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Word External Customer

Internal Customer


Definition Example People with whom we do business outside the company

People working inside the company. A way of doing business over large electronic networks such as the internet. Personal opinion or

Word Of Mouth


about any product or service used to advertise it.

A person gets his or her car repaired by a mechanic; this person is the external customer to the mechanic Salesmen who need to use customer service employees to help them place an order. (online store) The invitations were by word of mouth to neighbors and personal notes to the groom's relatives at a distance.

Customer Relations

Are the relationships that a business has with its customers and the way in which it treats them


The means or equipment facilitating the performance of an action

Good Will

An intangible asset taken into account in assessing the value of an enterprise and reflecting its commercial reputation, customer connections, etc


Ethics presentation: “La Granja” In our days most people eat fast food or eat in restaurants. this is an easy way to eat when they are working, but what they don´t know is that, no matter how clean the place is, they don´t know how they prepare the food, or they don´t know what the specific ingredients are. One of those cases of a bad and unhealthy restaurant is "La Granja".

Last Year in January 2013, the restaurant "La Granja" Was forced to close because of different reasons. Some diners realized the unhealthy and inappropriate state of the place. The diners went to the restaurant and tried to inspect how the state of the restaurant was, but the boss of "La Granja" didn´t let them in because he knew of the bad state of the place. The diners demanded an inspection and he finally let them in. When the diners that the entire containers insects, a very majority of food found some with mushrooms

inspected, they knew place was dirty and the where the food were had bad smell, and the was rotten. Also they chicken and potatoes were also rotten.


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Improvement Analysis:

Company name: Taco Bell Logo/slogan: Think outside the bun Reason for choosing it: Sometimes it gets very pricy and one time the tortilla was very stiff and it split in half. The Staff are sometimes rude, food is cold, and the orders are not right.

Improvement analysis: Hire people who could make an effort to make clients to feel welcomed, lower the prices a little bit, the food is really good and it would make it better to lower it. Have a better quality of their products

Customer Service Reading Name: Elizabeth Ponce Grade: 4to CCLL “C” Key: 19 Date: 14-02-14 You are going to read an article about customer service in banks. Six sentences have been removed from the article. Choose from the sentences A-G the one which fits each gap. Write the letter in the space provided to complete the sentences. There is one extra sentence which you do not need to use.

A Although people do not expect much from the internet these days, this will change in the future. B The managers recognise that customers find them impersonal and unnatural. C First National is also preparing to adopt this personal approach to its internet banking. D They have the attitude that some skills, such as keyboard skills and so on, can be taught, but a member of staff can’t be taught to be a nice person. E Telephones are very personal because staff are speaking to people on their own territory. F And if customers try to contact the bank by telephone, they are put through to a call centre in another country where they have to speak slowly in order to be understood. G Not everyone wants a chatty, friendly service.

Customer Service in Banks The banking profession doesn’t have a very good reputation for customer service at the moment, and it’s not just due to loss of savings. High street branches are shutting down and where banks are available, their opening hours are inconvenient. Staff at the desks are surly, increasingly under-qualified and often unable to answer questions. . Astonishingly, however, 86% of the customers at one bank are either ‘extremely satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with the service they receive. And what is even more surprising is that the bank in question has no High Street outlets at all.

First National bank is run entirely through the telephone and the internet. And its success shows that customer service is just about face-to-face contact with clients. The primary concern of the bank is recruiting the right people. . So they only recruit people who already exhibit good communication skills. And unlike other services that operate primarily over the telephone, the staff at First National do not use scripts. What this bank asks for is that staff be themselves and establish a rapport with their customers. Part of this is recognizing people’s needs. . Some want the process to be swift and efficient. The member of staff has to pick up on the caller’s mood and react accordingly.

. The idea that customer service can be improved on a medium where there is no actual contact with a member of staff may seem strange at first. However, the website designers at First National spend a great deal of time understanding their customers and offering services which meet their needs. First National is already taking steps to fill this demand. They already offer a service in which customers receive a text when funds are received or when their account falls below a certain level. In the future, online systems may pre-empt customers’ needs in even more sophisticated ways.

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Branches: A branch, banking center or financial center is a retail location where a bank, credit union, or other financial institution offers a wide array of face-to-face and automated services to its customers. Shutting down: when a wave or section is not makeable because it is closing out. Staff: all the people employed by a particular organization. Outlets: a place from which goods are sold or distributed. Primary: of chief importance; principal. Recruiting: to enlist, call up. Scripts: handwriting as distinct from print; written characters. Rapport: a close and harmonious relationship in which the people or groups concerned understand each other's feelings or ideas and communicate well. Demand: an insistent and peremptory request, made as if by right. Pre-empt: take action in order to prevent (an anticipated event) from happening; forestall.

Why is costumer service important in business?

Customer service is important because every consumer has a problem from time to time and they need help solving problems. A dedicated customer service shows customers that the business does care and they want their customers to be happy.

A restaurant’s cleanliness speaks volumes to its customers, the minute they walk through the door. The hint of unsettling smells, coming from even a mildly unclean kitchen, can prompt a customer to walk in one door only to leave out the other. Even something as mildly offensive as wrappers left on the counter top or dribbles of a salad splashed on a floor can send guests scurrying. This restaurant needed to be clean and well cleaned, because the inspectors founded things that a kitchen shouldn’t have. The food was really good, but the customers didn’t know what they were getting themselves into. The majority of the food was rotten and it smelled really bad. The restaurant lost a lot of money because of that, and they had to shut down the business.

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