results, and always think that there is nothing else out there for you. I have had some of the same interests all my life, but have also adopted a few others along the way. People, especially teens, should not limit themselves to the same ole same ole. Talk with people you normally wouldn’t. Go to the activities that you usually wouldn’t. Read the books that you typically wouldn’t. If you are always evaluating if a certain thing is something you would be interested in, you will eventually find some fulfilling interest that you will be able to embrace throughout your whole life. You don’t want to miss out on things in life because you didn’t know they existed. Ask yourself more questions:

1. What always gets my interest? 2. What doesn’t? 3. What do I always sit up and listen to intently? 4. What is it that I would pay my hard earned money to learn about?

44 Don’t Get Cheesed! 5. Do I naturally enjoy certain things without having to put much thought in to love them? 6. Do I pass up new ideas or opportunities because they’re alien to my world? 7. Am I not actively trying to discover what interests me in life? And lastly; Dreams What would life be like if we didn’t have dreams? We all have them. But some of us have them too much. I mean some of us dream too much and don’t do anything to get them, and others dream big and work hard to attain them but don’t work in a smart way or in the right areas to achieve them. Dreams are essential to life. There has never been a true defeat of anyone until after their dreams were defeated. Dreams are what you wish you could become. Dreams are the pinnacle of accomplishment. Dreams are what you get up in the morning for. How are dreams different from talents, abilities, and interests? They are aspirations that you feel you could not go on living without reaching. You may not

For Youth & 45 Late Blooming Adults! have a natural talent to accomplish them, you may not have ability when it comes to realizing them, or you may not have had an interest in them for many years or your interest is not what it needs to be to be a full fledge dream. But they are just grand imaginations of your heart. They are something that you believe would fulfill you if you could reach them. The sad part is that many people lose their dreams. They either let them slip or they put them aside for a season. Sure they might come back around to indulge in them, but always regret the time when they weren’t pursuing them. Do not let dreams go. If they have to morph into something that is more feasible for your situation, then so be it. Now ask yourself these questions:

1. What does the end result of my life look like? 2. What in your opinion would make you feel the most fulfilled? 3. Which accomplishments would give you a sense of confidence and self worth?

46 Don’t Get Cheesed! 4. And what goals will make you feel like you mean something to others? 5. Are these wants realistic for you to reach? Now… back to the funny farm! We get to the auction with high hopes of finding just the right bovine. Now right off the bat my dad saw that because the beautiful prized cows were just too expensive, he had to wait till the end when they would bring out the ones he could afford. Cow after cow is brought up without a purchase, until… the very last semblance of a cow was brought to the auction gate. It was do-or-die now! He had to get this cow. Now this last guy was a little runt. He was still huge, like cows are, but still runt-like compare to the other cows. Something was definitely wrong with him. He hadn’t grown to the right size and it acted as if it were a little retarded. I really don’t know but something was just not quite right. At last, one my dad could afford! He eagerly plops down the money excitedly knowing that this was the beginning of his little farm. So now, we just need to get it

For Youth & 47 Late Blooming Adults! home! We didn’t have a truck like the other farmers, so we had to do a little improvising. So as we boys stand with the little runt-cow, which was still super large to us, my dad pulls around the vehicle that he’s going to use to get it home. Yep! He pulls up his super heavy duty… station wagon! What! You know; the type with the seats that fold down like a butterfly in the back. The super styling brown striped old family mobile! Now, as you can probably guess, the car’s interior is not tall enough to allow the animal to stand straight up. So obviously he decides, to the disbelief of the auction organizers, to stuff the cow in there anyway. And the only way that can be accomplished is on its side! So against everyone’s better judgment, and with some creative maneuvering, with tons of heaving and hoeing, and utter (no pun intended) frustration to no end, we successfully jamb the resistant cow into the back of the hip station wagon. Then off we go! Can you imagine? The problem was that it wasn’t that easy. My brother and I

48 Don’t Get Cheesed! had the job of keeping the cow from freaking out. Cows are rarely ever laid on their side so he was mooing and squirming constantly. I felt so bad for the poor thing. As we unsuccessfully tried to calm the very unhappy cow-like thing stuffed into the back of our car my dad high-tails it home. And the funny thing about it was that the people in almost every single car that would pull up besides us would get the most puzzled horrific looks on their faces. It was as if while staring they had the words, “what in the world” written all over their dismayed faces. What was my dad thinking? We get it home and then have the task of getting the wedged animal out from the back of the car. And that was no easy task! But we finally get the animal out and on its feet. Hurray! Success! The only problem was that this cow was good for nothing. It couldn’t produce milk. It couldn’t reproduce either. And it just stood there with a glazed look over its eyes. Poor little guy! Now this was the cumbersome start to my dad’s little funny farm. And along with our award winning cow he employed many more animals to make it a success. One of the greatest additions was a horse! Yeah!

For Youth & 49 Late Blooming Adults! But something wasn’t quite right with him either. This guy came from an owner that used him at different horse rides, like at fairs and different kid attractions. He was a weird pony that had been stuck to a ponygo-round so long that he could not walk straight. So he was not a horse at all! I think he was missing a few of his marbles too. He was so trained on that whirly machine that he could only walk around in circles. That was just crazy! We could never get on him and go straight forward. Now he was a find! And if that wasn’t enough, we also had bunny rabbits that got some type of disease that their ears would eventually fall off. I remember one time that my older brother went over to pick one of them up by the ears and plop… they came right off! Our chickens were disappearing one by one from some snake that was enjoying them. And we had a dog that when we held it above someone’s head would pee on them. So… this was our funny farm. There were tons of other quirky things that we endured while living on this my father’s great ole dream of farmership. Needless to say, we didn’t live that life very long. We

50 Don’t Get Cheesed! got rid of the animals and stopped tending to the gardens and such. Now why do I tell this story to you?

Don’t Pursue Your NonTalent Whether it’s the pursuit of talents, abilities, interests, or dreams, don’t pursue it if it’s really not there. Obviously, farming was not my dad’s cup of tea though he wanted it to be really bad. Now I have to give props to my father for trying something new. I never want to discourage people from trying new things especially when they are trying to find what they would be interested in. However, you need to find what you are good at before investing tons of time and energy into your search for your perfect funny farm. You will waste tons of resources throughout life if you don’t do your own talent search first. But how do you do that if one of your goals is to find interests that you previously didn’t know about? The answer is that nothing is a waste of time. Was it a waste of time for my father to spend a year of his life trying to build a successful farm? No. We actually

For Youth & 51 Late Blooming Adults! find out our strengths and our weaknesses through trial and error. My point though, is that we need to be wise in how many times we fail at finding our talents. If you attempt something new and if you can tell relatively early on that it does not fall into your definition of finding your real talents, stop doing it. Do not keep beating a dead horse. I have to say though that sometimes you will have an unquenchable desire to do something that might not fall into your talent category. Like my mother who decided to start to learn the piano at age sixty. It is something she really enjoys. But the question is, is it her talent? Maybe, maybe not! Did she waste many decades of her life not pursuing her real talent, or is she wasting a lot of her time now when trying to tackle it? Only she is the judge. When doing your own talent search, seriously think through every aspect of your proposed talent. Sometimes dreams and interests are only masked as something you want to do well. Your desire is so great that you discount how realistic it is for you. Sure it is good to keep your

52 Don’t Get Cheesed! avenues open, but your goal as a youth is to settle in on specific talents that will better your situation in life. I don’t want anyone to misunderstand me here. Not pursuing anything is worse than trying something and failing. That is why I ended up in the predicament that I did over the last twenty years. Non action will definitely not get you to where you want to go. The main point that I want you to take away from this chapter is that using your noggin wisely will payout so much more in the long run. If you are not actively searching for your talent or consistently searching in the wrong areas of your talent search, then you will end up as I did; floating to and fro wondering when my big ship of success was going to come in. The reality is that you will definitely have your own personal funny farms that you will ultimately learn from. But resolve to keep those to a minimum. So… I just want to say, don’t jamb that cow into your station wagon. It wasn’t made for it!

For Youth & 53 Late Blooming Adults!

Points 1. Sometimes it’s not greener on the other side of the fence 2. Differentiate between Talents, Abilities, Interests, and Dreams 3. Do not waste time or resources chasing non-talents 4. Think carefully through your possible talents before tackling

The question is? • • •

Are you confusing your wants with your real talents? Are you being wise in your possible choices? Have you resolved that some nontalent pursuits will be a waste of time?

54 Don’t Get Cheesed!

Don’t Roll in the Snow Ok, life is going to pass whether you want it to or not. It keeps rolling on while some of us prepare and get to enjoy it while others don’t take the necessary step to better their lives. Are you one that will be stuck working a dead-end job living with your parents forever? There are bad decisions, then there are decisions that help to remedy the bad decisions that you have made. This is when you make a mistake and learn from it. Then there are decisions that compound, or make worse, the bad decisions you already made. This is what stunts your personal progression. When I was a young boy of about eleven or twelve years old I wanted to earn some money. I really needed a job bad. I had seen other kids sitting out on

For Youth & 55 Late Blooming Adults! the corner with their jugs of lemonade selling to many a passerby and having substantial success. So, I resolved that I wanted a piece of the lucrative pie and I decided to go down to the local candy store and buy up about twenty bucks worth of various candy and candy bars to resale to make a little profit. Remember, things cost less back then so I came home with a pretty good-sized stash to sell. I was truly excited and knew I had a winner of an idea. I naively figured that tons of motorists along with most all of the passing pedestrians would just stop and buy all of my overpriced candy. And if I sold all of it, I could do it over and over again. Well‌ the short story is that not one single person stopped to buy anything! I waited and waited, and waited all day long. And while I sat out in the blistering heat getting depressed that I just spent all my money on candy that wasn’t selling, I began to eat one item at a time‌ over and over and over until all of them, were gone! And to this day I learned that from that experience that selling is not my bag, it never has been. I have tried it over and over and have never found success in it. Now after I had consumed all of my candy

56 Don’t Get Cheesed! that I bought with my own money, not only was I now broke, I still needed to get a job, so… I heard that some of the neighborhood kids had jobs delivering news papers. Now I could do that! I was used to hard work and figured it would be a perfect way to earn my bounty. So, I signed up. The local newspaper was one of those that were delivered only once a week. The catch was that people didn’t subscribe to it. No! We, as delivery boys, had to go around and delivered it to every single home and then we were required to personally go house to house during the subsequent days and try to collect donations for delivering it. That was not fun. That part of the job was just like sales. Anyway, the name of the newspaper which is now out of business was called “The Green Sheet”. The front page was typically green, and obviously black. If you know what I mean! That ink would rub off on everything. Anyway, I worked at that job really hard for quite a few years. And from my hard work I started to earn a significant amount of money (about twenty bucks a month) for myself as I endured the painstaking task of

For Youth & 57 Late Blooming Adults! asking for donations. I did OK but hated every moment of it. We had to be careful how we represented the company though. Each month end we had to give most of what we collected back to the company. We also were held to high standards of how to deliver the paper right and how to ask for the donations correctly. Because we represented the company and had to act presentable we could not do anything that would get us turned in. I knew this and actually was really good at all aspects of the job. Like I said, I spent many years delivering that little paper even through the crazy hot summers and finger-numbing winters. And boy, it was really tough sometimes. One unforgettable day, during one of the coldest days of the year, I needed to go down to my route and finish up my donation collecting. By now I was used to it and figured I would get through it really fast. However, something came my way that I wasn’t prepared for. I begrudgingly set out from home and began the arduous journey down. It

58 Don’t Get Cheesed! took me much longer to get there because it had to be three to four miles to where my route was located and my bike would not work in the snow. I finally reach its snow covered driveways and walk ways and commenced the feared collecting like I had done for so many months before. But today, it seemed extremely cold as the frigid wind whipped terribly causing my face to burn and the cold seemingly seeped through my unpadded boots. Now as I go door to door asking everyone if they had any donations for the Green Sheet, I started to realize that I hadn’t gone to the bathroom before I left. That happens sometimes, but I just shrugged it off and supposed that I would be alright until I was done. I figured that I would just hurry and finish up the route and then find some hiding place on the way home where I could go to the bathroom. The problem was that if you have ever been outside in the bitter cold you know that the sensation actually worsens in the cold. And as I press on it starts to get worse, then more worse, then incredibly worse as I hammer out the last street on my route. Man it was getting tough to hold. I saw that I only had a couple more

For Youth & 59 Late Blooming Adults! dreaded houses on the street so I manned up and decided to continue. You see, I couldn’t just hide behind some car and go, I would be totally embarrassed if someone were to see me. So I held it till the very last house. “One more house” I thought. But by then I was crossing my legs and tightening my bladder muscles to make it through. The pain was starting to get unbearable but I just had to finish the last house. I uncomfortably approach the last door like a scared mailman hiding from a killer dog while semi-holding my breath as you do to avoid undo pressure on your bladder. I ring the doorbell while swaying back and forth a little and impatiently wait for the owner to open it. “Come on, come on” I’m thinking. Then finally after what seems like an eternity a nice looking lady opens the door. She seems friendly enough and that helps me feel a little more relaxed. But I don’t know if that was a good thing or not. So, I start off with the phrase that I had always given. It was short and to the point. The phrase was, “Hi, I’m here to collect for the Green Sheet”. But by then my bladder was about ready to explode. I was squirming and

60 Don’t Get Cheesed! could hardly breathe when I let out the first words, “Hi, I’m here … to…” and right at that very moment, my bladder control gives way as the lady intently listens to my sputtered sentence. I realize what is about to transpire but try to not bring attention to it so I continue with the last of the phrase. But the words come out as if in slow motion while the pee starts to fill the front of my pants right in front of the nice lady. It is quite apparent that I give off a sigh of relief as I say “… co..lle…ct … f…or … th..e … Gre…en … Sh…eet” And that was it! I had totally peed my pants right in front of a stranger as she watched. I just stand there like a frightened child realizing that she saw the mishap for sure. But she just stands there for a moment with a startled stare on her face going from my face to my crotch then back to my face but didn’t say anything. I can tell she doesn’t know what to do or say. Then she turns and says “hold on a minute, I’ll go get my purse” and hurriedly scampers off around the corner. Oh my gosh, now what? I couldn’t have been more embarrassed IN ALL OF MY LIFE! I look down and there is a puddle starting to form beneath me. Oh crap! I

For Youth & 61 Late Blooming Adults! continue standing there being a little jaded because the joy of not having to pee anymore was instantly overcome with the fear of having the lady come back and see me standing there in the puddle. Now with disdain for my noble peefest I could not believe what just happened! Earlier I was so worried that if I peed somewhere outside someone would see me, and now this! Now I was never going to let her come back to see me still standing there. So, I just take off leaving her door wide open while desperately trying to cover up the large pee stain worrying that someone else would see me walking down the street. I get about a couple hundred feet away and come to the conclusion that it was not going to be easy to hide the huge wet spot all the way home so I instinctively come up with an awesome plan to hide it. And the great and wonderful plan that I so cleverly devise… ... is … … to … Here it comes! SNOW!


62 Don’t Get Cheesed! Yes, I figure that if I make it look like all of my clothes are wet instead of just the part in front of my groin, nobody will notice. Sounds like a good plan! I would especially try to get a lot of snow in that area to mask the saturation. So, I did! I flop down in to a big pile of soft snow and start to thrash around, then stand up and examine myself to see how I look. It’s a success! Hurray! There is snow all over me and a good amount has stuck to my crotch. Yippee! I have come out victorious! That is, until a few minutes later when that snow, that I so contentiously applied to the pee stain, begins to freeze. Oh crap again! It was so cold outside that the snow stuck and began to freeze the pee that was covering my pants. Now, I was sporting a huge frozen pee-patch as I started the long walk home. Man life sucked!

Don’t Put Off the Inevitable What does it mean to put off the inevitable? That means that some things have to happen in life. And they will happen. Like for example; we will all die

For Youth & 63 Late Blooming Adults! someday. Or; you will eventually be too old to go to high school and you’ll have to become some sort of participant in adult society. Dang! Or even; you cannot hold back your bladder forever! It will eventually be more powerful than your will. You will just have to give in to it. The “inevitable” I’m talking about is life itself! It is coming fast and leaving even faster. Don’t put off the things which you have to do. I remember one of my grandpa’s favorite phrases was, “There are only two sure things in this life; death and taxes”. Well. I would like to add to that another; that is finding out who you are and what talents you have. See, it’s simple, you will eventually find out who you really are and what your talents or non-talents are, whether you like the answers or not. It’s inevitable that you will like who you have become, or you won’t! Which will it be? How many times do we put off necessary items of need only to be embarrassed right in front of somebody because we didn’t prepare? Don’t waste your time. Whether you realize it or not, life is marching on. If you do not put forth concerted effort into finding your talents

64 Don’t Get Cheesed! which will benefit you in your life, you will fall behind. You need to resolve to be the best person you can be. I am not just talking about what you accomplish. I’m talking about who you are as a person. How you treat people and how you deal with undesirable circumstances. The better the person you are ethically and morally, the more powerful you will be in your pursuits and in your talents. No one cares about the famous talented person who is rude and mean and selfish.

Avoid Compounding Your Mistakes It was not only bad enough that I had somebody watch me pee my pants in real time, but I had to go and make it worse by freezing it with snow so it would have no chance of ever drying out! Duh! I need you to realize that it is very important for you to find your talents, but even more so, you avoid applying snow to your pee pants when you don’t make things worse by how you live your life. Many accolades have passed up the

For Youth & 65 Late Blooming Adults! deserving because of stupid actions they made previously. These days, cell phone video along with the computer logging all of what we write on the internet, we can prove to be someone that is using our online identities to improve how we are known, or we can use it against ourselves by placing things on there that are a detriment to our future lives. How many young people will lose their dream job because of stupid thing they did which got placed on the internet by somebody? By being the best person you can be, your talents will find you. And conversely, if you are unwise about how you live your life, your talents may never be realized to their potential. Some people compound their ill fortune by rolling in the snow. We see examples of this each and every day from many different people around us which have their lives worsened by metaphorically throwing snow on their pee stain. Meaning, it’s not only bad enough that they haven’t found their very import life fulfilling talents, but they are doing things to make their existence even worse. They participate in activities that hinder their progress. They use control

66 Don’t Get Cheesed! substances which hinder their minds and bodies. They write and post videos or blogs that come back to haunt them because they are undesirable. They sit and watch five hours of TV each and every night which robs them of valuable time to improve the skill set. And much, much more! So don’t pee your pants! And if you do, don’t roll in the snow. You will have a long miserable road home. And if you make mistakes in accomplishing your goals and dreams, don’t make life worse by doing things to make it worse! You all know what I mean. Live life well and your dreams have a better chance at being realized.

Points 1. Make sure you live your live so your actions and decisions don’t hinder your talent 2. Life comes and goes whether you are living it to the fullest or not 3. Go to the bathroom before you head out the door

For Youth & 67 Late Blooming Adults!

The question is? •


Are you standing in front of the audience of life being embarrassed for your non-action Have you resolved to not put off the inevitable and get all needs taken care of in a way that will not hinder your progress?

68 Don’t Get Cheesed!

Don’t Try to Save Gas After a fun night of camping out under the star filled night up the canyons located about ten miles from my home, my friend Rick and I had to pack it up and get home. Now Russ who was also with us had left a little bit before because he brought his parents car again so it was just Rick and I hauling down the remainder of the camping supplies in my little dark blue VW bug. I loved that bug! It was the first car I ever owned so it had a very special place in… the…parking lot doing donuts in the snow, and jumping off jumps and hills whether they were in the boonies or in the neighborhoods. Wahhhh! My bug was the ultimate fun-mobile taking us to the ends of the earth (our town) while only over

For Youth & 69 Late Blooming Adults! heating no more than twenty times during the trip! Woohoo!!!! I originally bought it from my brother for $250 bucks before I was sixteen. It had a lot of problems. I tried to fix it up the best I could. I wired it for speakers, and placed a cool stereo in it. It was definitely a piece of crap, but it was my piece of crap. It was my freedom. It was also the reasons for many other stories that I’ll have to leave for another book. It suffices to say that I used that thing heavily. It took me everywhere. So on this particularly beautiful morning it was hauling us down the curve filled canyon at a fairly high rate of speed. You know how kids are! We thought we were the kings of the road. With no thought to the future, we drove down the scary canyon swerving back and forth finding excitement in seeing if we could stay on the windy road. In retrospect, I can’t believe how stupid we were! So anyway, I was driving and Rick was in the passenger’s seat next to me.

70 Don’t Get Cheesed! We were pretty tired because camping makes you pretty groggy if you stay up too late breathing the crisp clean air. So as we descend quickly down the danger zone I come up with a really great idea. And this was the grand illumination that filled my pea sized brain: I looked down at my gas gauge and saw that I was almost out of gas. I think about it for a minute and come up on the landmark decision to turn the key back to the off position and kill the motor. That would save Gas! We were just coasting anyway! We would probably get down the hill in the same amount of time it would take with the engine on, right? So, I turn the key and put the gear back in neutral. I was right; the little bug just sped down the hill not using any more of the depleting fuel. I was the man! We continued to swerve back and forth while enjoying the fruits of my impressive idea, all the while picking up more speed because we didn’t have the actual engine to hold us back at all. Back and forth, back and forth! Yippee! Until… We come upon a really sharp turn. No worries, I’ve hit that corner before while doing sixty! But as I turn the steering wheel further than it has ever

For Youth & 71 Late Blooming Adults! been turned up to this point to come around the sharp bend, I hear a “click”! All the sudden my mind rushes into hyperdrive searching through all of the reasons why we would hear a predominant click. But before I could come up with the answer, the steering wheel instantly locks. Uh oh! The wheels are turned when this happens and there is no chance of disarming the locking mechanism. Oh Crap! I instantly had no more steering control over the vehicle as we swerve to the right heading directly into the mountain side. The bug slams the steep incline of the side of the hill and begins a rough fight up the slope. Now luckily I was holding on to the steering wheel so I had something to steady myself. But Rick was in the passenger’s seat! And to make it worse, he wasn’t wearing a seat belt. Now in most cars there is a handle that is placed somewhere close to the passenger side of the vehicle that allows the person to grab a hold of something sturdy when entering or exiting. This is known as the “Oh ____” bar! So, in the crashing hysteria I look over as we are skidding on a very sharp

72 Don’t Get Cheesed! angle up the side of the mountain and Rick has both hands grasping it as tight as he can while screaming. That’s why that bar has the name it has. Fortunately we grind to a halt with the car on such an angle that I was surprised that it didn’t topple back down the hill. Rick is now almost vertically above me as he looks down with terror to figure out what just happened. It happened so fast that it took a minute to process it. Then… as we sit there in shock, about on the verge of cracking up, an instant dread overcomes me as I realize what might have happened if the steering wheel would have locked the other way! Oh! On the other side of the road was the steep drop to the canyon floor. Oh again! Fear instantly slams me as I couldn’t believe that we had just averted certain death. And so the point was really driven home to me that day that you can’t cut corners in life. Needless to say, I have never turned off the key again!

Shortcuts Don’t Work When it comes to finding your specific talents in life, nothing will substitute for honest hard work. Searching,

For Youth & 73 Late Blooming Adults! digging, discovering, and enhancing your true talents is the only way that you will be successful and happy. Many times youth try to side step the very important steps in reaching their fulfillment. Like I did in my early life, I just breezed through things thinking that everything would just turn out great. Cutting corners if I had to just to remedy any challenge that confronted me. Shortcuts don’t work. Cheating is never the way. You cannot cheat in finding your talents. When trying to find your talents you need to do an honest heart to heart with yourself. You will have to live with your decisions and results your whole life. So when finding your purpose in life, if you try to cut corners, you may luck out and ride up the hill, or you may not and go straight off the cliff. What do I mean? I mean that you are not here on this earth to get good grades, or please your parents, or get a good job, or even have as much fun as you can. That is not why you are here. Sure it would be nice if you could do all those things, but the main reason you are here is to be happy. To sincerely improve your life‌ for you, so that you can eventually be

74 Don’t Get Cheesed! in the position to give back to others more than you ever received. When we try to just slide by in our personal lives, we will totally miss our true talents. We may be so concerned about getting ahead in the eyes of everyone around us that we become blinded to fulfilling our life’s mission. Either it’s because we are too lazy, or not uneducated in seeing how important it is to our happiness and success. Life is not Russian roulette. It is not a game of chance which might end up poorly depending on luck. Life is about making wise decisions and being smart about how you gain your own version of happiness. I want you to ask yourself these questions:

• • •

Do I consistently do my best work when it comes to my responsibilities? Do I try to get out of difficult situation by lying or cheating? Do I always want to be entertained by games, electronics, social networks, or television instead of working on bettering some part of my life? Do I put off working hard to find my talents because it requires too much work?

For Youth & 75 Late Blooming Adults! Those are tough questions. Many youth fall into these traps. I know that distractions like these have always plagued youth since the beginning of time. I know that your nature is to have fun and party. But before you turn the key to the off position and leave your life up to chance, I want you to ask yourself these questions:

1. What do I want to ultimately achieve with my life? 2. What are my purposes and goals? 3. Which are my most important natural talents I want to develop further? 4. Which of my natural talents could contribute most to achieving my purpose and goals? 5. What do I have to do to develop these talents into strengths? 6. What knowledge do I need to learn to develop these talents? 7. What skills do I need to acquire or improve to develop these talents? 8. What weaknesses do I need to overcome to develop these talents? ie: Bad habits in managing Time, Finances, Health , Desire, etc.

76 Don’t Get Cheesed! I know that you want the best for your life. I know you have aspirations and goals that you think would make you really happy. But what are you doing about them right now? Are you wasting the few teenage years that you have thinking that all will just turn out how you want it to? Now is the time to take the bull by the horns! Now is the time to stand up with honor and become the person you were meant to become! And now is the time to do that honest hard work which will pay out great dividends for your future happiness. Don’t turn off the key and leave your life up to chance!

For Youth & 77 Late Blooming Adults!

Yet Always, Always, Cherish Your Thumbs! I was twenty two years old and having a great time. I had recently spent two years down in the country of Chile and now I was back enjoying dating and partying and feeling the freedom of being my own person independent of my parents. Uh, Reality Check! The truth of the matter was that I really wasn’t. I still lived in their home,

78 Don’t Get Cheesed! used one of their beds and ate their food. I had some semblance of a job working at a medical supply place but hated every moment of it. Mostly I just lived for partying every night. I thought that life was all about the party. Then one day my dad comes down to my room and says, “Like I have done with all of your other older brothers and sister, I think it’s time that you start helping out by paying some of the bills. If you were going to school full time, we wouldn’t make you pay anything. So, I really don’t want to have to charge you rent right now, I just want you to start paying the phone bill”. What just happened to my perfect little party world? I could tell that he was serious. It actually bummed me out pretty bad. You see, I was so used to people picking up the tab for me for all of the true necessities of life. Like room and board, food, insurance, clothes, toilet paper, and shampoo. But now my free ride was coming to a close. Little did I know but that was actually the beginning of a whole new chapter in my life. Things seemed to start changing very quickly. So during the next few weeks I had to figure out how I was going to come up with some money for the phone

For Youth & 79 Late Blooming Adults! bill and also have enough to do everything else I wanted to do. And it was precisely that week that I get a call from one of my friends. He wanted to set me up on a blind date. I already had committed to another blind date for Friday night so I was a little hesitant. Blind dates can be kind of scary because you don’t know what you are getting yourself into. So I decide to get a little more information on this blind date than I did the previous one. I asked who she was, where she lived, how he knew her, so on and so on. She seemed, from the limited amount of information I gleaned, that she would be a great date. And then I asked him a very important question. I asked him why he didn’t want to take her out. He fidgeted around a bit giving me the excuse that she wasn’t his type. I pressed a little more and demanded to know why it was that he didn’t pursue her. He then tells me a phrase that I still joke about today; he says, “She’s just a little bigger!” I was like, so you want me to go out with her? Instantly these thoughts come into my mind of a huge Amazon-like woman. I couldn’t believe he was doing this to me. I really didn’t want to go.

80 Don’t Get Cheesed! But he was quite persistent. At first I told him no but he kept pushing and pushing. So I conceded and said that I would on Saturday. Friday night rolls around and I go on my first blind date: the one that I already had set before he set me up again. Needless to say, I had the worst experience of my life. She was rude, stuck up, and wouldn’t participate, acted put out and everything else that showed me that she didn’t like me. I was totally ticked. I took her home early and went home to go straight to bed. So the next night you could say that I definitely did not want to go. But I’m a man of my word, so I had to fulfill my promise. I was running late anyway because I was working on some song with my other dateless friend. I get around to calling her and tell that I’m going to be a few minutes late. She was fine with that and I later find out that she was very impressed that I would call to tell her that instead of just showing up late. So I finally show up at her house and knock on the door. The door opens and a gorgeous girl steps out and just totally rocks my otherwise poor mood that I was in because of having to go on another blind date. I introduce myself as I see two heads peek

For Youth & 81 Late Blooming Adults! around the corner which was her mom and her little sister. As we walk to get into my car I say something that was probably cheesy but something that I really meant. I said, “Do I know you from somewhere?” I think she thought that I was just using that as a line so she kind of giggled and said that she didn’t know. But I really thought that I knew her from somewhere. Maybe even a different life! Whoa! The night rolled on and needless to say, we liked each other. She was an angel and most of all I could tell right off the bat that she was someone that would work with me. That was very important to me. Now, to make a long story short, we fell in love. We were so in love that we were engaged in two weeks and were married in nine more weeks! It was a blissful time of life. We lived on love for two weeks… then the bills started to come! The problem was that while we were engaged, we both hated our jobs so bad that we both quit them. So we got married being unemployed. Nice, huh! This is when real life started. I didn’t have a job to pay all of the bills that freeloaders like me didn’t even know existed. I decided to

82 Don’t Get Cheesed! go down to where carpet layers work and see if I could see if I could get on with them. I did, and the rest is history. Life was fine for a while but then as we dealt with the pressures which all adults have to deal with, it got tough. Kids came, bills came, but money didn’t come as fast as I needed it to. We endured many, many years of having next to nothing. We fought a lot, we cried a lot. And things just got worse. Bills weren’t getting paid and we went without for many winters in poverty. Things would go up and down. I tried getting in to other types of work. I tried starting my own businesses on the limited amount of money I had. I tried fixing up real estate, I even tried working for the man but I hated every moment of it. So there we remained. We struggled and tried, struggled and tried, struggled and tried. My hopes and dreams were dashed and I felt like I was the biggest loser on the face of the planet. I was beat down by the pressures of life and I could see no way out. Then one day, when my depression was at its worst, and when I felt like I was the unluckiest person in the world, my youngest boy brings home a new friend that he made who lived a few blocks down

For Youth & 83 Late Blooming Adults! the street. This boy’s name was Jag. Now as I sat in the adjacent room and from the sound of things I could hear a bit of commotion going on so I go over to the door to see what was up. As I come to the door to investigate, I am startled at the sight I see. As the boy comes up to the door, I see a young man waddling, hobbling, and struggling to come up the single step into our home. All the sudden my heart stops. I see a small framed boy having close to no legs and a couple cut off malformed stubs for arms trying to maneuver the eighth inch step. My gaze is instantly drawn to his disabilities as I see that on his left arm there was a little ball of fleshy tissue hanging off the end, and on the other, there was just one single digit that juts out the front part of his upper arm. Just one small digit! This sole digit is just a lonely thumb. He also has some type of custom made boots which helps him stand as well as possible. I just stand there having a hard time keeping my composure not knowing what to do or say as my eyes begin to well up a little. As I stand speechless, my mind begins to become overwhelmed with the noncomparison of my difficulties to his. A

84 Don’t Get Cheesed! sense of shame fills my heart as I realize that I have my complete arms and legs. I have fingers, I have toes. I have so many things in life that he doesn’t. And as I stand being on the verge of tearing up, I start to get upset at myself as I wonder why I am so depressed when I have so many blessings which others don’t. I watch intently and see how this young man is happy to be able to do the little that he can do. He is not complaining, but he is determined to conquer and to make the most of the difficult situations that come. I stand there feeling like this boy had come into our lives at just the right time. He was a blessing sent to help me realize that others suffer more than I do and they have to make the best of it. And Jag always made the best of it. I couldn’t believe how this young man took that step at our home with so much determination. He pushed and pulled his way up and conquered it. And happy to do so! One little thumb! That’s all he had, just a thumb! It was positioned more like a finger so he was able to use it for his advantage. And that was a blessing. As I have come to know this boy and his family a little more I learned that he was

For Youth & 85 Late Blooming Adults! adopted. How wonderful is that? How caring and compassionate his new mother must have been to invite him into her home. Now Jag stands to be an example to all of us. With only one thumb to depend on, he tackles his life with success. With just this one thumb he is able to do remarkable things which allow him to gain a sense of independence. And with seeing that single thumb, we all should see how important one little gift from God can help us in our lives. It can help us through our tough times and provide us some much needed comfort. Just like Jag’s thumb, we have been given certain blessings. You can go through life caring about what you have not been given, or you can utilize your gifts and talents that only you have been given to better you existence. Focus on and care about what you have that is unique to you. If you do, you will be happier and you will use your talents to the fullest in helping yourself and in helping others in their lives.

86 Don’t Get Cheesed!

Play Your Best Hand with What God Gave You Even though you don’t have everything that everybody else has, you need to be happy with what you do have. You need to try and accomplish as much as you can with the small blessings that you have been given. Life is not fair. It was not dealt out evenly. But with that, you know that you have been given certain gifts just for you. These are unique and are what God wants you to have. And with just one small talent like the thumb that Jag was spared, you can accomplish much. So dig in! Do your best! Don’t envy the success of others. Don’t limit your own life by focusing on what others have. Don’t wish for more than what you have. But do use that drive to accomplish your own goals. If you need to search out the hidden aspects of your life more to find your hidden talents, then do it! Just do it! I want you to know that life is hard for everybody. In fact, it is harder for

For Youth & 87 Late Blooming Adults! everyone more than what you know. Life will always have its challenges and you will begin to see that more when your parents think it’s time for you to start taking responsibility for your own life. Believe me! Life can turn on you pretty quickly if you are not prepared. So, this is where I stress the importance of knowing what your unique talents are. These talents will provide an easier road for you than not knowing what to do or how to do it.

The question is? •

Do you recognize that just one single talent can make your life more meaningful? Are you committed to being grateful for the talents that you have been given? Are you going to use your talents to not only better your life, but to better the lives others?

88 Don’t Get Cheesed!

Live the Life Only You Can Live! Searching for your talents is something that you will have to do by yourself. You and only you is the only person who can make you take the reins of life and come out victorious. However, you will have many helpful mentors along the way which will guide you along your path. Parents, teachers, friends, and many others will help you live the life that you were meant to live. But you will have to do the work. You will have to search out and gravitate toward your particular interests during these next very valuable years. And when you do, then you will become that person you always wanted to become.

For Youth & 89 Late Blooming Adults! Realize that there are millions of different talents that a person could have. These could be physical talents, spiritual talents, emotional, talents, social talents, mental talents, or a myriad of others. I can’t tell you an exact process that you will need to find your unique talents. All I can do is try to get you to realize that you need to heavily focus on discovering them so that you don’t get cheesed. This book has been written to spur you into action. I want you to take it for what it is; short stories that relate to life in a way that you can learn from to be able to live it to the fullest by finding and developing your unique talents. Now to assist you on your trek, I do want to mention that there is a tight correlation between personality and talents. In my other book: “Who Pressed My Mute Button?” I describe the basis for why we act certain ways. I highly advise that you read that book. It will help you identify some of your personality quirks and understand why you have them. Knowing this will help you to see your strengths and weaknesses which will in turn help you to see how your talents fall into your own personal character.

90 Don’t Get Cheesed! Your personality plays a big part in how you tackle life. This is very important to know when you are doing your talents search. If you have a particular dream in life but lack the necessary personality traits to accomplish it, it is not impossible, but it will require lots of change and loads of determination. So when you have a minute check out “Who Pressed My Mute Button?” found on: I know you’ll love it! So, now in finishing, I would like to go over the very short simple ideas found in this book. Here is a short list of what they mean to us in our talent discovery. 1. In the first story, we learned that if we don’t pursue and developed our own natural talents, that one day we will be cheesed. We will be embarrassed as life turns on us and stops us dead in our tracks because of our unpreparedness. 2. In the second story, we learned about funny farms and that there is a difference between Natural Talent, Abilities, Interests, and Dreams and that if our talent searching does not

For Youth & 91 Late Blooming Adults! pan out relatively quickly in an area, we shouldn’t pursue them. 3. In the third story, we see that we should never roll in the snow after we pee our pants, meaning that we should never put off the inevitable. Life will pass whether we are prepared or not. So those which focus on their talents discovery will be happier than those who don’t. Also, that you need to live the best life you can through wise actions day in and day out so that you will be in a good position when your talents do come knocking. 4. And in the fourth, you can’t turn off the key and save gas when you are searching for your talents. You can’t cheat. If you are the type to waste time on other things of no importance, you will fall behind in life, and you may go off the road. Don’t be stupid when making your life decisions. It’s not a game of chance. 5. And finally, the last story shows how others may be less fortunate in their personal lives and that they make the best of it. We need to realize that we do not have everything that others have and that we should be thankful

92 Don’t Get Cheesed! for what we do have. Just like Jag, take the difficult steps head on when developing what you have been given in this life. I would like to instill in the youth and in the late-blooming adults of today a strong desire of becoming more whole through doing their personal talents search. I want you to really focus on your god given talents. Develop new ones and always be on the lookout for more. You never know what you were meant to do. Don’t sell yourself short! Don’t believe that you are less valuable than what you are! Don’t be lazy in finding what you’re good at! And above all, DON’T GET CHEESED! Thanks for reading, I’ll see you next book! Eli

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For Youth & 93 Late Blooming Adults!

And here’s Part of the First Chapter of My Next Book 

94 Don’t Get Cheesed!

“Who Pressed My Mute Button?” To Mute or Not to Mute… Have you ever been muted? You might not think so… but you definitely have. Everyone has! In fact I bet that you have been muted to some degree almost every day of your life. And I’ll bet that it’s not just once a day, but multiple times. Muted? Huh? What does it mean to get muted you ask? Well first… getting muted is something done to you. It’s when someone basically gets fed up with how you are. We’re not talking about just the idiotic things that come out of your mouth

For Youth & 95 Late Blooming Adults! that may offend them. It’s more than that. It actually includes all of the weird parts of your whole personality. Do you have personality traits that others would like to turn off? Is there something in your actions, reactions, or non action that others find to be bothersome at best? I bet there is. Not in everything you do, just in those certain idiosyncrasies that you may or may not know about. You could describe your shortcomings with many different names; like quirks, hang-ups, habits, stupidity, or by my favorite one that I used above; idiosyncrasies. You see, we all have these little things I like to define as “idiot-synccrazies” that bother others to no end. It’s where some of your idiotness syncs up with some of your craziness, or better yet offensive personality habits, which bitter union causes others to consider you outright appalling. And you know what? Some of us have these idiosyncrasies a lot more than others. Yes, I’m talking to you! You go throughout your day oblivious to the fact that you are bothering or maybe even outright offending your spouse, your kids, your friends, your co-workers, your neighbors, and almost everybody you

96 Don’t Get Cheesed! encounter. The problem is that you have become accustomed to yourself and how you have been for a very long time. So, think about yourself for a moment. Seriously! What are the things you do or say that make life difficult on others? Do you have tendencies at home or at work, or even at play that make you less appealing or maybe even repulsive? Do others find disgust in how you think, speak, and behave? Do you have parts of your personality that are out of balance creating a quirkiness that is far from ideal? I know I do! Everyone does. If you think you are not prone to these debilities, think again. The truth is that 100% of all humans need some type of smoothing applied to their personality quirks. And if we are unwilling or unable to quiet our own quirks, someone else will do it for us. So then‌ they mute us! We all have individual personality traits that are not harmoniously compatible with others. These tendencies cause others frustration and angst when dealing with us. And like I said, some of us have them more than others! Are you one of the ones I am alluding to? I bet you are! Now it’s easy to pick out the flaws of others, but how easy is it to take

For Youth & 97 Late Blooming Adults! ownership of your own shortcomings? Just like when the impatient driver while in his car during a traffic jam pushes his way into the merging crowded single lane expects others to just happily allow him in but thereafter implores his selfish desire to not let anyone pull in front of him, compares to when you might want people to allow you your personality right-of-way that starts to crowd their life with your bothersome quirks but can’t stand when they bring their big rig of idiot-sync-crazies with them into your life. Basically, you have issues! And I know that I have issues! But what are these specific issues and why are we plagued with them? Dun Dun Dun! I know that you probably are aware of some of the things that you need to improve upon, but hopefully with the help of this book you will recognize some of the hidden ones that lurk around every corner of your interactions with others. So, if you don’t want to be reprimanded by your own personality, put down this book! Moving on! So… we’re talking personality. Hmmm, sounds boring, right! “Been there done that” you say? We’ll see! You have never learned about it like this! I

98 Don’t Get Cheesed! have put a few informative spins on how personality is interpreted in your life and how you can learn to control the uncontrollable. You will learn that there is hope. Hope for others to clean up their crap, and hope that you yourself might turn on the light of your own crowded closet of stupidities. So back to the original question! What does it mean when your personality gets muted? Well, when others don’t like how you are being or don’t like certain parts of your personality, they will search for your mute button, and push it! They do this in many various ways like not talking to you if they don’t have to, refraining to give you eye contact, not including you in their decisions, speaking in short abrupt sentences, taking small jabs at you, displaying upset body language, or just being outright rude. The list goes on and on. Yes, there are countless ways for others to press your mute button by turning off your personality. If it seems like they don’t like you, there must be certain parts of your actions that they don’t agree with. Knowingly or unknowingly, they respond negatively to you and try to turn

For Youth & 99 Late Blooming Adults! you down or even turn you off so they don’t have to endure you anymore. And who can blame them! I for one can’t stand certain personality traits in certain people. Sometimes it’s hard to put my finger on, but there is just something about them that bugs me. And I can imagine, me, them! It’s human nature to judge the personalities of those around us. Yes, yes, I know we need to learn to overcome this tendency of judging others, but that’s another book. The bottom line is, if you have personality traits that are bothersome, whether you know about them or not, work hard to discover what they are and put a fork in them. It’s time to hang up your hang-ups and become better. It’s time to overcome the stupid little things that hinder your progression in your job, with your family, and definitely your friends. (If you still have any!) Now I, being the optimistic person that I am, can’t imagine that any of this applies to any of you who are actually reading this book. Hmmm! But for all of the other offensive people out there, stand up and put up, or shut up and sit down! Meaning change your buggy ways or get out of my freaking way. 

100 Don’t Get Cheesed! Now being muted is not a just a question of being on or off in your different personality traits, but is about adjusting those traits to become more pleasing to those whom have to be around you in this life. Just tweaking small areas of your personality will bring drastic results. With the help of this book you will start to identify why you have some of your shortcomings so that you will not be the one getting muted around every corner in life. More friends will come around and tons of opportunities will open up. I guarantee it! Yup! I give you a guarantee that if you focus on minimizing your idiosyncrasies you will have a much fuller life and enjoy more of it. So if you and I mean YOU, find that others are constantly pressing your mute button, then you need this book!..............

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For Youth & 101 Late Blooming Adults!

Don’t Get Cheesed! A fun little book of hilarious stories combined with a few inspirational messages and thought provoking questions that urge your personal talents search. Great for youth and late-blooming adults, Eli’s brilliant book “Don’t Get Cheesed!” is one you’ll definitely want to share with all of your friends and family as it is entertaining as well as inspiring in helping you to consider how well you search out and utilize your own unique talents.

"Don't Get cheesed!"  

A fun little book of hilarious stories combined with a few inspirational messages and thought provoking questions that urge your personal ta...

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