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"The Surveyor," by Eli T Wright Part of a Scifi-Action-Adventure series, The Surveyor brings us to a parallel of our own world, with the exception of a future where resistance to corrupt government manipulation may just lead to the next evolutionary step for humankind. Had the exploration of the known world and first contacts between strange and foreign peoples taken place with an aim to establish peace and unity among the already staggered warring civilisations around the globe, might we all have other things to say for ourselves today. The first chapter initiates readers to "The Voyage of The Fellowship." One of many timely and on-going narratives this melodious hegemony boasts for our posterity and pleasure.


Chapter 1

So a pretty long long time ago, in the big bustling bazaar of the capital. ever slowly & carefully, deep in his thoughts, the captain strode. The everyday marketgoers whizzing by. A potential customer... were any shopkeep to catch his eye. But he was there neither to sell nor buy. Yes, for the millionth time in his life, he was lost and knew not where to go. Of course, he could not let it show. For in full military dress uniform (buttons, badges, medals all shined) is expected to 'act like you know.'

Every few steps...a cordaial nod...a smile...a tip of the hat, or a good day sir...a pleasure madame...sorry,! Nervous, blank, content and confident, he'd kept this up, head held high. Calmly looking in every direction, afraid to ask the way to the castle, he looked up in the clear blue sky and released a deep relieving sigh. A tower, its spire, a coat of arms he wondered; 'what is that doing in the middle of a bizarre?' Another few steps the other way, chuckling at the sight and surprise, he could no longer hold his laughter and he shouted "look, someone's selling..." "What?"several voices nearby resounded."Nevermind, carry on, good day one & all."

Arriving at the gate, Captain Flauber made his introductions and per the guard's instruction, was rushed into the study. There, a small group was in wait. A group as secret in name as it is in function. Only having every & any thing to do with money. No light, inside was dark & dank. Hearing the door slam, he was shut in. Barely seeing the several silent figures sitting in the shadows mysteriously. Now a very rare thing began to happen, and for the second time in a day, the captain made use of his keenest senses of deduction. He scratched his head. No, nothing. He tapped his foot, stroked his beard, snapped his fingers, folded his arms, stared up into the, not one thing. Then he spoke, "Sorry for the interuption, I saw that you were selling castles. Would you be kind enough to point me to the castle of the king?"

"The Surveyor," by Eli T Wright The Surveyor jumps right into the future events of a world, very much of our making, not without visiting familiar references and events that lent to this profound present tense. The Second Chapter: "Crisis Sale," goes into the eleventh hour of one society's despotic search for individual purpose and moral virtues, among other principles, that have been removed by the passing of time under a corporate shadow-junta regime.

Sample: Chapter 2 <Welcome to Surveyornet> <Generating user id. Please keep safe> <Your username is: Journerd> "But that's my real name, this thing isn't anonymous." <You are now free to explore Surveyornet. Try Veyormail with vidchat sharewave> <Keep up, complete additional surveys to access new features. Look for pop-ups> "Hey Rogin, you try this Surveyornet Download?" "Why try, they'll just shut it down." "Probably right, atleast Flint tried. This little stunt we can't report on works, look..." "Not now, can you believe these consolidary broadcast reductions their handing out? Since fourty percent of our viewers were on the net, equal adjustment, no say, it's just took?" "Taken" "No, took...rhymes with crook" "That's my segment, lost net-comes, no new jobs to replace the hit e sector." "Good luck with that, got my own problems." "It's in the numbers old man." "Young microchimps, ones and zero real life direction. In my time, news wasn't in bed with politics or Miss Amalgmia, it was honest.

So save all that share holder progress for the ones powerless to hear different." "Rogin, if you need to borrow a few..." "Nervy little pie chart fu..." "betamax tapes. Movies costings what they are today." "Do" "Huh" "Do cost, prices are, dipwit." "Semantics" "Not semantics, verbs, the kind your generation needs to really communicate. Have you ever reported about them keeping jobs and businesses in the country?" "What is that?" "Just a simple yes or no question, our livelihoods, domestic?" "Why?" "Because you see it something of a negative variable in blogspot studies." "Look Rogin if I could time machine you away back to when businesses were sympathetic, you wouldn't make it there, you'd be on a neverending trip to your big bang birthday." "[Studio Producer from control booth] "Happy birthday stardust, we work in three." "Just remember, you're one of the few with a job cheer leading enemies of state." "Stick to the politics Rogin, and try not to put more coins in that old mobile 2g."

"The Surveyor" by Eli T Wright. preview notes and sample  

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